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How To Decorate Large Windows

Use The Right Lighting

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It’s especially critical to have enough layered lighting in a windowless room. Overhead fixtures , accent, and task lighting with clear glass or light, sheer shades to hang or place on the table or floor, will work together to create a brilliantly lit room. Add track or recessed lights strategically aimed at dim corners and to highlight artwork around the room. Run light strips underneath upper and lower cabinetry and inside exposed shelving to brighten surfaces with diffused lighting, especially in a windowless kitchen.

Old Frames Anchor A Kitchen Island

This remarkable kitchen island was created using windowpane style framing built into the design. An advanced do-it-yourself-er could create their own custom piece using old window frames and dresser drawers. This island adds a cottage-like touch to the kitchen when paired with other traditionally rustic colors like terracotta and cornflower blue.

Importance Of Windows & Wide Large Windows

Have you ever imagined your life in a house with no windows? The very thought of being cooped up in a restricted space with no outlets is nothing less than a horror story. You will feel trapped, claustrophobic, cut off from the world and deprived of light and air. It is something we even shudder to imagine. The windows are thus, the most important and integral part of our homes. They fill our homes and lives with light and joy and much-needed sunshine. They allow us to look out and enjoy the beauty of nature. They are our only source of communication with the outside world when we close the doors behind us each day. Windows are perhaps the most taken for granted aspects of our homes. It is time to pause and take care of these windows and do what is best for them. And if you have lrge wide windows adorning your walls, you are extremely fortunate and they must be given due treatment to make them functional and aesthetically more beautiful.

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Hang Some Curtain Beads Over Your Existing Drapes

If you have some plain-colored drapes already and just want to add some spice to the place, consider adding some curtain beads. These fun strings add some pop, sparkle, and color, depending on the style you choose.

Theyre great for an eclectic theme, a childs bedroom, or an adults bedroom. Theyre great for living room, game rooms, entertainment rooms, or, well, just about any space thats casual and cozy and needs a pop of fun.

Suspended Window Frames Are An Airy Room Divider

52 Window Treatments And Curtain Ideas To Beautify Your Window ...

Open floor plans are currently the most desirable architectural trend. However, separating areas from one another helps organize the layout. Suspended window frames add a gorgeous, airy partition that doesnt wreck the openness of the design. Pair them with an edge, in this case, a sectional sofa, to mark the clear division of living areas.

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Kitchen Window Ideas With Plants

Plants are not technically a kitchen window treatment, but millions of them adorn kitchen windows around the world. Plants grow well next to a sunny kitchen window, and they can provide privacy if you group planters together.

Trailing vines form a natural valance when placed on a shelf or atop your upper cabinetry. If your window receives a substantial amount of sunlight, try potted succulents instead of ordinary green plants. A vase of cut flowers is a bonus beside the kitchen window.

Show Your Theatrical Flair

If youre a theater buff and adore that rich, elegant look of the Main Curtain, but dont want anything quite so heavy or expensive as all that, you can find some curtains that allude to the theater. Choose drapes with rich greens or reds, since these are typical color for Main Curtains, and then add some touches nearby that help build that homage.

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How Do You Decorate A Wall Between Windows

You have two main options available to you. You can decorate the center wall with artwork, decor, or a mirror meant to draw the eye and ground the room, making that middle wall the center of the room. You can also install one large set of curtains that covers the two windows and the wall between them. Doing this will help make the windows seem more prominent, and you can still have something on the wall to look at when they’re open.

Paint Paper Make A Pretty Clothes Rack

Outdoor Christmas Decorating – Christmas Planters, Window Boxes, Lights, & More! – Christmas Porch

Using a decoupage technique, a floral scrapbook paper has been adhered to the panes of this recycled window. By adding a few double prong coat hooks, you can create a gorgeous coat or garment rack. This is the perfect piece for any mudroom, entryway, or walk-in closet. You can decoupage any scrapbook paper you would like to the glass to create your own custom piece.

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Use Bamboo Blinds With Curtains

These simple bamboo blinds are absolutely gorgeous as is, as the photo testifies. But, imagine soft, breezy white curtains draped at either end. Now, thats a unique and truly lovely, summery look. The bamboo blinds and white curtains combine to create the perfect shady spot indoors while still allowing you to let in as much sunshine as you want when the blinds are raised.

This is a pretty minimalist look and is ideal for people who like simple things. Plus, bamboo gives an old school kind of feeling thats very Zen and peaceful. According to Feng Shui, combining bamboo with natural fabrics such as linen or cotton contributes to healthy energy.

The Best Window Treatments For Large Windows

Ashley Dennis | 21 Dec 2020 |Specialty Shapes

Large picture windows can be gorgeous. They might look out over a lovely view or open up a room by filling it with natural light. But they can also be a pane. Large windows can transfer a lot of heat and raise your heating or cooling costs. A blinding glare off the TV can make it difficult to chill and unwind. And if privacy is a priority for you, large windows can make you feel like you’re living in a glass house.

So how in the world are you supposed to cover them without creating a gigantic broken mini blind mess? Good news! You have options. We’ll take you through the easiest and most attractive window treatments for large windows.

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Keep It Light And Simple

Decorate a windowless room like you would a small space, with lots of light colors and fuss-free furniture. There are a few more tricks to turning a windowless room into a breezy, bright space.

  • Keep the walls white with lots of space for an orderly appearance.
  • Layer brightening tone-on-tone neutral fabrics and accessories to add texture into the room while keeping the space visually uncluttered.
  • Keep furniture lines clean and streamlined without embellishments to avoid a crowded, dark look.
  • Choose furniture with slim and lifting legs which exposes more of your floor, giving a windowless room the illusion that it’s lighter and brighter.
  • Add a piece of mirrored furniture for another unexpected way to reflect light in a windowless room.

Cool Rustic Window Framed Map

Most Beautiful Large Windows Design Ideas

If youre a travel buff or simply love maps, its always fun to show off your adoration by hanging maps on the wall in your home. With an old window, you can create a more unique frame for your favorite maps. Vintage maps are especially a good idea as they blend in effortlessly with an old-fashioned window.

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Kitchen Window Shelf Ideas

A kitchen window with a shelf can limit the available window treatment options. Traditional blinds, shades, and curtain panels can get stuck behind the shelf. One solution is to hang cafe curtains below the shelf and place a valance at the top of the window. You could also put a row of plants or colored bottles on the shelf to provide some privacy while also allowing natural light in.

Sometimes the shelf in the middle of a bay window or box window bumps out past the kitchen wall. If thats the case, you can mount curtains or shutters to the wall and draw them closed at night. A pair of sliding barn doors would also work over a bay window with a shelf across it.

Unique Old Fashioned Viewing Window

Whether youve traveled to this location or simply dream of it one day, theres always that one photograph that can capture everything you love about a particular place. You can wake up every day to this sight by incorporating it into various sections of an old window. This fun project lets you transform any part of a wall in your home into a relaxing viewing window.

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How To Decorate Large Windows

This article was co-authored by Katherine Tlapa. Katherine Tlapa is an interior designer, currently working as a Design Specialist for Modsy, a design service based in San Francisco. She also runs her own DIY Home Design blog, My Eclectic Grace. She received her BFA in Interior Architecture from Ohio University in 2016.There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 29,220 times.

If you have large windows that you want to decorate, there are lots of different options to choose from that will help enhance your window space. Choose from decorative elements such as regular drapes, valences, or roman shades to decide how much light you’d like to let in through the windows. Next, you can think about how much you want your windows to stand out and what type of fabrics or colors will help you achieve your desired look.

Valance Or Cornice Board

How to Highlight Moving Objects | PowerDirector
  • If you enjoy the view looking out the window enough to keep it unobstructed, a valance or cornice board adds a splash of color without blocking your view of the outdoors. A valance is typically a fabric treatment, sort of like a mini curtain, that frames the top of the window. Make your own from a favorite fabric pattern that matches the room’s decor or have one custom made to your specifications. A valance may be straight across, have pointed areas with tassels or even roll up like a blind — there are no hard rules about valance styles. A cornice board serves a similar purpose and can be made from wood, emulating the look of crown molding or wood trim similar to what you may find atop an ornate bookcase. It can also be a simple open box shape covered with fabric. Make your own from thick Styrofoam panels tacked together, covered in a favorite fabric, wrapped like a gift.

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    Modern Kitchen Window Ideas

    Modern kitchen window treatment ideas should be useful but simple. Consider the new roller shade products that can be raised and lowered from the top or bottom. This allows you to easily adjust the lighting and privacy in your kitchen around the clock.

    If your modern kitchen has a monochromatic color scheme, layer a valance over a roman shade made of the same fabric. You can also layer curtains over a roller shade in the same color, or perhaps one step up or down on the color scale.

    Pretty Ideas To Decorate A Bay Window

    If you’re lucky enough to have a bay window in your home, then you know how much it can add to your space. Along with providing extra views of the outdoors and creating a cross-breeze when they’re open, bay windows drench your space in dreamy natural light .

    Another reason we love bay windows? They create the perfect backdrop for creative design, whether you add a cozy sitting area around them or use the space for decor and storage. With a bit of strategy, there are so many opportunities to maximize your bay window space.

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    Curtains For Large Windows: Conclusions + Photo Gallery

    If you can afford large windows in your own home, this is a stroke of real luck in terms of design. You can give your interior absolute exclusivity by not limiting yourself to taking the time you need to select curtains and think over design options.

    If you are the proud owner of wide windows, you are definitely lucky to have an insight into the outdoor

    Accent With Brightly Colored Curtains

    window coverings for large windows full size of kitchen design ...

    Its important to have an accent in your room. If your room is entirely white, your curtains will give you a good option to add that much needed accent in the room. In fact, you can use bright colors even if your room isnt entirely made up of one color.

    If youve got a mostly white room, youre golden on the array of choices youve got. If, however, youre more eclectic in colors, be sure to choose a bright shade that not only emphasizes your taste but also helps to keep the room in tune with itself.

    From bright colored paintings on the wall to the vivid flowers in the vase, bright colors add energy to a room. If you want curtains for your childs room or your own activity room, bright colors would be the best choice.

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    Wire And Hooks Make A Kitchen Rack

    Chicken wire as an underlay for a bold colored window with added hooks isnt only eye-popping and gorgeous its also functional. The mugs hang from crystal knobs as the perfect addition to any coffee bar or dessert station. Not a coffee drinker? You can customize this look by adding pot holders, towels, or cooking utensils.

    Brilliant Ways To Use Old Windows For Decorating

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    Do you have some wall space you need to fill up with something beautiful? Do you need functional pieces that look pretty, too? Do you have old windows kicking around? If you answered yes to any of these questions, keep reading! Here are 30 ways you can re-purpose old windows for some beautiful pieces of home decor!

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    Get A Royal Look With Damask

    If you want a rich and luxurious feel, drape your windows with rich, satiny damask. This rich combination of burgundy and gold takes any window from simple to royal. Double shaded curtains always look better than a single shade, especially when they are royal colors like silver, gold, red, deep blue, or purple.

    Plus the pleats on satin look amazing. The matching valance and texture of the pattern add to the elegance without costing you a fortune.

    Curbside Old Windows Became Something Special


    I could be wrong, but Im pretty sure my dad invented the whole find trash and make it treasure thing. Loooong before it was a trendy thing to do, this was my dads gig. And I think his master creation came from old windows.

    I can remember on Sunday nights, the night the trash went out, my sister and I would get in the front seat of my dads white 80-something Chevy pick-up truck, and wed go junkin with him. He had this incredible eye for things people were throwing away and what he could make from it. Our house was filled with pieces from Roadside Warehouse,as we affectionately called it.

    For a while, he was on this kick with old windows. Im not sure if he even knew what he was going to do with it himself, but he just kept collecting them. Well, he ended up making kitchen cabinet doors with them and building my mom a greenhouse!

    Heres Dads finished product!

    We arent getting that fancy today, but there are plenty of creative and beautiful ways you can decorate using old windows. Most are pretty simple, and the effect definitely outweighs the effort. Its also an easy and inexpensive way to introduce farmhouse decor to your home.

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    Ensure Any Doors Are Easily Accessible

    If you have a large set of floor-to-ceiling windows, theres a good chance that at least one panel of these functions as a door. One important thing to consider with French doors curtain ideas is ensuring that your door is easily accessible, and that your curtains dont have a distinct habit of getting in the way. Curtains that are lightweight and easy to move are key, while this example shows how using tiebacks or holdbacks are a great way to tuck them away neatly on a high traffic day.

    How To Hang Curtains For Wide Windows

    Before you start, take note of these three important considerations:

  • Purpose: Whats the function of your curtains? Do you want extra privacy? Light filtering? Or just for decoration?
  • Budget: How much can you spend? Purchasing curtains, curtain rods and hardware for large windows can add up quickly. Remember youll need single or double center support brackets for extra reinforcement.
  • Style: What style do you want to create? Since large windows are a focal point of the room, youll want to match your décor and ambiance as closely as possible .
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    A Window And A Wreath

    This old window looks shabby chic with a new spring wreath. The calming whites of the window, picture frame, and dresser add tranquility to the room with a pop of earthy greens and browns. You can take this idea so many different ways by adding your own custom wreath and colors to the mix.

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