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How To Decorate Boho Chic

Boho Chic Bedroom Ideas

HOW TO DECORATE BOHO STYLE – 11 tips to get you started!

The bedroom design in every home should speak to the softer side of the resident Bohemian style takes it to a new level. A canopy bed diffuses light to a dreamy quality, whether its candlelight or natural daylight. Comfortable textiles and soft textures dance with over-the-top colors. Sensual red, playful pink, and calming cream create a fusion that is perfect for sleeping, meditating, and relaxing.

Add Multiple Mirrors For Makeover Magic

You can also go Boho with mirrors. While many Bohemian styles use metallic mirrors, we love the simplicity and understated composition of various-sized round mirrors bordered in eco-friendly wood frames.

Using mirrors like these for boho wall decor also nods a proverbial head towards design themes like minimalist and mid-century modern, where theres a heavy focus on little to no decor pieces used.

Something Painted In A Bright Color

This can be a turquoise feature wall, a chair painted bright red in the corner, a gorgeous cabinet painted a lush tropical green you name it!

If the item is a little rough around the edges, even better!

The bohemian look is far from sterile and perfect, in fact it thrives on those little imperfections which can make people feel more relaxed and at ease within a space.

Ideally youd find a sweet vintage piece and give it a fun coat of paint in a color that you love. But you can also paint laminated furniture, if thats what you have on hand!

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50 Faux Fringe Jacket

For all our grunge lovers out there, we have got you covered with this remarkable black faux fringe jacket. One can honestly never go wrong with black, and this statement outfit is the living proof of just that. The spunky metallic belted chains and jewelry provide a refreshing contrast against the black faux on denim.

Additionally, replace the black hat with a bandanna, and you may as well have established that you are not to be messed with. Exactly the way it should be!

Indian Mandala Boho Sofa Throw

39 awesome french bohemian style decorating ideas decoration

This beautiful cotton throw can be used for more than a sofa. It could be used as a wall hanging, on a bed, as a door curtain, or as curtains, even though it is longer than traditional curtains. It has a traditional Indian Mandala design and is available in four colors. The design of the mandala can be used with other prints on pillows or other items. You can also choose to go with solid colors. It is created using a traditional block printing technique. The throw measures 90 inches long and 79 inches wide.

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Where To Shop For Bohemian Style Decor

The most important way for the bohemian look to be effective is that it must not look like you have gone out and bought everything from the same place at once. Rather, you have the freedom to take your time, to gather when you go on world travels or see that amazing painting at an antique store. Be mindful of looking everywhere for items that reflect you. While you can look for base pieces at retail stores, accessorize with pieces from antique and thrift stores along with the occasional street bazaar rug you acquire in your travels.

Bohemian Style Is Organic

Boho design revolves around elements of the natural world literally and visually. According to designer and Jungalow creator Justina Blakeney, plants are primary. They infuse life, air and energy into a space. Pair them with bright colors and geometric patterns for an maximal look. If your green thumb isnt up to speed, try using nature-inspired patterns .

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Get The Popular Collected Look By Mixing Patterns Textures Colors And Eras

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Cool Boho Entryway Decor Ideas

How to Decorate Boho

Pull off boho decor in each space of your home to create a cohesive interior. This roundup will tell you how to pull off boho style in entryways an entryway shouldnt be missing your attention. It creates an impression upon entering the house, so it should inspire, too. Take a look at these ideas and get inspired!

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Light And Airy Window Curtains

The window treatment is another important aspect of boho bedroom decor, as windows often draw your eyes inward and provide a focal point for the room.

Best window treatments/curtains for a boho bedroom?

When decorating a boho chic bedroom, beautiful curtains are essential even if you have blinds or another type of window covering. Curtains help add style to a space, frame the windows, and create height in a bohemian-inspired decor style.

Sheer or lightweight cotton curtains will give your bedroom that bohemian look youre going for. And while providing privacy, lightweight curtains will also let in the sunlight during the day.

If you prefer fabrics that block out light, then opt for heavy linen fabric like these black-out curtains on that leave zero light seeping through and will make your room pitch black when closed.

Boho Bedroom Window Curtain Idea: Implement lots of fabric to frame your windows.

Organza, lace, or similarly sheer curtains look airy, feminine, and stylish. These crushed textured semi sheer curtains from Target add a chic bohemian touch to the boho bedroom decor.

Velvet curtains are another unique fabric choice for window curtains that can add a chic essence to the overall boho-chic aesthetic and make your boho bedroom feel luxurious.

Woven And Wicker Touches

Woven and wicker touches are characteristic of boho chic spaces, and adding them to your bedroom is an easy way to create a style and a mood. You may go for wicker and rattan furniture of your choice nightstands, stools, benches. Try jute rugs and artworks, go for lots of baskets both for storage and for hanging on the wall. If you have lamps, choose wicker lampshades that will easily create a mood you want. use all of these items together or just some of them it will be very boho-like!

a jute rug and artwork with jute, a wicker chair ad some boho printed pillows for a relaxed boho space

some wicker baskets on the wall, a basket for storage, tassels and chunky knit for a boho bedroom

wicker baskets on the wall, a macrame chandelier and tassels and fringe for a bright boho space

some wicker touches like a chair and framed mirrors plus printed textiles create a boho look easily

some macrame on the wall, a crocheted stool cover and greenery helps to make the space boho

a woven bench, a basket and a woven planter, a fringe blanket and some greenery for a white boho space

a wicker lampshades, a woven colorful stool, a crocheted blanket and a macrame hanging

a wicker bench at the foot of the bed, colorful bedding and large tassels hanging

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Boho Chic As A Lifestyle

Is boho chic right for your interior?The answer is yes if it suits your lifestyle.Find out by asking the following questions: Do you like to combine different styles and creative activities in everyday life?Do you often indulge in small luxury pleasures, such as a special meal or a short trip to a particularly sophisticated travel destination?Do you value clothes and decorations from the old days?

46 Elsa Hosks Rainbow Maxi Gown

Home Decor Edition: Boho Chic Bedroom Makeover

The former Victorias Secret Angel and model Elsa Hosk looked emulate in this elegant boho maxi gown. She truly stood out with how effortless yet chic her entire look is. We love that she kept her jewelry to the minimum and let this gorgeous rainbow-hued piece do the talking.

The belted waist and plunging neckline make the dress just the right amount of sexy yet sophisticated. And the train inarguably brings out the more romantic side of this look. This entire ensemble is a vision to behold, and the crown braid hairstyle makes her look effortlessly boho chic on the red carpet.

Bohemian Style outfits are becoming very popular day by day because of its rich style statement attached to its culture. This is one of the reasons these days, various tops celebrities like Sienna Miller, Mischa Barton, Zoe Kravitz, Joy Bryant, Nicole Richie, Kate Moss, and Vanessa Hudgens have been spotted in cool bohemian outfits many times.

Get out of mainstream dressing style and doll up with something that can give you funky, as well as a traditional vibe. Recreate an elegant look from the past, as its high time to get inspiration from the hippie style.

Boho Chic Outfit Ideas: Looking for Bohemian style outfit ideas? Wondering how you too can follow the boho trend or youre just curious as to what actually a bohemian style is? Well, youre in for some good style tips and tidbit of history of this super stylish fashion trend.

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Get Creative With Your Art

Branch out from the usual art prints on the wall and choose plates or flat baskets instead. This is an especially great idea if youve collected special pieces from overseas. These will come together to naturally create a feature wall. So choose a focal point that you want to frame and go all out!

Want some more inspo for your wall? Check out these feature wall ideas.

Boho Vs Eclectic Style

The design styles have a similar look, making it easy to confuse them. Eclectic design mixes patterns and natural textures from various design styles. However, the style utilizes traditional interior design ideas like balance, symmetry, proportion, and scale spaces with disparate items to achieve a unified look.

Boho style or boho chic throws out the rule book. The style is eclectic, but not the same as eclectic design.

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What Does Boho Mean

Let’s take a peek into history to discover the origin of the term boho. Boho is derived from the French word bohémien, and it was coined in the late 19th century to describe the Romani, who were thought to have come to Europe from Bohemia in the Czech Republic.The Romani were wanderers who lived on the margins of society, excluded from the mainstream. In the early 1800s in Paris, their culture was romanticized because they lived outside conventional society, and the word bohemian came to mean any student, artist, writer or intellectual who adopted a nonconformist lifestyle with few worldly possessions.

21 The Easiest The Better


Boho chic is all about being easy in what you wear. You do not have to put in extra efforts for setting a trend. Because if you have to try too hard and have to try things that are outside your comfort zone, then that wont be boho. The uniqueness of this trend can be experienced by wearing the simplest printed maxi that you always have in your wardrobe. The bright colored maxi, with some laces, is all you need. So, go for it and enjoy the most easy fashion because fashion should never give you hard time!

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Put Baskets On The Wall

Photo via

Instead of a traditional gallery wall with photos, you can also hang some baskets to create a boho basket wall! If you want to achieve a natural Bohemian style, this new trend will help you do just that. Pairing baskets that are different sizes and woven patterns will add visual interest in any room!

5 Printed Skirts With Plain Shirts

Printed skirts with plain and light-colored shirts make the best combo for every casual occasion. You can even rock this outfit combo to college or your school. For the style, go for a bright-colored skirt with extra flare, and for the shirt, you can wear white colored or any other light-colored top and tuck it all the way inside the skirt. For the jewelry, opt for a bright colored beaded necklace, and some vibrant statement rings for more prominence. The perfect option for a bag is to go with a straw bag. Go with high heels in warm colors, and you are good to go. Here are some more ideas on White Shirt Outfits For Girls.

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Is Boho Decor Still Trending In 2022

Yes, it absolutely is, and Im of the opinion that it always will. That may be a biased opinion, but even if Boho décor were not trending, would it really matter? The whole appeal of Boho is that it is symbolic of living happily care-free against the norm. Whether were back in 2000, at present in 2022 or in the future at 2040, if your heart beats Boho, let that be reflected in your home as well. Sure, some Boho inspired products may change and modernize with time, but the concept will always be the same And there is something beautiful about the freedom to create a custom vibe with contradicting textures, fabrics and patterns. When you do it right, it just works!

In this example, we are delighted by a combination of natural wood, painted wood, geometric shapes, faux fur, a wood framed mirror and a macramé wall hanging. Some may look at this and think of it as primarily modern décor, and they would be correct. However, what also solidifies this as Boho is the melding of freshly painted wood with natural wood and modern elements that add texture and playfulness.

How To Create A Chic And Cozy Boho Living Room

Boho Bedroom Ideas (How to Decor &  Best Color for Bohemian Style)

A boho living room is eclectic and inviting, making you feel at home. Learn top tips to master this warm, chic, and personal style for your space.

If you love boho decor, were guessing that you dream of a boho living room brimming with an eclectic mix of colors, textures, and exciting accents. Bohemian-style rooms tend to fly in the face of modern sensibilities to embrace the unconventional, creative, and carefree. Youve probably noticed one other thing: boho interior design never goes out of style its always trending. What better way to decorate your living room?

Boho living room decor is as unique as the person whos decorating, so no two spaces are exactly alike. Two rooms might share an eclectic vibe with relaxed features, but the free-spirited nature of the boho look brings out personal touches. A boho living room will mirror your life, allowing you to express your personality and truly make the style your own.

In this guide, well outline essential design ideas for capturing the bohemian look in your living space so you can create a look and feel thats uniquely you. Whatever you decide, youll have fun combining colors, patterns, and objects that embrace this eye-catching aesthetic.

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Modern Boho Chic Interiors Design Techniques And Tips

Bohemian chic style is artistic, creative, and, most importantly, free. There are no strict rules for colors, shapes, patterns or furniture. It is an opportunity to express yourself and show your individuality. The style provides great opportunities especially for those who love small details in the interior and who like to handmade items. Even if several styles are mixed in the interior of one room at the same time, the choice of one color palette helps creating a balanced and harmonious atmosphere by combining different shades.

Think of environmentally friendly and natural finishing materials. Pay attention to ethnic and vintage furniture and accessories. In a Boho chic living room interior you can combine a comfortable leather sofa, a couple of rattan armchairs and a small glass table, ottoman or a rustic coffee table. Decorate the sofa with a large number of pillows in different colors and styles. Use the decorative pillows to add a variety of textures, patterns and color accents. Rugs, curtains, all kinds of covers for ottomans and chairs, as well as other accessories create that special and amazing artistic flair in the room.

54 Bohemian Kimono With Jeans

Everything about this look is absolutely adored! The long printed kimono is fun yet breezy and light, making it perfect for the hot summer days. The high-rise, washed jeans pair perfectly with the button-up cami top while adding to the statement kimono. Moreover, the straw weave handbag is an ideal boho wardrobe staple making it perfect for any outfit. Accessorize with a dainty gold necklace and cat-eye sunglasses this look is a win on the hearts. Here are some more Kimono Outfit Ideas.

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How Do You Style Boho

There a couple of ways you can approach this eclectic look:

  • You can go ALL IN, by mixing every pattern, color and texture you can think of. No holding back. Awesome!
  • You can be more subtle, by just adding a few eclectic touches to your room think of it more as a nod to bohemianism rather than the full meal deal.
  • With the right attention to details and the colors you choose, boho can look super chic.

    Often, rooms with a muted or neutral base palette with a few wild patterns are absolutely stunning and look incredibly chic!

    Whichever route you choose to take, boho interiors are perfect for achieving that cozy and inviting feeling.

    If you look at bohemian interior design inspiration photos, the one element they all have in common is that they all look inviting.

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