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How To Decorate With A Blue Sofa

Grey And Blue Living Room With Warm

How to style your sofa | Blue velvet sofa

A living room with grey and blue theme can look quite cool. The reason is that blue is a cool tone, and grey has quite a lot of cool shades.

If you love the idea of using the color theme, but you do not want your living room to look too cold because of this, you can include some warm-toned features in the place.

These features will be helpful in warming up the living area a bit and create a more comfortable feel too.

For example, you can take a look at the following picture of a transitional living room.

This room has a cold atmosphere because of the choice of fossil grey wall paint and a bold Aegean blue sofa with blue cushions on it. To warm up the room, the designer adds an area rug with a honeycomb pattern and sangria red color.

Another example is available in this next picture.

This example shows that you should not always count on to area rug to add warmth to your blue and grey living room interior. You can choose red cushion or wall arts with warm tones in them if you want to.

Layer Textures On A Backdrop Of Pale Aqua

Image credit: Future PLC/Carolyn Barber

This seasons delicate shades of blush pink and pale aqua bring freshness to any room, while low-level furniture and soft linen drapes keep the look light. With a palette that is all about combining pale colours try mixing textures to prevent the scheme becoming flat.

Dont be afraid to combine velvets, linens, and boucle fabrics on soft furnishings around the room. Create a seamless backdrop my matching curtains to the wall colour too.

Give Smart Maritime Blue A Crisp White Stripe

Image credit: Little Greene

A nautical palette of blue and white has always been a firm decorating favourite, and this smart band of white gives a whole new take on the traditional sailors stripes! Pairing it with a soft tan leather sofa and adding washed wood furniture brings a softness and warmth to this smart colour palette

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It Is Matched With Yellow Velvet Pillow And Blue Carpet With Elusive Patterns

Sky blue sofa living room ideas. It is amazing how the color blue can transform the feel of a room. Grey and blue living room with velvet sofa. 20 charming blue and yellow living room design ideas.

With that in mind, you might also want to see our pink living room ideas. So picking out a blue sofa is a great way to anchor a new living room scheme: Navy, indigo, teal and turquoise show no signs of taking a nosedive on the interiors radar.

Its classic, adaptable and bang on trend all at once. This is the reason why blue upholstery sofas can be used in any room with all the different styles! As you can see in the projects above and below, designers opted for white cushions, rugs, walls, and lampshades.

Check out these ideas for decorating around a blue sofa. Warm up blue with soft neutrals. This is a very light and bright shade of blue, so combine it with a darker blue such as navy can still provide enough contrast to distinguish them, while still had a similar blue tone that makes them look seamless.

Soft blue and yellow living room. Chic beach living room design ideas with a wooden table, a flower decoration, light grey sofa, sky blue walls and patterned cushions chic, bright and airy coastal living room with white furniture and little bit of blue colour in a striped cushions coastal living room decor ideas with palm tree decoration, wooden paddles, a striped carpet, and a white sofa coastal living room design with white. Design by summer thornton design.

Dont Be Afraid Of The Dark

21 Different Style To Decorate Home With Blue Velvet Sofa

While lighter shades are always the knee-jerk go-to for wall colors, blue is a hue that you really can dive deep into.

Darker colors can imbue a magical quality in your living room, maximizing its coziness, says Patrick ODonnell, brand ambassador at Farrow & Ball. Colors such as the complex blue-green notes of Inchyra Blue would look elegant in a blue living room, paired with off-white woodwork such as Strong White in Estate Eggshell. Add notes of spice in burnt orange through accessories and furnishings.

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Create An Elegant Look With Light Grey And Jewel Tones

If you are looking for a color that just going to work in all sized spaces, all levels of natural light, a pale warm-toned grey is the way to go. It just makes any room feel so lofty and elegant, and it looks lovely paired with bolder, jewel-toned blues. For this look, stick to greys for the walls and floors and bring in those pops of color with furniture and accessories.

What Colour Walls Complement A Blue Sofa

There are many great options when it comes to choosing a wall colour to complement your blue sofa, but lets take a look at some of the most popular options.


Grey is a great base colour for any room as it goes with a whole range of other colours, including blue.

Whether your sofa is light blue, navy or one of the many shades in between, a light grey wall is a contemporary and classy choice for those looking for a subtle option besides white.


For a bolder option, why not try blue on blue? You can opt for a shade from the opposite end of the spectrum to create a contrast or a deep teal blue with a matching sofa for a more atmospheric look. Its definitely bold, but if executed correctly, it can look incredible.


White and blue make for a truly classic colour combo, meaning white walls are guaranteed to look great with a blue sofa, creating the perfect backdrop for a nautical-inspired design.

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Coastal Blue Couch Living Room

What better theme is there to go for when it comes to blue couches than to evoke a coastal style living room.

This one here has a simple and delicate appeal but choosing the right furniture and accent pieces such as the treasure chest, fish wall art and lighthouse painting helped in giving it a comfy beach house effect.

The rattan seats, white couch and blue chesterfield sofa complement each other well.

Work A Brown Sofa Into A Colorful Palette

Blue sofa living room ideas ⤠50 shades of blue in a modern interior

Temper the strong color of a brown sofa with a variety of bright hues and eye-catching patterns. Sea-foam green walls form the foundation of this living room’s colorful palette. Coffee table accessories, throw pillows, and an area rug bring in additional vibrant colors that help minimize the sofa’s dark upholstery.

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Cottage Style Blue Couch Living Room

White and green tones are cool already. Add that to the tranquil effect of deep blue and the moody effect of dull green, bright, shiplap walls, and the organic look of the wall art in this living room give this a turn of the century vibe, fit for a low-key, cottage style.

For a more sophisticated, cottage look, this is a whimsical design that you could go for. The textured, jute rug and the police strobe blue sofa give the solid tone of this room.

The traditional cottage flair is owed to the striped, cozy couches. The deeper beige walls and the glow of orange accents are also superb in giving this a whimsical vibe.

Color Combinations And Mood

To decorate with blue without creating an overly uniform look, use complementary color combinations. With the right color scheme, you can set the ideal mood, use hues to create a warm or cool setting and highlight your favorite pieces of blue furniture and decor. The color wheel is always a good place to start, or you can try one of the following popular blue color combinations.

Blues with Warm Colors

Warm colors like orange and red complement blue hues on the color wheel. This combination creates a lively, energetic look without going overboard. In a blue and yellow living room, a mustard throw, coordinating pillows, pale yellow wall art and a gold mirror have a brightening effect on an aqua sectional.

Cool Color Combos

Select a shade of blue on the color wheel and the two cooler hues on either side, such as violet and turquoise. Decorating with purple accents or decor in the same color family offers various looks depending on the tones you use. Indigo and dark blue furniture and accents add a bit of depth and drama to a living room, while pale pastels are charming and subtle, perfect for a kids bedroom.

Blue and Gray

Neutral gray accents have a lot of decorating potential. Gray and blue living room designs, such as a denim blue sofa set with gray pillows, a charcoal rug and a pewter coffee table, convey a comfy, casual ambiance. If you want to play with different shades, try adding white and blue decor and highlight darker corners of the room with ivory or cream accents.

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Impressive Blue Sofa In The Living Room

Blue is my favorite color it used to be green because it was the color of our department when I was in college. After college, I realized that blue was cute because it goes well with anything that I want to use it with with clothes and fashion, decor and furniture. This color is pretty flexible and sure matches a lot of things at home and outside.

Today, I collected pictures of 20 Impressive Blue Sofa in the Living Room that will surely impress you because of the wonderful looks it has for every living room. You will also be amazed with all the colors mixed and matched with it and actually goes well with each other! Take a look below and tell us what you think!

1. An Apartment with a View in San Francisco

The people who created an article about this place said that it has a great view, well, just looking at this sectional, I already see a nice view.

2. Atwater Village

White walls and white curtains contrast well with the blue sofa and the wonderful colors inside this room.

3. Canadian Contemporary Living Room

Atmosphere Interior Design Inc.

I love the color of this sofa, makes you feel royal because of the color of the sofa and the entire interior too!

4. Chicago Living Room

Three different shades of blue was used in the sofas and chairs chosen in this living room in Chicago.

5. Cozy Family Home

If you saw this living room picture in a different angle, you will see how the yellow accents in this space played well with the blue sofa.

6. Detroit Contemporary Living Room

Balance A Blue Colour Scale

21 Different Style To Decorate Home With Blue Velvet Sofa

Image credit: David Brittain

Create a sophisticated blue living rooms by layering tones, to strike the right balance between a dominate colour to run through a scheme without it feeling overwhelming. This blue living room idea introduced a pale shade, almost blue-grey, on walls with a more pure pastel blue with the curtain fabric.

The look is enhanced with the introduction of royal blue in the form of a statement armchair. The rest of the room is kept neutral with white-washed wooden floors and white furniture to make sure the blue remains undiluted by other accent colours.

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A Brighter Pale Blue Shade

View in gallery

If you cant decide between a very pale shade of blue and a mid-blue shade, youll love the brighter pale blue on this living room wall. It adds a subtle splash of color, which visitors to your home will always notice, without being too difficult to match with furniture and accessories in your home.

Mixing Shades Of Blue

The most straightforward way to decorate a blue room is the monochromatic approach. Often used in minimalist decor, this palette combines three distinct tints and shades of a single color. Contrasting light and dark values deliver a serene, balanced look. In a blue room, you can achieve a tranquil setting using a blend of furniture, decor and painted walls in different tones.

A midnight blue sofa combined with pillows in teal and turquoise evokes a playful yet sophisticated vibe. A dark blue couch feels comfy and inviting, while more cheerful shades of blue add depth and character. For a master suite, create a luxurious look by coordinating cobalt bedding with a navy accent wall and blue bedside lamps or a gold chandelier.

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Boho Blue Couch Living Room

The boho theme is always an associated design to blue and this idea here shows why.

The eclectic, bohemian vibe in this living room is very strong with that play of different colors, textures, and styles. But the bold and solid effect of the navy-blue couch gives it a harmonious look that is beyond compare.

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If a boho chic is what you are going for, a cleaner, more contemporary look is the name of the game.

This very neutral living room featuring a yale blue, cushioned couch and sofa takes the focal point while the minimalist Aztec panel arts and this blue and white rug give it a flushed, bohemian look.

Grey And Blue Living Room With Patterned Features

Blue Sofa Design Ideas. Living Room with Blue Sofa.

Too many solid colors in a blue and grey living room can make it look too dull and, even worse, boring. Because of this reason adding pattern in the place is an idea that will make everything seems better than before.

Right now, there are so many living room features with patterns you can find without any difficulty. They can be furniture pieces or decorations.

The patterns available now are quite a lot too. For the living room, a different design can result in a different look.

The example of this is available below.

The patterned-feature added to this living area is a white and denim blue rug with a chevron pattern.

If we try to imagine the place without the area rug, it will look clean and modern, but it is too dull. With the carpet, the area gets livelier.

The chevron pattern is also an excellent choice here since it is suitable for the modern atmosphere of the room.

Check out the following transitional living room design as another example.

This room has more than just one pattern included in the design. Although so, lets focus more on the attractive design of the armchair.

This kind of busy model is the one you should choose to add a classy touch to your living area.

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Blue With Pinks And Greys

Heres a fun take on a blue couch color combination. This teal colored sofa is accented with shades of pink, grey, and white. The tiniest details like the flower pots, the books on the shelves, and the sofa accessories area were all chosen with this color scheme in mind. The black and deep greys of the frames, flowerpots, and lighting choices are a nice grounding element for the fancier pink and blue combination.

This delicate pink cashmere throw would be beautiful on a luxurious teal couch like this one.

This teal sofa converts to a futon sleeper, making it really nice for a small home where you might need this kind of versatility.

What Goes With A Blue Couch

Blue is such a gorgeous color, so what are some good color schemes to mix with it, particularly if you have a blue couch? Weve found some super color combinations for you. In this post, well look at each one and talk about why they work so well. Well show you examples and some great looks for each grouping.

Here are some great color schemes to go with a blue couch:

  • Blue, White, and Wheat
  • Pinks, Blues, and Grey
  • Blue, Yellow, and Tans

Were going to look at each of these combinations in more dept in the post below. Then well answer a few more of your questions, including how you might decorate your couch, what color rug you might choose, what color curtains to think about, and great accent colors for blue sofas. So please, keep reading.

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The Blue And Grey Living Room Approach

A blue and grey color scheme is a fantastic choice for your living space regardless of your personal style. These colors can be easily incorporated into multiple areas of your living room. You can create so many incredible themes with these versatile colors that blend well with almost any other colors you adore!

Choosing the colors you will include in your living room is a big step to make when decorating the interior of your home and should be planned and intentional. Blue and grey are two colors that are multifaceted and can make a room look elegant, bohemian, glam, or simplistic. So, go ahead and give blue and grey a chance in your living room!

Pair Maritime Blue With White For A Look Thats Cosy And Bright

Denim Blue Sofas for Uniquely Timeless Look in your Living ...

Image credit: Future PLC/ David Giles

Painting the walls a dark blue is a wonderful way to build a look thats cosy and homely. So that the look isnt gloomy, keep the walls, ceilings and window dressings light ideally white to balance things. Mirror-finish furniture will also maximise the light in a dark-painted room.

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