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How To Decorate With A Sectional Sofa

Small Living Room Decorating Ideas

One Sectional Sofa, Two Living Room Looks! | H& H Design Challenge

Some time ago I did a whole post on my family room mini makeover and I had so many messages asking me what size my family room was. My answer was always not large. It then occurred to me that there might be a small living room epidemic going on.

Yes, I am being a tad dramatic.

I learned this the hard way recently when I was searching for a new sectional for our family room. My living room is small. Not extremely small but more like moderate smallabout 10X12 small.

Round Mirror//Sconces

Dont let the vaulted ceilings fool you

Our previous homes living room was about double our current home am I am not exaggerating. We were spoiled. So spoiled. I realize that now.

But I shoved all I could in our current family room and it worked for a few years but I knew I was getting the itch to change things around. And so I began the great sectional hunt of 2020.

This is what our family room looked like just a few months ago and before I gave our fireplace a makeover with peel and stick tiles.

And today.

Side Table//Round Mirror//Sconces

Ive recently updated our living room a bit. Not huge changes but just a few little ones that made a big difference in the feel of our space. A new rug and new window treatments made a huge difference to me. Well talk more about this later

But for now, here is how our living room is situated.

The difference some new furniture can make amazes me. .

~pick The Right Furniture

Nothing kills the design of the room like the wrong furniture. I am very much a get what you love and make it work kind of decorator but that approach doesnt always work with furniture.

Before you purchase anything, measure it out on your floor with painters tape. Make sure you have enough room to walk around your pieces.

I know alot of people chose to not have coffee tables to gain more room in their living rooms. I just couldnt do it. I needed a place for my feet and for pretty books.

Coffee Table//Rug

If you want a coffee table but not the bulk of one, consider a glass table top to keep things light and airy in your space. Or even a long upholstered bench would work. I went smaller with my coffee table than our previous one and I made sure it was light and slim looking.

How Should I Arrange My Living Room Sofa

Be mindful of scale in interior design when arranging your living room sofa. Correct sofa scaling is an imperative for a successful living room, along with selecting its shape and color.

Size takes precedence as it is crucial for the perception of a room volume to choose the most appropriate dimensions, says BIID registered interior designer Hedayat of Jam By Hedayat.

‘You want to make sure that your sofa has enough circulation around it as well as space so that it does not dwarf any design details or features in a room. A living room sofa that is too large will engulf the room disproportionately, and one that is too small will not serve its function.’

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Sectionals Make Your Room Feel Smaller

This too may seem counterintuitive at first, but a large sectional will actually make it feel smaller not bigger. Sectionals are often lined up against a wall. This makes the middle of the room feel disconnected, cavernous, and less inviting. In large spaces, the sofa height blocks off the room visually, tricking the eye to make the room appear smaller.

Things to consider before you buy a sectional:

Is your sectional lined up against a wall or two walls?

If the answer is yes pull out your sofa 6 – 12 from the wall. This will help your space feel more inviting, cozy, and believe it or not bigger!

Mix And Match Patterns

Sectional sofa, NYC decor, gray, white, pillows

Brown sofas aren’t limited to a single decorating style. Pair one with eclectic patterns and prints for a global-inspired vibe. In this space, framed fabric picks up the beige hues of the sofa while coordinating with pink pillows and decor accents. The wide variety of patterns plays well together because of the coordinated color palette.

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Lounge On A Low Contemporary Cream Design

Whatever your living room paint ideas, a neutral sectional will complement perfectly and, for a modern look, go low.

‘This sectional is ideal for those who love a minimalist approach in their living rooms. A cream design will go with any existing scheme and its low slung profile, no feet and great depth makes you want to get cozy on it instantly,’ says Jennifer Ebert, digital editor, Homes & Gardens.

Make A Statement With A Brown Sofa

A dark brown leather couch can be a dramatic statement piece, especially in a tufted Chesterfield style. Funky retro furniture, including checkered slipper chairs and a midcentury-modern console table, adds interest to the room’s white paneled walls. Buffalo-check plaid fabric complements the brown sofa’s traditional style for a cohesive look.

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Dark Grey Corner Sectional Sofa: Able to accommodate five to six people comfortably, this corner sectional provides ample seating space without taking up too much room. This set also includes a standalone ottoman simply lift the top to reveal storage space within, ideal for throw blankets and other essentials. Add a tray to the ottoman and it can even double as a coffee table.
Dark Grey Sectional Sofa with Ottoman: Minimalist lines and low-profile design allow this sectional sofa to make the surrounding room feel larger, despite the fact the sofa itself takes up an impressive 123 inches in width. This piece offers exceptionally spacious seating with ample room to stretch out and relax. The modular design makes it easy to add other components later or to use each component on its own.
Develius Modular Sofa Sectional in Grey: Created by Dutch designer Edward van Vliet for & Tradition, the Develius sectional is part of a fully modular series with endless placement possibilities. This configuration includes an arm piece and a middle piece with decorative cushions included. Add individual modules as needed.

How To Combine Pillows

Rules in Styling A Sectional Sofa | MF Home TV

I am a neutral-lover, so I like to play with texture more than color. But if you like color and pattern, you might enjoy my Guide to Mixing Patterns!

Texture includes using a variety of fabrics, like pairing linen with velvet. Finishing details like tassels, beads, flanges, and more go a long way to adding interest.

  • Pair two prints if youre comfortable mixing patterns
  • Otherwise, pair a print with a textured solid
  • If you choose two solids, make sure they have significantly different textures

I often use a print paired with a solid. Generally, my print is the front, smaller pillow because I think thats more interesting that having a solid pillow in front. But again, this is personal preference!

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How To Style A Sectional Couch With Pillows And Throws

I will show you how to style a big sectional couch with pillows and throws so that you have the comfiest couch ever!

I get asked how to arrange pillows and throws on a big sectional couch a lot. And I totally get the confusion! On a normal coach, you have two ends.. you put a few throw pillows on each side and voila! But with a sectional couch, there are three ends! So If youve ever asked yourself how to style a comfy sectional couch- youve come to the right place!

Change Sectional Layout Throughout The Day

Minimalist living room ideas can still provide flexibility, as this uncluttered space shows.

‘Over recent years, as the emerging trend for open plan living grew in tandem with a shift to hybrid working, its no surprise that boundaries throughout the home have become increasingly blurred,’ says Sabina Miller, director of buying at Heal’s . Flexible pieces of furniture can be used to create zones within your space and help to create a more structured, multifunctional way of living.

A sectional L-shaped configuration is a great way to create a natural boundary between two spaces without blocking natural light or having a physical barrier that closes up the room. This can be particularly beneficial when space is at a premium, such as a flat with a shared kitchen, office and living space, and keeps an element of fluidity whilst separating the functionality of a room.

For the ultimate flexibility, a modular sofa design, such as the Lilli Sofa by Heals, can be arranged to suit your changing lifestyle needs throughout the day. Whether you need a spacious setting for entertaining friends, a cinema-style set up for movie night, or just want to chase the summer evening sun, having the option to easily adapt your living room layout is perfect for modern day living,’ says Sabina Miller, director of buying at Heal’s.

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Best Living Room Layout Tips

  • Caroline McDonald

This blogpost was updated in June 2022.

Finding the right living room layout is difficult, especially when you factor in television placement, space restrictions, open floor plans, and natural pathways. There are lots of ways to solve your difficult-to-layout space, but weve put together some foolproof living room layout options to make the task easier.

Before we start, lets get into a few basics that will help you create a functional room layout.

  • DONT BE A WALLFLOWER one of Bunny Williams biggest pet peeves is furniture that lines the wall. Were empowering you to float your sofas and chairs out from the wall. No wallflowers allowed.
  • DIVIDE & CONQUER Just because you have a large living room doesnt mean you have to have overscaled furniture. Instead, divide your large room into smaller areas to create two intimate seating areas rather than one large one. Any gathering of more than ten people will naturally break up into smaller conversations, so keep your seating arrangements tight.
  • TUCK IN SMALL SEATS Once youve got your large seating covered , bring in smaller occasional chairs or upholstered cubes. Theyre a great perch when guests come over, but they can easily be tucked away any other time.

Get The Scale Right With The Two Thirds Rule

Living Room Ideas with Sectionals Sofa for Small Living Room

A living room sofa thats the full length of the opposite wall could prove overbearing in a room scheme. But you also do not want a sofa that is too small. One approach to getting the right proportions is to aim for a sofa thats about two-thirds of the wall length.

‘It is possible to choose a smaller sofa, however, perhaps influenced by the pieces of furniture nearby. When scaling a sofa to a room as a rule of thumb we tend to make the sofa half the size of the wall it is going on. This will allow the space around it to breathe and also accommodate space for side tables with lamps on either side, says interior designer Bee Osborn of Studio Osborn .

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Big Art Or Gallery Walls

When it comes to sectionals, big art and gallery walls seem to serve two purposes. First, they help to visually balance out the hugeness of a sectional, bringing everything into harmony. Because you can create a gallery wall to any dimensions you like, its a great solution for taming a sectional. Secondly, an eclectic mix of art helps add a layer of visual interest to the room that distracts from a sectionals Im here and you cant ignore me kinda attitude.

Pair It With A Circular Coffee Table

Have a small space that you want to makeover with a great sectional? Consider adding a circular coffee table to the mix. âA circular coffee table is perfect for small spaces. It will fit in the small nook of the sectional, keeping circulation open,â advises Rohr.

But you can absolutely enjoy the benefits of a circular coffee table in larger spaces as well. Tucking it into your sectionalâs nook means youâll have even more room to play with other home decor elements and pieces of furniture.

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Theres No Personality On The Coffee Table

In a living room, your coffee table is the place to reflect your personality. Of course you can showcase your style in cushions and throws. But thats more strictly-decorative, whereas the coffee table allows you to place books and ornaments that really mean something to you.

Im a big fan of books on coffee tables. It gives friends and family something to flick through when theyre over, plus it allows you to see something every day that taps into the vibe of the space.

Outside of book stacks, your coffee table should have at least one keepsake or memento that is uniquely yours. Something thats not been purchased from a major retailer. Even better if you picked it up on travels. Then its truly yours and nobody elses.

OK, time to fess up regarding these living room decorating mistakes. Whats your score out of 10? Drop me a comment below and let me know. Also, what are some additional crimes Ive left out here? It would be great to hear from you.

How To Separate A Sectional Sofa And Use It To Arrange A Room

How to Decorate With a White Sofa & Colorful Throw Pillows : Design Ingredients

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Sectional sofas have the appeal of being an all-in-one seating solution, but that might not be the right solution for your space. Separating the individual sections of the sofa takes advantage of the fact that sectionals can be very versatile. Move sections around to make a room more navigable or usable, or just for a change to freshen things up.

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Divide The Space According To Zones

When using a sectional couch for the space, expect that there will be invisible zones drawn. This means that the living room will not be limited to entertainment, comfort, and hosting of guests but as well as other activities the household are fond of doing. Consider it as a multi-purpose space where the household are fond of spending most of their time. Dividing the space into zones using a sectional couch will help in inducing private conversations and more collaborative activities.

~paint Your Walls A Lighter Color

When we first moved into this house, our walls were a very dark brown. This room felt like a dungeon. With all the natural light we get from the large windows, I knew a light and bright color would do the trick. Our walls are Silver Drop by Behr. I love this paint color so much I did a whole post on it here.

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The Big Puffy Recliner Chairs

I know some of you are already up in arms over this one. Ive copped flack for this before so Im very aware that some of you love a recliner for the comfort aspect. And look, its not one of the biggest living room decorating mistakes in the list, but it comes with some terms and conditions.

Not all recliners are made equal. They used to be. They used to be comfortable and look absolutely hideous. But thankfully times have changed. So Im not fully against a recliner, I just suggest you find one that looks as good as it feels.

A room really is a coming together of how it looks and how it functions, so to tick just one of those elements off when purchasing your recliner feels like a huge miss to me.

Sectional Sofa As A Focal Point

Charcoal Gray Sectional Sofa

Who said the focal point of a living room has to be the fireplace, the accent wall, or a chandelier.

A smartly colored sectional sofa can make a statement and stand out in the living room as long as you pair it with the right accents. In this example, see how the green sectional has become the focal point of this room precisely because of the matching greenery around it.

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How To Arrange Pillows With Patterns

Many people avoid patterned pillows because they can seem difficult to place appropriately. But it is important to remember that it is always about your comfort and personal taste, so dont be afraid to make some pairing and arrangement options that speak to you!

For some general advice on throw pillow patterns, you should avoid mixing small and large patterns. When placed together, they can contrast each other and offer a strange appearance, so it is best to stick with either small or large patterns.

You should also look to create a focal point and then arrange your patterns around it, this way the patterns can coordinate correctly. Deciding how to style a sectional sofa can be intimidating, but dont forget to have fun with the process.

Start with your largest pillow in the back corner of the coach. I like a 26incher there. Then add in the next height of pillow next to it. As you can see from my image, the height of my throw pillows in the corner is cascading down to my lowest point which is my lumbar pillow. Adding varying heights helps to give the pillows more depth and dimension. Plus adding in varying textures breaks up the matchy matchy look but it is still vey coordinated.

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