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How To Decorate Windows Without Curtains

Roller Or Roman Shades

how to cover windows without curtains

Clean and simple is one of the biggest trends in window treatments, like pairing treatments for coverage with simple side panels just to give that pop of color and texture to make a statement in the room, says David Pulliam at Gotcha Covered.

Traditional items such as shutters and Roman shades are popular in many areas. Pulliam says that roller and solar shades are some of the fastest-growing products because they are now available in a variety of colors and transparencies. These are popular window treatment options.

Roman shades are classic and have the clean lines for modern interiors, explains Carol Marcotte, Lead Designer at Form & Function in Raleigh, NC. And thats why theyre also recommended by Carolina V. Gentry of Pulp Design Studios in Dallas, TX.

For letting in the light, top-up, bottom down Roman shades are great because they create privacy but let light in. Gentry also likes the look of tailored window treatments. For a simple and clean look, use decorative trim on the edge of drapery panels or Roman shades, Gentry advises.

Roller shades are seeing a huge increase in popularity in our region, says Jeff King, Shutters and Blinds Specialist at The Blind King in Fort Worth, TX. This sentiment is shared by Lyndsey Dianne, owner and operator of in Houston, TX.

Swap Curtains For Window Scarves

Dont want to hang curtains traditionally? Try window scarves its one of our favorite curtain ideas for a reason!

Window scarves are a unique way to upgrade your dining room or living room windows. This style is compatible with most windows regardless of size .

Its easy to get creative with window scarves just switch up the scarf style and you instantly have a new look for your windows.

Window Clings And Decals

Window clings are great for changing the appearance of your windows. You can choose from different styles, including frosted glass, repeating patterns, or even stained glass. Clips are easy to apply and remove, and you can change them up as you see fit.

Change the look and style of your room in minutes. An affordable option that complements most décor. Though, window cling material may degrade over time and need replacing.

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Keep It Light And Simple

Decorate a windowless room like you would a small space, with lots of light colors and fuss-free furniture. There are a few more tricks to turning a windowless room into a breezy, bright space.

  • Keep the walls white with lots of space for an orderly appearance.
  • Layer brightening tone-on-tone neutral fabrics and accessories to add texture into the room while keeping the space visually uncluttered.
  • Keep furniture lines clean and streamlined without embellishments to avoid a crowded, dark look.
  • Choose furniture with slim and lifting legs which exposes more of your floor, giving a windowless room the illusion that it’s lighter and brighter.
  • Add a piece of mirrored furniture for another unexpected way to reflect light in a windowless room.

Creative Window Treatments And Summer Decorating Ideas

How To Get Privacy Without Curtains

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Flower curtain, creative window decorating idea for summer

Creative window treatments can be functional and very decorative, blending surprising ideas with original designs and charming crafts for breezy and bright summer decorating. You can use light curtain fabrics in cool or neutral colors, bold floral prints in bright colors, small window shutters, blinds and shades, blooming flowers and contemporary vinyl wall stickers, or hang silk flowers, feathers, butterflies decorations on fishing line that will work as unique window treatments for summer decorating in creative style.

If your house is surrounded by lush vegetation and you can leave windows without curtains, then hanging silk flowers or window decorating with attractive crafts create beautiful windows and add charm accents to your summer decorating without curtains. Small things matter the most. Window decorating with original accessories or interesting and unusual curtain designs creates a major impact and can make a statement, enriching your summer rooms with simplicity and whimsical details.

If you live in a cool climate or your rooms are facing the north you do not need to protect your home interiors from the damaging direct sunlight. You can experiment with small window treatments, designing interesting decorative window coverings or adorn your window with flowering plants while controlling the intensity of sunlight in home interiors.

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Diy Roman Blinds From Tired Mini

Plastic mini-blinds offer the hardware and a sturdy base for this DIY Roman shade project. A few clips of the scissors remove unneeded slats in the blinds, creating a framework on which to attach the fabric. Select a sturdy fabric and attach it to the mini-blind framework. Hang the blinds and adjust the folds to create the Roman shades of your dreams.

No Curtains 5 Different Ways To Decorate Your Windows

14 December, 2018

While many people say that curtains adorn a room or setting, sometimes they can actually make spaces look smaller.

Consequently, more and more people are deciding to decorate their windows instead of hanging curtains. In our post today, well give you some ideas in case youre thinking about going curtainless.

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Ways To Cover Windows Without Curtains

Curtains are a popular window treatment choice in many homes, yet they are not the only option. Curtains or drapes don’t work for many spaces. They can frame a window, create privacy and add an element of decor to a space, yet they can also overwhelm your view, block natural light and make smaller rooms feel closed off and dark. Explore other options and find one that works for your space and your needs.

Go With A Shade Instead

How to Layer a Curtain With a Sheer Curtain : Curtains & Window Decor

If your primary concern is to obstruct the light instead of enhancing your decor, you should go with the shade option. There are varieties of shades you can attach at the top of the window without drilling holes in the wall. Simply pull the shade down to obstruct the light and push it back up to let in light.

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Lace Covered Window Screens

I absolutely adore this lace look! By simply covering your window screens with some old lace curtains and securing it with fabric glue, you can create this beautiful and elegant look for any room in your home. If you dont have old lace curtains to use, you can also use lace tablecloths or any lace fabric that you may have laying around. Combine with lace curtains and youll really have that Victorian era look going on.

Tutorial and instructions: designmadde

Roman Vs Roller Blinds

Romans are my choice of block out blind. Roller blinds can be more cost effective but can be problematic and are visually unattractive. Well measured and well made roller blinds and roman blinds are a satisfying and neat solutions for certain windows and even French doors. If you dont have space for curtains or there is furniture placed under the windows, go with blinds. If you want your window areas to remain contained without billowing panels of fabric surrounding the area, then blinds are the solution.

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Clash Colour And Pattern

DIY SOS designer and official ‘Friend of Ideal Home’ Sophie Robinson has blown our socks off with this genius combo of floral patterned blinds and geometric print curtains. It’s a pairing that you might question on paper, but which looks AMAZING in the flesh.

Sophie describes herself as a ‘self-confessed colour lover, cushion hugger and pattern clasher’ and explains that ‘this room ticks all three boxes, giving a high-energy appeal that’s the antithesis of polite beige.’

Stylist’s tip: Short curtains only really work in cute country cottages go floor-length wherever possible

Curtains Or No Curtains That Is The Question

How to cover windows without curtains

In one corner, there are those who say that curtains create intimacy, darkness, and decor all at the same time. In the other, some say that fabric hanging from windows only gets in the way and makes rooms look smaller.

If youre asking yourself, is it better to hang up curtains or not?, there isnt one clean-cut answer because it depends on various factors. Though people have always used curtains, modern-day trends are quite the contrary.

You should use curtains if you have neighbors close by if your home doesnt have such a nice view, if your room receives too much direct sunlight, or if youre a fan of conventional decor.

If thats not you, we recommend decorating your windows without curtains. Theyre also a great idea if your windows are pretty on their own , if you have a nice view garden, sea or forest, if you like contemporary or modern design, or if your home is on the smaller side.

You could also mix and match depending on your room. To give you an idea, you could use curtains in your bedroom for some privacy as you change or keep the sun from waking you up at 6:00 on a Sunday morning. And you could also leave your living room or kitchen windows curtainless to maximize on natural light. Its up to you!

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+ Clever Ways To Hang Curtains Without A Curtain Rod

Gone are the days when people hang curtains by nailing the walls and securing them with ropes.

Many households are now employing creative ideas to enhance their space with curtains that add an aesthetic feeling to the room.

This guide will walk you through some of the fantastic ways to hang curtains without a rod that draws attention to your space.

So without further ado, lets dive in!

Page Contents

Make A Statement With Bold Roman Blinds

Blinds in Botaniska in Teal, from £22 per m

For an unfussy alternative to curtains, we always recommend looking to window blind ideas and Roman blinds are possibly the smartest. Fabric panels are softly pleated for a tailored look with blinds positioned inside a window recess or on the outside. Try lining and trimming blinds in a contrast colour fabric for a chic look.

You need way less fabric for a blind than you do for curtains, says interior stylist Charlotte Boyd, so you can splash out on a more luxurious fabric to really make a statement.

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Experiment With Color And Fabric

Still conflicted on how to decorate your larger-than-normal windows? Dont panic your windows are a décor blessing in disguise.

You can experiment with multiple colors or different fabrics. For example, try hanging velvet drapes on the outer edges and accent the center with sheers to create a luxe, modern look.

Simulate The Look Of A Window

How To Hang Curtains Without A Rod | 5 Alternative And Easy Ideas

This easy trick can be accomplished in two ways. Hang an oversized mirror on a wall or hang floor to ceiling drapery on a rod. For extra depth on the wall that creates a window-like effect, hang drapery on a rod over a large mirror. Here are a few placement ideas that will give you the feeling that there’s a window in the room.

  • In a basement guest room, create the aura of a window behind a headboard by hanging floor-to-ceiling drapery that’s kept closed.
  • In a windowless living room or guest room, mount a mirror with divided panes of glass that makes it look like a window. Place it next to your sofa, chair, or bed and then hang curtains as you would on a regular window.
  • Mount a large mirror on a wall opposite a sofa or bed, and add wooden shutters or blinds over the mirror for the illusion of a window.
  • In a kitchen or bathroom, add a mirror the size of a window across from your sink, then hang a green plant near it so that it’s reflected to give the illusion that there’s a bit of foliage peeking indoors.

If you don’t want to create a faux window, take advantage of the magic of mirrors by hanging a few of varied sizes throughout your windowless space. Drape a string of white lights around them for added sparkle. The mirrors will work together to reflect and bounce light around the room for a dazzling effect.

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Style With Single Curtains

If you have a sequence of large windows in a room, choose single curtains instead of pairs hung centrally to give a contemporary, laid-back look. Omit holdbacks for a further relaxed feel, instead opting for a lightweight fabric such as linen as it gathers and drapes beautifully.

Allow plenty of length on the curtains so they pool on the floor to complete the look.

Stylist’s tip: Use a narrow chrome pole with small curtain rings so as not to overpower the overall effect. Small curtain rings will also allow you to gather the curtains more tightly to let in more light in the absence of tie-backs.

Curtain Alternatives 20 Ideas To Spruce Up Your Windows

Looking for curtain alternatives? Search online for window treatments and you’ll be inundated with curtain suggestions of all kinds. But, what if you don’t want to go with plain old curtains?

Whether you have a different style, want to avoid the cluttered feeling of curtains, or you’re big on DIY projects, curtain alternatives are for you! In this article, you’ll see all sorts of different ideas for curtain alternatives, from the sleek to the rustic, to the boho-chic! Let’s get started!

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Use The Right Lighting

It’s especially critical to have enough layered lighting in a windowless room. Overhead fixtures , accent, and task lighting with clear glass or light, sheer shades to hang or place on the table or floor, will work together to create a brilliantly lit room. Add track or recessed lights strategically aimed at dim corners and to highlight artwork around the room. Run light strips underneath upper and lower cabinetry and inside exposed shelving to brighten surfaces with diffused lighting, especially in a windowless kitchen.

Try Your Hand At A Roman Shade

Easy upstyle to your windows without curtains

They say that Rome wasnt built in a day. But, these Roman shades sure can be. This versatile DIY window treatment is perfect for almost any room in your home. Made with two different fabrics, it is easily reversible with a tension rod for ease of installation. Pick fabrics that enhance your decor for the perfect look.

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Use Roll Up And Roman Blinds

Roman blinds and roll-up varieties are a simple yet stylish solution for conservatory windows. They can be hung over each panel of glass and can be tied at different heights depending where the sun hits to create shade and prevent the room from getting too hot.

Lighter colours will maintain a feeling of space and reflect heat, or why not choose a blind fabric to coordinate with other textiles in the room, such as upholstered furniture and accessories? This style offers such simplicity, you could even make one yourself with this simple how to make a Roman blind tutorial.

Stylist’s tip: For a luxe feel in a bedroom, try a real or faux silk or for a traditional look, opt for a crisp linen in stone or cream.

The Best Window Shades

Window shades are a curtain alternative that still lets in beautiful colors and patterns in front of windows. Some styles, like Roman shades, bunch up in elegant folds when the shades get raised. Other styles, like roller shades or cellular shades, collapse into a small package when the window gets uncovered. Shades come in many styles, so they provide some of the most unique looks. Another benefit of shades is that they often have blackout capabilities. For light sleepers, being able to block the sun’s rays is very helpful.

Cellular shades, Roman shades, and roller shades are popular shade options for any home.

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Get Creative With Decor

If you dont want to spend any money or you dont have any items lying around the house that you can use to cover your windows, then you can always get creative with decor. You can use sheets, blankets, tablecloths, or towels to cover your windows. If your windows arent too large, you can also use a drop cloth to cover them. A dropcloth is essentially a piece of fabric that is hung from the ceiling to cover your windows. You can use any color or patterned fabric you want and they look great when theyre used as curtains. If you dont want to spend any money and want to cover your windows with something that is cheap and easily available, then you can always use decorative items. You can also use decorative items in different ways if you dont want to cover your windows and they are great for decoration.

Window Treatments Other Than Curtains

How To Hang Curtains (7 Steps)

Curtains made a big comeback in interior design a few years ago, and theyve been popular ever since. But theyre not necessarily the best choice for your home.

You might have animals or kids that make curtains impractical around the house, or you might just prefer a different look. If youre seeking alternatives to the traditional curtain window treatment, here are some ideas to consider.

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Dress Your Windows With These 10 Curtain Alternatives

Finding the perfect window treatments to protect your privacy and add just the right note to your room isnt always easy. But while curtains and blinds are both great, theres a whole world of options out there. Here are 10 creative ideas for dressing your windows that are anything but ordinary.

1. Lacy Patches: Colorful and feminine, this would be pretty easy to make with thrift store lace doilies and some dye.

2. Vertical Garden: How awesome is this curtain and vertical garden in one?!

3. Make It A Banner Day: These triangular flags have popped up everywhere lately, but we especially love them as a simple take on valances. Put them over existing curtains or use them as a stand-alone statement.

4. Stick Up Some Shelves: Break the rules and double your storage in one fell swoop by installing shelving across your windows. Its obviously a perfect place for an herb garden, but it also makes a nice showcase spot for your most prized dishes as well.

5. Go Wild With Macrame: Make the macrame trend feel fresh again by using a custom, handmade macrame curtain shown here as a closet door alternative as a window treatment instead. We like the idea of making a truncated version for a valance too!

6. Whip Up a Fabric Valance: That fabric garland you made for your last event has another great use: A cool no-sew valance in a modern mix of hues and patterns.

Are you inspired to throw out those old curtains? Let us know in the comments below!

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