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How To Decorate Kitchen Window

Windows Across The Kitchen

10 Kitchen Garden Window Ideas

Perhaps one or two windows are not enough for you. You really love sunlight and the view outside the kitchen, too. What can you do? Heres a good idea: build windows across the kitchen. Unlike previous kitchen window ideas, this one involves several windows in your kitchen.

Thanks to the windows, the kitchen feels spacy, cozy, and comfortable. How could it not? Just imagine the breeze when you open the windows.

The Best Way To Hang Kitchen Curtains

Dont get heated over hanging kitchen curtains the hard way. Let Kwik-Hang do the legwork for you!

Kwik-Hangs no-drill, damage-free curtain rod brackets and holdbacks make it easy for you to hang your kitchen curtains.

Just position the brackets to your window trim, tap them into place and thats it! Hang your kitchen curtains quickly and correctly with no need for drills, screws or nails. Update your kitchen in seconds and save time, money and effort. Try Kwik-Hang today!

Kwik-Hang Damage-Free Single Curtain Rod Brackets, Black

Types Of Kitchen Bay Window

Even though bay windows create in several different styles, it all have one thing in common on their project. For instance, kitchen bay windows brighten the rooms with an abundance of natural light and provide interesting architectural details. Furthermore, any window offers several advantages in a kitchen interior beyond their aesthetic appeal, including an additional space.

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Kitchen With A Cozy Corner

Without any effort, extended windows generate uninterrupted visual lines. Which is why this kitchen works so well. The narrow window runs through one wall to another, drawing your gaze in and letting the kitchen appear larger.

Although the window is boxed in by hovering cupboards over or counter cupboards beneath, the window as well as the kitchen nonetheless feel light and big due to its size.

Save Space In Your Kitchen With Window Film

Print of How to Decorate Garden Windows for Kitchens So That the ...

If you are looking for a kitchen window ideas for a tight space, such as a window above a sink, or want to leave the windowsill free for better kitchen storage ideas or display, window films a winning dressing.

For maximum privacy choose a stained glass style design, like this Palanga in Amber from Purlfrost , or go for a plain etched look to boost light coming in.

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Design And Lighting Tips For Decorating Your Kitchen Window

The kitchen is the most important room in your house. This space is where you make meals for your family, but its not just for cooking! Many times, this room becomes one of the core hangout spots in your home. Family and friends naturally gather in this warm and inviting space.

You want your kitchen to reflect your homes style while also providing a welcoming atmosphere. We share tips on how to decorate your kitchen window by finding the right decor and lighting.

Design and Lighting Tips for Your Kitchen Window

Make your window stand out with these decorating tips and tricks! We share kitchen window design and lighting ideas that you can easily incorporate yourself. First, we cover three important considerations before deciding how to decorate your window.

3 Considerations Before Decorating Your Kitchen Window

Think about these three areas of a kitchen window design needs before choosing your decor and lighting pieces.

1. Privacy

What privacy needs do you have for your kitchen window? Do you need curtains or shades? Perhaps, you dont feel you need anything.

2. Cleanability

Before creating a decor masterpiece, consider your cleanability needs. If you have a busy family and a hectic schedule, consider more minimal pieces or ones that are easy to dust off and clean.

3. Your Homes Design

What is the overall design of your home? If your homes design leans towards rustic, farmhouse, you may want to continue that design with your window.

Kitchen Window Design Ideas

Fantastic Kitchen Windows Decor Ideas

In truth, the kitchen window may be a challenging area to decorate. Generally, the kitchen window is small. Thus, too many decorations can overcrowd the window and appear overdone and even gaudy. Yet, for larger kitchen windows, it still may appear overdone if too much decor is happening.

But the kitchen window can be a lovely place to brighten the kitchen, both literally and figuratively. We’ve looked into the topic and found some fantastic ideas for you. Take a look and revitalize your kitchen decor with just subtle changes to the windowsill.

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How To Decorate The Best Fall Kitchen Window

How to decorate the best fall kitchen window? Start with a couple of iron brackets. If you like shopping at flea markets or antique shops, you have probably seen these brackets. I picked these up at Blue Willow House in Dillsboro, Indiana. In the kitchen area of this little shop, I noticed a rod sitting on two of these brackets and just think it is a very clever idea.

This is a picture of that rod, with lanterns and a birdcage hanging from the rod. When I saw this, I decided that this treatment is perfect for the kitchen window. The lanterns have to be scaled down because I still want to see out the window and dont want to be bumping my head!

Just imagine all the ideas you can come up with for every season and holiday! Of course, I bought two of the brackets. So, before Thanksgiving is over, here is our fall kitchen window display.

What Makes Your Kitchen An Important Space In The House

How to Decorate a Recessed Window : Ideas for Home Decorating

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a house without a kitchen? Strange as the question may appear, but if you ask yourself, you realize that it is indeed an indispensable part of your home. Irrespective of the size of your house, no home is complete without a kitchen.

Kitchens can be visualized in so many ways. There are kitchens with small stoves to open kitchen concepts with sprawling islands and countertops. There are small cozy ones to large luxurious ones, and each has a story to tell. The kitchen is where a deliciously cooked hot meal awaits your family at the end of a long day. It is where pains and sorrows are shared over a cup of freshly brewed hot coffee to soothe the mind and body. The room stands as a witness to your changing moods elation, exasperation, euphoria and frustration.

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Windows Impart Character To Kitchens

How to Decorate Your Kitchen Windows

There are different ways you can decorate your kitchen windows and they deserve the best as they give personality and character to your kitchen. But a word of caution: kitchens are exposed to high level of moisture. Cooking and steaming release lots of moisture in the air and there is also washing and cleaning of vegetables and utensils which involves water. Heat and moisture share a poor relation with several materials keep note of this when decorating the kitchen windows.

Valance & Cornice

Valance and cornice boards are a great way to decorate your gorgeous kitchen windows. Valances are made of loose fabric while cornice boards are wooden structures that can be upholstered as well. If you have windows situated away from the high moisture zones you could opt for these window treatments. They help to highlight the windows, frame the outside view, hide the ugly window treatment hardware, add drama, and soften the sharp edges in the kitchen.

Plants as Decor

If you have a wide window sill then let it not go waste. Add a little bit of green in your kitchen to add freshness, elevate the mood, and give rest to your eyes. Indoor plants are a great way to do up your homes and window sills are the ideal space to flaunt them. A potted plant or flowering plant in a glass vase can be a great way to add aesthetic interest and value to your windows. They have a calming effect on the mind. A pop of color is always refreshing.

Window Treatments

Modern Kitchen Window Ideas: Panoramic Windows

Speaking of views, panoramic windows have got to be the most amazing. Opening up to breathtaking vistas, they make for a sound investment. There is an additional indirect cost to them, though, as you have to have a house in a picturesque spot to make them work.

Even if you have a green privacy fence outside, though, such a window may still work. It will definitely make an impression.

This is another way of creating an outdoor home bar. All youll need is a few stools and bar stacked with your favorite spirits.

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Kitchen Window Treatment Types And 23 Ideas

A kitchen is a hardest-working room in your home, so youll need durable kitchen window treatments and window coverings that can stand up to potential heat and moisture while still giving you the style and functionality you need. There are many different kinds of kitchen window treatment ideas but today well have a look at three most popular ones: shades, blinds and shutters and curtains.

Marble Countertops And French Doors

Kitchen window sill with a touch of fall decor

Weve only glanced at kitchen window options that resemble French doors thus far. However, we now desire a kitchen with genuine French touches. A panel of French doors runs the length of this kitchen.

They open on to a beautifully planted yard, giving your kitchen a constant sense of freshness and greenery. Place your marble slab backsplash in the sight line of the window. While youre cooking, itll help you unwind.

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Pretty Checked Pattern Farmhouse Valance

If you havent come up with the best idea, just go for the classic one first. And this checked pattern will not disappoint you in livening up and covering your sink-above window.

Instead of using the basic black and white checked pattern, why not add a touch of blue? A slight twist adds a reasonable uniqueness to your living area efficiently.

Before You Buy Kitchen Window Decor You Should Know These Things

What is the best kitchen window decor for your needs? Here you will find everything you need. Making the right choice can be difficult with so many options available.

You will be able to choose kitchen window decor easier after reading this post. To help you choose the right product, we’ve considered the needs and desires of each customer category. You don’t have to worry about buying!

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Frame A Kitchen Focal Point With Windows

Hero Images/Getty Images

If you have multiple windows in your kitchen, consider using the windows to frame a distinctive feature, such as the range hood. This technique can work amazingly well in kitchens that have commercial-grade cooking ranges and designer range hoods. Framed by windows, this feature can create an entire focal wall that anchors the kitchen design, especially when that wall is highlighted with a special surface treatment, like black subway tile.

In this example, inspired industrial shelving installed over the windows amplifies the visual punch.

Kitchen sinks and range hoods are common features to frame with windows, but just about any important feature can be highlighted, such as a butcher-block baking center, a wine rack, or an eating nook.

Modern Kitchen Window Ideas

How to Decor Kitchen Window | Kitchen Window Decoration Ideas #Kitchenwindowdecor

Modern kitchen window treatment ideas should be useful but simple. Consider the new roller shade products that can be raised and lowered from the top or bottom. This allows you to easily adjust the lighting and privacy in your kitchen around the clock.

If your modern kitchen has a monochromatic color scheme, layer a valance over a roman shade made of the same fabric. You can also layer curtains over a roller shade in the same color, or perhaps one step up or down on the color scale.

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Corner Kitchen Window Ideas

Corner kitchen windows provide twice the light, but figuring out a window treatment may be more challenging than with a standard window. However, a simple pair of shades or blinds can do the job nicely.

You can also get creative with curtains when covering a corner window. Hang three panels of semi-sheer fabricone on each outer edge and one where the corners touch. Gather the fabric with tassels or decorative ties during the day. At night, release the ties and spread out the material to cover the windows.

Pick A Flexible Kitchen Window Idea

To manage the problem of being overlooked when your kitchens street facing while keeping the daylight coming, try a highly this manoeuvrable kitchen window idea.

These top-down bottom-up blinds can be adjusted upwards or downwards so you can position them at any point on the window as needed from Duette .

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French Doors And Marble Counters

So far, weve looked at kitchen window ideas that simulate French doors. But now we want a kitchen with bona fide French treatments. This kitchen has an entire wall made of French doors. They open out into a gorgeously landscaped yard, so your kitchen always feels fresh and green. Position your marble countertop within the windows line of sight. Itll relax you while you cook.

Counter Height Kitchen Window Ideas

How to Decorate a kitchen window recipes that will blow your mind ...

A counter height kitchen window is one that fills the space above the kitchen counter. These windows need shorter-length shades, blinds, or kitchen curtains. They also look nice with a simple valance or cornice panel above. Some upper cabinets have wooden cornices that stretch across window tops.

Because these windows are smaller than some, cafe curtains may be all you need, with or without a valance. These half-height curtains provide adequate privacy while allowing maximum light exposure during the day.

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One Of The Main Reasons To Use These Kitchen Window Sill Ideas When Decorating Is Because You Need A Decor Focal Point In Your Kitchen

Your eyes will look at the window to look outside automatically and you need something pleasant to look at.

Its totally normal to rearrange decorations and change up a room often. So if you get sick of decorations after a couple weeks change them around. Take out old ones and put in new ones. I do that all the time around my house. Its something thats fun for me and gives an old space a new look. Which I really enjoy!

Its something you always want to during different seasons of the year. Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter you will have different decorations in your kitchen window sills.

Pick Shutters To Dress Kitchen Doors

Whether you have traditional French windows, contemporary bi-fold or sliding doors, once darkness descends its cozier to be able to shut out the night.

These Warwick Silk White tracked shutters from Hillarys , suit all outward opening doors, as well as sliding versions.

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Even Small Spaces Can Be Decorated

If space for extra decor is limited, find stylish ways to display your kitchen necessities. You can find beautiful jars or pots to use as utensil holders, decorative canisters for day-to-day items, a beautiful epergne to display fruits, a French bottle drying rack for cups, or even a plate stand to display a collection of plates.

And speaking of plates, investing in a beautiful set of everyday dishes can really add a decorative touch.

Small Window With Curtains

Choosing Kitchen Windows

Need some privacy? Or perhaps you just want to block the sunlight when it gets too bright? Curtains are a great option for that. Better yet, if you choose appropriate curtains, they can complement the look of the kitchen window, too. That includes even if you have simple and small kitchen windows.

If you think white curtains are boring, go for other colors that match with the whole room. For instance, curtains with brown and white stripes match a kitchen with a white and brown color scheme.\

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A Few Words Of Caution About Decorating Above The Cabinets:

1. Clearance:

  • Make sure you have adequate clearance between the cabinets and the ceiling before you decide to add accessories. You should have around 24 of space to ensure that the items can be seen and do not appear to be stuffed above the cabinets.

2. Blank Space:

  • Just because you have the space doesnt mean you need to fill all of it! How much of the space you use really depends on what you are displaying.

If you are displaying a collection of like items, then filling the entire space gives it a seamless look.

3. Skip the Vines

Please try to resist the use of fake vines across the top of the cabinets! Not only is this not practical because they collect and show a ton of dust, but also, they lookwell..fake! Unless the ceiling above your cabinets is entirely made of glass, no one will believe that you have live plants growing across the top of your cabinets.

If you want to include an organic element to the space, consider baskets or wooden bowls. If your goal is to add some color, consider a display of decorative plates or canisters.

Inject Color With Venetian Kitchen Blinds

If youve picked cream or white kitchen units for their space-stretching qualities, why not use your choice of window treatment to add an accent shade that can be repeated in other kitchen accessories?

There are so many great Venetian blinds out there and this pink Venetian blind, from Apollo Blinds , adds energy to the scheme as well as regulating light.

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