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How To Decorate With Velvet Pumpkins

Fall Decorating Ideas With Velvet Pumpkins

How To Make Velvet Pumpkins – Easy Fall Crafts – Fall Decorations – DIY Fall Gifts

In this post: Easy fall decorating tips using velvet pumpkins. How to layer, stack and display velvet pumpkins for lovely fall decor.

This is a sponsored post featuring Hot Skwash Pumpkins from LoveFeast Shop. All images and opinions are completely mine. Affiliate links also included.

There is so much to tell you and show you today, so Im just going to jump right in. First, I am excited to be partnering with LoveFeast Shopto feature their amazing line of Hot Skwash Pumpkins. Hot Skwash is the premier source of handmade silk velvet pumpkins and other artful objectsand they are beautiful. Ill show you how to display and arrange these pumpkins for easy fall decorating. In addition to that, theres a giveaway for a $200 credit to LoveFeast Shop AND a coupon code for a 15% discount on any order placed from now until September 1, 2017.

If that wasnt enoughtheres also a blog hop so if you are visiting here from Shabbyfufu, welcome to On Sutton Place. More on the blog hop later.

Ive had an ongoing love affair with velvet pumpkins for a few years. I think they have a special charm and the best thing is that they can be displayed for months without rotting! I had a few velvet pumpkins that I had collected, but sadly they were destroyed by water in my basement. When the opportunity to work with LoveFeast Shop was offered, I have to admit I was thrilled.

Where To Find This Piece Of Farmhouse Fall Decor

White pumpkins are a farmhouse classic, but these small, medium, and large velvet pumpkin arrangements make for the perfect farmhouse fall table centerpiece and fall farmhouse living room decor.

If youre interested in buying a collection of velvet pumpkins for your home, stop by Village Antiques in Houston today, to get your very own curated collection. Myself, or my amazing team will help you style a grouping to match your home.

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Theyre arguably the best piece of autumn decor whether you are wondering how to decorate for fall for a fall table, fall buffet, fall mantel or just need some farmhouse fall decorating ideas for 2021.

One customer loved her collection of velvet pumpkins so much that she admitted that she has been recommending them to everyone she knows as her favorite fall decorations!

If you want to be the first to know when new decor like this comes into the shop, dont forget to sign up for your free newsletter to get notifications every time a new blog comes out.

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How To Make Velvet Pumpkins Simple Diy Tutorial

How to make velvet pumpkins to decorate your house this fall. This is a simple tutorial for making your own velvet pumpkins with real pumpkin stems!

Even though its technically still summer, its starting to look like fall at our house! Recently, I shared a tutorial for burlap pumpkins and a fall leaf book page banner.

What I love about these projects is that they add a touch of fall without going overboard since theyre made with neutral colors.

If you love neutral fall decor, youll love todays tutorial!

Ive been wanting to learn how to make velvet pumpkins for a long time, so this was a very satisfying project to complete. And, theyre really simple to make. You can make a whole pile of them in an afternoon!

The process is pretty much exactly the same as the burlap pumpkin tutorial, but the velvet gives them a completely different, more elegant look.

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What You Will Need

Putting the centerpiece together is quite easy:

  • To elevate the large green pumpkin, I place a small fruit bowl, upside-down, in the pedestal bowl.
  • Add your straw over the fruit bowl and inside the entire pedestal bowl.
  • Add your pumpkins. Try to stick to the odd-number rule I used 3 pumpkins.
  • Insert your additional faux florals to fill the space. I also used some faux berries.
  • Place some straw on the table and add a diy velvet pumpkin or three as shown, and throw in a few acorns.

Diy Velvet Pumpkins In No Less Than 10 Minutes

Velvet pumpkins beautiful fall decor.

I know we have all seen those lovely velvet pumpkins at the store and I am almost as sure that you have seen a DIY tutorial or two on how to make them. Today I wanted to give you my take on DIY velvet pumpkins.

I love fall. I think it is by far my most favorite time of year. What do you think of when you you think of fall? I know the first thing that comes to mind is pumpkins. I love all those velvet pumpkins you see at the home decor stores, but I just didnt want to pay that price tag! You know what I am talking about. They can get pretty pricey, especially when you have so many other things you need to pay for that time for year.

I have looked at a few tutorials and felt a little wanting when it came to how they created the pleating and how they got the stem positioned. I have demystified that part! This DIY velvet pumpkin is so easy to make and you will be thanking me! I promise, even if you are not a crafty person, or someone that can sew, you can do these! I do not have patience for sewing most days, buuuut I still do it. As long as you have a needle and thread, you can make these.

This DIY tutorial is a bit different than my usual ones. Different in that it is in the form of a video this time! I have to give all the credit to my 11 year old son who did all the filming and edited the whole video. Maybe its just because he is my son, but I think he did a pretty dang good job.

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Bulk Harvest Velvety Pumpkins

If youre in a pinch and need a bunch of velvet pumpkins to put on display, use as gifts, or even incorporated into fall wedding decor, the Dollar Tree is a great place to scoop up affordable, bulk velvet pumpkins.

Hip Tip: Speaking of buying in bulk, these are the 10 most popular items to buy in bulk online from Dollar Tree.

Everyone Has An Extra Basket

I love everything Edith and Evelyn do including this gorgeous centerpiece She has a great blog worthy of following. Go for a visit I know youll love it!

Velvet pumpkins can be used in a rustic setting or a more fancy elegant centerpiece. They really are a great addition to all your fall and holiday decorating.I hope you will get an opportunity to try this Diy Velvet pumpkin tutorial and let me how they come out!Happy Fall!

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Here Are A Few Diy Tips To Keep In Mind When Making Velvet Pumpkins:

  • Go thrift shopping for cheap fabrics. There are many ways to save at thrift stores, so why not shop for some unique fabric while youre there? Plus, more than likely youll end up paying way less than buying it new.
  • Use extra strong thread. This is very important so when youre pulling your thread tightly to close the top of the pumpkin thread wont break.

Velvet Pumpkins Are My Favorite Fall Decor

Fall Crafts: How To Make Easy Velvet Pumpkins

Velvet pumpkins have been my favorite thing to pull out for Fall decorating for years. When I spotted my first velvet pumpkin, it was love at first sight. Velvet is such an elegant fabric, and stuffed velvet pumpkins come in so many elegant shades to usher in Fall. I have velvet pumpkins in soft neutrals, metallic gold, and white, but you can get almost any shade from navy blue to hot pink to animal print!

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More Velvet Pumpkins Decorating Ideas

Im actually collaborating with my sweet friend Yvonne from StoneGable Blog and several other blogging friends, as well as LoveFeast Shop, to share a variety of ideas for decorating with velvet pumpkins. You can visit the links at the end of this post for more ideas.

Also, be sure to enter to win $200 to LoveFeast Shop!! Open to US Residents only.

PLUS LoveFeast Shop is offering a 15% discount good through October 2018.Use promo code: 18YG15. Good for US mailing addresses only.

I Love Velvet Pumpkins

Its the first week of September and I am thinking fall decorating. Ive wanted to do a DIY velvet pumpkin tutorial for awhile, so here it is! Have you seen these little beauties around and realized that you could make your own velvet pumpkins for autumn decorating? If the answer is yes Lets do this!

Velvet pumpkins have been popping up the last several years for autumn decorating. This may be a passing fad, but I still love them to add a bit of whimsy and glamour to my autumn decor. We made several last year for the shop and this year I am making some for Autumn Spectacular September Antique Show. Living in a farm community affords me lots of pumpkins stems.

There are many tutorials on line to show you how to make these pumpkins but I make mine a little different so that they are weighted and sit nicely on a table or shelf. To weight them I fill the bottom of the pumpkin with plastic weighted stuffing beads.

You can find some of the products we used here on Amazon at the end of this post. Our site is part of the Amazon Affiliate Program. We only recommend the products we use and if you purchase from Amazon via our site, we receive a small commission. This doesnt affect the price of the product at all.

I dont use beans or rice to weight them because if you put your holiday items away for the season you wouldnt want critters getting into them because you used food to stuff them.

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My Favorite Farmhouse Fall Decor Arrangement Using Large Velvet Pumpkins

Now we are onto my favorite way of styling velvet pumpkins! Of course its big, its all-out, its maximalism, and I know youre going to love it.

Yes, were onto the large velvet pumpkin arrangements.

For this, you need more surface area to work with, so look for a large oversized breadboard, tray, or low bowl.

I used a long rectangular shaped breadboard to build my farmhouse fall decor pumpkin collection on top of.

This time you can use 8-12 pumpkins ranging from sizes XL-XS.

Pro tip: when youre creating your design, at least 50 percent of your pumpkins should be on the medium to extra-large size. The other half should be medium to extra small. This allows each pumpkin to show without getting lost in the crowd.

Because youre working with so many more pumpkins, this is also a great way to bring in additional colors, especially some of the darker richer tones that remind us of fall leaves.

If you run out of pumpkins but have more room to fill, have fun with it! Add in some seasonal fall home decor that you have around your home and sit it next to the pumpkins.

Examples of this could be some glass votives, candlesticks, a little gold tray, or even little ceramic Staffordshire dogs. Whatever you choose, go with the colors in your home in the style that youre creating.

How To Use White Velvet Pumpkins For Fall Decor

Small Velvet Pumpkins Set of 4 rustic home decor cozy ...

If you love decor that is lighter and brighter than the darker Fall colors, no worries! You can create a lovely pumpkin centerpiece with all white velvet pumpkins. Just choose your favorite large white bowl and fill it with white pumpkins. Choose pumpkins with gold stems for a touch of glam. If you want just a touch of Fall on a small table, just place one velvet pumpkin atop a stack of books or nestled within a vignette.

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Take Your Table To A Whole New Level This Fall Season With Step By Step Directions For Creating A Luxurious Fall Centerpiece That Fools The Eye Into Thinking Its Overflowing With Pumpkins

Heres the trick to creating a pumpkin centerpiece that appears to be filled to the brim and overflowing with pumpkins. Appearances are deceiving though!

I was compensated for this post by LoveFeast. The original project, photos and opinions are 100% my own. See my full disclosure HERE.

Since I was going for a stylish and luxurious centerpiece for my dining room, I chose to use velvet pumpkins, but you can apply these directions to whatever type of pumpkin youd like to use.

I love the mix of neutral, blue/turquoise and traditional fall russet mixed together, so to really set the colors off, I grouped them in a large, white footed bowl. Then for maximum impact I placed the centerpiece on top of a washed natural linen tablecloth. The colors just POP against the neutral background and are gorgeous!

Ive said many times that I always think of a bountiful harvest when I think of what fall means to me, and this centerpiece captures that timeless look feeling perfectly.

But this isnt what it seems! If youve been reading Worthing Court for long at all, then you know Im all about decorating on a budget. So, I came up with a super simple way for you to create a bountiful fall centerpiece without blowing your budget.

Where To Buy Velvet Pumpkins

Years ago, it was rather hard to find velvet pumpkins. My first ones were ones that I stumbled upon at T.J.Maxx and Home Goods. They were simple velvet pumpkins in straightforward colors like orange, brown, and maroon. The stems were usually short and made of plastic or rubber. To make these look elegant, I had to buy gold leaf to paint the stems. Today, velvet pumpkins are the rage, but the prettiest ones are a bit of an investment. Below are the prettiest and highest quality pumpkins that Ive found and am using in my Fall decor.

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Supplies You Will Need In This Diy Velvet Pumpkin Tutorial

*fabric-velvet for pumpkin*strong sewing thread and a hand sewing needle able to sew through velvet*poly beads for weighted bottoms*pumpkin stems and glue

I have been collecting stems for awhile and now is the time to use them!

Here are a few details to remember while planning your pumpkins:

3 high pumpkin needs an approx. 9 diameter circle of velvet

4 high pumpkin needs an approx. 12 diameter circle of velvet

6 high pumpkin needs an approx. 18 inch diameter circle of velvet

Steps I follow for my velvet pumpkins.

1. Cut velvet into circle 2. Thread needle with enough thread to go around pumpkin and tie a knot3. Push your needle through the fabric about 3/8 inch in from the edge and back stitch4. Beginning sewing around the circle in 1/4 inch stitches5. When you get to the end or where your stitches began pull the thread to gather the pumpkin, leaving an opening for the beads and poly-fill6. Fill half full with beads and then fill with poly-fiber till you are happy with the look of your velvet pumpkin7. Pull the gathers tightly and do several backstitches to close in the opening8. Hot glue your stem of choice to the top and your pumpkin is done!

Make several and decorate to your hearts content!

Velvet Pumpkins Make The Perfect Easy Fall Centerpiece Pick Your Favorite Fall Colors And Create A Beautiful Simple Fall Table

How to Make Velvet Pumpkins

Dont miss the chance to win your own gorgeous, handmade velvet pumpkins!Thank you to LoveFeast Shop for providing these velvet pumpkins and offering the giveaway!

Autumn Chilly breezes, fuzzy blankets, cinnamon spice, pumpkin lattes, and richly colored leaves tumbling to the ground in the crisp, cool air

Unless you live it Texas where its still in the high 90s, the leaves never turn, and you have to sweat your way through a hot cup of coffee.

Ok, its not that bad , but seriously, its hard to really dive into fall decorating just yet. So Ive embraced a few simple principles to help transition my home this year:

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How To Make Velvet Pumpkins: Diy

Fall is here and its my favorite time of the year. Leaves are changing and Im getting inspired on Pinterest for how to decorate and what to cook for the upcoming holiday season.

If you dont know this already, I love concepting ideas. And my mother in law is always helping me bring my ideas to life. I think we make the perfect team.

Last year, I had the opportunity to make some velvet pumpkin with her help and it was much easier than I thought it would be. So today, Im going to show you step by step on how to make velvet pumpkins. If youre not into crafting, you can easily buy some beautiful handmade ones on Etsy.

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