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How To Decorate French Doors

How Do You Hang Curtains On French And Patio Doors

How to Install French Doors | Indoor | Great Home Ideas

You can hang curtains on French and patio doors the same way as you do with curtains hung at windows, outside of the frame, so that the curtains can be pulled right back from the frame to reveal the entire width of the doors.

Our guide on how to hang curtains will be a useful read if you need more guidance.

What Are French Doors

French doors are often denoted by their appearance, which include a wood frame with divided glass panes taking up the majority of the door, much like French windows. There are standard size options for more traditional doorway openings, as well as customizable options that accommodate unique or older spaces. You can also customize the window type, glass type, material and color to best suit your home. They can lead from one room to another or from inside to outside the house.

a beautiful neutral bathroom with a brick accent wall, arched French doors and neutral furniture is a very chic and cool idea

a stylish graphite grey French door to the pantry is a lovely idea to always see what’s in and if you have everything you need

an arched doorway with glass French doors leading to the garden is an amazing idea for a modern farmhouse space

beautiful and delicate grey French doors to the garden and matching windows look amazingly chic and bring much natural light inside

beautiful modern black French sliding doors will let a lot of light in and out and will subtly separate the spaces

beautiful modern grey French doors and matching windows flood the entryway with light and make it look sophsiticated at the same time

black French doors for inner spaces are a chic idea for many interiors – though they are black, they provide enough natural light

Cozy Living Rooms With French Doors And Windows

The Living Room is the reception area of the house. It is where our guests are seated when we are getting ready to meet them. It is also the meeting place of the family on weekends and the place where we exchange gifts on holidays. The living room is a very important part of the house. It is advisable to always accord your living room design to the season because the way you design your living room can also affect the temperature and overall feeling that you get from your living room. Weve featured several ways that you can design your living room. We have also compiled some great choices for furniture and living room design. This time we will feature living rooms that have french doors. The choice of your window also has a big impact in the amount of light that enters your living room. The use of french windows and doors is a great way to increase the amount of sunlight in your living room. Check these pictures out for great ideas.

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Bedroom Entrance French Door

One of great french doors interior design ideas is to have a french door introduced as an entrance into the grand bedroom. This creates a romantic and sensational feeling.

When properly dressed, this creates an elegant interior finishing. The same idea can also be used to separate guest room space or office space.

Really Awesome French Door Window Treatments That You Need To See Today

French doors interior design ideas

Does this sound familiar?

Seems when selecting french door window treatments, do not stop merely.

Yes, it really is true!

Our specialist will reveal the greatest style for motivation and your ideas here.

You guys havent any concept how much I appreciate discussing pictures that are french door window treatments here. That is truly one of my favorites articles to prepare. I love learning, in addition to I am glad you love my post here. I hope that should inspire you.


Ive identified without needing to invest also much money on it, some outstanding ideas imaginative issues we could make, and I am sure I Will come up with something really nice. These 43 french door window treatments ideas are an amazing source of motivation, wish you appreciate them as much as I do.

Just take moment to browse through this gallery below and find the most useful idea for the next creative. So that other individuals can encourage also in the event that you think this gallery is a selection that is valuable, please reveal and Flag.

Flag and conserve these images, and take records on all the resources discussed by the custom.

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Shades & Shutters For Simplicity

Sometimes, you just want something you can easily pull down when its too dark or too bright, and put back up during the right time of day. Tiered Roman shades are a simple solution for home owners with French doors who dont want permanent coverings or big and bulky drapes to deal with.

These woven wood shades look great in a warm, sunny room for their tropical look and for being so lightweight.

Wood shutters on a pair of French doors add some rustic charm to this room, and are super easy to open and close in the blink of an eye!

This beautiful French living room uses simple striped shades that arent too dark or overpowering, yet still let just enough light in.

You can still create a clean and subtle look with white plantation shutters on French doors to block excess light out during the day and prevent people from peering in at night.

What Is The Best Hardware For French Doors

Where you install your French doors will help determine what kind of hardware you need. For interior doors, you might be particularly interested in non-turning, also known as dummy or inactive, door knobs or levers. These are purely decorative and wont lock or latch, an ideal option for transitions between a master suite and a large closet. For exterior doors, youll want additional security. Schlage has some helpful tips for choosing the right hardware and locks for your French doors depending on the level of security youre looking for.

Once youve selected the type of hardware you need, you can focus on style. Schlage offers countless combinations of designs and finishes, so you can coordinate your hardware with the style of your home. Just as the French doors themselves can fit in any style of home, our wide selection of knobs and levers means youll find a look that suits your taste, whether its traditional, modern or somewhere in between.

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Beautiful Rooms With French Doors

Double the doors, double the fun.

From bedrooms and entryways to living rooms and libraries, glass-paned doors add a dose of freshness to these spaces.

In the living room of this home on the Greek island of Santorini, French doors open onto the spectacular Aegean Sea. The low tables are family heirlooms that were originally used for making flatbread, the wool pillows and cotton rugs were handwoven in Greece, and the handmade floors are a mix of white cement and sand.

In Erika Bearman’s Hamptons home, French doors open up the sky blue entryway. The ceiling is papered with a custom-made stripe, the wallpaper is by Lee Jofa, and the floors are painted in a high-gloss custom color by Fine Paints of Europe.

French doors add an element of indoor/outdoor living to Cynthia Frank’s master bedroom. The linens are by D. Porthault, the 18th-century armchairs came from a Christie’s auction, and the plaster lamps were found in Palm Beach.

In the pool house of this Hamptons home, a series of French doors lead out to the in-ground pool. Vintage signal flags found on eBay are displayed above the doors, and the folding stool is 19th century.

In the living room of designer Timothy Whealon’s Manhattan apartment, steel French doors bring in the perfect amount of light. The sofa, inspired by a Billy Baldwin design and covered in a linen by Christopher Farr Cloth, and the cocktail table are custom designs, and an abaca rug by Merida tops chevron-patterned oak floors.

Valance Ideas For French Doors

French Country Details on Doors – Design How-to

Many people think that window treatments are difficult for French doors, especially when those doors also lead out to a busy patio. But youd be surprised to know that you can dress any French door with any type of valance.

Thats right. Any.

The key is to get creative and to understand how each type of valance can be hung. I will show you examples of both French doors and single door patio doors, but the idea is the same. So lets take a look at some examples and explain how you can make these valances work in your own home.

TIP #1:

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Hang The Valance High Enough

Outside-mounted valances should be hung high up on a wall. When your rooms ceilings are only 8 feet tall, this means that the top of the valance should be brushing up against the crown molding under the ceiling. With 9-foot ceilings and above, a valance doesnt have to be hung right under the ceiling, but the idea is the same:

An outside-mounted window treatment should frame the window, not try to cover and block its view.

This rule should be followed regardless of whether a valance is to be installed over a French door or a regular window. But it comes in especially handy when it comes to patio doors. You can learn more about where exactly a valance needs to be hung in this post. Lets move on with an actual example of how that looks on a patio door.

This breakfast area continues with the same valance that was hung in the kitchen above the sink. Even though this window treatment looks like a Roman shade, its actually a faux shade valance . A hobbled faux shade, to be exact. Notice how the scalloped bottom hem falls right on the top frame of the patio door. This way, the door can be opened freely without any obstructions.

The same fit was carried over to the two adjacent windows. For reference, the ceiling in the room was 9 feet tall, while the valance was 23 inches long. The width needs to be just enough to cover the door or window.

Up close notice the careful fit right above the top of the door frame.

TIP #2:

Add A Trim To Create An Interesting View

French doors that step out onto a balcony? Yes please! When you have a view like this, you want to enhance it, not detract from it.

Again, its worth considering how you want to frame it, and this is where trims and tie-backs can come into their own, gently changing the overall shape of the drapes when pulled back.

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Window Treatment Ideas French Doors 419 381 2700

This window treatment ideas french doors 419 381 2700 images appears inviting and gorgeous. Are hey searching more professionally? Do you believe it is challenging to discover what amuses you, if you are? Then feel free to seize and investigate our site. We’ve dozens of pictures for ideas.

Last word:

I desire these reading Ideas that are french door window treatments gave some inspiration to you also. Its been plenty of fun allowing my imagination travel and visiting these tips!

Wedding Entrance Door With Floral Accents

French doors interior design ideas

This is a cute idea for any wedding or event. Setup the door on the walkway leading to your tables or chairs, and add floral accents to create a matching look for the theme of the party. Im especially in love with how this separates one area of an outdoor event to the next.

Source: Intimate Weddings

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An Inspiring Guide To French Door Perfection

Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Check out our guide to French doors so you can confidently capture the perfect look and feel in your home and get inspired by these 8 makeovers.

For a timeless, elegant and surprisingly versatile entryway, look no farther than French doors. Theyre gorgeous by their own right, but theyre also the perfect canvas for other stylish details, whether youre updating a traditional home or putting your stamp on a modern one.

Here are eight makeovers that are fantastique. But first, check out our guide to French doors so you can confidently capture the perfect look and feel in your home.

Living Room Ideas With French Doors

The idea of a living room with French doors are certainly nothing new. For years, these doors have been a popular fixture in homes all over the world. However, despite their popularity, some people may still not be convinced that French doors are for them. According to Shanco, French doors, make a timeless classic with unparalleled appeal. They are most often found in classic or rustic homes, but any home can benefit from their unique benefits. Some of those benefits include their undeniable style and the easy access the can provide to an outdoor space or to another room in the house. For you living room, these means that your space can be more attractive and accessible. Also, since French doors have built-in windows, they do not create a closed off atmosphere that may be true of other styles. While French doors are most commonly associated with older and more traditional architecture, they can look good in contemporary homes as well. If youve got some lavish ideas for your living room, French doors could be a fantastic fit for your space. Here are 20 living room ideas with French doors.

image via

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Match Curtain Ideas For French Doors To The Rest Of Your Decor

Although this seems obvious, its a design feature that can be overlooked, and the other aspect worth remembering is to match your curtain ideas for French doors to your windows too.

In terms of colors and pattern, this is really a case of personal preference, however I always opt for neutral curtains if there’s a lot of color and pattern in the room already, says Emma Deterding, Founder and Creative Director at Kelling Designs .

Not only does this help to balance the scheme, but if you have spectacular views out the window or through patio doors, then this will allow them to flow into the room making the room feel a lot larger. If you have a neutral design scheme, then introducing some color and pattern through curtains will not only make a statement, but will automatically draw the eye to the window, again making the room feel more spacious.

How To Paint French Doors

How to Paint a French Door, the Quick and Easy Way

This article was co-authored by Patrick Coye. Patrick Coye is the owner and operator of Patricks Painting & Home Improvement in Alexandria, Virginia. With over 15 years of experience in residential construction, Patrick specializes in painting, wallpaper removal/installation, drywall, staining decks and fences, and kitchen cabinetry painting. To date, Patrick and his team have painted over 2,000 houses and stained over 800 decks. Patrick’s Company won a “Top Job” award from the American Painting contractor magazine in 2020.There are 7 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 15,812 times.

Painting French doors is a DIY project anyone can accomplish in a weekend. Before painting, take the time to prepare the doors by sanding, washing, and priming them.XExpert SourcePatrick CoyePainting SpecialistExpert Interview. 22 July 2020. A paint brush and paint roller are all you need to apply a perfect coat of paint. After the paint dries, your French doors can become a bright and vibrant part of your home.

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Drapery On A Grand Scale

If you have French doors in your home and you want drapes or curtains, then you better go big! You can really emphasize their size and presence in the room when you choose a style, pattern, and color of drapery that can be hung high above the doors themselves. Check out these amazing blue drapes that are positioned high above an arch window and French doors.

These black French doors paired with bright yellow drapes add a contrasting pop of color to complement the rest of the decor.

These blue buffalo check drapes hung high above French doors and surrounding windows are great for drawing your eye to the view outside.

Patterns can really help spice up a bland pair of doors, and these black and white Hampton toile drapes really get the job done in this room.

You cant really go wrong with white, and these simple white drapes help keep the entire look of the room tied together while still offering the option for privacy in a bedroom with such large French doors and windows.

Whats your favorite window treatment for French doors? You may not always want to keep them covered up, but if you can find a style that adds to their elegance, blends well with the rest of the rooms decor, and still gives you the opportunity to easily cover and uncover the windows as needed, its really worth putting more thought and planning into finding what will work best.

How To Measure Curtains For French Doors

Measuring and installing curtains over French doors isnt much different than hanging them over regular windows.

For tips on how to measure curtains for French doors with precision and accuracy, check out: How to Measure For Curtains the Right Way.

We know that hanging curtains the traditional way can be unnecessarily stressful and time-consuming. The task often requires multiple people and countless do-overs to hang curtains that are stable and neatly aligned.

Luckily, theres a better way to hang curtains using Kwik-Hangs curtain rod brackets. The brackets align to the trim of your French door, with no measuring required.

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