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How To Decorate Screened In Porch

Found Decor And Natural Decoration

How to style your cottage-inspired screened-in porch

A porch is a way of bringing the indoors outside or the outdoors inside. If you still want to feel close to nature after screening in your porch, one way to do so is to add nature decor. Read this article from Greenhouse Studio to learn how you can use found decor to bring nature inside. Found decor is items you find around the yard, making it seem more natural since youll be using things that are native to the area.

And Dont Forget A Fan

Whether your preference is for super-sleek and modern or vintage-inspired, no screened porch is complete without a ceiling fan to keep fresh air moving and lower the ambient temperature. Be sure to choose a fan thats UL-listed for damp locations and choose a model that allows a minimum of eight to nine feet of clearance beneath it for safety. See more shopping tips, below.

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How To Decorate A Screened

You dont need to spend a fortune to decorate your screened-in porch. In fact, armed with the right knowledge, you can spend next to nothing on home decor and still get a trendy, sophisticated finish.

DIY projects, refurbishment and thrift stores are just a few of the ways you can inexpensively redesign your screened porch.

Read on to find out more about how to decorate a screened-in porch on a budget for astonishing results.

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Natural Wood Porch With Skylights

This large screened-in porch is perfect for inviting friends or family over on a cool evening. The natural wood makes it durable enough for high traffic and a variety of outdoor gatherings. This type of porch would also be a good place for the kids to play in rainy weather. The big skylight lets in plenty of light, and the ceiling fan keeps the air circulating in case the weathers a little warmer than you like. The railing around the edges adds a sense of style, along with the angled roof and rafters.

Add The Screen Material

40 Best Screened Porch Design and Decorating Ideas On Budget 14 ...

Stretch the screen material across the face of a panel and then down on the sides. Keep the screen tight as you staple it down to the sides. Fiberglass screen is pliable, so you should be able to wrap it back, much like wrapping a package. Keep the screen tight and flat against all sides. Cut off excess with scissors.

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Tips For Screening In A Porch

  • For the sake of appearance, if you would like to use wood that is not pressure-treated, you should treat the outside of the wood with a weatherproof coating.
  • It is vital to keep the screen material tight on the sides of the panels, as bumps may create holes through which insects can enter the screened-in porch.
  • Do not assume that the floor-to-ceiling height is the same throughout the entire porch. Instead, measure separately for each screen panel.

Porch With Vaulted Wooden Beam Ceiling

While this porch doesnt show much in the way of furnishings, Im including it in the Entertaining Guests section because of how large it is. Picture yourself sitting around with family and friends as all of your kids play together outside. The ceiling in this porch gives it a unique look, and its complete with skylights and a ceiling fan. The wall lights allow you to stay out on the porch even in the evening hours.

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Have Throw Blankets Handy For Cold Nights

If you live in a colder climate, youll need some closed in porch ideas that take those chilly days and nights into consideration. Otherwise, youll have a beautiful space connected to your home that you cant even use if the temperature gets below 60 degrees.

You can always get a space heater for the colder months, or stock the space full of throw blankets for a more cozy feel. They look tossed onto furniture as accents and theyre perfect for snuggling up with some hot cider.

What Is The Average Cost To Enclose A Porch

Design a Gorgeous Screen Porch

If you are looking to enclose an existing porch, the cost can be as low as a few hundred and can go up to several thousand dollars. This porch renovation project might cost a bit up front, but it is a good investment in the selling value of your home should such a time arise. You can compare the cost of the enclosure in different screen porch plans and designs to see which one works well for your budget. Pictures of finished screened porch designs can give you the inspiration to plan the projects well.

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Screened In Porch Ideas That Will Inspire Your Diy Skills

Today were talking about some homey things that may just prompt some fun projects for your own special space. These 35 screened-in porch ideas will inspire your DIY skills and have you jazzing up and renovating by the weekend. Whether you do this to make entertaining a bit easier or just for the family to enjoy, check out the tutorials and inspiration below. Your porch will thank us.

Screened In Porch Makeover: The Reveal

The mood board after it came to life? Well, check out the after of our porch makeover

After six springs of being in our home, this space is finally getting all the use we envisioned it would before our house was built.

One tip I have, even in decorating the simplest of outdoor spaces, is to not overlook the blank walls. You can use tall plants/trees to take up visual space and make your eyes look upward, and hang weather-resistant art. I went for a cohesive gallery of wall baskets these already have the hanging hardware on the back. I drilled a tiny pilot hole for each in the hardy board, tapped a small nail in each, and then hung them in this organic shape.

All three sizes are linked at the bottom of the post, along with all the available sources pictured in the outdoor space.

I didnt want to clutter up the coffee table with lots of tchotchkes because #upkeep and #dusting, but I did want to make sure some smart decor and details were incorporated to give that outdoor living room vibe I was looking for. As a side note, that cute bamboo tray is on clearance and under $15!

And along with the under-$30 matte white ceramic ginger jar, both are perfect for indoor use, too.

The coffee table is a nesting table with a smaller table to be used as an extension and while our screened in porch is private, its a great option for those areas you entertain in regularly, providing more surface space for guests.


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Screened In Porch Makeover: The Plan

So, what did I want for the small screened in porch off the master bedroom? A comfortable sitting space that felt more like an outdoor living room. Some green to bring in some life, but faux because in my prior experience, I realized that every time I actually watered the porch plants, water would run right through the pot and straight down into the living space below. Not a space that we would entertain in but a space that we could enjoy just for our family.

and outdoorHEREHEREstore locator

Even before closures, I jumped online to spend some time scoping out all the outdoor living furniture, decor, accessories, etc. to come up with a vision and help my in-store game plan. You can check out the full outdoor selection HERE and then shop/browse within each category . Within 15 minutes, I had too many vibes I thought I might go for before ultimately deciding on more contrast with lots of natural textures. Within the hour, this is the vision I had landed on.

String Lights Or Fairy Lights For A Whimsical Look

10 Perfect Screened In Patio Decorating Ideas 2020

When it comes to screened porch decorating ideas for spring, few things are as cheerful and inviting as string lights or fairy lights. They add a touch of magic and whimsy that can brighten up any space. Plus, theyre perfect for creating an outdoor living space that feels like an extension of your home.

String lights or fairy lights can get draped in and around the porch décor, and it will create a beautiful and inviting ambiance. The option of solar-powered lights offers an energy-saving alternative thats also kind to the environment. Or, if you prefer something a little more fun, pick up some paper lanterns and dangle them from the porch ceiling. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you can find what fits your style or get a general contractor in northern Virginia to handle renovation from scratch.

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Large Sitting Area With Tile Floor

The layout of this room gives you and multiple people a place to relax without necessarily having to be together. The seats dont face each other and are fairly far apart. It gives everyone their own space to read or play on their device while still enjoying the sunshine from the windows. This back porch provides entry to the yard from the house but isnt set up to be a main walking path as people come home and leave.

Provide Seating For Everyone

Sectionals aren’t just for your indoor living room, they’re a crowd-pleasing pick for your outdoor living room, too. Durable, weatherproof synthetic wicker is a low-maintenance choice that also looks great but be forewarned, like so many other things, you get what you pay for. Carefully check all pieces for the quality of weaving, since any loose synthetic strips could quickly lead to unraveling. Read our outdoor furniture buying guide, below, for more tips.

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Porch Decor And Style

Another one of the screened porch design ideas we cannot leave out is the decorating aspect. This area is an important part of your overall propertys appeal. It is an extension of the ambiance and experience of your home, so you want it to mirror your style and show off your personality. In many house designs, the screened porch is going to be visible from the street. In this case, you should consider how well your front porch represents you.

Some of the decor aspects you should work on including the style of the furniture, the floor-to-ceiling color and texture, any other elements that affect how you feel in the space. You can add a personal touch and decoration items like a photo album with family photos and any other decorative item. You can also add a porch swing to make the space more pleasant. Many homeowners decorate their screened-in porches with their favorite potted plants. You can add cushions in bright colors or a shade that goes well with the outdoors.

Make It A Place To Lounge

7 Fall Front Porch Ideas

Your screened-in porch has the potential to be whatever you want it to be, so theres no reason to go for the standard table and chairs setup if thats not your ideal way to relax.

Take a tip from this screened-in back porch and furnish it with loungers instead of traditional chairs. Itll be a nice spot to curl up and read or take a nap.

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Hang Art On The Walls

We often dont think to hang art on the wall in exterior spaces, but if you have blank walls on your porch, hanging art is a great way to really pull the room together.

Wall art can be almost anything including a basket wall, geometric wood art, a wooden screen, a wreath, a wooden sign, or metal art.

However, this is one place where I wouldnt recommend using traditional photo frames with glass fronts since it would be nearly impossible to keep the glass clean.

Wood Plank Porch With Bench Swing

Lots of people like to have a porch swing outside. This idea shows us we can also have a porch swing inside. It gives one or two people the perfect place to sit and relax in this rustic enclosed porch. With all the natural wood and greenery outside, I can see this type of backdoor porch as being the perfect place from which to monitor your kitchen garden.

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Narrow Porch With Just Enough Seating

This porch gives two or three people just enough room to relax and talk while enjoying the view of the street. Imagine drinking your morning coffee and waking up on the cushioned bench as you watch the world go by. If youd rather spend the afternoon out here reading, the ceiling fan gives you a breeze.

Narrow Screened Porch With Wooden Table And Chairs

40 Best Screened Porch Design and Decorating Ideas On Budget 11 ...

This porch has been finished with drywall and plaster walls and ceiling, just as you would see in the interior of the home, and low-pile carpet to ensure it can endure high traffic as people enter and exit the house. The seating area and table provide two people plenty of room to relax and enjoy the weather.

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Add Cozy Cushions Throw Pillows Throws As Well As An Outdoor Rug

It does take a bit of work to keep an open outdoor area clean all the time, but so worth it for outdoor relaxing and seating for a group. Cushions and pillows add that soft goods factor that you definitely want when youre outdoors relaxing. A soft rug underfoot really makes an outdoor space cozy. Yes they get wet but an outdoor rug will dry out pretty fast and it just feels so good to walk on. Anchor your furniture with an outdoor rug for a real room feel. I look for outdoor rugs that are not heavily hooked or have too much fiber going on. The flatter ones work best for drying out fast. You can tell the difference when youre looking.

Our current deck space.

My previous house had a cute screened porch and I loved adding cozy cushions and throws to the space.

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Add A Rug Or Some Comfortable Seating

Spring is the perfect time to transform your outdoor space into a comfortable, inviting living room with all amenities. One way to do this is by adding a rug in front of your fireplace. It provides an extra spot for guests to sit and adds warmth and style to your porch decorating ideas for spring.

One thing you can do to make your porch stand out is to get a general contractor in northern Virginia who will add an inviting space with creative outdoor furniture. Try using pieces like wicker chairs or rocking chairs with bright, patterned cushions to add color and character to your outdoor spaces. You can also try adding an old door set on sawhorses as a coffee table for a rustic touch.

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Check For Forgotten Favorites

Before making plans for a home shopping spree, be sure to check the places you store older outdoor furniture and other bits and pieces. If you have a habit of keeping old cabinets, blinds, throws and pictures, take a look at what youve got in the attic or basement. You might find that set of wicker chairs you stacked up and forgot about will look great in your new screened-in porch.

You can also ask friends and family members if they have any pieces they dont want anymore. Offer to do a swap with some of your old furniture and voila! Youve got something entirely new to your home for free.

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// Screens And Sliding Glass Doors

Smart Screened-In Porch | HGTV

There are plenty of screened-in porch ideas that incorporate other design elements to elevate the entire aesthetic. Our designers often use sliding glass doors as an accompaniment for screened-in porches. The sleek design above features sliding doors that open directly into the screen porch and another set that leads out to the patio. The vaulted ceilings of this screened-in porch make the design even more unique and interesting, especially since they are accentuated by the white trim.

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First Of All Use All Weather Furniture

Add furniture that can take the weather so you dont have to worry about that part. All weather wicker is great and Ive had some for 10 years thats still going strong from Big Lots. That brown wicker got my outdoor spaces going in a direction and Ive got other pieces of brown wicker that all coordinate together just fine.

// Screens With Doors

Screened-in porch ideas should focus on function as much as aesthetics. This porch embraces a warm and welcoming vibe that brings charm to the exterior. With a dining area and a seating space complete with an outdoor fireplace, this porch is the prime location to entertain friends and gather with family. And, of course, the doors allow access to and from the screened-in porch from the open-air deck below.

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And Consider Your Entertainment Needs

A widescreen TV in your screened porch? Sure, why not! Just be sure to position it far away from the screened walls to prevent any moisture damage. In this designer space, the screened porch is truly an extension of the indoor living spaces with a wood-burning fireplace, cozy, all-weather furniture and a massive TV so the family can enjoy movie night or a reality TV binge-session alfresco. Take a tour of this gorgeous home, below.

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