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How To Decorate Bathroom Counter

How To Decorate A Long Narrow Bathroom


A common bathroom layout is the long, narrow bathroom one enters a bathroom hallway of sorts, where a vanity and mirror rest on one side followed by the toilet, and a bathtub/shower is on the opposite side.

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For the bathtub/shower combination that is common in family homes, take advantage of the stylistic opportunity that is provided by a shower curtain. Color and/or pattern on the shower curtain will make a big difference in the feel of the bathroom overall. Elegant? Juvenile? Fun? Say it with the shower curtain.

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From what Ive observed, the most successful bathrooms utilize few trinkets and tchotchkes in the name of decoration. However, some corners of the bathroom can benefit from a softening touch a plant or a photo or something seasonal, for example.

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Keeping the majority of the countertop free of clutter is one of the best strategies for bathroom decoration.

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Hardware is a key component in bathroom style. Whether you choose something with modern lines or something more ornate, opt for something that matches the décor of your bathroom. In small spaces, it is often these details that carry the style out most effectively.

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Speaking of hardware, choosing the right faucet for the bathroom sink is a form of decoratingits just a bit more permanent than, say, choosing wall art.

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Diy Epoxy Countertop // Bathroom Countertop Makeover:

Make a long-lasting and fascinating impression on your bathroom countertop with this amazing DIY idea. Its very easy to DIY and requires only basic tools and materials, including TotalBoat Epoxy and other supplies. Whether you have marble or granite countertops, this is a great way to recycle them in an updated way. Make sure to watch the video for an easy-to-follow step-by-step guide for this amazing DIY countertop idea, although the impressive appearance will surely make this DIY project a great addition to your home decor.

Use Baskets To Store Towels Or Toilet Paper In The Corner Of The Bathroom

Extra towels and toilet paper can take up a lot of room in closets and cabinets. Plus, if your small bathroom doesnt even have a cabinet, finding a place for these extra items can be a challenge.

Place towels and/or toilet paper rolls in a dainty basket and position it in the corner on your bathroom floor. This doubles as both a storage piece and a decorative item. You can also use baskets for other bath and spa items such as lotions, soaps, and shaving supplies.

Whether its a white wicker basket, a wooden box, or a galvanized metal bucket, choose something that will blend in well with your bathroom theme.


  • Roll your towels up before placing them in the basket for a more organized and sleek appearance.
  • You can also place baskets on top of shelves instead of putting them on the floor.
  • If you have a counter space in your shower, you can place a matching basket there to hold all of your shower products.

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How To Decorate A Double Vanity Countertop

We had house guests over the holidays. As I was preparing the recently-renovated upstairs bathroom for them, I realized that the counter top situation needed some attention. I polled my girls on what they felt they needed to keep on the counter top, and then asked our house guests the same question.

Staged for the reveal but not practical for everyday use.

Add Shelving That Adds Style And Storage

42 Fantastic Bathroom Countertop Ideas Look Elegant ...

A majority of bathrooms lack adequate storage space. Look around your bathroom and see where you can add open shelving that allows you to display pretties and functional items.

Paint the shelves to add a little color and use decorative brackets for added style.

I love using baskets for storage in the bathroom, both wire and wicker.

This image is a great example of how storage and accessories can be added to a bathroom. The space over the toilet is often left empty and is ideal for open shelving.

via Focal Point Styling

Use your open shelving to display artwork in addition to bathroom essentials.

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How Do You Accessorize A Small Bathroom

How to Accessorize Your Bathroom on a Budget Start with simple things. Its very easy to get overwhelmed thinking about the details. Add New Linens. We all have mix matched towels that have somehow accumulated over the years. Get yourself a new shower curtain. Use Storage as decoration. Shop inexpensive stores.

How To Decorate The Bathroom For Christmas

You probably already have your house decorated for Christmas, right? Chances are, youve put together your Christmas tree, hung a wreath on the door, and put some Christmas-themed vinyl on the window, but maybe youve left out the most-visited rooms in your home, meaning bathroom. Most of this space is often forgotten when the home is flooded with the Christmas spirit, but today we are going to help you and make it look charming.

For quick and easy decoration, hang the JOY sign on the bathroom mirror and plant a pine tree in a galvanized bucket and place it near the window.

Get scented candles that have the shape and appearance of a pineapple and put them on an elongated tray. If you buy different sizes they will look better.

Change the shower curtain and everyday towels with special Christmas curtain and towels.

These cute Santa Claus toiletries will spread the Christmas cheer in your home. I love the idea of using Santa Clauss bag as a toothbrush holder.

Add fun to your bathroom with a fabric Christmas kit that covers the toilet seat, tank, and floor.

This snowman-shaped trash can evokes the holidays. In this way, at least the little ones will not spread the garbage around the house.

Christmas stockings are not just for the living room. You can also hang them in your bathroom! But, they must be as fun as these.

What do you think of this way of decorating the bathroom for Christmas ? Leave your comments.

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How To Decorate Bathroom Counter: 5 Guides To Follow

The bathroom can evoke the enticing flair and style if you can incorporate it with the suitable ideas on how to decorate bathroom counter. The bathroom counter does not serve as the focal point in the bathroom. But this furniture piece is very important. You can use it for primping and grooming in the morning. There are several of purposes accommodated by the bathroom counter. Moreover, you can use it as the storage space. All items in the bathroom can be saved inside the counter to reduce the clutter:

How To Build A Diy Bathroom Vanity From Scratch:


Do you want to make your bathroom look like a luxurious hotel? DIY bathroom vanity from scratch is easy. It is one of the most creative anniversary gift ideas that you can have for your wife it will be an excellent option to show off your mastery of Diy skills. The beautiful appearance of this vanity countertop became more impressive with a wall-mounted mirror, although you will surely love making this idea for your home decor also. There is an added rustic style wooden cupboard underneath this vanity table which will suit best to store towels, shampoo bottles, and a lot of other things.

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Santa Cecilia Granite Bathroom Vanity

The combination of yellow, burgundy, black, and brown colors is flowing from left to right. This is a no mistake taken a color for the future appropriation of the house. Choosing Santa Cecilia granite for bathroom vanity as a countertop color you may use light flooring colors as well.

This stone is also perfect for all-purpose remodeling projects which means you can not go wrong if you decide to in your home. So, St. Cecilia granite countertops are considered design-friendly because they are so capable and fit in with most of the color combinations.

Nine Ways To Organize Your Bathroom Counter

Have you ever reached for your favorite lipstick while you’re getting ready, only to realize it’s not there? Or maybe you’ve spent the better half of your morning searching for your hairbrush, but still come up empty. If you’ve experienced these dilemmas, you’re not alone. Organizing your bathroom counter is pivotal if you want to streamline your daily routine. No matter the size of your bathroom, beauty products, hair tools, and soaps all fight for coveted counter space. Here, we’ve compiled some of our favorite functional and inspired ways to organize your bathroom counter in an effort to make your day more efficient.

Finding a home for each of your bathroom essentials is no easy feat. Place your cosmetics and their corresponding applicators in a clear acrylic makeup organizer for quick and easy access, allowing you to breeze through your morning beauty routine. Or, if you’d prefer to place products in a drawer, find the perfect divider, which will give each of your items its own designated place. This seemingly small addition will make misplacing items a thing of the past.

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How To Decorate A Bathroom Without Clutter

I think we can all agree that the bathroom can pose significant decorating challenges to the layperson. Would you agree? Its typically such a small space designed largely for utilitarian purposes. While many large and spacious sitting-room-esque bathrooms exist , they arent the norm. In general, bathrooms must squeeze a lot of function into a rather small footprint.

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It is this challenge that makes bathroom decorating so important. Its a space that many people use, so it should be pleasant and well styled. But decorate can feel like a loaded word sometimes. In its utilitarian role, a bathroom calls for non-traditional forms of decorating. In fact, Ive discovered that, often, successful bathrooms are less decorated and more designed. In this article, well look at several ways of how to decorate a bathroom without clutter.

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How To Decorate A Bathroom Counter: Some Of The Simple Things

Lovely 30+ Bathroom Decorations That Will Make You Enjoy ...

Not many homeowners realize that their bathroom counter can make a huge difference when treated properly and correctly.

Many of us take the countertop for granted we take it as it is without trying our best to come with a better alternative or resolution.

But there are some alternatives to improve the ambiance and atmosphere of the bathroom, starting from the countertop. And what should you do?

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Ikea Small Bedroom Transformations

A bathroom is a place of renewal. Its where you come out every morning feeling fresh, clean, and ready to face a brand new day.However, if you are greeted every day with a dreary or messy counter, it will continue to be a nagging reminder until you do something about it. Thats not the right way to start your day at all.Thats why has come up with these twelve ideas to help you liven up your counter and keep it clutter-free.If youre selling a house, remember that a clean and organized bathroom will almost certainly make a good impressed and help with the propertys underlying valuation, comments Ruban Selvanayagam of sell house fast firm Property Solvers.

12 Bathroom Counter Decor and Organizations Poster

Number 12. Bathroom Counter Organization

Naturally, you want your vanity counter free of clutter. However, you dont want it looking empty and not have your frequently used items nearby. A simple thing such as a wooden tray to keep your stuff in one place is already a significant improvement. Placing one or two decorative pieces inside it would add an artistic touch.

For example, adding a small but stylish vase with some lovely twigs would enhance the tray and put you in a good mood. You could also transfer some products in more presentable glass bottles and jars.To save more counter space, use your walls. An ornate mesh shelf can hold décor mixed with other stuff that you use.

10. Small Bathroom Sink Organization Idea

How To Use A Wall Stencil With Different Colours

I made sure to wipe down the back of my stencil before repositioning it. To do that, I just used simple painters tape and a level.

Dan took down the light fixture for me so I could do the top of the wall. And then he took over to help me reach the corner.

The last step for this phase of our master bath refresh was to take care of our terrible no-storage problem. I did you the service of clearing all our face washes, aftershaves, contact lens solution blah blah ALL THE THINGS from the counter before taking our before shots but on any given day, this counter is full of our ablutions supplies no matter what I do. I guess its just not in our nature to put them in the cupboard below. Id love drawers but thatll happen when we gut the room and replace the vanity entirely.

The simplest, small space solution for us, of course, was a medicine cabinet mirror. Two of them. Side by side.

Dont you agree that a couple of afternoons, simple storage solutions and gorgeous pattern and color gave this drab space a serious oomph? Ill take that as a yes

Huge thank you to Royal Design Studios for the inspiration for our sea glass inspired bathroom walls. I just adore them.

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Diy Wood Bathroom Countertop:

This Wooden bathroom countertop, though simple in design, uses the finest materials and tools to make it. The surface of the wooden countertop is smooth in texture, and the overall appearance is neat and clean. Besides being a beautiful wooden countertop for your bathroom, it can also be a good piece to adorn your drawing room or kitchen. The process of making this DIY project is simple and easy as long as you have all the supplies and the right tools at your disposal. The estimated budget for this DIY project is about 50 dollars however, you can also save a few more by exploring your storeroom.

How To Use A Stencil In A Bathroom


I used four shades of paint two in the more brown/neutral category and two more that are definitely more blue/grey/green. I had four stencilling brushes on hand which worked out perfectly. Its actually quite important to use the right kind of brush or roller for this type of thing to make sure your paint doesnt bleed under the stencil and you get a nice crisp line.

I slowly worked my way around the mirror wall in the bathroom. There really isnt that much wall space in here, so the job went really quickly, even though I was using a few different colours.

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Diy Bathroom Countertop Ideas

So, if you want to replace your old bathroom countertop with a new one or want to add some variety to your bathroom’s overall look, this fabulous series of DIY Bathroom Countertop Ideas will surely amaze you. You’ll find a bunch of unique, sophisticated, cheap, and admirable DIY Bathroom Countertop Ideas in this post which will surely blow your mind and motivate your DIY skills to produce efficient and impressive results in your home decor. Without wasting any time, fix your budget select the best possible idea from the given list of DIY Bathroom Countertop Ideas, and start making your bathroom look stylish and unique by utilizing your mastery of DIY skills.

Unique Ways To Decorate A Bathroom Counter

A household bathroom usually takes on one of two personalities it can be cold, rigid, and sterile, and it can also be inviting, warm, and relaxing. Of course, the latter is preferable, especially if it is a bathroom that guests access when they come over for a visit. Like any other room, whether it is for yourself or your guests, you want to create an atmosphere you love.

A unique way to decorate a bathroom counter is finding unique pieces made from materials that stand out, like mirrored glass, real wood, various metals, concrete, and even mosaic glass. You can make your bathroom more inviting by changing the counter accessories without hiring an interior designer.

In this article, well share tips on how to keep your bathroom counter clutter-free. Once that daunting task is out of the way, well share four unique ways to decorate a bathroom counter. Whether your bathroom is contemporary, rustic, mission-style, or industrial, you should read on to find some inspiration for giving it a brand new look.

Things You Shouldnt Keep On Your Bathroom Counter

The main culprit for cluttering a bathroom counter is usually beauty care and cosmetic items. These items could include cosmetics, makeup brushes, hair styling products, hairbrushes, perfume, and various other things you use daily.

If there are some items you dont wish to hide away, then you could add some storage on your bathroom walls.

How to Hide Bathroom Clutter

Keep Cosmetics in a Portable Organizer

Final Thoughts

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Greenery Of Floral Arrangements

There are several ideas to decorate a bathroom counter. Greenery arrangement is one of them. You can keep some indoor plants on your bathroom counter, which will give a fresh, greenery look to your counter.

You may choose faux mini plants to keep on the bathroom counter. Try to keep at least three to five faux mini plants.

The indoor plants are available in plenty. You dont need to be so specific about any plant. Someone may choose a snake plant or a money plant to decorate the bathroom counter.

How To Decorate Long Bathroom Counter: Idea 2 Decorative Storage

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Even though the bottom part of the bathroom counter features the hidden storage space, you can also add more storage space on the top of the bathroom counter. It gives you more space for putting the makeup, extra towels and other items. The items that you frequently used can be placed here. For instance, you can put the cotton balls inside the stainless steel jar.

Long Bathroom Counter with Glass Sliding Door

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