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How To Decorate Entryway Bench

Turn Headboard Into Entry Bench

How to Decorate An Entryway Table | Decor Ideas for Entryway Table

Its not new to turn a headboard into a bench, but this smart way to attach a regular wooden bench to a twin size headboard make your whole woodwork easy. Throwing off some cushions on top, and storing a few baskets at the bottom, you will have an unconventional Entryway Bench with comfy seats and storage below.

Image and Instructions: Jen And Jer Cook Blogspot

Oversized Entry Light Welcomes With Warmth

This foyer entryway artfully combines rustic New England charm with a nautical theme. The mirror is encircled with sea stones, while a nautical sextant design adorns the floor. Note the rustic charm of the double hinged door, which you might also see in a barn or horse stable. The actual entryway table is a nice example of New England design with four different box drawers to showcase the workmanship of the craftsman. The whole entryway is uncluttered, leaving plenty of room for the large door to swing back and forth.

Keep The Color Palette Neutral

Its a common decorating dilemma, achieving a balance in our entryways between what is beautiful and what is functional, so take a ‘less is more’ approach when it comes to designing a hallway or staircase.

One important aspect to consider, when decorating with a neutral color in an entryway is to bring in as much texture as possible as it creates interest and layers important factors when strong colors are out of the picture. After all, this is the first room your visitors will see upon entry.

Invest in unfussy prints on fabrics for seat covers and blinds. Simple organic shape designs rather than an off the moment pattern will last the test of time. What’s more, choose shades of taupe and mix in chocolate browns, greys and touches of black for a sophisticated take on a natural palette.

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Easy Upholstered Wooden Bench

This 2×4 bench with an upholstered seat is easy to create with the included building plans. This particular bench has been stained a dark color, but you could easily adapt this project to use any type of paint or wood finish that you like the best. While this project does not offer additional storage, it is a perfect place for extra blankets in a bedroom.

Stay Streamlined With Teak Wood

entryway ideas w/ bench

For an authentic finish, opt for entryway bench decor ideas that are simple. This handcrafted, simple design works because of the natural beauty of the wood and clean design lines.

A spindle back adds comfort and makes it standout from a standard style bench. The color of the wood makes it easy to accessorize with an entryway rug for example, while a coir runner, a wooden framed mirror and baskets for storage are all great ideas that would work alongside it.

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Play With Bold Colors

If you want to add some color to your home, but are afraid that painting an entire room pink is too much shift that focus to the hallways.

Too much of a bold color in a large room is overwhelming to the eye, whereas choosing a bright paint color for a smaller area, like your entryway, can actually benefit from the boldness without the color being too much to handle.

How Do I Make My Foyer Brighter

To make a foyer brighter, first think decor. Pale paint colors are a go-to to reflect the light but you might alternatively choose a wallpaper with a pale ground. If paint is your preference, glossier finishes are more reflective and are a practical choice for a busy area.

Consider the lighting, too. Lamps should supplement ceiling lighting and if there isnt space for a surface on which to set a table lamp, think about installing wall lighting.

Make sure the entryway is clear of clutter, too. If its crowded with outerwear, achieving a bright and airy feel is out of the question. Plan in storage, and limit whats kept there to daily essentials.

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How Do You Make An Entryway Look Nice

You can make it cozy with some throw blankets and pillows, and create more functionality with a tray for keys!

When I am adding throw blankets and pillows, I like to layer textures to give the space more depth. It adds such dimension to the space and also makes it so inviting. Who wouldnt want to sit on this bench!?

Grab your tray and set items in that you know youll need running out the door. A small bowl will help with keeping keys and change organized.

Throw your wristlet and notebook in for quick access on your way out the front door.

Snuggle Up In A Small Church Pew

Entryway Ideas | How To Decorate a Really Cute Entryway On a Budget

Situated in a small nook of your entryway, youll love roosting yourself in this tiny church pew. With a striped green throw, you can carry out this splash of color into the space with some flora and fauna. Besides these terrific houseplants and throw, the remaining space is completely neutral and exudes a clean and refreshing greeting upon arrival. Baskets galore round out the rest of the room as they provide texture, style, and extra storage. Youll enjoy snuggling up to a good book in this cozy space that doubles as entryway and reading nook.

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Factor In Entryway Storage

When in search of extra hallway storage space in an entryway, make the most of ceiling heights available. Built-in joinery or off-the-shelf solutions can provide the perfect amount of extra room to house items only used for special occasions or rarely read books. To break up a large wall of storage, use a mix of closed and open solutions.

Do you have a narrow or small hallway? A clever trick to avoid overcrowding in an entryway is to use a mix of closed and open storage too many bulky units can make a room appear too practical and detract away from its beauty. Include stylish entry table decor ideas to counteract this.

The Bench Styling Formula

So here is my magic formula for pulling this look off on your bench. It is very scientific. Focusing on the shapes, like I recommended here, I created this sketch of items for you to recreate this look at home.

So which look is your favorite? Anything you would do differently for the everyday look?

I am sharing this post here:

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Paint Your Entryway In A Shade Of Gray

A gray that straddles the boundaries between blue, green and gray can be many things: front and center or a background to show off art and objects.

In the back entryway of this project by Henriette von Stockhausen of VSP Interiors , the deep mid-grey background is broken up with a rich damask upholstery fabric and elegant antiques. Easy to live with, this hallway paint idea looks beautiful in west- or south-facing rooms while being suitably moody in spaces with less light.

How To Style A Bench

37 Perfect Entryway Decor Ideas

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October 17, 2013 By Jackie

There are a few areas in my home that I think lack in styling. They just feel undone and I am ready to do something about them. This 31 day series on Interior Styling gave me the kick in the pants I needed to get going. First on my list is the bench in our foyer.

I made a slipcover for the bench to add some pattern and hung a gallery of DIY Captains mirrors on the awkward wall above the bench. And that is where the makeover stoppedjust short of being awesome. This was the semi-boring before:

Well, I am back to focus on this area with my interior styling tips in mind! Since I struggle with finding balance between practical and pretty, I tried a few different options with this bench. Today I am going to share with you the pretty version, which is well-styled, but not necessarily practical for our family. Then, I will show you the practical version which is still pretty. The second version is what I think we can live with everyday. I will finish off with a formula you can use to recreate the same look in your home!

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Add A Small Console Table

If you have a wedge of floor space, consider placing a petite console table or chest in the entry. Find one that has storage, or utilize the area underneath to stash shoes, bags, and all those other things you tend to trip over on your way out the door.

One of our all-time favorite table designs, as it takes up so little space but adds so much. SHOP NOW: Yeh Tall Wall Table by Kenyon Yeh for Menu, $200,

Shabby Chic And Rustic White Charm

Loads of character is what you get with this cute and distressed white bench with a matching bin. The bin is perfect for holding all of your favorite books and magazines, while the bench offers a seat to get in some quick reading. Throw in a pair of denim-look pillows with embellishments to add even more charm to this area. On the side, you see a metal and wood piece that appears to be a repurposed door that makes a great wall statement.

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Bee Happy In Yellow Gold And White

Make a big impact with three simple colors in this yellow, gold, and white entryway. The elegant golden linked round mirror is the perfect companion to the traditional and graceful small buffet piece. The gold carries onto this buffet with accents along the seams of the unit lending a vintage feel to the overall design. Youll be sure to smile at the large yellow flower display sitting on top in a sleek, glass cylinder. Within reach, youll find a place to rest, complete with a cheery yellow bumblebee pillow.

A Modern Entryway That Will Inspire You To Be Tidy

DIY Entryway Makeover – Sitting Area/Bench | Episode 2

We believe a beautifully decorated entryway with lots of practical storage will inspire you to keep things tidy instead of throwing your stuff in a massive heap. This gorgeous foyer by Angela Belt at Homepolish, an interior design company out of New York City, is a great example. A porcelain tile floor in a modern black and white pattern is exceptionally welcoming. A vintage shag rug brings room brightening colors. A rustic wood bench provides a place to slip on shoes. A modern wood console adds extra storage space. A black ceramic table lamp offers a soft glow at night when an overhead fixture would be considered too bright.

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Enchant With A Scenic Mural In An Entryway

Scenic landscape murals are the biggest story in decorating today wonderfully atmospheric and evocative, an impressive hallway wallpaper or wall mural idea will transform any entryway, hall or landing space.

Dramatic and stylized, this glorious scenic design is reminiscent of a beautifully illustrated storybook. Translate the jewel tones into upholstery and accessories and add in glass, wood and metal pieces.

Paint The Door A Bold Color

The entryway of designer CeCe Barfield’s Gramercy Park home is restricted to a door at the end of a long hallway, because there’s really no room for other furniture because of the way the hall’s designed. To define and draw attention to the space, she painted the door a bright green. You could do the same!

The best thing about this paint besides the color? The swatches are removable stickers, it’s an eco-friendly recipe, and you can buy it or any of their other colors online. SHOP NOW: Matcha Latte by Clare, $49/bucket,

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Cheap Home Hacks Thatll Increase Value

Renovating a home can come with a high price tag if youre not budgeting and deciding which updates bring the best return on investment. After selling our updated first home in just 4 years, we bought an even bigger house that needed a lot of updating. We sold our second home after 4 years while doing the much-needed work to produce a profit by following the same strategies we did in our first home.

If you enjoy updating your home, want to increase your home value or just want your home to look better, you should check out thee 10 Cheap Home Hacks Thatll Make Your House Look So Much Better.

Do You Need A Bench At Entryway

21+ Best Ideas Entryway Bench For Your Inspiration

In my opinion, I think almost every entryway is improved with a bench! Even if your entryway is small, You can make some serious use of a small entryway bench.

No longer do people have to walk further into your home to take off your shoes. You are no longer fumbling to find an open court space and put down your keys.

And one of the best perks Your keys and your wallet now have a permanent home! You dont have to search the house for them before you leave, instead, you can grab them right as you leave!

I hope my own entryway bench decorating ideas helped spark some ideas for you! I also hope my praises of an entryway bench inclined you to scroll through Overstock or Wayfair!

Be sure to pin for later!

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Chat soon!


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From Chair Backs To Bench

Give old thrift store chairs a new look with this surprisingly simple DIY project. Remove the seats, make two simple rectangular boxes from lengths of wood, and attach them to the chair backs. Top the upper box with an upholstered plywood seat , and you’ll have an affordable bench with the appeal of a European high-end antique. This classy piece will look comfortably at home in your entryway or dining room, or even at the foot of your bed.

Entryway Ideas That Will Sing Out

Its easy to overlook designing an entryway properly, but a space like this provides more than just a transition to larger living areas. It sets the tone for the rest of your home. Here, we show you how to combine an inviting atmosphere with functional entryway ideas to make first impressions count.

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Pick A Bench With Colored Fabric

Picking an entryway bench with a pop of color is a great idea that allows you to experiment with your color scheme. For instance, if youre going for a modern look, black or white will look posh and chic. If you prefer a more daring color scheme, try some bolder or brighter colors!

You can find many entryway benches with different fabrics in varying patterns and solid colors. It all comes down to deciding which one compliments the other colors displayed in your entryway.

Using A Narrow Entryway Bench As An Anchor

Small Entryway Ideas: Major Makeover On A Budget | The Home Primp

Over the seasons, my entryway wall decor has changed very little. I found a beautiful and simple mirror and styled around it. The element that gives me more flexibility is my narrow entryway bench.

I needed a very small bench to fit this space with doors on either side. My father in law made this small bench for me and it is the one piece of furniture that my always ask me about!

So, I thought Id share a few ways to style a small foyer with a narrow entryway bench!

Spring & Summer

The best part of using a piece of furniture as a staple in your decor is that you can add and take away simple accents like pillows and baskets to change up the look.

Plus, a bench serves practical purposes by providing seating to put on shoes and storage for things like hats and gloves.

Last spring, I let some live plants and a cute hat make the statement. Adding neutral baskets adds texture and breaks up the space vertically.

A single lumbar pillow from my favorite pillow shop adds a little comfort and style while remaining simplified.

If you have space, I also love my console table. Obviously, this post focuses on small foyers and my table is quite large. However, there are many small console tables available that are great options to create a drop zone or just add some pretty decor.

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Lovely And Long Entryway Lineup

Take advantage of every inch of space in your entryway by incorporating this extra-long and extremely lovely wooden bench next to your staircase. The metal legs combined with the rustic wood of the seating space create some modern rustic charm. Just below, there is a collection of woven baskets to hold all of the many items youll need to keep onsite, but out of mind. You can label them according to their contents or name one for each member of the family. Either way is a great means for keeping your family and home organized so everything has a place and is kept in its place.

Home Sweet Home Modern Farmhouse

Pack a punch of style into your modern farmhouse entryway. The glossy black bench adds depth and charm to the farmhouse feel while the white shiplap walls pave the way in terms of dramatic style. Neutral pumpkins in various materials are awesome autumn accessories to add to your space. The large blanket ladder draws the eye up and gives a certain coziness and charm to the small seating space of your homes entryway room.

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