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How To Decorate Entertainment Center

Top Of Entertainment Centre Decorating Ideas

How to Decorate Entertainment Centers : Simple Home Accents

Your entertainment center is one of the most critical areas in your home. Top of Entertainment Centre Decorating Ideas includes having the devices arranged in a distinct order to bring a compelling effect. There are several aspects that most people consider. This includes a television set and some speakers.

A DVD player is also commonly used in an entertainment center. Games console is at the same time used in an entertainment center. But the most critical thing is that your entertainment center should be decorated. We are going to discuss the best ideas to use to decorate an entertainment center.

Farmhouse Entertainment Center Decor Ideas


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Love the rustic style of farmhouse or industrial home decor? Today were sharing farmhouse entertainment center decor ideas.

Ever since Chip and Joanna Gaines graced the small screen with their popular HGTV show, Fixer Upper, farmhouse style has been popular and trendy for home decor and interior design. Perhaps youve been daydreaming about ways to add a sliding barn door in your living room? Or trying to figure out how to decorate a farmhouse entertainment center? Today, well show you an easy way to do both!

Over the past twelve months, weve been giving our ranch style home a main floor makeover. Mostly weve been changing all our paint colors and flooring to be more neutral and rustic. Were also adding a few key furniture pieces and some decorative touches to give our home industrial or farmhouse style.

Some of my favorite things about farmhouse style are the large sliding wood barn doors that people are installing in their homes. Sliding barn doors are a fairly easy way to give your house that farmhouse look, but you have to have the right home structure to actually make it work.

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A Note From The Home Depot

Merichelle Jones of Were The Joneses wanted to give her living room a modern makeover, having the decor as the focal point of the room. Find out how she designed her entertainment center with decor from The Home Depot.

Does your living room revolve around your flatscreen? Ours did, too until we gave the entertainment center a design facelift! Even though the TV is the main source of entertainment in this room, it doesnt have to steal the spotlight. I wanted our entertainment center to match the modern design of our home, so I turned to The Home Depot to find the perfect modern furniture and decor to surround our screen. Ive listed some helpful tips to show how your entertainment center and surrounding decor can be a stylish focal point of your living room.

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The Entertainment Center + Computer Desk Design

Dont let the simplistic design of this cabinet discourage you from building it. Ideal for smaller spaces and sized perfectly to support a flat screen, this entertainment center is built entirely out of pine segments.

Additionally, you will require a circular saw, a Kreg jig, wood glue to hold everything together, and a dark oak stain to give the cabinet a stunning finish.

Farmhouse Style Media Cabinet:

top of large entertainment center

Give also a glam touch of farmhouse style to your modern living room by adding the farmhouse style media cabinet that is a piece of cake to make at home! Build a cabinet with two glass paneled hinged doors and then magnify the look of it using accent wood molding!

Step-by-step instructions here buildsomething

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What To Put In Picture Frames

One thing that can be a challenge when dealing with leaners is figuring out what to put in the picture frames! I might have frames that are the perfect size and shape to fill a space, but what do I put in them?! Here are some easy and inexpensive ideas:

  • Wrapping paper
  • Antique documents like marriage or birth certificates from ancestors that may have been passed down
  • Free printables
  • Purchased printables
  • Meaningful photographs

The Contemporary Entertainment Center Idea

Without a doubt, a unique entertainment center plan on this list, this cabinet has a gorgeous red finishing to give it a royal look. Moreover, it is constructed using birch plywood and can hold a large flat-screen TV.

Made of pine comprises two drawers, a large cabinet for your consoles or media, and four additional drawers. Additionally, there are eight open shelves for displaying and holding items.

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Install Modular Cabinet Sections On

Once youve built all the cabinet box sections and face frames then its time to install them. Its important to take time to establish a level layout line and figure out if there are any high points on the floor. Start by setting the cabinet that sits on the highest level first, and level all the other cabinets to that cabinet.

TIP: When installing cabinets, its really important to use a long level . A small difference in one cabinet can translate into a big deal by the end of a cabinet run, so its important to check level often and over a long distance when possible.

Once I installed the base cabinet boxes I then installed the face frames. I opted to face nail the face frames because I painted these cabinets. If this had been a stain job I most likely would have attached the face frames with pocket screws as well. Another option is attaching them with biscuits. Its worth pointing out in all three cases I would use wood glue in addition to the fasteners.

For this particular project I installed a wood counter-top on top of the base cabinets followed by the upper shelving units. This step isnt necessary but it creates a really nice custom look. A pre-fabricated counter-top could be used or you can build a custom one similar to this one. I used cabinet grade plywood and stained it to match the Brazilian Cherry flooring in the room. The options are countless including stone, laminate, and even ordering a custom solid wood top.

The Diy Furniture Logan Project

How to Decorate the Top of an Entertainment Center & Bookcase : Home Accessories & Decor

Another one of our entertainment center plans made to hold flat-screen TVs this plan assures an eye-catching addition to your living room.

Wicker baskets and wooden decor pieces wonderfully accent the entertainment center.

With multiple storage spaces and cabinets, this stand can also be used as a bookshelf, display case, and place for photo frames. You can also adjust the sizes of the shelves according to your unique preferences.

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Consider An Entertainment Center With Barn Doors

Nurture a cozy, rustic environment with a farmhouse entertainment center. Using textures such as reclaimed wood and iron provide a counterbalance to screens and laptops, making the space feel like a natural fit to unwind in. Sliding barn doors serve a dual purpose, disguising a television screen when its off, as well as curating an organic sense of place.

First Place: Home Office With Desk

Coleen Schamante of Murfreesboro is our winner for creating a desk and home office storage unit out of a large wooden entertainment center for a mere $32, using the doors to make a desktop.

“I had a beautiful, solid oak and custom-built piece of furniture that I couldn’t just get rid of. We needed a new desk, so why not?” said Schamante.

She removed the two center doors and the hardware like tracks and hinges and measured from the bottom of the cabinet to the floor and cut one of the doors to that size as the desk support. “The other door would be cut to whatever size you want the desktop to be,” she said. Use L-brackets to attach the cut door to the wall unit and the support. Then, have glass cut to fit and place it on top of the desk, said Schamante, whose biggest expense was the glass.

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Show Off Your Snow Globe Collection

A snow globe collection will give your entertainment center a touch of magic. For example, you may have a Disney snow globe collection you want to display. Add a photo of your last Disney trip or group of three on the next shelf. You may go all out and choose Disney themed frames. Be creative with your snow globe theme. You might prefer a Star Wars collection, or maybe you have a collection from your childhood of fairies that you’ve added to over the years. If you don’t have a snow globe collection, you can always start one. You can quickly build your collection by creating a snow globe wish list for Christmas, birthday, and other gifting occasions.

Using Books Arranged Near The Entertainment Centre

decor for entertainment center

One of the most creative ways of decorating your entertainment center is by arranging some books on shelves in the area. You can decide to move part of your library to the entertainment center. Arrange books near your entertainment devices like a television set. This can, however, range from your best pieces. Books with the most interesting cover pages can also be put into consideration. The main point is to make a good image out of the books for your entertainment center.

Books have been used for the longest time possible since time immemorial. After writing was invented, books have been used in the decoration of even offices. It is the most popular method since books are more readily available. Majority of people have used books at one point in life.

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Affordable Diy Entertainment Center:

Style up your living room also by adding this precious DIY entertainment center that comes with lots of storage options and with amazing design dimensions! The display screen compartment is having lots of storage compartments, cubbies, drawers, and sub-storage-cabinets all around to store all your concerns!

Here is how to make it hertoolbelt

How To Decorate An Entertainment Center

When you consider that watching TV is now the most popular pastime in this country, its not surprising that an increasing number of households are building custom entertainment systems. These pieces tend to take up an entire wall because of the size of television sets these days. That can pose a challenge as how to decorate an entertainment center around the oversized flat, black rectangle commonly called a television.

Regardless of whether your interior design aesthetic features a classic entertainment center with a TV flanked by built-ins or a modern, minimalist style with a wall-mounted set surrounded by sleek cabinetry, there are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to decorating your entertainment center:

  • Pick Pieces You Love
  • Go Easy on The Eyes
  • Change is Good

Keep reading for tips and tricks to make your entertainment center a purposeful piece of furniture and attractive addition to your home and not just a place to put your television set.

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Tv Cabinets For Small Spaces

  • Look for smaller dressers, side tables, and accent furniture to use as a small tv stand in a tight space.

When we were in our Japanese rental house in Iwakuni, Japan we had a very small space for our living room. We used the biggest tv we could find that could sit on a small chest of three drawers.

  • Try placing the tv in a corner and at an angle of a small room.

Doing this, gave me a little more wiggle room for creating a pretty vignette around it.

Heres how I . I anchored the small tv stand by using a small wood stool with books and a plant to cover the outlet and cords. The art above it on each wall helps creates a nice focal point for the room.

  • Use a black cabinet to help blend in a tv.

I love using this trick! We had a small master bedroom in the same house as above.

I found a tall and skinny cabinet at the local thrift store for the tv sit on. It had an open shelf that was perfect for a little styling.

I kept the accessories in light and bold colors since the cabinet is so dark for a pretty contrast.

How To Organize Your Home’s Entertainment Center


Keeping an entertainment zoneorganized at home is never easy. Along with figuring out how to stylishly display your large electronic devices, you have all kinds of media-related miscellany to corral and conceal from plain sight, too. “A big obstacle to keeping an entertainment area organized is that you want things like remote controls, speakers, and cable boxes in places that are accessible, but not necessarily obvious,” says Nicole Anzia, professional organizer and founder of Neatnik. “Buy furniture that can neatly accommodate various electronic components and all of their cords, and buy a bin or basket to store your remote controls.” Of course, once you have all of your media storage situated, you then run the risk of accidentally stockpiling all of your obsolete electronics. “Don’t let old cables, cords, and other out-of-date technology pile up,” Anzia says. “If you buy an updated device, get red of the old one. It’s easier than ever to recycle electronics and keep your entertainment area up-to-date.”

Looking for more ideas on how to keep your entertainment area organized at home? We asked six different interior designers for their advice on streamlining media zones, and here’s what they had to say.


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The Smith Media Wall: Center Console

One of the most professional-looking entertainment centers on this list, this plan is for those people who have flat-screen television sets and a requirement for a bigger cabinet capable of storing a hoard of additional items.

Constructed using ¼ thick solid wood segments, this TV stand provides ample space to store multiple items like books, games, CDs, and others. You can even use the open shelves for photo frames of display items.

The media center is finished using a wood stain to give it an attractive, rustic look. Remember, the dynamics of this entertainment center can match any decor your home showcases.

Match Decor To Your Stand

A great way to create cohesion in your living room is to make your TV stand decor coordinate with the console itself. If your hardware is a different color than the stand, try to find accent pieces that highlight that color. Having a set color scheme will make your shopping that much easier. We love how the gold hardware on this glam TV stand is paired with decor that has shades of yellow, cream, and taupe to build on the warmth and brightness of the overall setup. This can also easily be accomplished with silver, black, copper, and white hardware.

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Surround It With Shelves

Televisions are practically an entertainment necessity these days, but they can look clunky and dark. Allow yours to blend into your entertainment center by surrounding it with shelves. Fill the shelves with interesting decor pieces and lots of books. You can even use the shelves to store your movies .

Just Start Decorating Your Entertainment Center

Templeton Media Center

Dont let indecision freeze you when it comes to this type of decor. Playing around with different items you already own will help you decide on a direction. Then, you can simply fill in the blanks when you shop at your favorite stores. And if you want your entertainment center to last as long as possible, make sure you take care of it.

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Stylish Ways To Decorate With A Tv

A TV mounted over the fireplace is a classic living room setup. Here, the wires run through the wall behind the TV, so no electrical components are visible. Adding style to the TV wall, a narrow mantel below the screen holds a collection of seashells, while built-in shelves on either side sport a mustard yellow paint job for a bright pop of color.

Barn Door Media Console

The advantage of building this plan is that its on the smaller side, which makes it a good fit for homes with less space to spare. Simple to build and place, this entertainment center can fit all your media essentials.

If you wish, you can add more shelves and secure them with wood glue or wood screws. Do not forget to take exact measurements, or you might have stability issues.

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Get Creative With Storage

Adding floating shelves allows you to store vases, photo albums, books, or various other items. The modern design provides subtle decoration without taking away from your television.

If you have an extensive book collection, transform the shelves into a personal library. New shelves provide an affordable and stylish solution that works on any budget. The decorative addition also serves as a conversation starter when hosting friends and family.

Dont: Take It Too Seriously

Outfitting Your TV Entertainment Center

Ultimately, your home decor and your entertainment center should be a reflection of who you are. Display your favorite items, add your personality, and have fun with it! Wander around your home , collecting all the knickknacks you love. Then arrange and rearrange them on your entertainment center shelves.

Each time you style a shelf, take a big step back. Think about what you like and dont like, then play a little more. Youll find the display thats right for you.

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