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How To Decorate My Cubicle

Decorate With Washi Tape

How to update your office cubicle for under $50 | The Home Primp

Washi tape is a decorative adhesive made from Japanese rice paper that comes in a variety of sizes, colors, patterns and textures. Here are some uses for washi tape when decorating your cubicle:

  • Trim: Upgrade the trim of items like bulletin boards, your desk and frames.

  • Cable organization: Create a fun and easy way to label and organize cords.

  • Hanging: Secure art and photos on the walls of your cubicle with washi tape.

Idea #: Build Ergonomic Exercises Into Your Day

If you are stuck sitting all day , its a good idea to do a few exercises. You can do these sitting down or standing up in your cube, typically not attracting too much attention to yourself. Here are some exercise ideas and charts for you.

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How do you get over cubicle fever? I would love to hear your ideas and experiences from working in a cubicle.

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Display A Stylish Tray

A stylish tray is a fashionable way to contain desk clutter. Vintage shops and flea markets are good places to hunt down the perfect serving tray to put on your desk. You can use this tray to keep those items without a designated home contained in one area. If you cannot find a tray that you like, you can make your own with a cookie sheet, some cool fabric, and a glue gun. Or simply wrap a piece of swanky wallpaper over a cookie sheet.

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Bring In Fresh Flowers

Another simple decor addition to a cubicle is fresh flowers. You can visit a grocery store or local florist each week to choose a seasonal bouquet that can add color and cheer to your workspace. A vase that matches your decor or color scheme can help this addition match your aesthetic. Before adding bouquets to your workspace, check with management and colleagues about any allergies or sensitivities to fresh flowers.

Adopt A Color Scheme And Embrace It


The usual cubicle is neutral in color, appearing very mundane, monotonous and while that cannot be changed, there are a few things that you can do to invite a joyful color scheme in your cubicle. Teal, fresh green, yellow, white and pink are clear options for a cohesive, personality-infused work-space and you can invite those in through colorful frames with family pictures, framed patterns printed in A2- A1 formats, motivational messages and colorful stationery, naturally. Thanks to these simple cubicle decorating ideas this is not your average cubicle anymore.

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Use The Organization Skills Of A Pegboard

via fabricpaperglue

The immense possibilities of pegboards when it comes to organization are not restricted to one`s garage. Numerous times has the piece been used in desk decorations due to its graphical pattern, simplicity and naturally born organizational skills. In the cubicle the pegboard will have to be tailored to ones desk yet their presence in a desk-work environment should never be questioned.

Desk Calendars Are Still A Thing

Everyone uses their computers, tablets, and phones to keep track of what day it is, and what they have to do. You’re probably the same. However, having a desk calendar is a lovely way to add classy cubicle décor that also serves a purpose.

There are hundreds perhaps even thousands of desk calendar options, so you simply have to choose the one you like the most. Make sure it matches the style of your office cubicle décor, and have fun ticking off the days as the weeks go by.

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Use Frame Art To Your Advantage

Framed art can include motivational messages, favorite quotes or family photos. Pieces of your artwork can be highlighted in your décor as well. Set the scale of your work-space as well as the rightful atmosphere, the right mood.

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Colorful accessories, colorful patterns and simply color set right in your décor can brake it or make it. Find the right balance and invite the positive attitude of colorful items to make things stand out. Simple, modern pieces are certainly not to be overlooked and one intriguing pattern ought to be present.

Get Creative With Washi Tape

How To Decorate a Cubicle, 3 Ways

Washi tape has a multitude of uses when looking to add some pizzaz to a drab cubicle. Once you have picked out your designs, you can use the tape as a border around a filing cabinet, to brighten up a pencil holder, or to add a layer of fun to charging cords and other tools. Because it does not leave a sticky residue behind, this versatile tape is safe to use on many surfaces. The affordable cost makes it easy to switch out the tape when you want to change up the style of your cubicle.

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Wall Art For Cubicles

Many cubicles block window views, but wall art can make up for a missing vista. Personalize your cubicle with scenic natural views of mountains or beaches, or you might rather reflect an urban setting with a cityscape. Other decorating ideas include wall accents, framed quotes or maps of places youd like to visit. Because cubes are small spaces, stick to one cube or office decor theme when choosing your art.

Canvas art can make one wall into an accent wall or dress up your entire cube. Some canvas wall art is available in large sizes, up to 60-inches wide or wider. You can also find individual pieces or sets of three or more to hang together in a group.

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Make It Colorful But Professional

While you want to let your personality shine through in your office decor, you also want to remember that this is a place of business and not a personal home. You never want the contents of your office to hinder your professional advancement. While it is great to let your personality shine through, always consider the management and other colleagues that may frequent your office space.

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Choose A Color Scheme

If youre unsure what theme you want to follow as you decorate your cubicle, you can choose a few colors for your cubicle decor and add decor that fits in the color scheme. This can help you create a cohesive design for your workspace. Gold and pink, for example, is a popular color scheme for cubicles. Another strategy is to choose different shades of a single color, like blue, for your decor and office supplies for a monochromatic color scheme.

Organization Is The New Black

Pin on Pimp my cubicle

Having an organized workspace is as vital as knowing what you have on your to-do list. If you dont know where everything is, youre probably going to have a lot of issues finding what you need to get things done.

At the same time, when your surroundings are disorganized, you might waste precious time you could use to be efficient at your job. Overall, the solution is very simple: find some classy cubicle décor that lets you keep your things tidy.

With convenient items like a magnetic desk organizer, you can ensure your items are always in place. Additionally, organizers are appealing, so you can use them to make your office cubicle décor beautiful while you take advantage of their benefits.

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Idea #: Introduce Innovation To Your Office

I used to work for a market research company that had an awesome innovation department. Innovation was where my heart was, so periodically, they let me tag along on their projects and innovation sessions.

One thing I learned? You need to keep some toys and stimulating objects around you.

I am not suggesting stuff to take time away from work, but rather stuff that will actually help your work because you’ll come up with better ideas.

If there is a problem you are working on and cant seem to get past, try taking it out on a squeeze toy . Purchase one of those liquid motion toys that you flip over, or introduce a puzzle into your work space that you pick up periodically and try to unravel like the Rubiks Cube.

A few of my favorites that I keep around :

In innovation I learned the importance of taking a breather during the work day.

Desk Lamp Or String Lights

Although the office supplies lighting already, it might not be as efficient as youd hoped it would be. Try adding a lamp in the dimmest spot of your cubicle. Make sure its a desk lamp and not a floor lamp because your cubicle space will be limited.

String lights can make your cubicle warm and inviting. LED lights are recommended so that you dont risk overheating the traditional incandescent bulbs. You can install these along the bottom of the cabinets and the edge of your cubicle wall.

If your cubicle has a sufficient amount of lighting, you can brighten up your space even more by adding wallpaper. Keep in mind that even though you want your cubicle to feel like home, youre not at home.

So, choose removable wallpaper that wont be a problem when you have to eventually take it down. You can also have it approved to staple your cubicle wallpaper to the wall. Adding a blanket and a throw pillow to your chair is a good way to stay comfortable when the office A/C is blowing profusely.

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How To Decorate Your Cubicle Shelf

A cubicle shelf can be very functional in your home decor. Cubicle shelves are extremely versatile they are a great use for storage and decor items they can hold books, toys, shoes, hats, and just about anything else! If used the right way, they are practical and can be a wonderful addition to your decor.

Your cube shelf can be free-standing or built right into your walls, be simple or complex, clear or colorful, its all about the look you are going for. And they have so many functions and can be used in many different areas of your home. But having so many squares to fill and decorate can seem like a daunting task. How many things should be in each space? What types of things should you add? How much is too much? Dont fret! Were going to go over all of that and more throughout this post!

Desk Accessories Are A Great Idea


Your work experience can completely change if you buy smart desk accessories. Unfortunately, many people dont understand the benefits of having them, which is why theyre not as popular as other items.

Having a good chair and desk is vital for you to be effective at your job because you need to sit down and work on ergonomic pieces of furniture. However, that doesnt mean other items arent important desk accessories are a clear example of relevant objects you could include in your cubicle decoration.

Trend desk setup ideas are starting to include accessories because theyre a fantastic way to make your workspace look modern, and to ensure your job itself is easier. You could, for example, have tablets, ergonomic mice, or additional monitors.

When you add a few desk accessories, you can guarantee your workspace has a modern office cubicle décor style, but it also helps you get things done quicker. It may sound odd at first, but once you get your first tablets, you might notice a difference!

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Use Shelves To Spruce Up Your Space

You can decorate your shelves with the help of many different things such as your regular supplies as well as various ornaments.

If your cubicle does not have any shelve, you can build one yourself to further spruce it up. The shelve will serve many different purposes such as displaying books, pictures, small sculptures, your medals and degrees and many other homey items.

Similarly, you can also put a decorative cup or pen holder on the shelve offering you some more space on your desk.

Switch Out Your Lunch Gear

A simple method for incorporating everyday objects into your cubicle decor is to choose lunch gear that matches the theme or color scheme of the rest of your decor. Consider picking a lunch box, food containers and a tumbler or mug that fit your theme. These elements can add a little joy to your breakfast and lunch routines.

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How Do You Decorate Your Cubicle Using Wall Tillandsia

Tillandsia is nothing but air plants. They grow without the help of soil. They absorb all necessary nutrients and water from the surrounding atmosphere. So if you are a plant lover and want to see them around you, this makes the best choice. So grab them from the nearest store and make them part of your desk. You can either decorate them on the shelf on the wall or on your desk. For

Tillandsia plants to grow, they need a warm atmosphere. Place them where they can receive some sunlight even though they take water from the surrounding you need to pour water weekly.

How To Decorate Your Cubicle For Success

Pin by Tisha Carrillo on Office ideas in 2020

So, you want to decorate your cubicle for success? Fortunately for you, there’s been tons of research done on what makes a worker successful and more productive .

And guess what? Your environment definitely plays a role in your success. In fact, symptoms like feeling a mood imbalance, lacking creativity, losing productivity, and low energy can be a direct result of the environment you spend 8+ hours in.

Time to re-decorate your cubicle to increase your success level.

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Do Not Add Personal Things Too Much

A general rule that all must adhere to is not to clutter th cubicle with various personal items. It is nice that yu add yur touch to th décor and have few items around so that yu will remember about yur loved ones. But yu should try to adjust or remove them if it is getting in th way f productivity that will become an issue. Moderation is th key to th door to success.

Spruce Up File Cabinets

File cabinets are usually very utilitarian, often a dull metal gray. File cabinets offer a great opportunity to add style and design to your cubicle.

  • Use specifically designed cubicle wallpaper or stick and peel shelf paper to decorate the drawer facings.
  • Break up the continuous look by leaving one or more drawers uncovered.
  • A feminie black and white floral adds a touch of style without much color.
  • Add more style with a pattern that gives your office a splash of color.

Use the same pattern on different office items, such as a binder or penholder, for design continuity.

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Pattern, color and material can play a big part in the design of a chair and you certainly know what you like the most so make the right choice with your chair. This will be the item in which you are going to sit for a long while and it can boost your comfort as well as aesthetics in a matter of minutes. Make your decor shine with beauty and comfort.

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Thousands and hundreds of thousands washi tape uses have been featured online and here it comes one more : cubicle desk customization. Washi tape can help you transform the top of your file organizer or simple small items like your pencil holder and thanks to the huge variety of colors and patterns available you can use the tape in pretty much any setting.

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The Rules Of Office Cubicle Decoration

  • Know the rules and regulations at your job. Any offensive quotations, memorabilia, or images could lead to loss of your job.
  • Printouts are the biggest cause of clutter on your desk. Discard all papers when they outlive their purpose.
  • Dont overhaul everything in a day. Dont lose your productivity by putting your days energy into organizing. I decorated my cube during a weekend trip to the office. My boss greatly appreciated that.
  • You can decorate for free. Look for garage sales to accumulate small office equipment that still works.
  • Your home decorations and office decorations are not the same things. A lot of pictures, toys, and mementos look better at home than in the office.
  • Do not place items in such a way that your visitors cant see you while speaking to you.
  • Too much decoration is bad do not overwhelm the place. Too much decoration distract your coworkers as well, the same way, too much noise does.
  • Sports memorabilia are excellent items to show off in your cubicle.
  • A family picture on your desk talks about your nature. Show off your loving side. People will love em too.
  • Always tuck medicines and personal hygiene items in a drawer after your use.
  • Clean the place, dust off weekly, at least. Especially, your computer screens and monitors.
  • The height and style of the chair and the desk is very important. Taking care of your back is important in an office.
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    Fresh Flowers Do Wonders

    Before-and-After Zen Cubicle Makeover | HGTV

    Fresh blooms will instantly make your cubicle look prettier. They don’t last forever, so you should make it a habit to change the flowers every couple of days. A fresh, colorful bouquet is sometimes all a cubicle needs to look and feel more pleasant and inviting. Not only do they look gorgeous, but they also smell amazing and are incredible mood-lifters.

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