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How To Decorate First Apartment

Maximize The Natural Sunlight

APARTMENT DECORATING ON A BUDGET | Making Cheap Apartment Decor Look Expensive

Elevate your favorite decor by drenching it in as much natural light as possible. Swap out heavy window treatments for light and airy options.

Move clutter and heavy furniture away from windows. Try hanging a mirror directly across from a window. Thatll create the illusion of additional light scattering across your apartment.

Dont Buy Your Bed At A Store

Lets start with the biggest money-waster people typically fall victim to. You can save a lot if you shop online and check out PerfectSense Mattresses to free up a lot of money to spread around the rest of the space. The old and traditional model of buying your mattress from a department store was fundamentally flawed for the consumer. You were paying for all kinds of overhead and added costs, just to get the mattress from the factory to the store, to your bedroom. Now, you can get a better mattress directly from the manufacturer at a much lower cost.

Maximize A Small Apartment Kitchen

Apartments are notorious for having minuscule kitchens. Take advantage of every inch of kitchen storage by maximizing vertical space. If your setup includes open shelves, place several stacks of dishes on each shelf, arranging like items together. Use the upper shelves for lesser-used items you don’t need to access as often.

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Don’t Buy Everything All At Once

Even with a healthy budget, moving to a new apartment can be pricey. Furniture costs add up quickly.

Start slow and don’t buy everything at once while settling in. Give it some time to find out what you truly need.

Purchase day-to-day items like a bed, couch, and kitchen essentials first. Then, work your way through a tiered list of what to buy now, later, and down the road.

Living Room & Bedroom Apartment Decorating Ideas

20+ Top First Apartment Decorating Ideas

Plywood + wood boards + screws + batting + drapery lining + buttons + staple gun

Rolling Utility CartCarts are great for small spaces. They are versatile, customizable and mobile so you can move them around.You can also use them in the kitchen for extra storage space .You can get carts for around $20

Pallet Nightstand with Light

wire basket + round wood panel + spray paint + wood stain + clear coat + cable staples

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Resist The Allure Of Freebies

“While it’s super tempting, don’t only take free items from family or Craigslist,” Wood says. “Be picky with those hand-me-downs and be sure to make your own choices, so your space feels like a reflection of you.”

If you really have no choice but to take your great aunt’s old sofa, Wood suggests looking for new pillows and throws that can freshen up your inherited piece. A new coat of paint can help other key pieces, such as bookshelves, coffee tables, and the like, feel new. “Cover any dents or scratches with fresh flowers or small decor pieces,” Wood says.

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Invest In Convertible Furnishings

Pieces that are multi-functional can be your best friend when youre on a budget, space confined, or even when youre just looking for the practicality in any purchase. Those garden stools I mentioned? They can serve as plant stands, side tables, and seating Bar carts are my favorite. If you are thinking you barely have enough room for a side table and theres no way you would even consider bringing in an extra like a bar cart, heres the answer. Use a bar cart as a side table. Or, a night stand. Or, a plant stand. Having it in lieu of another piece of furniture is 1. probably more cost effective and youll love being able to bring it out when you have friends over. I literally use mine all over the house for everything.

Scroll & Tap to Get the Look

Scroll & Tap to Get the Look

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TRANSITIONING YOUR DECOR: Dorm | Apartment | First Home

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Can You Paint Apartment Walls

Paint Your Walls Almost all landlords will be okay with you painting your apartmentso long as you paint it back before the next tenant moves in. If you plan on painting your walls, be sure to get the name and brand of the original paint color from your landlord so you can paint the walls back before moving out.

Get Creative With Bathroom Storage

Bathrooms often go unnoticed when decorating your first apartment. However, decorating yours can go a long way to make you feel at home.

Start with creative bathroom storage ideas to reduce the clutter. Focus on a clean, bright aesthetic.

A colorful sink skirt can hide a pedestal sink, as well as storage bins tucked underneath. Decorative trays and mason jars also help you stay organized while refreshing the look of your bathroom.

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How Can I Spice Up My Apartment

5 Apartment Décor Tips to Spice Up Your Space Add a Bold Statement Lamp. Not only are lamps great ways to add a little pizazz to your apartment, the lighting they provide can transform a space. Add Depth With a Large Mirror. Use Vases, Bowls, Candle Holders, or Bookends. Find a Fun Area Rug. Hang Curtains.

Find Furniture That Multi

How to Decorate Your First Apartment

Wood recommends dual-purpose furniture to get the most bang for your buck in your small space. “I am a big proponent of storage ottomans and benches,” she says. “If you’re short on closet or shelf space, you can store books, blankets, and towels in these pieces, all while using them as extra seating when friends come over.” Other great picks include pull-out sofas and dining tables that can double as work-from-home desks.

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Start With The Essentials

Start out by buying the things you need immediately, like a bed or kitchen table. Make a list of what furniture you need, and organize that list from top priority to what you could do without for now. Then, move down the list as you purchase items.

The most basic piece of furniture for most people is a bed. This does not mean you need a bedroom suite or a headboard right away. In the beginning, a mattress, box spring, and bed frame may be all that you can afford. Thats OK.

Similarly, you may need a table or a desk in order to work. Although you may be tempted to use a rent-to-own store or payment plan to get your furniture, it is best to save and pay in cash.

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Give Thrifted Furniture A Custom Makeover

Instead of stretching yourself thin and spending more than youre comfortable with, or, going the ultra-cheap route , keep an eye out for yard sales, thrift stores, and local Facebook sale pages. It isnt hard to find quality furniture at a ridiculously low price . You may have people offering to give you cast-offs and hand-me-downs and while thats awesome , dont feel like you have to accept everything. You dont have to become a family members dumping ground for all their personal clutter Im super appreciative of what Ive been gifted second hand over the years, especially starting out, but dont fall into the trap of taking on too much and accepting stuff you dont need, just because its free. Ok, now that we covered that side note, back to the furniture! You can easily customize and revitalize a piece with a paint job , and/or a hardware upgrade. This little chest of drawers was passed down and I made it over in no time. Heres where I started

And this is what it looked like after an hour or so.

Tap to Shop

Check the mechanics of the piece and if you arent super handy and dont want to mess with wood filler, confirm there arent huge chunks/gashes missing. Aside from that, you can get totally creative and outfit your space exactly how you want for a super low price. You can find my easy chalk painting tutorial HERE and the chest of drawers closet makeover project HERE.

Modern Apartment Bedroom Decor Ideas For Perfect Nights

RENTING TIPS 101 | Searching for an apartment | Decorating a rental apartment

A bedroom is more than a pretty place. It must also be your one-stop rejuvenation center. Whether you take on the task by yourself or make use of online interior design services, you need calming apartment decorating ideas. Be mindful that a busy bedroom could make your mind feel cluttered. So keep it simple and stick with the necessities instead. A bed, two nightstands, closet, headboard, and pendant lights are all you need.

Make the most of the space by opting for sleek and minimal modern apartment decor. Too much artwork can also inadvertently distract you from your main goal peaceful sleep. For an arty feel, an unusual headboard can double as wall art. The same applies to nightstands. They can be as unique as you want them to be mix-and-matched modern or traditional symmetry. Just be sure to choose tables that have the same visual weight and size.

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Invest In Extra Seating

Extra seating is always welcome. Think about entertaining and meeting your new neighbors by investing in extra seating for a conversation area.

Small apartments can house a long, padded bench or multi-functional furniture like an ottoman and bench. Padded, decorative folding chairs are also easy to store and get out during a gathering.

Shop Sales And Bargain

You can save money by shopping sales for furniture or going to discount warehouses to make your purchases. Sometimes you can negotiate discounts on floor models to get a better price. Also, you could wait until Memorial Day, the 4th of July, or Labor Day, when there are usually great sales on furniture.

Waiting for these sales could save you a lot of money, especially if you pay for your purchase with cash. Discount clubs may also get you a better deal on the furniture you want.

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S To Decorating Your First Apartment

Decorating a home, choosing furniture, and creating the space you desire is a dream for many people. Once the day has arrived and the keys to your new apartment are in your hands, it can feel both exciting, a little scary, and maybe difficult when thinking of all the ways to start decorating.

The interest for home and interior design varies greatly from person to person and not everyone thinks it is important or something you even want to focus on. However, it is quite the opposite. Interior design is something that affects us all, sometimes without us even being aware of it.

For example, it is very important that the furniture is in a place convenient for you, and blank walls are decorated with beautiful wall art. On this page, you can find inspirational artwork to decorate any of your rooms.

With the right interior design, we can create comfort and security at home, which gives us better conditions for a balanced everyday life. Our surroundings affect our mood greatly and as humans, we generally feel good about living in beautiful environments. A well-planned home also means that you can perform at your best in other parts of life.

In the article below, we will suggest certain tips on how to start decorating your first apartment.

How To Decorate Small Apartment Balconies

30 The Best Apartment Living Room Decor Ideas On a Budget ...

This article was co-authored by Karen Parziale. Karen Parziale is a Home Stager, Home Organizer, and the Founder of The Real Estate Staging Studio based in Hoboken, New Jersey. Karen has over 15 years of home staging and decorating experience and has staged over 5,000 homes. She specializes in project management, space planning, material selections and builder/architect/client relationshipsThere are 9 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page. This article has been viewed 167,574 times.

Is your small apartment balcony feeling bare and uninspired? Sometimes its difficult to know how to decorate small spaces, but there are some simple ways you can spice up your apartment balcony. Add some simple seating, a variety of plants, and plenty of accessories.

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This Is Exciting Youre On Your Own Now

No one is telling you what to do or what to buy. Youre making your own money now .

So where do you start? How do you furnish that new place youre so proud of on a tight budget? You want everything to look great so you can truly enjoy your new lifestyle and never feel embarrassed to bring someone up to your place, dont you?

Youre in luck! Ive got some good staples here that will look great in your chic, new apartment – yes, with your budget in mind and, most importantly, items sure to satisfy your impeccable style -)

Small Scale Coffee Table

A living room is not complete without a coffee table, as we recently discussed in this blog post. Coffee tables help tie your living room together and offer a spot to rest your drink, food, remote, and feet. A small coffee table with storage below is a perfect option for an apartment.

We also love the idea of creating your own coffee table with different pieces for a less traditional approach. Ottomans make great coffee tables, especially if they provide hidden storage underneath. To get the look, simply add a tray on top as your resting space. Looking for a more budget friendly option? Use poufs or cubes in place of an ottoman. For this look, push two cubes or poufs together and top them with a tray. These are ideal if you like to entertain because you can always remove the tray and provide extra seating.

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How To Decorate Your First Apartment Or Home For Cheap

Renting your first apartment or buying your first home is an exciting occasion. But with it comes a lot of costslike buying furniture for your space. Furnishing an entire apartment can be very expensive, and it can be even more difficult if you did not budget for your move, or you had a cross-country move.

It can be tempting to purchase furniture using a or a payment plan. But this can take years to pay off and will cost you much more than paying cash for your furniture.

Consider some easy ways to save on furniture for your first home or apartment.

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