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How To Decorate Concrete Walls

Why Choose Concrete Walls In Contemporary Style Homes

DIY Faux Cement Wall | Industrial Home Decor

Concrete walls may look really impressive and, believe it or not, this is a fashionable decorative technique. Despite the fact that most people consider concrete to be a rough, cold and austere material, with the right approach and with appropriate treatment, concrete is comparable with the luxury of granite or marble. You will not have a feeling that you are entering a room that is being remodeled or under construction. A good design will take advantage of the unique properties of concrete and will accent on its decorative value. Usually, we see a concrete wall as an accent wall in huge loft apartments but in the pictures below you shall notice that concrete can be used in small rooms, even studio apartments. Concrete walls can be found in the bedroom and in the living room, the bathroom, kitchen or dining room. The material is versatile and we shall give you some very good reasons why you should not be afraid of a concrete wall in the design of your home.

Concrete is budget friendly and available material. When you want a concrete wall, you do not have to make a significant financial investment. In addition concrete has excellent wear resistance and environmental characteristics. When you add some bright and bold accessories, modern art paintings or sculptures, the final result can be inspiring and very impressive.

Edging Flower Bed With Concrete Blocks

Best Concrete Landscape Edging Blocks from Edging Flower Bed with Concrete Blocks. Source Image: Visit this site for details:

Incorporating seats and plants, this yard bordering idea is perfect for the backyard. Making use of old timber or weather-beaten wood slabs, create a seat that holds blossoms along the edge of your yard piece. This offers you much more seating and also a fantastic garden clean side. Be sure to sand down the wood as well as treat it to prevent splinters and also rot on your bordering.

Can I Use Garden Walling To Build Retaining Walls

Our products are best used as decorative garden walling to face a concrete block structure. This means you can build a retaining wall that is structurally sound and has a decorative finish.

Generally, if you plan to build a retaining wall higher than 600mm, we advise that you speak to an expert. This will ensure that the build is long-lasting and structurally sound.

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Give The Concrete A Makeover

If you are hoping to brighten up your dark basement, consider rolling some paint or stain on those concrete floors.

In addition to making the basement look better, the right paint or stain treat will also seal the floor, helping to reduce moisture. For just a small amount of money, this project will make a big impact.

How To Beautify A Concrete Wall

Pin on Home Decor

When basement concrete walls look bare or your concrete retaining wall is dirty and discolored, you have a few options for beautifying interior and exterior concrete walls. You can faux-paint the wall to create a castle wall-like effect or you can use other painting methods to decorate concrete walls.

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The Sheer Beauty Of Concrete Walls

by Alex Ion

Dare to be bold with your interior design? Concrete walls may be a good solution. While they may seem like unfinished business for your home decor, concrete walls break up the form and accentuate a room with their sheer elegance and their unique personality. The raw, unfinished look of concrete is inimitable, while the trendy industrial style of having it adorn your walls though hard to believe is nothing but inviting.

Modern Basement Wall Ideas

Modern interior design will require the most work in your basement. However, itll also make your basement look most like the rest of your finished home.

The walls should be white or light-colored, then lay down wood flooring. Build a drop ceiling to hide all of the plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems.

With a finished basement, you could turn part of it into your laundry room. This gives you more space upstairs. Turn your old laundry room into a walk-in closet or other small usable space.

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Sandstone Garden Edging Blocks Lm

Best Concrete Landscape Edging Blocks from Sandstone Garden Edging Blocks Lm. Source Image: Visit this site for details:

Bear in mind similar to several points in the landscape as well as garden there are NO RULES. Landscape bordering comes down to your design, creative thinking, materials and budget plan.

Stamped Concrete Walls For Luxurious Interiors

Home Decor | Cement Wall Design | Wall Decor Ideas

If you love the look of a luxury-style living room, using stamped concrete for the walls along with statement lighting can add depth to the space. There are many advantages to using decorative stamped concrete for the wall. These include the vast choice of colors and patterns based on your own taste and design idea, as well as the timeless look and durability of this building design. The stamped concrete wall can either be decorated with wooden features or used as a focal point.

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Grey Brick Walls In Decorative Restroom Ideas

Basically, the appearance of this decorative concrete wall looks like brick. In a grey scheme, each brick has two holes which finally attached each other to form a tall divider between two rooms.

In this case, the decorative brick wall is built between a kind of restroom and the other room on the left. The restroom is spacious with custom furniture around it.

Kind of mounted wall on the center wall is useful as a TV holder and locker. And long desk on the left is functional as a computer desk with a pot of fresh air plant as an ornament. A couple of tables are placed with white chairs surrounding them.

Concrete Walls For Hallway

Concrete walls look especially stunning on bright hallways. Their texture can be further highlighted with decorative white siding on the top and bottom of the wall as shown here. You can also choose to include a concrete accent wall in your hallway and hang a striking wall art from it or place a bright piece of furniture in front of it.

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Interior Decorating: Concrete Walls

Concrete wall overlays for vertical surfaces are the latest technique for adding a dramatic finish to ordinary concrete walls. A new material known as Flex-C-Ment is applied directly over the primed vertical wall. It is a thick material that can create beautiful, natural stone or rock textures. Flex-C-Ment can be built out 3 inches or more and is fire resistant, weather resistant and waterproof. The stone patterns can be made in any size and shape. Flex-C-Ment is 20% to 40% cheaper than manufactured stone to install. This option will completely transform your concrete wall.

View the many samples of concrete wall overlays. Interior decorating of concrete walls using overlays is an amazing look that also works for exterior decorating as well.

Combination Weathered Wood And Painted Drywall

Concrete Wall Mural  Talissa Decor

This basement was framed and insulated. Then drywall was used for most of the walls.

An accent wall of weathered wood was used make the room feel warm and break up some of the bright white painted look.

You can use pine boards for this kind of look. Stain them and seal with polyurethane before you put them up.

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Chic Floral Printed Concrete Wall To Hide Kitchen

Some ways to make a tiny house more spacious are ready to realize. The first is to hide some mess that may be displayed around the house.

Commonly, the mess can be created in a room where many small items are found. In this case, it may be the kitchen. Thats why it is better to hide this cooking area by installing a decorative concrete wall.

Integrating the concrete wall with a patterned hole is better to keep good air circulation. White still becomes the best color for the room paint. And for the furniture, natural materials such as wood and rattan are preferable.

Show Your Pool Some Love

Yes, all-weather art is a thing. These outdoor canvasses stay colorful and gorgeous all year round says Anna Marie, the lucky owner of this home with an outdoor pool. Keep in mind, pieces like these must be firmly secured so they do not blow away and cause injury.

  • 13 of 16 Greenery NYC

    If your unattractive fence is ruining your backyard, here is a simple way to turn it into a beautiful feature wall you would not mind gazing at for hours on end. Landscape designers, Greenery NYC, covered the ugly offender with bamboo fencing. The material is relatively inexpensive, and you can buy it in convenient rolls at most home improvements.

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  • 14 of 16 Coffman Studio

    The owner of this home wanted their outdoor patio to flows seamlessly from their interior living space. Landscape professionals Coffman Studio helped them achieve their goal. The painted outdoor walls match the interior’s color scheme making both areas feel more connected. Ceramic wall art helped to further define the outdoor room.

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    Other Masonry Hanging Hardware

    There are a lot of other masonry hardware that can hold more than just a regular picture frame. Sleeve Anchors, Drop-in Anchors, and Split Drive Anchors are just a few examples. These allow you to hang heavier items like large mirrors, paintings, shelves and many more.

    At Picture Hang Solutions, we offer masonry hanging hardware such as Concrete Screws, Brick Clips, Wall Dog Screws, Lead Anchors #10-#14, and Lead Anchors Extra T-Lock.

    Not sure what these are for? Heres what you need to know.

    • ConcreteScrews – These are 3/16 screws that have two variants: Phillips and Hex head. They are heavy duty screws that anchor objects toconcrete walls quickly and securely.
    • Brick Clips – These hangers allow pictures or other items to be hung on a brick wall without actually drilling holes into the wall. They have a weight capacity of 25 pounds and they are only suitable for brick walls with recessed mortar joints. This is because the clip needs at least ¼ inch of the brick to protrude outward for it to hold on to.
    • WallDogScrews– These hangers are both a screw and an anchor in one. It can be used for drywall, plaster, brick and concrete.Wall dog screws have aggressive threads thus having a stronger holding capacity than traditional screws.

    Learning about picture hanging hardware can be overwhelming at first but it gets easier to grasp over time. With your expanded knowledge of masonry hanging methods, youd be itching to personalize your space as soon as possible.

    How To Build A Concrete Wall Prep Work: Materials Tools And Site

    Complete DIY Project! | Creating A Faux Concrete Modern Design Accent Wall

    The wall we built was a weekend-long project and an exhausting one at that. It took a day to rip out the old, collapsing retaining wall, to dig farther into the hill to provide room for the backfill gravel and to help unload materials. It took another day to install the base, blocks and backfill.

    Before launching into this concrete retaining wall project, contact your local building code official. Depending on the height and location of your wall, there may be structural, drainage and setback considerations. A permit may be required.

    Unless you own a heavy-duty truck , have your blocks, compactable base gravel, sand and backfill gravel delivered. Blocks may cost slightly more at specialty landscaping stores than at home centers, but landscaping stores are often better equipped to deliver the small batches of base, sand and gravel that youll need for installing the concrete retaining wall blocks. rolling yard.

    The Versa-Lok brand retaining wall system we installed uses nylon pins to align and secure horizontal rows of 80-lb. blocks. Other block systems use lips, gravity and filled cores to connect rows and increase strength. Your system may differ, but most of the preparation and installation steps remain the same.

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    Painting The Concrete Or Block Wall

    Painting the concrete or cinder blocks is the easiest and least expensive method for covering the walls.

    It’s not fancy but it does clean up the walls a lot. This is a lot more diy friendly and takes a lot less time than any of the other methods.

    Here’s a few concrete wall paint products you can use:

    Try using these self-adhesive brick veneer wall tiles for finishing your basement walls.

    You peel and stick them to the walls. They can be trimmed to fit around objects if needed.

    These come in packs of 10 and cover about 60 sq. ft. per pack.

    Rustic Basement Wall Ideas

    If you want to create a homey space that feels comfortable, then consider rustic basement ideas. These ideas have a simple and somewhat humble approach to basement renovation.

    You can achieve this look by adding wood paneling to the walls or laying a wood laminate on the floors. Look for wood finishes that are worn and have an aged treatment.

    If you have the budget, you can even find authentic salvaged or reclaimed wood. This would give your basement a sense of authenticity. Choose leather or suede furniture to balance the wood.

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    Luminescent Concrete Walls In Minimalist Bathroom

    Luminescent concrete is a type of glow-in-the-dark material that has glowing particles in its surface. During the day, it looks like any other concrete wall, but at night, it radiates. You can choose this type of concrete in various colors and particle sizes to suit your bathroom. In this minimalist bathroom, notice how the concrete walls illuminate and attract attention.

    Concrete Walls And Lighting

    Basement Themes

    Lighting is a critical element in any room, especially when youre trying to brighten up the concrete walls. Whether you choose spotlights, large lamps, or hanging lights, it is important to make sure there is adequate light in the room. In this example, the single freestanding light next to the dark green sofa provides an ideal reading corner in this dark, grey room. There is also additional lighting on the floor to highlight the accent wall. This room could easily have appeared gloomy with the use of dark grey concrete walls, but instead, it feels inviting and cozy.

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    Ways To Decorate Your Outdoor Walls For Warm Weather

    Deirdre Sullivan is an interior design expert and features writer who specializes in home improvement as well as design. She began her career as an assistant editor at Elle magazine and has more than a decade of experience. Deirdre contributes content for brands including The Spruce and, and has been a featured speaker at various conferences.

    The Spruce / Margot Cavin

    Outdoor rooms are a huge decorating trend for a good reason. They are one of the best ways to put untapped yard space to excellent use while enhancing home enjoyment during the warm weather months. Decorating your outdoor walls will make time spent in your al fresco living space even more inviting. The best part is that there are so many beautiful ways you can get the task done. The following ideas share our favorite ways to decorate an outdoor wall.

  • 01 of 16 Creative Tonic Design

    Here is an idea that will let every person on your block know that pool season has started. Creative Tonic Design took this outdoor space to the next level with a custom outdoor aluminum pool sign. Unlike other types of metal, aluminum will not rust. It will, however, oxidize. Over time, this type of corrosion will form an extra hard surface with a rugged, rustic appearance.

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  • Half Height Decorative Wall For Cafe

    If you want to beautify your chic cafe simply, installing the half-height concrete wall will be an interesting idea. The half-height decorative concrete wall can be installed as a divider between the dining area and some private area in another room space.

    To give more privacy to the divider, we can put the hanging rack on the half-concrete wall. On the floating rack, placing some pots of plants or some ornaments will be a nice option.

    The decorative concrete wall is also perfect for blocking a center wall in the dining area of the cafe. This decorative concrete wall can be an eye-catching focal point in the cafe.

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    Warm Semi Outdoor Conservatory

    The conservatory is a part of the house, which is mostly built with a glass roof and wall. The location of the conservatory may be in front, side, or even back of the house.

    This time, an interesting innovation is done for the conservatory. Without any glass roof and wall, this sitting area uses a decorative concrete wall that stands in a half-height.

    Painted in white, the decorative wall has a classic pattern dominating the surface. The patterned holes on each concrete wall piece allow fresh air and sunlight to come in. This semi-private area becomes more comfortable with a stunning fire pit.

    Contemporary Concrete Wall Design Ideas Inspiring Architectural Designs

    MODERN Concrete Finish FAST and Easy!

    Posted in

    Modern house exterior, concrete wall design, geometric pattern

    Concrete walls benefit architects and homeowners by turning concrete into creative architectural designs. Contemporary concrete walls provide a solid support system for buildings and yard structures, create excellent security and impress with their unique visual appeal. If you are looking for creative concrete wall design ideas, check out the Lushome collection that provides fantastic inspirations. They can help you find unique ways to personalize your yard and house with original wall designs.

    Concrete walls, conventionally used for foundations, are modern structures that look fabulous in mid-century modern homes and contemporary buildings. Steel reinforces the concrete posts and fences, making strong frames for gates white the concrete texture, giving a contemporary vibe to modern house exterior designs, space dividers, and public buildings.

    Additionally, concrete walls are energy-efficient and extremely tough. They can create numerous unique designs by removing single blocks, adding different-sized elements, or grouping blocks with different textures. Concrete makes creative wall designs perfect for accentuating modern homes, adding original details to yard landscaping, bringing a contemporary vibe, and modernizing houses and other structures.

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