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How To Decorate Outdoor Trees For Christmas

Expert Tips For Decorating An Outdoor Christmas Tree

How to Wrap an Outdoor Tree in Christmas Lights (5 steps)

The Christmas tree in your living room isn’t the only one you can ! Outdoor Christmas trees are becoming more popular, and we’re not just talking about putting lights on the trees in your front yard . Holiday retailers are now offering artificial Christmas trees that are meant for the outdoors, so you can sprinkle some Christmas cheer on your front porch, back deck, or your front yard!

But there are a few things to consider before you haul your tree out onto the front steps. We talked to Kim Tokarski, senior merchant at Frontgate, about the best ways to decorate a tree outdoors . Here are her best tips.

Courtesy of Frontgate

Style A ‘wishing Tree’

A ‘wishing tree’, where people can tie on messages of gratitude, prayers, or wishes for themselves or others, is a lovely tradition for Christmas. If you have a well-placed tree in your front yard, you could invite family, friends and members of your community to make their wishes and read the notes written by others in the neighborhood.

To make the ceremony even more special, illuminate the tree with lights or buy a ready-made version like this Magical Wishing Tree from Cox & Cox. Young ones, especially, will love to write their messages and tie them on to the tree with ribbon.

What Types Of Light Can I Use To Decorate An Outdoor Tree

Weatherproof lights are essential when planning Christmas light ideas for outdoor trees, and they can be solar-powered, battery, or LED.

If your lights are mains powered, be sure that any cabling and the socket is waterproof and certified for outdoor use. Shield the socket with a cover to protect from the elements.

Avoid trailing wires to avoid trip hazards or accidentally shorting out your display.

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Bring All The Stars Down On Your Xmas Tree And Deck It Up On A Burlap Skirt

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Find a 3-D star garland lights and arrange them on your lush green Christmas tree.

It looks great during the day, but it looks even mystical at night. Your guests will be mesmerized looking at the lit starry tree decked for their welcome at your entrance.

You can raise its beauty even more by positioning it on top of a burlap skirt. This gives it a vintage touch as well as a platform to lay all your gifts.

Greet Guests With Fresh And Festive Holiday Foliage

Oakville Narrow Outdoor Christmas Tree

Featured: Outdoor Red Berry Pine Foliage

Christmas greenery is an effortless way to update your homes exterior for the holidays. Start by hanging an outdoor Christmas wreath, garland, or both on your doors and window frames. Then, echo the look with the same type of foliage arranged in pots or baskets. Attach window boxes to sills and on top of handrails or a bench. Wind outdoor garlands around columns or drape them along railings and fences. Dont forget to add color to your mailbox with a .

Expert Tips for Hanging Outdoor Christmas Garlands

  • If your outdoor garland is pre-lit, make sure you have the right type of batteries to last the entire season.
  • Use eyehooks and twine to secure garlands.
  • When hanging garland, decide between a straight line or a swag.
  • Swag long and heavy garlands in the center for additional support.
  • Always fluff your garland before and after hanging.

Expert Tips for Hanging Outdoor Christmas Wreaths

Featured: Outdoor Red Berry Pine Wreath and Outdoor Magnolia Ridge Wreath

  • For your pre-lit outdoor wreath, stock up on batteries to last the entire season.
  • Use outdoor adhesive hooks for hanging wreaths. For doors and windows with smooth, non-porous surfaces, clean the area with alcohol before applying the adhesive.
  • After sticking the adhesive hook, wait at least an hour before hanging a wreath. This ensures it stays in place.
  • Always fluff your wreath before and after hanging.

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Set Up A Christmas Tree

Featured: Alpine Balsam Fir Christmas Trees, Balsam Fir Tabletop Trees, Outdoor Magnolia Ridge Potted Foliage, and White Berry Spruce Lanterns

Theres nothing quite like the magic and joy that Christmas trees bring. Why not share it with others, including passers-by? Most artificial trees are safe to use in covered outdoor areas. Theyre ideal for front porch Christmas decorations. However, areas exposed to direct sunlight call for an outdoor Christmas tree. These are designed with UV protection to withstand the weather and preserve their color for years.

If you dont have space for a standard-sized holiday centerpiece, try small Christmas trees. Flank the steps with tree clusters or align them symmetrically to frame the doorway. Leave them undecorated to enjoy their natural beauty. Or, style them like your main Christmas tree.

Go For The Classic Wraparound Design

This is by far the most popular look we’re seeing everywhere on social media these days. The wraparound tree lighting creates an unbelievably beautiful glow on any tree, but is especially mesmerizing when used on established trees with many branches. You will need a lot of fairy string lights to achieve this look, and a lot of patience to wrap every single branch, but the result will be well worth it.

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How Do You Wrap Lights On A Large Outdoor Tree

This is one of our favorite Christmas light ideas for outdoor trees. Here’s how to get the best look for your scheme.

  • Start by deciding how many lights you’ll need to wrap your tree. Measure the circumference of the trunk and any branches you plan to wrap with lights. Decide how far apart you plan to wrap the light strings.
  • You can leave it to guess work or do the maths and accurately calculate the total string length you’ll need. To do this divide the tree height by the spacing you want between wraps and multiply the total by circumference.
  • Plug in the lights to make sure they’re working, then gather them into a ball shape to make installation easier as they’ll be less twisting and untangling as you go. You’ll also probably need a ladder and a second person to help out.
  • You can create something lovely with just a few outdoor string lights wrapped approximately 6 inches apart. If you want a more full-on look keep each wrap closer together as you move up the tree.
  • Start passing the ball of lights around the trunk and branches. Keep the lights pulled tight to prevent the string slipping down.
  • When you reach the end of the first string, plug in the next one and continue wrapping until you reach the desired height. Secure the end with a tie to fasten it. Then switch on for wow!
  • Make Your Garden Merry With Multi

    How to Make an Outdoor Christmas Tree Out of Lights!

    Have a large yard with many trees and shrubs? Why not create a whole symphony of color with multi-colored lights? From soft lilac-and-green combinations to blazing reds and oranges, you have so much choice. Think of your yard as a canvas for creating a spectacular light display. You could even draw a color map before you start decorating.

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    Wind Festoon Lights Around Branches

    If you like a cool and contemporary look try taking the vintage lighting trend outdoors with rows of simple filament style bulbs filled with warm white LEDs. Minimalist with their stripped back appearance, festoon light ideas add a touch of style to an outdoor space and are perfect for wrapping round branches.

    This is a look that lasts. Wrap branches with lights discreetly and you can leave them in place for summer entertaining as soon as the weather gets warmer or for simply switching on whenever you feel the need to light your backyard with some magic.

    Our guide to the best festoon lights has plenty of top buys and expert tips, or shop today’s best deals below.

    + Best Outdoor Christmas Decorations Ideas

    DIY wooden Christmas yard decorations are a low cost option for decorating your home that produce beautiful outdoor Christmas displays. Create a magical lawn display with inflatable Santas animals and more.

    Cool Christmas Outdoor Decorations Ideas 8 Affordable Christmas Decorations Beautiful Christmas Decorations Christmas Decorations Diy Outdoor

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    Get Your Red And Green On

    This display does a nice job of working in the two primary colors of Christmas: red and green. The homeowner is off to a head start by virtue of having a red front door, of course.

    The color green is furnished by the wreath and by the garlands on the porch columns. Red is also worked into the design via the berries on the wreath and the ribbons and red branches in the urns. Those branches come from a shrub called “red-twig dogwood.” Stems of pussy willow have also been used in the urns, but these are of value mainly for up-close viewing .

    Deck Your Doorway With Garlands

    25 Amazing Outdoor Christmas Tree Decorations Ideas

    ‘We have seen a huge trend in customers wanting to decorate the outside of their homes as much as the inside,’ says Jason Billings-Cray, Christmas Buyer at John Lewis.

    Of course, Christmas door decor ideas are about much more than wreaths. If you want to extend your holiday decorations above, around and beyond the door area, garlands are a great way to continue a festive theme over a wider surface area. Pin them above the doorway or across a porch roof, or wrap them around porch columns like in this example, where a garland that features pine cones, dried oranges and cinnamon sticks.

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    Trunk Wrap And Branch Wrap Style

    This method is a stunner! Start from the bottom and wrap mini-lights up the trunk and primary branches. Keep the spacing and light density consistent. Highlight the primary branches and nice-looking branches only. Avoid the outliers that make the tree look asymmetrical. By carefully selecting your branches, you can make an ugly tree look spectacular at night. For extra effect, make sure to finish each branch off with a fork by lighting up several smaller branches off of it. Otherwise, the branch will look more like a chopstick, which you dont want.

    Make A ‘charlie Brown’ Tree

    Known as a ‘Charlie Brown tree’ after the favorite Peanuts comic, a simple twiggy tree or slightly sparse pine can come into its own at Christmas time.

    ‘There’s something whimsical and minimal about a Charlie Brown that embraces simplicity in the midst of a holiday that can be overabundant,’ explains Ginger Curtis, Owner Urbanology Designs in Texas.

    Place your tree in a soil- or sand-filled bucket, with a covering of baubles to decorate. Then light with solar-powered or LED lights.

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    Outdoor Christmas Trees That Wow

    We cant imagine a Christmas without a tree, and weve spoken a lot about Christmas trees and their décor but never about outdoor ones. Outdoor Christmas trees can make a statement on your porch or become a focal point of your garden, and there are many ideas to decorate them, not speaking about different types of trees to try. Lets consider them all to make your outdoor space gorgeous!

    What Are Some Easy Outdoor Christmas Decorations

    Decorate the outside tree for Christmas. DIY ELF Tree.

    Easy DIY outdoor Christmas decorations and projects are what we specialize in here at This Tiny Blue House! We have curated a ton of great tutorials and step by step guides to help you create beautiful outdoor holiday displays with confidence. With over 100 different ideas to pick from there is bound to be something for you!

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    How Do I Decorate Outdoor Trees

    • Tinyshoes on Nov 20, 2019

      Suse….We just wrapped the older big lights around one in our yard for years until it got too big to continue. I miss it and many in our neighbor do too.

    How do I make a bow topper for my Christmas tree?

    How do I make a Christmas bow out of wired ribbon for Christmas? Id like to make pretty bows for my Christmas gifts and arrangements. Id like it to be full and …See more

    Make A Bold Overhead Statement

    If you’re lucky enough to have several trees in your garden it’s time to go to town. Add a sprinkling of magic by weaving, looping and twisting iridescent fairy lights and festoons through the branches to create a dramatic display. It’s a fast way to add a festive mood to your winter patio ideas.

    To get the look, check out connectable lights. These are the best option if you’re planning on covering several trees for your display so need longer lengths of lights. They couldn’t be easier to use. Connecting your lights is simple. Make sure the pin and grooves at the end of each string are correctly aligned, push them together and twist to secure. Then youre good to go. Happy festooning!

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    Christmas Decorating Tips For An Outdoor Tree

    Outdoor Christmas tree decorations are rapidly becoming a popular trend and beautiful ideas are popping up on porches and in peoples front gardens. Having a beautifully decorated tree outside is a fantastic way to add some festive colour to your outdoor display.

    The trend of using artificial Christmas trees is growing as there is a great variety to choose from from natural looking firs to more contemporary styles. How you choose to decorate your outdoor tree is up to you, from flashing lights to more natural decorations there are so many options.

    Do I Need To Take Down Outdoor Christmas Decorations After The Holiday Is Over

    Giggleberry Creations!: Decorating our outdoor

    Ultimately its a personal decision. We tend to leave our DIY outdoor Christmas decorations up until early spring because the weather gets so cold here.

    If you do decide to take down your DIY outdoor Christmas decorations after the holiday, be sure to store them properly so they dont end up damaged. This means taking them apart and storing them in a dry, cool place. If you have some large items that were stored outdoors we suggest storing them inside and bringing them back outside again the following year.

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    Outdoor Christmas Decorating Ideas

    It’s the most wonderful time of the year! Time for gatherings with friends and family, watching your favorite holiday movies and of course, Christmas decorating! Your front yard is like a blank canvas ready to be filled and with so many great outdoor Christmas decorating ideas, there is no limit to what you can create! To help inspire your creativity this season, we’ve put together a list of some of our favorite decorating ideas for the yard. Take a peek and let us know how you’ll be decorating your outdoor spaces this year!

    How To Decorate Outdoor Trees For Christmas Like A Pro

    Let’s face it: the dark around Christmas time is really very dark, and any opportunity to brighten up the exterior as well as the interior of your home is an opportunity worth taking. Ash Read, interiors expert and founder of Living Cozy says: ‘As the days become darker, the twinkling allure of Christmas lights can help to brighten our homes and outdoor spaces, whilst also helping to lift our spirits.’

    Trees look especially magical with the best outdoor Christmas lights on them. You pretty much have ready exterior decorations with all those bare branches, you just need to choose the right design and the correct type of outdoor lights to go with them. Whichever color/tone of lights you choose, you must make sure that you get ones that are suitable for outdoor use. Indoor lights won’t be weatherproof and typically run off different batteries.

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    Tis The Season For Spectacular Outdoor Decor

    What is Christmas without bright lights and gorgeous displays adorning your front door, porch, and yard? Seriously, is it even Christmas without them? Well, sure, but outdoor decor makes the holidays a lot more festive and fun. In fact, decorating is one of the best parts of the season, and it often becomes an annual Christmas tradition with the family. Not sure where to start? Weve got plenty of outdoor Christmas decoration ideas for you to make the perfect seasonal statement.

    One way to figure out how to decorate the outside of your home for the holidays is to first decide what youll do inside. Take some inspiration from the best Christmas tree ideas and DIY Christmas ornaments to get a feel for what you want your homes vibe to be, whether its rustic, modern, whimsical, or traditional. You can also incorporate DIY Christmas decorations outdoors, just like you do indoors. The bottom line: Make it funand make it you!

    Cool Ideas To Decorate Garden Or Yard Trees For Christmas

    How to make Christmas Trees with Christmas Lights Decoration Ideas Quick Simple Tutorial Outdoor

    Christmas trees are one of the most popular symbols of this holiday also they are the centerpiece of your home. When you plan to decorate your indoor Christmas trees, you should not overlook your garden or backyard trees. When they get proper decorations, these trees will be your great Christmas trees that greet your friends and guests this coming holiday party. Decorating an outdoor tree to represent the Christmas spirit is not difficult, as there are a lot of inspiring ideas you can learn from. For example: you can hang some star lights or red sparkling balls on the tree or DIY some tree ornaments with everyday items such as plastic strawsIn order to help you, we prepared a showcase of cool ideas that will make the best outdoor Christmas tree decor. Enjoy!

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