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How To Decorate Work Cubicle

You Cant Go Wrong With The Classics

How to update your office cubicle for under $50 | The Home Primp

Sometimes the simplest decorations are the best. Like taking wrapping paper and ribbons and turning everything into a present. You can wrap the fronts of your filing cabinet drawers in wrapping paper for a functional decoration, you can plaster the outer walls of your cubicle in wrapping paper, complete with a ribbon and tag from Santa, or you can just take a long vacation and maybe your coworkers will wrap your entire desk, cubicle and chair for you like they did to this guy.

Hide And Manage Cords

Cable management solutions like cable sleeves, tubing, cable ties and boxes can help you reduce visual clutter so your decor is the focal point of your cubicle. Minimizing tangled wires can also reduce safety hazards in the workplace. If you dont have a lot of space to keep cables and wires out of sight, you can use colorful cable ties to bundle them.

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Glam Up Your Supplies

Keeping your office supplies organized does not have to be boring. You can elevate all of your supplies such as paper clips and thumbtacks by displaying them in cute mason jars put on top of pedestals. Or you can glue your mason jars to candlestick holders for an even more whimsical look. Wine glasses turned upside-down also make great pedestals for resting your jars of supplies.

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Spruce Up File Cabinets

File cabinets are usually very utilitarian, often a dull metal gray. File cabinets offer a great opportunity to add style and design to your cubicle.

  • Use specifically designed cubicle wallpaper or stick and peel shelf paper to decorate the drawer facings.
  • Break up the continuous look by leaving one or more drawers uncovered.
  • A feminie black and white floral adds a touch of style without much color.
  • Add more style with a pattern that gives your office a splash of color.

Use the same pattern on different office items, such as a binder or penholder, for design continuity.

Make Your Desktop Display Interesting:

40 Cubicle Decor Ideas to Make Your Office Style Work as Hard as You Do

Nowadays almost everyone works on desktop computers, hence just by changing the desktop screen with some interesting visual will bring the change in the whole of space.

Make a screensaver of all the interesting images, it could be from your family vacation to interesting nature photographs or even inspiring quotes.

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Do Not Add Personal Things Too Much

A general rule that all must adhere to is not to clutter th cubicle with various personal items. It is nice that yu add yur touch to th décor and have few items around so that yu will remember about yur loved ones. But yu should try to adjust or remove them if it is getting in th way f productivity that will become an issue. Moderation is th key to th door to success.

Idea #: Create A Make

I dont think it is healthy to sit all day long, commute home, and then sit again.

It seems like our bodies were built for more movement.

One of the ways a few people have alleviated this in our office is by creating a vertical working station in their cube where they can stand and work on their computer throughout the day.

If your IT department and manager are okay with this, you can create this using a filing cabinet. Open a drawer at a level where your wrists can rest on a keyboard at a normal angle, and place a piece of wood over it for the keyboard and mouse .

Then, put the monitor on top of the cabinet . I have not created one yet, but am looking forward to doing so for a break from sitting.

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Use Pegboard To Hang Favorite Pictures

Pegboard organization is not just for garage tools it makes a modern office cubicle decoration. It is not as charming as to be. Cubicle space is not usually large spaces. Anything that can double as decoration and excellent use of the area is something to consider.

Besides this, you could constantly pin your favored pictures into your cubicle wall. Instead, hang a cable clothesline crosswise the top of your work area . You have to use clothe pins to affix your photos. These are simple to switch out when you want, or you can retain them forever to make your workspace pleasing.

What types of wallpaper and quotes you can hang on your cubicle wall?

It is not the actual wallpaper that you are hanging. You can pin up, staple up wrapping paper, else furniture material to achieve the same look. However, the result is a personality-filled customized cubicle space. Besides this, you can also add some motivating quotes that may go along the path and provide you some motivation.

It helps you for those Mondays when you dont wish to do your job! Were additionally not speaking about Live Laugh Love You can choose something from celebs or global figures like Tony Robbins, Walt Disney, Albert Einstein, or Abraham Lincoln. You can certainly achieve a whole lot whether you adopt their views and strategies in life as they did something in their life to become successful! So why not border yourself with your preferred quotes.

Tips For Decorating Your Office Cubicle

How To Decorate a Cubicle, 3 Ways
  • Keep It Professional. When decorating your workspace, its important to show that youre business first and foremost even if you do happen to party in the back.

  • Customizing your desk or cubicle is a great way to feel more comfortable and motivated at work, but make sure that your space shows that youre focused on getting your work done.

  • To show that youre not just at work to goof off and play with the fun stuff on your desk, keep your keyboard, phone, pens, and a notebook within arms length. Fun pictures and decorations are great for showing who you are, but make sure they dont completely take over your workspace.

  • Decorating with functionality in mind will also help you stay focused and productive throughout the day.

  • Express Yourself, but Reel It In. When showing off your personality through your cubicle accessories, try to refrain from going overboard and making your desk look like an Etsy store threw up everywhere.

  • Leave the wallpaper at home, and try not to cover every square inch with pictures of you and your besties from college. This is a professional environment, so make your space reflect your professional attitude.

  • Choose a few personal items that mean a lot to you or help you throughout the day and stick with them. The more selective you are, the less clutter youll have to deal with. Theres a healthy balance between making your workspace feel homey and making it your actual home.

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    Keep A Designer Pen Stand:

    Having a pen stand on the desktop is important as it allows you to keep your pens and other smaller accessories in one place. Rather than keeping a boring simple pen stand use a colorful and funky one.

    A designer pen stand is also a good idea where you can make your own style of slots keep your pens and accessories.

    Desk Calendars Are Still A Thing

    Everyone uses their computers, tablets, and phones to keep track of what day it is, and what they have to do. You’re probably the same. However, having a desk calendar is a lovely way to add classy cubicle décor that also serves a purpose.

    There are hundreds perhaps even thousands of desk calendar options, so you simply have to choose the one you like the most. Make sure it matches the style of your office cubicle décor, and have fun ticking off the days as the weeks go by.

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    Use A Bright Mouse Pad:

    A mouse pad is one of the understated products on a table. Use a quirky mouse pad and see how it changes the look of the table. With so many options available choose an interesting mouse pad, it will be fun while using it and a break from a regular boring monotony of the black and white simple mouse pads.

    Make It A Charlie Brown Christmas

    Work in progress!

    Its easy to take the Charlie Brown Christmas story a bunch of different directions. You can whip up Lucys doctor stand with some red wrapping paper, paper towel rolls and cotton paste cutouts of the singing characters onto a wall, complete with hanging lights or you can just put ol Charlie Browns Christmas tree on your desk and call it a day.

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    Smart Ideas To Decor Your Cubicle:

    Workplace is one of the important factor for boosting the employeeâs performance. Also employees specific cubicle or workspace holds the significance alike. So furnishing it as per our choice works well in almost any organization.

    Even employers allow their employees to decor their cubicle or workspace as they like. This also comes as a part of employee engagement and giving more importance to employee values and likes.

    Here in this article we are enlisting few clever suggestions to decor your cubicle or workspace.

  • Lift up your computer or laptop screen to eye level
  • Use a whiteboard with quote of the day
  • Prepare catchall wall pockets with leather material
  • Making key covers with the help of a tape
  • Use stickers to pep up your keyboard
  • Try feng shui items
  • Make use of vintage belt and old tree branch for displaying pens and notes
  • Work space divider for privacy
  • Have a dorm sized fridge at your cubicle
  • Make use of separate storage shelf for hard copy documents
  • Stick colored or patterned contact paper on file cabinets
  • Add a mirror to make your cubicle look spacious
  • Stick some gold confetti to workspace walls
  • Try colored papers to give a artistic touch to your cubicle
  • Bring in an Footrest
  • Place few hooks at your cubicle to hang things
  • Put on a sheepskin on your chair
  • Use a pillow for back support
  • Make use of hammock chair
  • DIY an organizer using a tutorial
  • Make sure of using spray paints for coloring recycled baskets
  • Use an organizer to shelve up things
  • Make use of a tray
  • Add Some Light To Influence The Ambiance

    Lamps come in all sorts of sizes and designs, from liquor bottle lamps to rustic design lamps to comical vintage lamps. Unique floor lamps, custom table lamps, bookend lamps and hanging lamps add massive flair. A mandala lamp shade, for instance, is a perfect conversation starter with colleagues.

    Bring a lamp into your cubicle and plug it in for warm, subtle lighting. The golden light of a lamp boosts an officer workers mood and streams a cozy ambiance throughout the cubicle atmosphere. Say goodbye to harsh office ceiling lights with the placement of a desirable, functional lamp.

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    Add Colorful Organization Solutions

    You can customize ordinary office organization solutions like file holders, desk organizers and trays by choosing colorful or patterned options that match your cubicle decor. Using these tools can add cheer to your work tasks to help you stay motivated. You can also swap out your organizers occasionally to match the season or your mood.

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    Get Creative With Washi Tape


    Washi tape has a multitude of uses when looking to add some pizzaz to a drab cubicle. Once you have picked out your designs, you can use the tape as a border around a filing cabinet, to brighten up a pencil holder, or to add a layer of fun to charging cords and other tools. Because it does not leave a sticky residue behind, this versatile tape is safe to use on many surfaces. The affordable cost makes it easy to switch out the tape when you want to change up the style of your cubicle.

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    Organization Is The New Black

    Having an organized workspace is as vital as knowing what you have on your to-do list. If you don’t know where everything is, you’re probably going to have a lot of issues finding what you need to get things done.

    At the same time, when your surroundings are disorganized, you might waste precious time you could use to be efficient at your job. Overall, the solution is very simple: find some classy cubicle décor that lets you keep your things tidy.

    With convenient items like a magnetic desk organizer, you can ensure your items are always in place. Additionally, organizers are appealing, so you can use them to make your office cubicle décor beautiful while you take advantage of their benefits.

    Pick Out A Planner That Inspires You

    Out of all the planners weve triedand weve tried a tontheres none weve enjoyed using more than Papiers Daily Planner. You can customize the cover, adding your name and choosing from several different designs, and in addition to having decent space to jot down the days schedule, to-dos and priority tasks, theres an area to set three major goals for the year ahead, with monthly check-ins to chart your progress. Plus, the hardcover books are so pretty you cant wait to display them.

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    Add Accessories For Gusto

    Unless you have a tendency toward minimalist design, go all out with accessories. Even standard office supplies, like deep blue paperclips, markers and bright green pushpins, can be decoratively housed inside mason jars to simultaneously serve as office supplies and brilliant cubicle décor.

    Play with washi tape. The variety of designs makes decorating with the tape fun and unique. Stick the colorfully designed tape around the edges of file cabinets or around table-top jars. The ornamental tape provides beautiful accents to any materials or objects upon which it is adhered.

    Have fun with paint. Large rocks may be painted in metallic colors, like silver or gold, and strategically placed next to books. The rocks serve a dual purposeas decoration and as bookends. Add metallic sheens to the tops of the mason jars or trays that house office supplies.

    Toys are not just for kids. Mini action figures, stuffed animals, and building blocks line some cubicle shelves for a brilliant effect. A themed approach works best. Customize your work space with a sci-fi theme or an animated one. Avoid the mess of clutter or items considered inappropriate for work.

    When your office cubicle is dull and dreary, take into your own hands. The options for infusing your cubicle with humor, vibrancy or scintillating color are endless! Once you take to reinvigorating your spacejust once or every few weeksyour colleagues are sure to ask who is your new office cubicle designer.

    Idea #: Build Ergonomic Exercises Into Your Day

    Cubicle Decor

    If you are stuck sitting all day , its a good idea to do a few exercises. You can do these sitting down or standing up in your cube, typically not attracting too much attention to yourself. Here are some exercise ideas and charts for you.

    Pssst: You’ll definitely want to check out my article on how to host a biggest loser competition at work.

    How do you get over cubicle fever? I would love to hear your ideas and experiences from working in a cubicle.

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    I enjoy riding a bicycle, and truly do not do it enough. You’ve inspired me to take a ride this week:).

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    Create A Christmas Village

    When it comes to decorations, the more the merrier! This is your chance to get everyone in the office involved, regardless of religion. If you have some humbugs in the office you can just or single door. Or, you can turn it into a teambuilding exercise and have a Christmas decorating contest. When it comes to decorating en masse, more is more. Be sure to include giant lighted candy canes, tons of fluffy snow and copious amounts of lights. We love what happened when the entire group at this office banded together to create Snowman Park.

    Put A Nice Cushion On Your Chair:

    When decorating your cubicle do not leave your chair behind. There are various kinds of cushions available in the market from various patterns and impressions.

    It could also be inspired from a certain culture. It will not only be comfortable for your back but will be adding beauty and homely feel to you space.

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    Designate One Shelf For Cubicle Decoration

    If you have space, it does not hurt to add reference books and huge binders for an aesthetic shelf. Paper, wicker, or crocheted balls, for instance. Add a regenerative curve appeal to an area thats angular simply. Just because your work area most likely resides under the fluorescents do not indicate you need to, as well. So, you can keep a gorgeous lamp on the shelf. When the workplace lights go off, you can switch on your cubicle lamp. Here are some things to consider:

    • Add a lamp
    • Create your own mini geo planters

    Create your own mini geo planters

    Nature may not grow in the well-contained ambiance of a workplace. Yet you do not need trees to feel nature from 9 to 5. Several plants rise in bright white lights and trendy temperature levels of a workplace environment. Remember to water the plants so they stay hydrated. Known for expanding in minimal natural light, the Cretan Brake is an excellent plant for working place. If your modern office cubicle includes a window, keep an Aloe Vera plant with the gateway or windowsill. The little English Ivy plant leans any modern office cubicle decoration. Do you have little time for taking care? Bamboo plants are less maintained. Here are some things to consider:

    • Create your own mini geo planters
    • Hang some jars up on a wall
    • with a cute etched glass vase
    • Bring in geo plants and fresh flowers
    Bring in geo plants and fresh flowers

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