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How To Decorate Wall Unit Shelves

Diy Hanging Wall Shelves

NEW 150 Modern Wall Shelves Design ideas – DIY Your Own Wall Shelf 2022

Hanging wall shelves are quite in fashion as these look very chic and are available in a plethora of styles and designs. Look below at some of the most inspiring hanging shelves that you can craft using basic things like wood, rope, paint and drill.

Try this hanging shelf thats made out of rope and wooden planks. Paint the wooden shelves in any color that you like. Its an easy project for all. Perfect for displaying your pricey succulents!

Image Credit: perkymommy

Are you wondering what made you wait to try this easy and awesome project till now? Dearies, its not late as you can always give this idea a try whenever you want! Its a very simple way to create a wall shelf out of wooden planks and your old leather belt. You can use gold paint to decorate the edges of the shelf and hang it using the leather belt.

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Stunning Diy Wall Shelves For Books

Every house, no matter how small or big always seems to not have a space for books. Dont you feel it too? Be it your own bedrooms, or your kids, there is always the issue of keeping books organized and at one place. How do you tackle this problem? Well, its high time that you create a proper shelving for stacking your books. With these awesome DIY wall shelves for books, I am sure that your books will find a perfect spot to rest and relax!

What do you feel about this hanging book shelf? Well, you gotta try this as its an easy craft and looks very chic. You can create this shelf out of plain wooden boards and several wooden blocks. In addition to looking good, this kind of shelf can be installed anywhere in your house like bedroom, living room or even study room.

Image Credit: accbud

Old pipes can be best put to use when you try this idea. The shelves are built out of old pipes and lend an industrial touch to the decor of the walls. These can be used for stacking books or other things that you may like. The look of these shelves is a bit odd but its a great DIY project anyone can try at home at much lesser price. A little birdie told me that it costs $79 on Etsy!! Come onmake it at home at half the price!

Image Credit: jacquelynclark

Have an empty wall space behind the door of your living or bedroom? Yes? Then, utilize this space for stacking your books neatly. The vertical white DIY bookshelf is simple and very affordable. Any novice can do it at home.

Where Should Shelving Be Placed In The Living Room

If you are planning open shelving, work to the full proportions of the living room to create maximum impact. A floor-to-ceiling unit, with sturdy, adjustable shelves and minimal fixtures will offer a strong, enticing look and act as an excellent anchor and display.

In smaller rooms, including living areas, shelving can be an effective way of creating storage without appearing to eat too much space. Consider the look you are opting for, whether traditional, featuring detailed joinery, or sleek and unfussy with a contemporary edge. And think carefully about what you are displaying this will ensure each shelf is made to allow sufficient depth and to carry weight without warping.

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Modular Shelving With Drying Rack

The modular shelving avoids dullness. It strengthens the angular space. It fits with the small rooms. The benefit of this shelve is that you can position them any way you want. Moreover, it is suitable for tiny kitchens and odd slivers of wall space, which shapes the harmonize look. You can also choose different sizes and materials like wood and stainless steel, for more glamour effect.

Create A Cohesive Ambiance

Stunning Minimalist Living Room Wall Unit Systems, Italian Design

Themed bookshelf decor ideas for living room by designer, Wanda P.

The internet is filled with living room shelf ideas, but keep in mind that every home is different and every wall unit is unique. There is no hard and fast rule on how to decorate shelves. So, the best way is to look around and find pieces that tell the story of your interior design. For instance, if you have a beach house, you can use corals and shells on a wall shelf for the living room. In addition, you can use a glass jar and fill it with sand from all the beaches you visit.

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Baskets For Shelf Decor

Another way to have decor that serves a purpose is by incorporating attractive storage solutions. You can be both practical and aesthetically pleasing when thinking of how to decorate shelves.

If you are needing some organization in your home then decorative baskets and jars are a great solution! Experiment with different designs and styles depending on your storage needs.

Hanging Wooden Box Shelving Ideas

You wouldnt expect a DIY as simple as this one to create such a cute looking shelf. Having lived in a few student apartments in my time, I would have loved to have known about this quick fix Hanging Wooden Box Shelf, which doesnt leave more marks than just one small hole in the wall.

I am pretty sure that I have a wooden box like this lying around somewhere, or something similar at least, and I have some paint I could use to jazz it up. You could only store a few things in it, but it would be perfect for a bedside, and considering how easy and inexpensive it is to make I cannot complain.

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Pretty Gold Wall Shelving

These stunning wall shelves feature a modern glamorous design, with a delicate gold frame with gold arched detailing.

The shelves themselves are made from light Pine wood which complements the gold beautifully, while the gold frame is actually made from iron, so you can be sure that these fancy shelves are strong enough to display all of your favorite things.

Rustic Wood And Metal


These rustic pine shelves have a timeless design that would work just as well in a coastal residence as they would in a farmhouse or industrial-style home. The shelves are handmade in the USA, with a rich finish that brings out the grain of the wood, for an authentic look.

Black mounting brackets hold the shelves from underneath, ensuring they are strong enough to hold anything you might want to display, from trophies to books.

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Leaning Books + Ball Shaped Accessory Next To Vase On Books/box

Lean a few books against the end of the bookcase and put some type of ball shaped accessory next to it such as my oyster shell ball . The rope whatchamacallit on the bottom right of my bookcase would have worked well in that spot too! Next to it, place a either a shallow box or two stacked books and put a medium sized vase on top.

Charming Diy Corner Wall Shelves

Every house has a corner that seems rather odd if left vacant. It looks all the more strange if you try to accommodate a small dresser or a chair to fill in the space. Then, whats the next best alternative to beautify such a corner? Hey, go for shelves! Yes, shelves are the perfect solution for filling the corners cleverly. Not only do you make the space more practical, but you also lend style to your corner with wall shelves.

In one fell scoop, you can create additional storage when you add corner shelves. Here, the owner has smartly decorated the corner space by installing 3D wooden block shelves in an artistic way. Your kiddo would love to have these shelves in his or her room. The best part about these shelves is that they dont gobble up much space, and hence, are perfect for small rooms.

Image Credit: homedit

Is your kitchen too small to accommodate a pantry of its own? Well, try this corner shelving idea that lets you store condiments and spices systemically. These corner shelves are perfect for displaying cutlery and crockery as well.

Image Credit: atmedia

Does anyone of you have a nursery with an empty corner wall that screams for a makeover? If so, then, heres presenting you a very cool corner shelf idea that the owners of this house have tried. The corner shelves in white add style to their babys room. Additionally, these help in storing books and toys in a very organized way.

Image Credit: ns1

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Never Put Two Objects Of The Same Height Beside Each Other

Often I will see shelves with frames lined up all the same height. Now, there is a place for this when done right but most of the time It makes the area look flat and unappealing. If you have ever looked at a shelf and couldn’t quite figure out why it didn’t look right, not varying the height is probably one of the culprits.

Varying heights applies to both singular items and when stacking items on top of another. There needs to be a clear change in height with the item to its side.

This rule will not make or break you, but you want to make sure that most of your items have a variation in height.

Looking at the image above, the DON’T example is lopsided and less interesting. Your eye coast across the top with no change of direction. The DO example creates separation, your eye bouncing over each item.

Wine Box Shelving Ideas

12 Best Ideas Cheap Wall Shelves

These Wine Box Shelves are so adaptable, which is something I am a big fan of. You could make your collection of boxes as big or as small as you wanted, filling a significant portion of a wall or just a tiny corner.

You could use them practically, for tableware or books for example, or as a purely decorative piece, filling the boxes with vases, photo frames or special keepsakes. This specific example is sat on the floor as it was intended to cover something on the wall, but you would very easily mount these wine boxes onto the wall if you wanted them to be suspended.

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Parisian Chic Wall Shelving

These stylish wall shelves feature Parisian-inspired design elements, with a curled black metal frame surrounding the wood and wrapping around the sides of the shelf. The shelves are made from Mango wood and Iron, which gives them a slight industrial edge.

Although these shelves look delicate, they are actually incredibly strong and sturdy, so you can confidently use them to display almost anything, from books to vases.

Do Start From Scratch

The first step, take everything off your shelves. Both of us always start decorating built-ins by clearing them off completely every single time! As much as it may seem daunting to start from nothing, its helpful for us to take everything off and slowly tackle this job .

Getting everything off allows us to focus on one shelf at a time, without being distracted by all the other clutter. And getting all of the shelf accessories together in a pile helps us take inventory of what we have.

Also, its nice to get these items off the shelf because we find that when we keep items on the shelf from the start, we get tunnel vision. We automatically think this accessory needs to be paired with that accessory and often times that results in us missing other pairings that work better together.

Oh, and its the best time to dust everything. This is my favorite wood cleaner to do just that.

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How Do You Fill Empty Shelves

Are you wondering how to fill empty shelves? Being faced with bare shelves can be daunting, first of all take time to assess the space says Samantha Wilson, interior designer and founder, Collection Noir . ‘How many shelves are there and are they at different heights and widths? This is your starting point and will give you the best idea of the potential objects, shapes and sizes you may want to use.’

The next step is gathering all the objects, accessories and personal mementos you may want to feature. ‘Try to be creative so you have a variation of sizes, shapes and textures. You may want to include books, boxes, vases, flowers, picture frames, plants and decorative objects to name but a few.’ Be sure to select a variety of shapes, textures and sizes to bring rhythm and interest to the display.

From here begin by positioning the larger items such as framed artworks or groups of large books as these will define the structure of the display. ‘Start by layering the books on various shelves. If you have a tray, now would be the time to add that too,’ says Samantha Wilson.

‘Once the large items are in position you can begin layering smaller pieces. Remember, the purpose of your shelf is to display and not to just store, so keep the smaller items to a minimum to avoid cluttering.’

Start With A Blank Slate

New 200 Modern Wall Shelves Design ideas – Make a best Wall shelf 2022

When Im trying to figure out how to decorate shelves, I find it best to completely clear the shelving units of any other decor. Even if Im planning to use some of the same decor pieces as part of the new look, I find it way too distracting to try to decorate around them.

Its much, much better to completely clear your shelves of everything before starting!

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Light Your Living Room Shelving

Good living room lighting ideas are also key to the success of living room shelving. The advent of LED options has opened up new possibilities for discreet and subtle effects especially as the fittings themselves are small and no longer run the risk of getting hot. A beautifully lit display shelf will add drama and scale.

Books + Bookend Next To Filled Bowl

Choose 5-8 books and add a decorative bookend. My favorite online source for unique bookends is Etsy . Place a bowl next to it and fill it with something decorative. These are a few of my favorites:

I threw in a bunch of faux cabbages that I had laying around after using them on my fall fireplace mantel but you could also use decorative ceramic balls, faux flowers, shells. just about anything!

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Color Coordinated Shelf Decor

Using color to style your bookshelves is pretty self-explanatory and super easy to create from items found anywhere. When you incorporate a color across an entire shelf design, it really helps bring all the decor pieces together no matter what items choose!

Using a black and white scheme can really make your home decor pop. If you want to add a little color but not distract from the theme, throw in some greenery like a succulent or small plant.

Or, if youre feeling fancy, add gold accents to the shelving like this DIY Gold Mini Greenhouse. And again, mixing it up with each decor piece will help create a better look for your shelves.

Open Pipe Shelving Ideas

How To Decorate Shelves

I am a huge fan of the current industrial meets modern interior styling that seems to be floating around and would love to get a little more of it incorporated into my own home. This can be relatively difficult to do considering that it often plays off of pre-installed fixtures, but with this DIY Open Pipe Shelving looks like a great way to add it from scratch.

I dont think this would work everywhere or with any color scheme, it is probably safest to stick to neutral and monochrome backgrounds like those shown in these examples. You can tell that these are non-working pipes that have merely been screwed into the wall which I like, and the shelves themselves are just simple planks of wood slotted in place.

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Shelf Decorating Ideas: How To Style Shelves Like A Pro

There are tons of ways on how to style shelves, but getting that curated look is harder than it seems. Knowing what to display and where can easily become overwhelming. But with a few insider tips and tricks youll be well on your way to beautiful vignettes. So check out our list of the best shelf decorating ideas to get started!

Use Shelving As A Room Divider

Its almost an instinctive reaction when decorating to place a shelving unit against the wall, especially if it is open on both sides. Going against your instincts, in this case, can have a big payoff in style power when you use it as a room divider.

This is super useful in a large open plan space where you just want a mental or visual divider and not a hard, physical one. Doing this also lets you arrange the shelf decor from both sides, which can be a lot of fun. It also frees up precious wall space for other things like mirrors or artwork.

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