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How To Decorate Entry Way

How To Decorate A Contemporary Entryway

Do These 5 Inexpensive Things To Create A Beautiful Entryway

Contemporary entries often involve a more spacious approach than traditional entryways. Walls tend to be fewer or smaller, and an open overall concept is probably involved somehow. So your best bet for the entryway is to keep décor to a well-chosen minimum. A bench and a rug are the only furnishings of this well-decorated space, because theyre the only ones needed.

In this contemporary home, the front door is customized to be wider than standard doors. This means that the only wall in this entryway is on the right , where the front door also swings. A single piece of wall art is sufficient to address this wall without making it into a big fuss.

Opposite the one wall in this entryway is a staircase on the other side of the staircase is the only other wall. Two large, vertical modern paintings are hung here, which is in keeping with the shape of the wall itself and a beautiful counterbalance to all the other straight lines of the staircase railing.

The railing is a cool industrial number, warmed up a touch with a wooden handrail.

The stairs themselves are mostly carpeted in a light neutral grey, with a bit of wooden tread showing on the sides of each step. This ratio is pleasantly maintained, both on the railing and the stairs themselves, which creates harmony and appeal, even if subconsciously.

Small Plants To Decorate Your Home Entrance

Why decorate the entryway with plants?

Not only because they are beautiful and will put you in a good mood, but also because they will make your home entrance more welcoming for you and your guests.

Add some Air Plantsor Succulents to your magnetic arrangements perfect to brighten up the room with a touch of green!

Set Patterned Floor Tiles

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Having patterned tile is like having wallpaper, but for the floor it adds character and drama without being too overwhelming.

There are thousands of individual tile designs in many ways to create thousands of different patterns. You can tailor your tiles to fit with any aesthetic, with simple, single-color tiles or even plain colors arranged into a cool pattern.

The great thing about floor tile is that you can use peel-and-stick vinyl floor tiles and remove them if you move, and for a relatively affordable price.

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Small Entryway Ideas That Are Sleek And Stylish

Lacey Ramburger is a personality assessment expert based in Kansas City, Missouri, with more than five years of experience. Her areas of expertise include Zodiac, Myers-Briggs, and the Enneagram. She is the author of the book “Being Whole” and dozens of articles on personality assessments and relationships.

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The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

We believe creating an instaworthy entryway has nothing to do with home size. So if that tiny nook by your front door doesn’t feel very inviting, consider it an opportunity to decorate. Need some motivation? Here are 20 small entryways brimming with personal style.

Enchant With A Scenic Mural In An Entryway

27 Best Rustic Entryway Decorating Ideas and Designs for 2017

Scenic landscape murals are the biggest story in decorating today wonderfully atmospheric and evocative, an impressive hallway wallpaper or wall mural idea will transform any entryway, hall or landing space.

Dramatic and stylized, this glorious scenic design is reminiscent of a beautifully illustrated storybook. Translate the jewel tones into upholstery and accessories and add in glass, wood and metal pieces.

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What Colors To Choose For Your Entryway

Color scheme is one of the first considerations when styling your entryway. A light and bright entryway creates a sense of space and a breezy feel that will flow through the rest of the house. However, you also need to remember that this is a high traffic and high use area, so expect walls and floors to get scraped, bumped, and marked. So, is a dark color scheme the way to go? Not necessarily, either hardwearing material such as wood might be a good idea in such cases.

Its all dependent on the size and layout of your entryway too. If you have a long and narrow corridor entry space with a small amount of natural light, then try to avoid colors that are too dark. If your entryway is larger and with more natural light, then it is more suited to darker tones. Remember that this space sets the whole tone for your home, so choose a color that works with the rest of the house, inviting guests to step in and feel wholly welcomed in your space.

Fab And Functional: 13 Clever Ways To Decorate A Long Entry Hallway

This post is going to show you how to decorate a long entry hallway without it feeling cluttered a challenge we tackle all the time for clients in our work as interior designers.

Well pack the post with loads of visual inspiration for you too, and give you some tips on how to lay out the various ideas discussed below. Dont worry, youre in safe hands.

The hero image in this post comes via forbes.

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Entryway Wall Art Gallery

The next idea in our entryway wall decor list is to turn the wall into an art gallery. Is it a great idea? The answer is going to be yes. Why? Well, if you want to make a good first impression, you might as well present the best decor in the entryway. And exhibiting your favorite paintings is a good way to do so.

Notice how the entryway gallery wall is painted in black. This allows the mostly white paintings to stand out even more. The contrast between the wall and the paintings create a focal point that no one can miss.

Factor In Entryway Storage

Entryway Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces | 5 Steps to an Organized Entryway

When in search of extra hallway storage space in an entryway, make the most of ceiling heights available. Built-in joinery or off-the-shelf solutions can provide the perfect amount of extra room to house items only used for special occasions or rarely read books. To break up a large wall of storage, use a mix of closed and open solutions.

Do you have a narrow or small hallway? A clever trick to avoid overcrowding in an entryway is to use a mix of closed and open storage too many bulky units can make a room appear too practical and detract away from its beauty. Include stylish entry table decor ideas to counteract this.

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What Should I Put In My Entryway

‘You do need to consider the practical elements, then design around them so you don”t detract from the beauty,’ says interior designer Charu Gandhi. ‘Things like where coats, shoes and keys are going to go. If there’s space, I think doing a seat or a bench that incorporates hallway shoe storage is great. We nearly always add a tray so you can lay your things out ready to go.’

‘I also love putting mirrors in entryways because they can tend to feel quite dark, she says. ‘Similarly, do try and add a floor or table lamp, especially when you are entertaining.’

Choose A Statement Clock For Pure Impact

The entryway is often the first thing guests see when entering your home, so try to create an interesting vignette with one or two key pieces to give a good first impression,’ says Sue Jones, co-founder and creative director at OKA . ‘It can be tricky to make an impact if you have a large space to decorate if thats the case, go for something that matches the size and grandeur of the room, like our colossal Grenvelle clock. It certainly makes its presence known.’

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Try Unique Entryway Decorating Ideas

It is not easy to think outside the box for entryway . A console table, a table lamp, a mirror, a gallery wall, a bench. We have seen it all. Try to make something from scratch for uniqueness. Re-purpose an old item or give a vintage look to your grandmothers old console table. You can even try making a sculpture or a DIY construction. These kinds of things will change the entrance atmosphere completely and also make you feel proud for yourself.

Create A Small Vanity Space

35 Amazing Small Entryway Decor Ideas

Amy Lefernik at Interior Impressions

Occasionally homes have an unusual nook or open space that has untapped potential. If yours happens to be located near the front of your home, try turning that space into a small vanity or desk space. These floating drawers function as a sturdy surface to display and store items, while the space underneath is large enough to tuck away a chair and basket to keep them out of the way.

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Keep The Color Scheme Cohesive

Entryway ideas in apartments are so important but are often overlooked,’ says Birdie Fortescue, founder and creative director at Birdie Fortescue . ‘The entrance sets the tone for the rest of the house so the way it is styled and presented is key. Art is incredibly useful in this kind of setting as it can be used in a tactical way to either make a powerful statement, add personality or introduce entryway paint ideas and color.

‘If you have a generous entryway or an open staircase idea, then make the most of large scale works to create impact. Diptychs and triptychs can be very useful on large expanses of wall as can series’ of prints or photographs. In this entryway, the paintings are by the same artist and the theme continues up the stairs to the landing which creates a strong visual link between the different areas and anchors the color palette of greens and earthy natural tones.’

Hang A Statement Wallpaper In An Entryway

‘As well as considering which colors suit the period of your property, and the materials and colors which might surround your front door ideas, its also important to consider the transition into your interior, linking the color choice of your entryway to that of your front door and your interior,’ says Andy Greenall dead of design at Paint & Paper Library . ‘Whether you choose a classic, deep shade or the contrast of a bolder, brighter color, an entryway should be considered a transitional space setting the tone for the rest of your interior.’

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How Do I Make My Foyer Brighter

To make a foyer brighter, first think decor. Pale paint colors are a go-to to reflect the light but you might alternatively choose a wallpaper with a pale ground. If paint is your preference, glossier finishes are more reflective and are a practical choice for a busy area.

Consider the lighting, too. Lamps should supplement ceiling lighting and if there isnt space for a surface on which to set a table lamp, think about installing wall lighting.

Make sure the entryway is clear of clutter, too. If its crowded with outerwear, achieving a bright and airy feel is out of the question. Plan in storage, and limit whats kept there to daily essentials.

Charming Small Entryway Decor Ideas For A Stunning First Impression

How to Create the Illusion of an Entryway – Easy Home Decorating | HGTV

Finding unique storage units to hide the clutter is one practical way these small entryway decor ideas will help to tidy up your entryway. The built-in Hall tree or the black metal and wood hall tree offers an orderly combination of hooks, bench, and storage and will create order out of chaos. Speaking of hooks, there are a multitude of ways to use hooks in an attractive but highly useful way.

Check out the single row of hooks mounted on wood or on the wall opposite the entry doorvery useful for hanging jackets and bags. Hang a wreath in the middle of the hooks for a homey touch. And if you dont want the hooks to dominate the scene, mount a hook bar discreetly underneath a table.

If you want to make the entryway strictly ornamental, select an entry table in any style and group florals, lamps, and frames to fashion an eye-pleasing entry. Or you can personalize your home entry with a family name sign. Whatever idea you choose our small entryway decor ideas wont fail you.

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Bring In Plant Friends

Add some life to your entry with a plant or two . Choose a colorful planter or plant stand to make more of an impact, either to sit on the floor or be hung up on the wall.

No need to make room in your non-entryway for this little hanging planter. SHOP NOW: Rust Finished Wall Planter by Terrain, $28,

Small Entryway Ideas And The Genius Pieces You Need To Create One

Whether your front door opens into a grand, classical entryway or right onto the dark corner of the kitchen , that will be the first place your guests see in your home. Also: You. It will be the first spot that greets you after work in the evening. Even small foyers are the first impression,” says interior designer Peter Dunham, who advises a bold look for this part of your home even if it isn’t exactly large, or isn’t even technically its own room. “Small foyers give one an ideal situation for high-carat impact… that will easily make up for any lack of space by being luxe and special.” The following small entryway ideasand the perfect products to see them throughwill turn your non-foyer into a pleasant entryway no matter what its size or scale. Discover 12 ways to make a great first impression, even if all you have is a blank wall by the door.

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Opt For A Sculptural Mirror

‘I always advise using really interesting furniture in an entryway a beautiful console table or a sculptural piece,’ says Charu Gandhi, founder and director of Elicyon . ‘It’s unexpected and because it’s not a space you’re going to sit in for ages, you don’t have to focus on functionality or, indeed, comfort, so you can get away with doing something that’s quite frivolous. I love putting mirrors in entrance spaces because they can tend to feel quite dark. Similarly, do try and add a floor or table lamp, especially for when you’re entertaining.’

How To Decorate Your Entryway According To Feng Shui Philosophy

35 Amazing Small Entryway Decor Ideas

Last week Hommes Studio introduced you to Feng Shui philosophy and basic rules. But apart from general rules which you should follow while decorating your dream home, it is also worth researching, how to design every room in the house. Today we are taking you for a trip through properly decorated feng shui entryway projects.

As the most important premise of the feng shui philosophy is the free flow of qi , which is possible when there is harmony between the forces ruling the world and our lives, it is important to leave the entryway neat and clean. It is the area that welcomes the energy in the house, so make sure you provide a warm welcome.

First thing you need to take into consideration is the place of entryway. According to bagua map, which you can check here, the entrance should be placed in one of the three areas: Wisdom Area, Career Area of Helpful People Area.

The entry foyer is called mouth of qi. This is the portal for all the energy coming to the house, so make sure to keep the space neat and clean. Dont cluster the space with big closets, that you can often meet in some entryway projects.

Choose bright colors and keep the room bright. Hallways and entryways are often narrow or small, so take care of the colouring of the walls and good lighting. An overhead light and side sconces will be useful.

Dont put items in the middle, as it will block the free flow of qi. And of course, dont leave any clothes or other items scattered around!

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Create A Point Of Focus

A standout, eye-catching design and statement color palette in an entryway not only tells a story, it also draws our attention and sparks wonder.

In this modern hallway, graphic prints hung side by side over a bespoke metal console create a striking impact. Shapely accessories in glass and marble further enhance the ensemble.

I love using this sort of color on walls as it allows paintings and portraits to really sing out,’ says Anna Haines, founder, Anna Haines Design . ‘It feels both calming and quiet and also works as the ideal backdrop for a range of rich textiles, decorative antique rugs and furniture.

A Large Mirror Above The Console

Many long entry hallways are not blessed with natural light. Some might have a little peeking through glass in or next to the front door, and so you have to find ways to combat the darkness. A mirror is an easy way to do this.

Mirrors bounce light around any room and create a sense of space, and in a cramped entrance hall theyre a godsend. Install one above your console table, but ensure it has a thin frame. You dont want embellishments here . Its all about reducing the visual bulk.

Again, if the hallway is long but not actually narrow, you can go for a mirror with some more detail to it. But in a cosier entry zone, minimal profiles are always more successful.

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