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How To Decorate Your New House

Room By Room Decorating Basics

10 Mistakes New Homeowners Make When Decorating a New House
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You may well have a general chosen for your entire home, but within the overall style, each room has its own purpose and style. How the room is used, and by whom, should be considered as you arrange each room and choose materials, accessories, and accents.

Consider the needs of each individual room, and research related articles pertaining to those spaces. Home decor should reflect your personal taste and interests, but it must also address the particular function of those rooms.

Hey What Are You Looking At

Its Design 101: Find the focal point for each room. With some spaces, its pre-determined by the architecture.

A large window, a fireplace, or an accent wall will be what draws your attention as soon as you walk in the door. For a layout that pleases the eye, use this focal point as a visual anchor to work from.

Don’t Start In The Furniture Store

Many have heard the advice to avoid grocery shopping when youre hungry, because it leads to poor choices. The same holds true for furniture stores dont go shopping in a panic, just because you have an empty home. Yes, you need a sofa. But if you pick the pink-striped sectional just because you like it in the store, without taking measurements or thinking about the rest of the room, youre stuck with it. The rest of the room will have to be built around that sofa, and if its too large for the space it will look forever awkward.

Start in the room youre looking to furnish, armed with a measuring tape and a notepad.

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Home Decor Idea #1: Add An Area Rug

Area rugs can really transform a space. Area rugs help ground furniture groupings, define rooms, and add more interest to an area, Jillian says. It is recommended that all of your furniture sit on the area rug, but at the very least, make sure the feet of your furniture are touching a portion of the rug. This grey patterned area rug goes with whatever color furniture you have in your room. Here are 8 stubborn carpet stains and how to remove them.

Home Decor Idea #2: Add Voluminous Accessories

5 Easy Steps to Decorate Your New Home  Jenna Gaidusek ...

Expensive items tend to have weight and volume to them . Avoid flimsiness at all costs: add an extra panel of curtains to your curtain rod, and search for quality carpets and throw blankets that feel great to the touch. Additionally, accessorize with weighty accent pieces vases, picture frames, and ornaments should all feel like theyve got something to them.

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You Dont Need To Spend Big Bucks

Dont feel like you have to rush out and buy all new things to get a fresh start in your home. Decorating your home isnt a race its a process that will develop and alter over time. As your needs and tastes change, you may want to refresh your decor with new throws, carpets, or wall art. Updating these pieces all the time will let you keep the basics you started with and keep your decor fresh feeling for many years.

Moving to a new home allows you to start over in a sense, whether youve moved countries, cities, or blocks. If youve been hanging on to old decorations you bought years or decades ago, they likely no longer suit your taste and personality and potentially dont have a cohesive theme.

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Upcycle Furniture Thats Past Its Best

Image credit: Future Plc/Colin Poole

If youre thinking about throwing out a piece of well-worn furniture, stop. Take another look and see if you might be able to upcycle it. This wardrobe has been given a new look with remnants of wallpaper on the glass panels. A coat of paint or varnish, or new upholstery, are other easy ways to give an unloved piece another go.

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Home Decor Idea #: Harmonize With Color

Creating the perfect color palette is more complicated than grabbing three of your favorite colors, but taking the time to perfect your color scheme will make your home look worthy of a catalog. I advise my clients to focus on a color family, or to pick hues that complement each othernot contrast, says designer Gil Walsh, author of Gil Walsh Interiors: A Case for Color. Too many bold colors or a soft palette that lacks depth tends to fall flat.

Make A Statement With Your Bed


I love, love, love oversized fabric headboards and had an amazing bed ordered that got delayed and eventually cancelled due to Covid. I almost ordered this iron 4-poster canopy bed by Rockett St George to replace it but decided our cosy master bedroom couldnt take it.

What we ended up doing was buying a bed frame and linen headboard separately from Loaf so that we have more flexibility if we want to change either of them in future.

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How To Add Character To A New Build House

12 easy ways to decorate a new home

In 2020 we bought our first home and no one was more surprised than me that it was a new build property. Id always dreamt of renovating a period property but when our paint-chip eating toddler came along I changed my opinion on new build homes. What hasnt changed, however, is my desire to pack as much character and cosiness into our new build house as possible.

Below is a list of ways you can add a homely, personable feel to a new build property, many of which Ive been implementing in our own new home since moving in last year.

So, scroll through if youre looking for ideas on how you can decorate your home, especially if its a completely blank canvas like many new build properties.

Note: This post was originally written in 2020 but has been updated in March 2021 to include details of what weve done in our own home. The article contains some affiliate links. Please read the disclosure for details.

12 easy ways to decorate a new build house

How Do You Set A Budget For Decorating

The first thing you should do is to make a wishlist of things youd love to feature in your home. Make a moodboard or create a Pinterest board to get a feel for what you like and what you dont. For example, will you want to paint or learn how to wallpaper? Or perhaps you fancy a feature wall idea.

Creating a decorating plan will help you figure out the actual look of the rooms, working from your wish list. Include everything from what the floor plan will look like and any extras like wallpaper, lighting, and artwork.

Once youve figured out what you want to have, its a good idea to shop around for the right items to make sure you dont overspend on products you can get cheaper somewhere else. Think about delivery and any other costs associated so everything youre totting up is realistic. Be savvy!

Next youll probably need to narrow things down further as more than likely, your budget doesnt tally up with your wishlist.

Make sure you think about the practical needs of the rooms first, making adjustments where you can to get the things you need as opposed to want. For example, think about a sofa over decorative accessories like wall art or a mirror. Priorities are very individual so think carefully about what will be needed first and foremost.

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Neutrals Are Your Best Friend

Hand-in-hand with the ideals of minimalism is keeping the base of your home as neutral as possible. Make sure you dont overload your space by painting your walls too many colors or adding in too many textures and designs in your furniture and décor.

Keep your design simple by keeping all walls, floors and ceilings white or neutral , suggests Lundwall, and then, add pops of color on details like a throw pillow on a couch or a bedspread in your master bedroom.

You can always change it up as you feel like it, or as the seasons shift, and you dont need to decide on an overall color scheme right from the start, she adds.

If you have issues with color commitment, Lundwall proposes living in the space for at least a few months to get a feel for what colors you want to surround yourself with.

Take Advantage Of The Experts

30 Cozy Home Decor Ideas For Your Home  The WoW Style

Many stores offer free design service to their customers. Most employ design professionals to help you make the right choice, the first time around. Their advice can save you a lot of time and money. Here are some stores that offer free or low-cost design consultations:

  • Budget Blinds free window treatment consultations
  • Macys free window treatment in-home consultations

Pro decorating tip: This list is not exhaustive. Do your research and inquire if a store you like shopping at offers consultations or design service.

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Home Decor Idea #4: Pay Attention To Details

Your furniture and appliance choices might be the first things people notice, but giving details special attention makes it seem like you spent even more time and money creating your space. Switching out small fixtures and hardware in the home for more thoughtful pieces can make the design of the home feel more intentional, which, in turn, makes it feel more expensive, says designer Justina Blakenly, founder of . Replace a dated flush mount light with a modern style, or swap plastic wall plates for metal, she suggests. When updating your appliances, these are the 11 brands that make the most reliable appliances, according to Consumer Reports.

Look At What Furniture You Already Have

Your budget may not allow you to start from scratch in every room, so its important to work your new schemes around furniture youve brought from your old house. If the colours and styles arent working, can they be recovered, painted or renovated to fit? Youll be amazed at how different your old grey sofa will look covered in a vibrant emerald-green velvet.

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Start With Large Pieces Then Layer In Accessories

Furniture does not all need to match. Yes, a matching bedroom set may be easier to find that figuring out nightstands that work with your upholstered bed, but the end design will look so much better when you have a “collected over time” appearance to your room.

Once you’ve got the big pieces in a room, you can start to layer in window treatments, art, throw pillows and accessories. Again, this will take time to achieve the look or vibe you want. Don’t feel like you have to rush it!

Learning simple tips like how to mix and match patterns, or how to style a coffee table or bookshelf will really take those accessories and decorative items to the next level.

All New Apartment Locations & Costs In Cyberpunk 2077

Inexpensive Ways to Decorate a New Home : Interior Home Decor

There are four new apartments up for sale in different locations across Night City. Their respective missions will show up in the new Apartments tab inside the Journal menu. Here are their locations and prices for those interested in buying V a new place to stay:

  • Northside 5,000 eddies
  • Corpo Plaza 55,000 eddies

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Assess The Current State

The first thing you must do, no matter the house, is assess what you’re working with. What are the “givens” that cannot be changed? This may be room size, low ceilings, poor natural light. These could also be items that cannot be changed due to budget constraints such as tile floors, kitchen cabinets or pieces of furniture. If you have the budget, this assessment may lead to realize that certain items will need to be changed before proceeding with the decorating stage.

Identify Your Decorating Style

If you havent already, now is the time to figure out what you do and dont like when it comes to decor. Do you want your decor to bring a cozy and comfortable feeling or a clean, sleek, and modern feeling?

Think about whether you like minimalism or maximalism and what kind of color palette speaks to you. Write all this down and look for inspiration online so you have a style direction to go in.

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Don’t Purchase All The Furniture At Once

If you need to buy all the furniture for your home, don’t buy everything at once. Decorating is an organic process, and rarely comes together quickly . Taking time to make choices and see what’s working is what will result in the best outcome.

Purchase the essentials: a couch, a bed and a table to eat at .

If these decisions need to be made urgently, make sure to measure correctly and choose colors that will be easy to work with .

Start With The Room You Use The Most

5 Easy Steps to Decorate Your New Home  Jenna Gaidusek ...

The order in which you start decorating your house can seem like a colossal choice, especially when faced with a whole house of decorating. My advice is to start with whatever room you spend the most time in – usually this means the living room. Most guests won’t see bedrooms, so the main living space is usually a good starting point.

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Where To Start When Decorating A New Home From Scratch

Posted: ·This post may contain affiliate links ·

Have you recently moved into a new home? If you’re staring nervously at blank walls and empty rooms, this post is for you. Decorating your house from scratch doesn’t have to be a daunting task. With these tips, you’ll have an action plan in place in no time so the decorating fun can begin!

Home Decor Idea #4: Refresh Instead Of Replacing

A fresh coat of paint isnt the only DIY you can use to liven up a drab space. Staining your kitchen cabinets will give them a whole new look and wont set your budget back by much, says interior designer Blima Ehrentreu, CEO of The Designers Group. We often like to two-tone our kitchen design, she says. It adds a unique quality to the cabinetry. Give these 16 IKEA furniture hacks a try.

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Building A Faux Fireplace

The first project we took on in our new house was building a faux fireplace in the living room. We had come from a period home with a traditional hearth and chimney so when we moved into our new build it just felt like something was missing.

I came across this amazing tutorial for a DIY minimalist fireplace and loved the idea of adding a focal point with an electric fire and oversized wooden mantel. In the end, we decided the work was a bit above our skill set, so we found a builder to make the vision a reality instead. Find out more about the design and build process of our faux fireplace here.

Psst if you want to know more about the TV above it yes, that is a TV! youll want to read this post too!

Choose A Color Scheme

Interior Design â Expert Decorating Tips For New-Build Homes

If you already have furniture that you need to work around, then deciding on color scheme that will work with what you already have is essential. If you’re completely starting from scratch, choosing a whole house color scheme is an important exercise to consider before painting any walls or making large furniture purchases.

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Make Sure It Measures Up

Before you begin seriously styling your space, make sure you account for the amount of room you have to work with in each area of your home.

Looks can be deceiving in a showroom, and that chair or sofa may take up much more room in your home than you think, warns Pam Faulkner of Faulkner House Interior Redesign.

Faulkner says to consider the architecture of each room, accounting for the size, the placement of doors, window and walls, and to consider how high the ceiling is. This will determine how the furniture, lighting and wall décor may be used and placed.

To prepare yourself, Faulkner advises having a floor plan with exact measurements and location of outlets, floor and wall vents, plus the height, width and length of doors, doorways, halls and stairways. To make this process easier, there are apps for just that.

Don’t Forget About Your Ceiling

Though the floor and walls tend to get the most attention in a home, it is important to avoid neglecting the ceiling, which can be a wonderful source of style throughout the home. While you might not be able to add elegant moldings or designs to your ceiling, simply changing out your light fixtures can make a huge difference. In fact, some designers even consider the ceiling to be a “fifth wall” that is way too dynamic to be left a plain white, per The Interior Editor.

While modernizing your light fixtures with unique pendants or classic flush lights isn’t all that difficult, even in a rental, painting your ceiling also provides a unique pop of color that is both eye-catching and simple. Of course, one of the most classic and traditional ways to spruce up your ceiling is to add a chandelier. Though flashy chandeliers might not be within your realm of taste, there are several modern and unique chandeliers available at Lamps Plus that can add a contemporary twist to pretty much any room in your house.

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