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How To Decorate With Dark Wood Floors

Samples Simplify The Decision


The best way to decide if a light or dark-colored floor is right for you is to sample the flooring before you make an investment. Having physical samples of the floors can allow you to see how lighting , dust, and other factors affect them. Youll also get a feel for how the color looks with your furniture, cabinets, and wall colors.

How do you do this?

You ask for samples!

Whether you shop online or in-person, your floor seller should be glad to offer free samples.

For example, Ambient sends up to 5 free samples, and additional samples are just $1.

So sample both light and dark flooring! And check out a little gray or greige while you are at it.

Its the sure way to decide if light or dark flooring is right for you and your rooms.

Dark Wood Flooring: Decorating Tips From The Pros

At the About Floors n’ More showroom in Jacksonville, FL, our on-site decor pros assist homeowners with their many interior design ideas. Often, folks will come in asking how they can “work with” their dark wood flooring installation. It’s no surprise, really, because very dark planks can be a little bit tricky to use as a design element. Should you match that dark hardwood flooring? Or is it best to contrast your deeper variations of engineered hardwood? Well, in the hopes of helping you out, we’re about to share a few decorating tips from the pros, so you can connect with your inner interior designer and create a true redesign masterpiece!

Lighter Furniture

Typically, we recommend selecting furniture several shades lighter than your surfacing material. That’s because the light-colored furniture creates a fluid, harmonious appearance, but it also detracts from a room being too somber.

White Walls

Should you have pale furniture, opting for white or cream-colored walls assures a cohesive quality, providing a space with both the feel of being airy, and the perception of being larger than it is.

Light vs. Dark Curtains

Choose the look you want for your room, be it cool or dramatic, before selecting proper curtains. Pick light-colored curtains to draw the eye away from the darkness of the wood flooring installation for a cool appearance. For more dramatic flair, go with dark curtains to create a dazzling effect against your deep colored surfacing.

Add Contrast Elements

White Walls And Light Wood Furniture

To achieve a harmonious look, choose wood furniture that matches the temperature of the floors but is a few shades lighter. Grayish or near-black wood floors will work well with pale and weathered woods, while warmer browns and dark reds will look great with warm lighter toned woods, such as cherry or maple. Light wood furniture, white walls, and white accents help provide contrast without appearing stark.

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Beautiful Living Rooms With Hardwood Floors

This gallery features beautiful living rooms with hardwood floors. Living rooms shown include a variety of styles such as Mediterranean, rustic, craftsman, transitional, Spanish, Asian, modern, contemporary and traditional.

Solid hardwood is gorgeous and durable. Since it is milled from a single piece of wood it can be repeatedly sanded and last for decades. Engineered hardwood offers an inner core of wood with an outer layer of hardwood veneer. With an engineered hardwood, one can get the same look and beauty without all of the cost. In addition engineered hardwood is more resistant to heat and moisture than solid hardwood flooring.

In the picture above the rustic solid European oak wood floors gives this Mediterranean home a more relaxed country vibe. Paired with other neutral colors and a touch of turquoise as accent, this home definitely looks really relaxing. Walls are plain white, and ceiling have accent wooden beams in dark wengue finish. Furniture pieces are mostly upholstered in a light cream color, combined with dark wood stain and some touch of blues on the pillows.

Pros And Cons Of Hardwood Floors

18 Lovable Dark Hardwood Floors Pinterest

Added Value

Homes with hardwood floors fetch higher prices on todays real estate market than dwellings that do not feature such floors. If you ever plan to sell your home, installing hardwood floors is a great way to raise its value.

Easy Maintenance

Hardwood floors have certainly stood the test of time. This is because they are easy to maintain and do not require expensive processes to keep them looking their best.

A Broad Range of Choices

Hardwood floors work with virtually any décor. In addition, you can sand or stain the floor to suit your personal taste, and it can be changed whenever you desire.

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Is Dark Wood Flooring Out Of Style

Hardwood flooring never goes out of style. Selecting hardwood for your flooring is a smart choice, no matter the color. Though the trend might lean more toward lighter shades one year or colors like greige the next, dark wood floors will always be a viable option.

When choosing the floors for your home, its important to focus on what will work best with your walls, furniture, and desired overall style rather than the latest fad, since that could change at any time. Flooring is a long-term commitment thats not as easily changed as a new couch or coat of paint, so youll want to choose an option you can live with long term.

Pick the shade of wood you like best, whether light, dark, or something in between, and you cant go wrong.

Choosing Cool Vs Warm Wall Colors

A good rule of thumb to remember is that you should choose a paint color with undertones that matches or compliment your floors. If you have the right undertone, it doesn’t matter or how or dark the shade is – that factors more into what mood you want to create in your room, whether your want it to feel bigger or if you mind it feel smaller .

Complementary colors are those that are opposite each other on the color wheel. If your hardwood floors have a cool grayish undertone, or a warm orange undertone, blue would be a good choice. Blue is a cool color so it works with gray, but it’s opposite orange on the color wheel so it works as a complimentary color.

If your wood floors are a warm brown, then warmer wall colors will match nicely. However, you can also up the contrast by pairing them with a cooler wall color, which will in turn help decrease some of the warmth in the floors.

With that being said, you really don’t need to overthink wall colors this as long as your floors are not glaringly orange or red toned. Most dark hardwoods are quite neutral and will work with a variety of paint colors, particularly when there’s white trim to bridge the gap between floors and walls.

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Idea #: Use Color Pops On Living Room Centerpieces

A perfectly balanced living room in light and color will look good. How to get it to amazing is to incorporate color pops. What we mean by this is colorful, eye-catching centerpieces. If everythings in light and neutral shades, a darkly colored hanging wall item works. A bright red, blue, or white also works.

In a calm and balanced living room, you dont want boring. Youve got to have a little bit of chaos somewhere. This is what keeps things interesting and what self-expression is made of.

Can You Put Light Wood Furniture On Dark Wood Floors

dark floor decorating idea 2020 | dark wooden floor idea ,Laying wooden floor In living room

Light wood furniture looks terrific with dark wood floors. The light color provides a nice contrast and can brighten a darker space. When choosing light wood furniture to pair with your dark wood floors, you might want to select pieces in the same shade of wood. This will create a classic, coordinated look thats always popular and in style.

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Awesome Living Room Ideas With Hardwood Floors

Welcome to our picture Gallery of 33 stunning Hardwood Floor Living Room Ideas. The living room is the most prominent living space within a home, so it is important that its designed accordingly. The choice of flooring is an integral part of a living room design.

It is relatively simple to replace a sofa or to repaint a wall or two, but a floor cant be as easily redone. Thats why it is worth to put in a little bit more thought in its design and invest in high quality materials.

Hardwood floors are a popular choice when it comes to living room designs. It is a natural material that looks beautiful and feels great under your feet.

This is also a pretty durable material. If taken good care of, it will be there for you to enjoy for many, many years to come. Hardwood is not too difficult to repair, either all it takes is a little bit of sanding and refinishing.

This type of flooring also offers endless design possibilities. Not only can you stain it in different colors, but you can also lay it in a number of ways.

You can have your planks run parallel to your walls, or add a little twist by laying them diagonally. You can also create a more patterned look herringbone, mixed-width and parquet hardwood flooring can all greatly enhance your design.

It is also worth mentioning that hardwood floor can add a lot of value to your house if you ever need to put it up for sale.

What About Gray Flooring

Wait a minute! Is gray flooring dark or light? And what about the mix of beige and gray called greige?

Gray flooring is now available in a stunning array of shades. These range from the lightest gray of Whitman Oak to the dark gray shades of Katella Ash. Gray floors literally strike a happy medium between light floors and dark floors. They hide dust as well as minimizing the appearance of scuffs and scratches. If you select a very light gray, it will have the properties of light-colored flooring. Go with a really dark gray, and it has the properties of dark flooring. Use a medium, neutral gray and get the best of both worlds!

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+ Gorgeous Ideas Of Dark Wood Floors That Look Amazing

Looking for ideas of dark wood floors for your next home renovation? Thats a great choice, and here over 35 gorgeous ideas for your inspiration.

Natural wood is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful flooring materials available. A durable, dark hardwood floor is not only practical, but aesthetically pleasing, particularly when combined with accessories, area rugs, and furnishings in appropriate colors.

And while hardwood can be used in just about any room of the house, it reveals its beauty mostly in living rooms. Indeed, as you will soon see, especially dark hardwood floors create such a wonderful contrast and they make a great setup for a gorgeous decor. Check out over 35 truly stunning ideas with dark wood floors.

What’s Inside?

How To Decorate With Dark Wooden Floors

Image result for room with gray walls and gray wood floors ...

Youve just installed new ebony or dark brown hardwood floors. They look great. Now youre wondering how to decorate or furnish your home to create the maximum impact. You may be asking what to do with your wooden trims or moldings, which wall colors would be best, or how to furnish your home. Here are some tips to guide you on

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Dark Wood Flooring Choosing The Right Color And Shade

Homeowners need to understand that the character of the whole room will depend on the choice of the shade for the dark floor. Dark does not mean black. This category includes a huge number of shades like dark brown, dark gray, etc.

Black flooring is an elegant solution for lovers of minimalism. It needs more light shades so walls, curtains and furniture upholstery should be in white, beige, etc.

Brown has a lot of interesting nuances. Depending on how the light falls on it, brown color will look differently. It is a great choice for almost any interior style from classic to minimalist. Chocolate brown is one of the most popular color choices because it looks expensive, radiates warmth and makes the room look cozy.

Dark gray shades give the room sophistication, an aristocratic and refined look. The color creates an atmosphere of comfort, coolness and relaxation. Doors in white and beige look chic in combination with gray floors.

Idea #: Polish Your Dark Hardwood Floors Regularly

Just a quick note on dark hardwood floor maintenance. Any imperfections stand out. Regular maintenance. Frequent polishing. If you do those two things, youre going to keep your dark hardwood in its best shape. If they do become damaged in some way, cover them with area rugs. Over time, its natural for scratches to occur but they can bring down a living room appearance. Do what you can to ensure the floor is properly maintained and polished.

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How To Decorate A Room With Dark Floors

Some people believe that painting your walls and ceiling a dark color will make the room feel and look smaller. This is why most people will advise you to go with a feature wall if you want to add a darker color to the room.

What about when it comes to flooring? Do the same rules apply?

Dark hardwood flooring, when paired with light walls, may actually open up the room. The lighter colored walls and ceiling counter the dark flooring, and since there is more wall than floor, there will be more light than dark. The dark hardwood ends up adding warmth and maybe even a bit of intimacy.

Now that we know dark flooring can be a successful design move, let’s answer the next most obvious question. How do I style a room with dark floors? Where is the dark and cramped versus dark and moody line drawn?

Dark Floors On The Bottom Lighter On Top:

living room decorating ideas dark hardwood floors

The trick behind creating an inviting room that is bright and inviting is by contrasting dark floors below and brighter and cleaner colors in your furniture, walls, and ceiling. This helps ground the room by keeping your eye focused on the brighter finishes, while still adding the complimentary dark floors. Neutral tones in whites, grays, beige, and muted shades of all colors on your walls and furniture will help balance the room and therefore make your interiors feel brighter.


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Neutral Tones And Varying Textures

Bring down the high-contrast look of dark wood floors by pairing them with neutral tones and varying textures. Muddied browns, grays, and taupes work well when combined with hides, leather, suede, or velvet. The versatile textures add depth to the neutral color palette. Stick with lighter gray or taupe walls for a natural look.

Drapes Curtains And Shades

Windows are another area where you can enhance the overall color scheme of the room and work with the floors or provide contrast if you want to create visual focal points that bring peoples eyes to the windows. With large, open windows, such as bay windows, consider drapes, curtains and shades that contrast the floor color so that peoples eyes are naturally drawn to the vistas offered through the window. For smaller windows that do not offer panoramic views, work with colors that match or subtlety blend with the floor color. The darker the window coverings, the more natural light is held out when the shades or curtains are drawn, but if you have adequate interior lighting, this isnt a concern.

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Adding Different Colors To Your Dark Floor Design

When you see a room with dark flooring, it’s almost always going to be dark hardwood floors. A much less common style of dark flooring is colored flooring, like dark blue painted wood, black tiling, or deep purple tiling. You’re probably thinking, “deep purple? I would never show my house to anyone if I had that in my living space!” But be open to the unexpected! Purple or dark red could be beautiful when paired with white grout and ivory walls. Your pop of color doesn’t always have to be in your furniture. When choosing a dark flooring material, you can experiment with less common colors than espresso or deep grey-brown!

Make Sure To Use Light

25+ Gorgeous Living Room With Dark Wood Floors Ideas ...

A dark rug doesnt have to unusable if you have dark wood floors. You just have to balance the dark with light in other ways. You can do this by painting the walls a light color or using bright furniture to offset the darkness. This strategy will help keep the room from feeling dark and heavy. The light color also doesnt have to be white, and you can use anything so long as its lighter than the floor and rug.

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Light Furniture And White Walls

Image source: Flüff Designs & Decor

The most harmonious setting is to combine the warmth of dark floors with much lighter walls and furniture. Dark floors, white walls make a great combination.

For example, you can consider weathered white walls for every black or grayish floor, or beige furniture for warmer floor nuances, such as maple and cherry. Dark hardwood floors also benefit from soft and fluffy rugs in light colors as this prevents the floors from looking too heavy and stark.

Idea #: Lighting & Lamps

You can derive a lot of interest from a large living room window. This isnt always enough to successfully light a room day and night though. Lamps can be placed around the room, upgrading the look of dark corners and low-light areas. In a room with dark engineered hardwood flooring, a homeowner has to ensure the room has enough light especially during the evening hours.

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