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How To Decorate Home Theater Room

Basement Home Theater Ideas

How To Design A Home Theater

A basement home theater is an absolutely excellent place for a trendy hangout, a home bar, and a practical home office or even a much-needed youngsters game room.

One concept that beats them and appears the best match for the ambiance of the basement is the grand home theater.

Whether you like an easier media room or a sensational home theater, there is no rejecting that the remote cellar is the dreamland for a special amusement center.

Perhaps these 10 amazing basement home theater ideas will certainly tempt you to revamp the basement for the summertime blockbusters in advance!

Lets Create Your Home Theater

Your living room has the potential to transform into any room you want. Whether youre working with a tiny studio apartment living room or youve been giving the green light to transform your massive basement living room space into a home theater, there are many fun ideas you can try. But, keeping these five elements in mind will give you all the basics youll need to start this fabulous project. Start a project today and talk to one of Spacejoy’s talented designers to design your dream home theater. We’ll share different ideas on how to transform your living room into an at-home movie theater you and your family will adore.

Transform An Unfinished Space

There is a reason that many scary movies feature the dark, dingy, unfinished basements that are accompanied with cobwebs and other haunting guests.

These spaces can feel creepy and evoke our most frightful thoughts. However, it does not always have to be this way if you have an unfinished basement or other space.

Instead, you can choose to embrace the unfinished aspect and finish the space with a home theater option.

One way to do this is to embrace the dark side- that is, paint your walls black, use dark decor, and add lighting that will be more useful for finding your seat than it will be for engaging in conversation with your neighbor.

After all, when you are watching your favorite movie, you want to be able to focus on what is being displayed on the screen as well as the stunning audio that is booming from your homes surround sound speaker system.

With a dark theme, you can embrace modern decor as well as make the most of your unfinished space without having to spend a ton of money on updating the space.

Instead, you can choose to invest your finances elsewhere- like on upgrading your home theater equipment or choosing to splurge on a luxury seating option.

Even if you do not choose to use a dark theme, you can still transform your unfinished space into a beautiful home theater with the right amount of creativity, love, and investment.

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The Two Rows With Bar Behind Layout

Another option for your home theater room layout includes using a similar concept as the above-mentioned option but adding a bar behind the second row of seats.

This bar can be a great place to put out snacks and drinks for your guests, and it can also serve as functional seating with smaller barstools.

To create this layout, you will follow a similar method as above. You can use sets of recliners to create your rows, and then build or install a bar behind the last row.

Just be sure that there is enough space between the back row of seats to fully recline and the bar. Otherwise, you might have to adjust these options later.

A few advantages to this setup include additional seating with the installation of barstools, functional use for your movie snacks and drinks, and an elevated look with a custom bar.

Additionally, you can use a bar as a place for storage if you find one that has shelving or drawers on the sides.

A Projector And Screen

30+ Best Small Movie Room Design For Your Happiness Family

Let’s face it: As big as they are, 60-inch plasma televisions just can’t compare to the majesty of movie theater screens. If you’re building a small home theater, perhaps a conventionalHDTV is the right choice for you. But to make your home theater feel like a real movie theater, a projector and screen combination is probably the best choice. In general, you want a projector with a high contrast ratio for accurate colors, a bright bulb for a vibrant image and 1080p support for high-resolution video. Mount your home theater projector from the ceiling and pick out a screen suited to your room.

With a projector, you should be able to fill a screen that measures at least 8.3 feet diagonally. That’s a huge jump over a big plasma or LCD HDTV and brings your home theater setup within the realm of the real theater. While you could shine a projector onto a blank wall, nothing beats the color reproduction or theater experience of a giant white screen hanging on your wall . The downside to a projector and screen combination is the challenge of lighting keeping the room dark is key to preserving picture quality. We’ll discuss how to perfect the home theater atmosphere and attain the perfect lighting conditions later.

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Home Theater System For A Perfect Movie Night

The thing about a home theater is that it can also serve as something else. It can be a great place to watch a movie but it can also be a space where family and friends can gather and spend time together.

In many ways, its a family room with a few enhancements. This is a nice example by TRG Architecture + Interior Design of a traditional home theater with an elegant coffered ceiling, a live edge bar, and a U-shaped sectional for a perfect viewing experience.

Diy Theatre Room Designs Tip Junkie

}! I love to find beautiful and functional decorating ideas and recently Ive been researching media rooms, so today I thought Id share 10 DIY

Jan 25, 2021 8 Fun and Fresh Home Theater Room Ideas · 1. Sports Palace · 2. Pool House Palace · 3. She-Shed Show · 4. Basement Family Room · 5. Science Fiction

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Movie Theater Living Room Ideas

See more ideas about movie room, movie theater theme, movie room decor. Theater seating offers more than enough of these options for your living.

Home Theater With Lounge Couches Home Theater With Lounge Couches Design Ideas And Photos Home Theater Room Design Home Theater Seating Home Theater Decor

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Lighting In The Basement

Home Theater Design Best Practices

Basements are usually not well-lit, in fact, some basements may just have a small window as the source of light.

While that is good when watching movies, you still want proper lighting since you will be moving around while the movie isnt playing.

If the basement has a window, that may be troublesome for watching movies during the daytime so you should consider getting blinds or curtains for it.

As far as setting up lighting goes, you want to install lights with dimmers. This will give you complete control over the lights so you can adjust them to your liking.

Lighting the path to the seats, if your basement is really big is another good idea so guests can get to the seats with ease once the movie starts.

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Top Mistakes When Executing Home Theater Room Ideas

You spent a ton of cash and time setting up your small home theater ideas, yet something doesnt appear to be correct. Did you commit any errors? Look at our rundown of common mistakes most of us commit when attempting to put together home movie theater ideas.

On top of our list is buying the wrong TV size. Probably the biggest reasons why TVs are returned is that it is either too large to fit in an assigned space or it is unreasonably small for the room size.

To decide the best TV screen size, you need to ensure first that you consider the space the TV is to be set in. Measure both the available width and height. Additionally, measure the seating distance from the screen that you plan to install. Yes, you should also consider home theater seating ideas in choosing the right TV size.

The second common mistake is that the room has windows or lighting issues. Room lighting definitely affects the TV and video projector viewing experience.

Most TVs do well in a semi-lit room, but darker is always better, particularly for video projectors. Never place your TV on a wall across windows. If you have drapes to cover the windows, ensure they cant let the light go through into the room when they are shut.

Gray Living Space With Flat Screen Tv And Gray Couch

If you have a large screen TV, that means you can create your very own home theater in your living room with little adjustments. In this example, a gray couch is placed through the wall-mounted TV with a black coffee table between them. Gray walls and carpeted floor create a sleek look while a small window opening brightens up space. But if you have a window in your home theater, you may need to consider having a window treatment. Otherwise natural light can reflect on the screen and it may disturb you.

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Home Theater Room Design Ideas

Movie buffs time to pop some corn! Love the idea of home theatres? But dont know where to start? Do not fear Design Cafe is here with home theater room design ideas just for you! Find out more now.

For those of you who dont know, movies originated back in the 19th century when illusions of motion had been discovered, and photography was becoming a thing.

Before we give you insights on Home Theater Room Design Ideas lets have some fun! Here are some fun facts about movies that we at Design Cafe wanted to share with you.

  • There Were 10,297 balloons in the movie Up the animators created every balloon individually.
  • Those scary noises you heard made by the raptors in Jurassic Park were actually recordings of tortoises mating.
  • Pet rats became a thing after the hit of the 2007 movie Ratatouille.

Lets not forget we wouldnt have any such thing as movie theatres if it werent for the invention of movies. This blog is all about home theater room design ideas. You can now watch your favourite movies at home. Read more!

Install The Right Cables In The Right Place

Pin by Boris Vasovski on Ideas for Interior Design

Before buying your home cinema system, ensure it receives digital and high-quality sound. For digital TV, youll require an HDMI cable for your television and a coaxial cable for your surround-sound speakers. Youll also need low-loss RCA or optical cables to connect your CD player or DVD to the system. Make sure that these cables run from a central point into the back of your entertainment center so they dont get tangled on top of each other. The correct lines will also result in more consistent sound quality to ensure youre hearing the best possible rate.

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Home Theater Room Ideas

Home theater room designs keep evolving as they become more and more popular in individual homes. They can reflect your favorite movies, personality quirks, or house style. With a little creativity, you can find the perfect home theater room ideas to make your entertaining space an amazing escape.

Dont stop getting smart about home designs now. For more inspiring ideas, read our blog today.


Dampness In The Basement

As you already know, water can seriously damage electronics and the two do not mix. Basements tend to be damper than other rooms and are more prone to seepage.

There are usually numerous water pipes running through the basement which can even leak over time.

Not to mention that basements can flood during heavy rainfall. You need to be prepared for such cases if you want your home theater to last.

If your basement doesnt really have water issues then a dehumidifier should be enough to keep any dampness out.

However, if you have a lot of water pipes, the first thing you want to do is seal them properly. You can also install sump pumps and French drains to control the water if your basement floods.

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Make The Movie Room Look Like A Cinema

What is your vision of a home movie room? For some homeowners, it’s the classic movie theater with red velvet walls, sconce lights, tiered seating, and a popcorn maker.

Older commercial theaters have sloped floors and contemporary ones have elaborate, steeply tiered seating.

Home cinema seat tiering is relatively simple to build with a framework of joists of 2×6 or 2×8 boards set on edge. Three-quarter inch interior grade plywood forms the top, and carpeting goes on top of the plywood.

Setting Up Your Home Theater/media Room

HOME THEATER | DIY Home Theater Decor | Home Movie Theater Room

Many people scoff at such a room, but truth be told, these once-reserved-for-luxury-homes rooms are becoming more and more commonplace. The technology, while still expensive, is in many ways accessible to more and more people.

Sure, some of the media rooms featured here cost more than $100,000, but you need not necessarily spend that much.

As the cost of going to the movies increases, more couples and families are choosing to rent movies at home. The average cost of going to the theater to watch a new release is $34.60 for a family of four, but that does not include the snacks, which is often the most expensive part of the movie-going experience.

Instead of paying 50 dollars or more in the theater, many families are creating their movie theaters at home. Here are some home theater design ideas that could inspire one to create one of your own.

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Unique Theater Room With Colorful Led Lights

Lighting is one of the most important features of theaters. Here, the unique design of the LED lights takes this otherwise ordinary theater room to the next level. Green, blue, and orange lights are laid on a geometrical pattern that creates an enjoyable atmosphere. The vertical white LED lights make the space feel longer and offer an elegant look. Black leather theater seats provide comfortable seating and create a harmonious look with the monochromatic carpeted floor.

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Design Your Seating Layout

Layout is key in your home theater you want to ensure that everyone has a good view of the screen. Some prefer to incorporate a platform in order to avoid any blocked views. Even a modest platform of just a few inches can help ensure that those sitting in the back row of seats don’t have their line of sight interrupted by those seated in front of them, according to The Spruce.

Your screen size will also play a role in your layout, as you want to ensure viewers are seated far enough back that they can take in the full screen. If you’re having multiple rows of seats for a true mini-theater experience, you want to ensure there’s enough space in between rows about 20 inches is typically good, according to Theater Seat Store so that people can navigate.

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Home Theater Design Ideas

Sci-Fi inspired home theater, modern style interior with strong high-tech feeling.

Brian Patrick Flynn

Home theaters have become more commonplace in recent years, whether tucked away in the basement of a cozy bungalow or as an elaborate wing of a palatial estate. These custom entertainment spaces can add to a home’s enjoyment factor, not to mention its resale value. If you’re considering adding one to your home, you’ll want to browse some home theater design ideas for inspiration.

Countless Entertainments Hours For Family Members And Guests

small room design blue #Smallroomdesign

When it comes to relaxing after a long day of work or have a quality and entertaining time with your family, home theater is your solution. And who would not want a theater in their home? From cozy and comfortable to ultra-modern or luxe, there are plenty of options for every budget to create your very own theater. Check out these mind-blowing home theater design ideas, choose your style, and start to decorate your room!

With breathtaking lighting displays, you can change the whole atmosphere of your home theater.

ID# 108402 | Credit |

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Stay Entertained: 20 Lovely Small Home Theaters And Media Rooms

by Sherry Nothingam

Staying indoors can be difficult at the best of times. Things get even more difficult when you have to spend a prolonged period of time in your own house and social life comes to a complete halt. There are several ways in which you can keep yourself busy while isolating yourself. DIY projects are a great option that make sure several hours flyby as you are busy creating something useful and beautiful. Then there are those who can work from home and that makes things a whole lot simpler. But even if you keep yourself occupied for the better part of the day, there comes a time when you want your daily dose of entertainment. Move beyond the simple TV in the bedroom or living room and scale things up with a fabulous home theater.

We understand that not everyone can spare a giant room, an entire basement or a large attic for the home theater. This is why we have turned our attention towards small home theater and media room ideas inspirations that work for us all. They are much easier to replicate than you might imagine and with all the technological advances in the last few years, connecting things and setting up a home theater is a far more hassle-free affair. From the minimal to the remarkable, this is a look at the 20 best small home theaters around

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