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How To Decorate With Pillows On A Sectional

Choosing Throw Pillows In Streamlined Stripes

How To Style Pillows On A Sofa | Pillow Styling | Spring Decorating Ideas

If youre looking for an approach that isnt fussy, we love to simply pair one bold color in a lush fabric with a classic stripe. Stripes are a great pattern to use for pillows because theyre the perfect balance of bold and simple. Our strategy here was easy enough, choose one bold color used elsewhere in your space for three pillows, then bring in two striped pillows for a little pattern.

How To Style Throw Pillows:

As I mentioned, there are certain basic rules to follow, when decorating with throw pillows. In fact, Ive seen websites that list five ways to arrange pillows and each way has three or more tips for grouping the pillows together. Frankly, thats just too many pillow-arranging steps for anyone! So, I hope Im able to break it down for you in these three tips for choosing and arranging throw pillows.

How To Style Sectional Pillows

This post is all about how to style sectional pillows, sectional pillow arrangement ideas, and things to look for when purchasing pillow covers and pillow inserts.

Styling pillows on a sectional can be a real challenge. I know this because I have spent so much money on pillows until I figured out the perfect pillow arrangement for a sectional sofa. In an attempt to help prevent you from making the same mistakes, I have put together all of the pillow styling tips I have learned along the way. This post is all about how to style pillows on a sectional.

This post may contain affiliate links, which means Ill receive a commission if you purchase through my links, at no extra cost to you. Please read the full disclosure for more information.

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How To Arrange Throw Pillows On A Sectional Sofa

Are you worried about the decoration of your sectional sofas? You must be looking for different ways for the best arrangements of your throw pillows on your sectional sofas. On a simple couch, the arrangement of these pillows is not a big deal but for sectionals, it can be quite tricky. As you know that sectional sofas contain multiple independent seats instead of a single continuous seat, a proper arrangement of the pillows is required for this purpose.

How To Arrange Pillows On Your Sofa Or Sectional

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I think adding pillows to a sofa when decorating is a great way to give your room a finishing touch. When arranging pillows on your sofa there is not a gold standard of how many or what type. I do love lots of pillows and wanted to share with you my tips to make a great pillow statement with your sofa.

Check out my video going through the tips. How to arrange your pillows on your sofa or sectional!

Here is a little recap of how I created 4 different simple pillow arrangements by using my own sofa

The Simple Two My first look is a simple one using two of the same pillow on each side. Since my drapes behind my sofa are blue. Im going to use the color green in a solid pillow for my back pillows.. this gives it a good contrast.

I then will use pattern pillows that have all of the colors in them. I have two options here. A bolder floral that really stands out. And then found a slighter softer pattern that is more complementary than contrasting. Both make the sofa look designed and finished. The choice is yours on how bold you want it to be.

Functional And Decorative My second look is more functional since some people like me who arent very tall struggle sitting in the middle of a sofa. So by adding a lumbar pillow, it gives the sofa both a decorative and functional touch.

Fill It Up My third look is an easy add on. This is if you want to fill it up with more pillows. You would then add the second color blue in solids. its a great way to highlight your pattern.

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Some Tips When Purchasing Pillows:

  • Tjmaxx, Homegoods, and Marshalls, are great places to look for throw pillows and Euro Pillows. I spend anywhere between $16.99 and $19.99 on a pillow. Any more than that- and I usually put it back on the shelf. They also sell sets of solid pillows that can be used for layering for $24.99/ pair. Kohls is great for guest room regular size pillows- they sell them for $5 on sale all the time. H& M Home is great for pillow covers.

  • Buy down-insert throw pillows!! These types of pillows give the best pillow-chop and can be fluffed up again and again. Usually cotton-filled pillows get flat after a while and dont look as great on your couch. If you find a pillow cover you like that doesnt have a down insert, the cheapest down inserts Ive found are from Ikea. Click on the link below to be brought to them.

  • Change out the pillow-covers seasonally– . If you buy down-insert pillows, you can just take the pillow case off in order to wash them and also to change them out. Then you can purchase just the pillow covers for your size throw pillow to change out your couches and sofa seasonally. I do this for Christmas, as pictured in one of the examples above.

  • Styling A Standard Sofa

    Before diving into how to style pillows on a couch, Fortin says to start with the sofa fabric. Once you have your base fabric, everything else follows.

    To choose fabrics for throw pillows, Fortin says to look at the room holistically: what is the larger palette? What underlying colors exist in the area rug or upholstery? What pops of color exist in the drapery? With throw pillows, have fun mixing patterns, colors and textures. As an added bonus, its an easy way to try out a trend like the much anticipated release of the Pantone Color of the Year, for example without committing to permanence.

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    What Size Pillow Goes In 1818 Cover

    What size pillow insert goes in the cover depends on how you want your pillow to look. Typically, I recommend that when deciding how to choose throw pillows for sofa, you go one size above your pillow cover when choosing a pillow insert, to give your pillow a fuller look.

    This means that you would choose a 20×20 pillow insert for an 18×18 pillow cover.

    Size Up On Your Pillow Inserts

    How to style a sectional | How to arrange pillows on a sectional

    Use pillow inserts that are 2 larger than the size of your pillow covers. So if you have 20 square pillow covers, use 22 square inserts. For 24 pillows, use 26 inserts, etc. The bigger insert size will transform your pillows from all lazy and slouchy to plump and pretty like the ones on sectional:

    and these in our guest bedroom:

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    Put It Next To A Window

    Placing your L-shaped sofa next to a window is a clever choice. Since its going to be your main sitting area, making sure its properly lit with some gorgeous natural lighting is quite important, if you have the means to.

    This way, you will ensure your sitting area becomes your focal point. Placing your sectional in line with the window like they did here helps create the illusion of extra space, which cant hurt.

    Guide To Choosing Throw Pillows

    • Caroline McDonald

    This Guide to Choosing Throw Pillows post was updated in August 2022.Were always touting how easy it is to breathe new life in your room simply by switching out throw pillows. Its true, choosing throw pillows in fresh fabrics and colors can give your space a totally different feel, but that doesnt mean its easy to cull through all of the thousands of great throw pillows in every shade imaginable to find 4 or 5 that will work well for your space. Theres an overwhelming selection out there, which makes the process of choosing throw pillows so confusing! Well, we want to make things easier for you. Consider this our guide to choosing the right throw pillows for your room.

    First, there are a few principals you should always keep in mind when choosing throw pillows:

  • Choose one cohesive color palette and do not veer from it. Youre going to get the most impact if all of your pillows are either in the same shade or in a pair of complimentary shades.
  • Shoot for a symmetrical arrangement, whether its on your couch, bed, or a window seat. When youre layering several different fabrics on top of each other, things can get really busy, really fast. We like a symmetrical arrangement because it keeps things feeling orderly and polished.
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    Tips For Styling Pillows On A Sectional

    Trying to fit a sectional into your home can be a challenge. Half the battle is making sure that it fits into your space and then you must make sure it fits with your décor. You want to make your sectional sofa look chic, not frumpy. Follow these tips for styling pillows on a sectional to achieve beautiful room décor.

    Go For A Leather Look

    U Shaped Sectional with Chaise Design  HomesFeed

    You cant go wrong with leather. Its always stylish and elegant no matter what. So picking out an L-shaped sofa made out of leather is the right choice, no matter what.

    Leather upholstery is now available in many different colors so you can match them with practically anything. And not to mention its quite resistant, so it can endure for a long time without ripping or sagging.

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    Choosing Throw Pillows That Are Asymmetrical

    While we typically prefer a more orderly arrangement, you can play with asymmetry, especially if your space is already very polished and cohesive. In the living room above, we chose simple solid pillows as our largest pillow and to set off a fun floral print. Since this space has a very buttoned-up color palette, a little asymmetry works well.

    Choosing Throw Pillows In One Color Three Patterns

    If you are choosing throw pillows in a group of just one color, opt for three different fabrics that work together. We used a very organic, bold print as our jumping off point , and we balanced the color on the sofa with bold velvet pillows in the corner and plaid pillows in the middle.

    The basic key here is balance. The bold pillows in the middle and in the corners help to balance the off-white sofa and lighter plaid pillows. The feminine floral print in the center is balanced by a more masculine plaid print on either side. And the patterned pieces are a balance to the solid pieces.

    So when youre putting together different fabrics in the same color, just ask yourself, does this pattern balance this pattern?

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    Choose Three Pattern Sizes

    It’s important to think of the scale of your patterns when following the Rule of Three because you don’t want your patterns to compete with each other. Instead, choose patterns in three different scales, allowing one pattern to dominate.

    Your lead pattern should be the largest pattern of the bunch, followed by a medium-sized print, such as a stripe or small houndstooth. The third pattern, then, should be the most subtle, such as a solid color in an interesting texture, a dotted swiss, or one with a faint tone-on-tone pattern, such as a damask stripe.

    Upgrading Your Inserts Makes A Huge Difference

    How to Arrange Couch Pillows

    Not all pillow inserts are created equal. Im ok with cheap polyester inserts if theyre in pillows that are purely decorative like these on our bed:

    Polyester inserts actually do a nice job of keeping pillows full and upright so theyre perfect for the I-just-need-to-look-pretty job. But most of the pillows in your house need to do more than just to look nice, theyre there to be used and polyester inserts are far from cuddle-worthy. For throw pillows on sofas and chairs, down/feather filled is the way to go. Theyre so much more plush and they have a much heavier, luxe weight than polyester. Plus they chop a whole lot better .

    My favorites inserts are 25% down/75% feathers but theyre pretty pricey. Its totally fine to save a few bucks and get less expensive ones that are 5% down/95% feathers theyre great too . You can also raid the HomeGoods clearance section for pillows with nice inserts and get some steals!

    What if youre allergic to feathers? I havent ever tried them but several people have told me that they love . Also, get great reviews.

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    Can You Have Too Many Pillows On A Couch

    While seven to nine throw pillows is the suggested amount, more can be added if an abundance of pillows is your preference. Pillows can be taken away if space is needed, or if an abundance of pillows isn’t practical for the occasion, built-in storage is available for sectionals, as shown below.

    Some people prefer the minimalist look with only a few scattered throw pillows or even none at all.

    How To Style A Sectional Couch With Pillows And Throws

    I will show you how to style a big sectional couch with pillows and throws so that you have the comfiest couch ever!

    I get asked how to arrange pillows and throws on a big sectional couch a lot. And I totally get the confusion! On a normal coach, you have two ends.. you put a few throw pillows on each side and voila! But with a sectional couch, there are three ends! So If youve ever asked yourself how to style a comfy sectional couch- youve come to the right place!

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    No : Add In Your Smaller Pillows

    Create layers in the corner with shorter pillows, adding more 22 pillows, 20 pillows, and maybe even some lumbars. This corner should have the most!

    On the ends well layer another 22 inch pillow or a 20 inch pillow on top of the existing, and maybe even a lumbar! Usually we use a 12 x 20 or 12 x 24.

    This Pillow Arrangement Is A Winner For Sofas & Sectionals

    Carolina Sock Arm Large L

    Groups of pillows on a sofa or sectional look best when they have a layered look which you get from using different pillow sizes. Theres no one this-is-the-only-right-way arrangement but Ill share what works well for me. For a sofa, I usually use two 22 pillows on the ends with two 20 pillows in front of them. For a sectional, I use that same combination on the ends and in the corner I simply add a lumbar pillow into the mix:

    Some people like to have more pillows than this on a sectional but I dont like having so many that I keep having to take pillows off my couch to use it and then put them back on afterwards. Im lazy that way. Plus, you know me I kinda keep things tailored and to a minimum.

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    The Best Fabric Sources

    While we love sources like Pindler and Kravet, which carry a variety of performance fabrics that are stain-resistant , some of the best sources for specialty fabrics may surprise you.

  • EtsyEtsy is a great source for finding beautiful fabrics, Fortin says. You can find gorgeous Schumacher prints selling for under $100. If we know a client has a tight budget, we can often find that fabric or something similar to avoid the need for custom pillows.
  • Look LocalOther great sources are local fabric shops where you can often find designer fabrics that have been discontinued. They may also have remnants of larger spools, and you only need a few yards of fabric.
  • Think Outside the Box Fortin says stunning prints can be found in surprising places. Dont be afraid to look to tablecloths or shower curtains for beautiful fabrics.
  • Shop For Furniture Today

    When youre learning how to decorate with throw pillows, its easy for things to snowball. So maybe youre just scrapping the furniture you have and ready to start fresh. Were not here to judge. In fact, we think youre onto something brilliant!

    Theres nothing like interior design to brighten your mood and make you feel more comfortable at home. Shop RST Brands today to find the finest quality sofas, sectionals, and beds that will be the perfect accompaniment to those fabulous throw pillows.

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    How To Style A Sectional

    Sectionals are really making a come back! When I was growing up they were strictly reserved for family rooms, theatre rooms and all around not considered chic at all! That has all changed, and now you can find sectionals as the main furniture piece in a living room.

    When shopping for a sectional I like to look for streamlined shapes, often leaning towards a mid century modern. Check out this post for our shopping guide on sectionals!

    Large Linen pillow

    Blue tie dye

    Fringe knit pillow

    Animal Print Pillow

    How To Arrange Pillows On A Sectional

    How to Decorate a Brown Sofa With Pillows : Easy Designing & Decorating Tips

    Lets talk about pillows! My favorite! Today lets talk about how to arrange pillows on a sectional! I get quite a lot of emails and questions about this topic. If you have a regular sofa this post is for you too. Some sectional tips will work perfectly on a sofa.

    This post contains affiliate links. That means when you click on some of the links in this post and you make a purchase I earn a small commission at no cost to you. All my opinions are my own.

    There is a lot of angst out there when it comes to sectionals!

    One of my favorite designer tips is to break something Im decorating down into sections. Like a grid! It makes decorating almost anything easier!

    I use a grid on bookshelves, tables sofas and more! Try it! It make decorating so much easier!

    And I did the same thing for arranging pillows on a sectional! The imaginary grid I use for a sectional is divided into three pie-wedged sections.

    The objective is to decorate each grid section so it works with the other grid sections.

    So far, easy! Right?

    When the camera comes out and Im designing Hobbes our little cat LOVES to be in the thick of things! No matter where he is in the house he comes running! And for a little cat, he sounds like an elephant!

    So Hobbes will be our lovely assistant for this post. I just could not scoot him away! He stakes his ground and loves being in the pictures.

    We dont think Hobbes knows that he is a cat. He acts just like a dog!

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