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How To Decorate Over Kitchen Cabinets

Use Large Pale Floor Tiles

How to Decorate Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

When thinking about kitchen flooring ideas for your white kitchen, keeping things pale should be your first choice for making a small kitchen feel bigger but you should think carefully about the size of your tiles too.

A smaller kitchen requires careful thought and consideration to give the illusion of a larger space, says Isabel Fernandez, Director at Quorn Stone . Contrary to belief we often find a larger tile can work well at achieving this. A smaller tile results in lots of grout joints which can enclose the space and detract the eye from the tile.

If you choose a complementary grout color, it makes the grout less noticeable which again helps to open the space out.

Use Woven Baskets To Add Texture

You can decorate above your kitchen cabinets with woven baskets in all shapes and sizes. Use baskets above your kitchen cabinets to store extra dishes, cookbooks, or utensils or simply fill the space with baskets to draw the eye up to the ceiling, making your kitchen appear taller.

Woven baskets on top of your cabinets can add some warmth and texture, or add a splash of color or pattern with eye-catching baskets!

Decorating Ideas For Above Kitchen Cabinets

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Many kitchens have an empty space or a gap between the tops of the kitchen cabinets and the ceiling leaving it empty can sometimes look unfinished, but using it for haphazard storage can quickly feel cluttered.

There are plenty of ways to decorate on top of your kitchen cabinets not only can you create additional, functional storage space but styling decor above your cabinets can also draw the eye up to the ceilings and make your kitchen feel taller.

Find some of my favorite ideas for above kitchen cabinet decor below!

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A Long Narrow Kitchen Becomes An Airy Space


Charlie Smallbone, founder of Ledbury Studio describes challenges and solutions when remodeling this dark and narrow kitchen:

The existing kitchen of this 1920s house was long and narrow with very little natural light. Located to the rear of the house and accessed via an adjoining dining room off the entrance hall, the advantageous lofty proportions of the space were unfortunately complicated by three different ceiling heights. At the back of the kitchen was a door leading to a cramped utility room.’


‘Firstly, I wanted to get more natural light into the space. To achieve this, the utility room was replaced by a small lean-to extension accessed via glass doors at the rear of the kitchen and we also installed a large roof light. We put coving on top of the furniture and used this as the lighting recess that runs all the way round the room.

‘We chose fluted glass for cabinet fronts to keep the design light and airy, but without having the contents on display as you would with open shelves. The countertops are hard-wearing Classico Marble Arabesque quartz coupled with Verre Eglomise backsplashes, whereby pure gold leaf was applied to the reverse of toughened glass and antiqued. The client requested a floral design be gilded onto the Verre Eglomise surface behind the hob, transforming it into a standout feature.

How To Decorate The Tops Of Kitchen Cabinets

Decorating above the kitchen cabinets.

Want to add a character to a builder grade kitchen? Bummed that your cabinets dont go all the way to the ceiling? This is the post for you, friend. Over the last year, I have been making small but intentional changes to show our kitchen some love. In turn, I have truly come to treasure this space! It has been a lesson for me about patience and gratitude, honestly. A few months back I shared tips for upgrading a basic kitchen without renovating, and today I have a new idea for you. If you have space between your kitchen cabinetry and the ceiling, you can decorate the tops of kitchen cabinets with baskets, vases, cookbooks, and more! Keep reading for our before and after, as well as decor finds for your kitchen.

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Displaying Collections Above Cabinets

Do you have something special you want to display or show off?

When you have a really amazing collection of something, and you really, really, really want people to see it, displaying what you have above the cabinetry can be appropriate.

Remember: Quantity is your friend in this situation. You’re creating a visual horizontal band or border, kind of like a cornice or architectural frieze of some kind, which can only be accomplished with lots of repetition of shape and value.

For example: I wouldnt put a collection of vases in a line, up high, if they were all of different color and value , because it would create a spotty type of visual effect and ruin the purpose.

What To Do With The Space Above Kitchen Cabinets

Here is a collection of decorating ideas for the space above your kitchen cabinets including a variety of design styles for inspiration.

Layer the Vases & Jars

Vases & jars can be so much more than just decorative pieces on your console table. They come in a lot of sizes and shapes making it one of the popular choices for the space above the kitchen. Arrange the vases above the kitchen cabinet. Do not line them up, instead place them in groups of varied heights and shapes to add some visual appeal. For a rustic charm, plain mud vases would be perfect.

This contemporary kitchen with peninsula layers the space above the cabinets with an assortment of red glass vases to give the space a touch of color.

A collection of glass jugs and ceramic pottery can be positioned above your cabinets to show off you favorite decorative pieces.

This kitchen has a variety of different sized glazed jugs to create visual interest. They also bring a small print and plant in to the kitchen design to give additional contrast.

Utility Baskets For Your Extras

You never get enough of the utility baskets. They blend well into any kind of décor while being functional all the time. To make use of the extra space about the kitchen cabinets place a few baskets there to store some of your extra items. This not just keeps the kitchen area clean but also fills in the space above the kitchen cabinet smartly.

Make Use of Wallpaper

Add Some Green Plants

Show Off Some Art

Line Up Your Cook Books

Kitchen Signs

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Above Kitchen Cabinet Decor Hacks I Highly Recommend

As you know, Im pretty passionate about kitchen cabinets! So, I hate to see people do all this hard work painting their cabinets and not make the best use of every single inch of the space. Lets talk about some of the best ways to decorate that awkward spot with some decorating ideas for above the kitchen cabinets.

Antique Picture Frames Via The Style Files

How to Decorate Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

Buy a few pictures frames at the thrift store and remove the picture. Display over kitchen cabinets. Really fun idea and would be affordable to recreate.

I hope you found these 12 ideas for decorating above kitchen cabinets helpful! It helped me a lot to work through options for our own home. The more color and texture you add, the more whimsical and cottage style the space will look. Use just a few textures and materials to give the space a more modern look. Happy decorating!

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Is Decorating Above Kitchen Cabinets Outdated

The short answer is no. There are so many beautiful ways to decorative above kitchen cabinets that will inject modernity, textural interest and decorative style to your kitchen.

There are many interesting kitchen styling techniques and designs to chose from. First and foremost, you should focus on what you love, whether that be certain colors, patterns or textures. Next, think about how these elements can work together to create a harmonious scheme that is bursting with decorative flourishes.

If you are not planning a full revamp, then art and ceramic objects are the perfect place to begin adding color and pattern contrast to the space above your kitchen cabinets.

New Ways To Decorate Above Your Kitchen Cabinets

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The Spruce / Candace Madonna

There are those random areas in our homes that seem to be begging for décor, but they tend to be a little, well, awkward. The wall next to the front door. That open spot under the stairs. And the space above the kitchen cabinets, where it seems as if something should go therebut what?

If the styling in your kitchen seems to be lacking in some way and needs just the thing to create a finished look, filling that area above the cabinets might be the answer. There are actually myriad possibilities for decorating that space, proven through featured designers, bloggers, and Instagrammers. From vintage art to practical storage, you can put that space above the cabinets to work.

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Use Warm Whites For A Cozy Farmhouse Look

Most kitchen manufacturers have whites in different tones, finishes and textures in their collections: smooth lacquers and glass in matt or glossy options wood, laminate and ceramic finishes in various tones and textures of white, says Atkins.

White kitchens can immediately conjure ideas of borderline-clinical modern kitchens, but choose warmer whites and employ rustic textures, and white can work excellently among farmhouse kitchen ideas. In this kitchen by The Misfit House , a small country-style kitchen is made to feel cozy through the use of off-white, woods, and burnished brass details.

Fill The Space Above Cabinets With Objects You Love

above kitchen cabinet decor

Colorful kitchen ideas have been enjoying rather a renaissance, and were seeing brighter colors on walls, cabinets and even ceilings, says Emma Bulmer, head color consultant at Edward Bulmer Natural Paint . The colors and color combinations being used are also becoming more creative and confident.’

Use the space between cabinets and ceiling to really make your space sing. ‘An absence of top cupboards really opens up this kitchen, allowing the dusky pink paint color and artwork to add character and personalize the space.

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Be A Space Saver With Bi

Having a smaller space means a great excuse to get creative with your kitchen cabinet ideas and think outside the box when it comes to doors. Painting upper cabinets white will help them feel less intrusive to the eyeline, but using bi-fold doors like the ones in this kitchen by Harvey Jones will make them physically less invasive too, as they only extend half as far into your precious open space. For minimal meddling, invest in pocket doors that simply slide the cabinet frame itself.

Art Gallery Above Cabinets

An art gallery above your cabinets is IN and super innovative! Use the space above your cabinets to decorate and display your collection of art. Treat this space as a gallery wall and add in different heights and textures to really make the space appealing. Bringing in some surprising elements like brass frames for some extra pop will really dramatize the room. This option is great for lower cabinets with high ceilings, but this option can work for just about anyone. You can get creative with the art and if you are having trouble finding just the right pieces, try printing abstracts or making your own abstract masterpiece! This is a great way to save money without anyone knowing.

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A Traditional Wood Kitchen Transforms Into A Luxurious Space


Old wooden units with a mis-match of countertops and a large amount of clutter meant this dark and dingy kitchen was in real need of a remodel. The transformation is dramatic and includes a striking wall of marble, stainless steel lanterns, handles and faucets, an all-white scheme and a contrasting dark wood floor.


‘We wanted to update the home with a brighter, more modern look. We updated every cabinet, finish, and detail, as well as thoughtfully selected the lighting and drapery to transform the room.

‘In addition to the aesthetic, the goal was to create a welcoming space for the family, while also functioning well for large-scale entertainment, explains Mel Bean, founder of Oklahoma based Mel Bean Interiors of this beautiful kitchen makeover.

Create A Cookbook Library

How to Decorate Above your Kitchen Cabinets

If your innocent cookbook-hoarding habit leaves you with perpetually cluttered countertops and non-existent counter space, its time to take control of your kitchen. Use the gap between your upper cabinets and ceiling to create a custom cookbook library like this beauty by interior designer Jenn Feldman. Not only will adding bookshelves enable you to use your counters, but it will also bring character and height to your kitchen design.

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How Can I Get Rid Of The Blank Space Above My Kitchen Cabinets

Do you realllllyyy dislike that empty area above the cabinets? Well, there are a few ways you can minimize it .

Here are 3 quick ideas to get rid of the above cabinet empty space:

1. Add height to your cabinets

Think of this idea as adding a really tall crown molding. This genius idea was done using MDF and molding. Then, all you have to do is paint the top portion to match your cabinets!

Not sure how to paint cabinets? Wellhellooo! Thats what Im here for! I walk you through every single thing you need to know in Cabinet Painting 101.

2. Add additional cabinetry

If you have a good amount of room, you could even consider adding an additional row of cabinets! Again, youll want to paint them to match your other cabinetry.

3. Move your cabinets up

Depending on how low the cabinets hang, you may be able to remove them from the wall and rehang them several inches higher.

A Living Room Becomes A Family Kitchen Diner


When the H& G‘s Editor in Chief bought her home, the kitchen was in the basement, which overlooked the backyard. The ceiling of the existing kitchen was low and the room was a little dark, so she decided to relocate it to the living room on the ground floor, which was a large, bright, open-plan space .


‘The pictures above and below were taken just after we had completed the kitchen makeover,’ says Lucy Searle. ‘We had really only considered white kitchen ideas. Now, though, the walls have since been redecorated again with earthy colors, the lighting has been changed, there’s now a warmer-toned herringbone wood floor and there’s a rug under the dining table to make what is a very large room feel cozier. However, the bones remain the same.’

‘We didn’t even consider removing any original features, such as the Edwardian fireplace. Instead, we worked around them, hiding the refrigerator and freezer inside a large freestanding unit that doubles as a larder, and housing our china in an antique glass-fronted dresser.

‘There might not look like there’s a ton of countertop space but it works for us and we use the kitchen table for extra prep. It helps that we have a large walk-in pantry across the hall, too. And, before anyone wonders, we don’t have a cooker hood but we do have a quiet but powerful fan in the room’s original vent, high up on the wall above the kitchen sink.’


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A Dark Cluttered Kitchen Transforms Into A Bright Modern Space


The most common issues with kitchens is lack of light and lack of storage. This kitchen had both, but with the high ceiling and potential for extra light, it clearly had potential but was desperately in need of a remodel.


We asked Alan Barlis of New York based BarlisWedlick how he transformed this space into a fresh, contemporary kitchen that doubled its storage space and had room for an island:

We were able to open up the rear of the home to create a large eat-in kitchen looking out to the backyard. For its interiors, we divided the kitchen into zones that showcase different materials: four ceiling-height corner cupboards are made of white oak, while the stove, refrigerator, and island are painted a blue-gray tone.

‘We also left cabinets floating on each side of the original mantel to reference freestanding pieces found in other parts of the home.

Get Your Lighting Right

Pin by Christine Mackie on Home decorating

‘White can be used in design schemes no matter what the size of the space, says Richard Atkins, Design Director at DesignSpace London . It reflects light and allows small areas that lack natural light to appear more spacious.

However, the quality of kitchen lighting ideas should be considered in these areas to enhance the warmth. Warm or neutral white options are recommended. Cool white LED lighting can have a blue appearance when shone on a white surface.

Among the modern white kitchen ideas used in this example are a series of pendant lights over the island, which emit a warm glow.

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