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How To Decorate Backyard For Wedding

Create A Chill Lounge Area

Setup With Me – Outdoor Wedding Decorations | Time-Lapse Video

Photo by James & Schulze Event Planning by Rentals by Event Rentals

Pair airy, wicker accents with gilded tones and tons of lush greenery for an elegant, summer vibe. Bringing the indoors out in the form of a luxe lounge area will elevate any cocktail hour or reception, and it can easily be achieved with outdoor furniture you already own or by creatively repurposing indoor furniture. You can even cluster mismatched furniture in various textures or tones for a more eclectic take.

Shop Second Hand Or Vintage For Attire And Decor

Lets face it most people wear their wedding attire once, and the decorations they spend hundreds on collect cobwebs in storage. Creating a backyard wedding on a budget is the perfect time to shop for unique vintage and second-hand items.

Try sites like eBay and Etsy, as well as your favorite thrift stores!

Tree Trunk Photo Display

Set up an unconventional photo gallery at your outdoor wedding. Perfect for the gardens and park weddings. Get your loved up getaway, engagements and other random photos of you and your beloved. Fix them into ropes of string lights and run them around a tree trunk. Makes great display sight.

Create a chic spot for wedding photos at your wedding. Make it royalty style by getting out your Victorian couch. Decorate the area with some vases of aesthetic shrubs or pots of succulents. Youd have succeeded in making up a Hollywood glam inspired chic photo zone. Guests would be well thrilled.

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Inform Neighbors About Your Backyard Wedding

A few more things to check on: fire codes, noise ordinances, zoning issues, and permits. For smaller gatherings, this usually isnt an issue, but if youre expecting 50+ guests, wed suggest looking into these things. Some places are stricter than others, so its better to be prepared than run the risk of having your event shut down.

photo by Chrissy Gilmartin from this Last-Minute Elopement at Home

Amazing Backyard Wedding Ideas

23 Elegant Outdoor Wedding Lighting Design Ideas For Fantastic Wedding ...

Whether youre on a budget or want to host an eco-friendly wedding, your backyard is the place to opt for. Yeah, backyard weddings have been in trend since time immemorial. The best thing about a backyard wedding is that you save a lot of money on the wedding venue if its yours. Yes, you dont have to pay anything for your wedding venue if you host your wedding in your backyard.

Another important thing that makes a backyard wedding alluring is that you can decorate it your own way. More often than not, wedding halls and other venues provide you with limited options. They have the standard decoration that they use in almost every wedding. Im sure you dont want to have standard decoration, youre looking for a new and fresh idea. If it is so, then youre reading the right article.

In this article, well share with you some of the best DIY backyard wedding ideas. Whether youre looking for backyard wedding ideas for spring or backyard wedding ideas for winter, this post can be helpful. It will acquaint you with numerous backyard wedding decor ideas, including rustic backyard wedding ideas.

So, without any further ado, lets get started

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Ways To Decorate Your Backyard For A Wedding

The epitome of effortless romance, backyard soirées have always been a wedding favorite! The idea is just perfect for those people who want to keep it low-key, yet artistic! If you have been planning to throw a backyard wedding but couldnt get enough of ideas, then its time you bid farewell to all your worries! We are going to share ways to decorate your backyard for a wedding. Read through to get inspired and enjoy a lifetime of happiness!

Add Colour To Your Decor

To jazz it up further, add some floral prints or natural flowers to your backyard wedding theme. You can use printed lines to drape tables. Or just tie colorful bows to the wedding chairs. Or just create pew bows to decorate your wedding chairs or wedding aisle. It will simply add visual depth to your outdoor wedding setup. Aside from that, you can use colorful balloons to create stunning wedding décor.

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Small Backyard Wedding Reception Ideas

A backyard wedding can be a simple and profitable way for you and your spouse to start your new life together. Gather family and friends in a comfortable, casual setting that takes advantage of natural elements, like planted backyard flowers and trees. Some decorations, like lighting, can be added to your list for simple backyard wedding decoration ideas.

Contact Your Favorite Restaurant In Your Area

[Modern Backyard] Backyard Wedding Ideas On A Budget [Small Backyard Ideas]

If yours is an intimate backyard wedding celebration with only a few guests, consider ordering food from a restaurant. All you need to do is find a good restaurant in your area and place your order. However, make sure you contact the restaurant owner ahead of time and inform them of your needs. Its because theyll need time to set up everything and prepare all of the dishes.

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Household Items Ideas For Diy Backyard Wedding Decorations On A Budget

Before we dive in I encourage you to get into the designer head, the creative process of an artist. Start searching anywhere, at home, and on the street. Open your eyes! Look for things, as if you were hoarders.

Dont be guided by the areas you want to decorate, but by the items you already have. Do so, and I promise you, the usage and creativity will quickly reveal.

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Rugs For Backyard Wedding

So, your backyard lawn isnt the most vibrant one, just cover it with whatever old rugs you have and make it your wedding dancefloor.This will also be perfect as an aisle runner. Go ahead and embrace the Boho-chic, its beautiful, trendy, and yet, timeless.

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Pro-Tip: Assuming you place the rugs on the ground, the right way to do this is by spreading out a plastic sheet and holding it tight with Iron pegs. Place the rugs on the plastic sheet with double-sided tape and you have a stable surface for walking and dancing.

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Add Statement Seating For The Bride And Groom

Embellish your seating as part of your backyard wedding ideas

These rattan numbers with the surrounding floral displays are picture-perfect with their pale peachy hues. The copper-colored frame behind draws the eye and completes the scene.

Not only is a set-up like this a gorgeous backdrop for photos, but it’s also guaranteed to make you feel extra special on your big day. You won’t want to take it down once the party’s over!

Looking for more outdoor seating ideas? Take a look at our feature.

Tips For Planning A Simple Backyard Wedding:

Best Garden Wedding Decor Ideas That You Can Check Out And Try As Well

If you are considering having a backyard wedding, then this post is definitely for you.

Backyard weddings work perfectly for those that truly enjoy the outdoors and are looking for something different.

They are so many amazing advantages to having a backyard wedding!

You could be saving money, its convenient and it is easy to decorate especially if you are planning to add your personal touches.

I find backyard weddings to be completely romantic.

So plan yours today.

We have included a backyard wedding planning checklist below, so absolutely grab it because its FREE.

If you want to see more DIY backyard wedding ideas as well as to learn more about how to plan one, keep reading.

And for mistakes that most people make while planning a backyard wedding, read this post!

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Construct A Rustic Wedding Arch

“If you envision a beautiful arbor or trellis for the ceremony, consider building this piece and then using it for your backyard after the wedding,” says Fritz. “It will serve as a great memory of the special occasion that you can see daily.” This particular arch was built by the bride’s father from fallen oak branches and decorated with bouquets of eucalyptus and garden roses by the to-be-weds themselves.

What Lighting Should I Use For My Backyard Wedding Ideas

This inviting scene is curated by Lights4fun

Good garden lighting ideas are crucial for keeping your wedding party going once night falls. Luckily, there are tons of stunning options you can try.

‘Dot tea lights around your garden on as many surfaces as you can to really create that serene, warming feel the more the better,’ says Jess Martin of Ginger Ray. If you’re worried about the potential fire hazard, try LED versions instead, and weave them into foliage you’ve used to decorate your garden.

‘Festoon lights are also bang on trend this summer, and are a great option if you’re going for a festival look and feel,’ Jess adds.

Jess also has a suggestion for adding a little more pizzazz to your party: ‘Buy some sparklers and add them to a party bag for each of your guests. Light them when it gets dark spelling out letters with them also makes a gorgeous photo opportunity!’

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Diy Backyard Wedding Ideas


Whether youre looking for backyard wedding centerpiece ideas or backdrop ideas to celebrate your nuptials, below, we have everything for you.

  • Heres a great barn wedding idea! Turn those used eggshells into tiny cocoon vases that are sure to captivate your guests.
  • Mix and match your favorite flowers for a colorful tabletop display with a twist.
  • Go for flower kiss balls, hydrangea pomanders out of pink paper petals. Hang them on the corners of the tent or under the trees
  • Make your guests say oh la la with the cute little birdcages as centerpieces for the tables. Add a candle, flower arrangement, or another decorative object.
  • Choose eco-friendly items to decorate. Make full use of pampas grass to decorate your venue.
  • Dont forget to upcycle the items around your house, like those old things you have kept in the storeroom, or use the leaves you gather after cleaning your backyard.

Creative Backyard Wedding Ideas On A Budget

How to Decorate for a Small Backyard Casual Wedding : Wedding Decor

Home » Wedding » 20 Creative Backyard Wedding Ideas on a Budget

This post may contain affiliate links: full affiliate disclosure.

Theres nothing sweeter than a backyard country wedding, and if youre on a budget, its an even better idea. DIY your wedding in style and cut costs while keeping your ceremony chic and stylish.

Check out these backyard wedding decorations!

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Backyard Wedding Food Ideas

What do you serve at a backyard wedding?

Most backyard weddings have a casual feel to them.

So I think the food you serve for your backyard wedding should have the same type of ambiance.

Check out this post if you are looking for cheap wedding reception food ideas.

Otherwise backyard wedding food such as:

  • BBQs
  • Food trucks

Work just as fine.

As soon as you know what type of food you will serve on the day, contact a caterer.

I will suggest also working with your caterer to plan a menu!

And make sure that they will have their own equipment, electricity, as well as serving dishes and utensils.

Dont forget the staffing needs you might need.

Make sure you also have enough space in the backyard for catering vans to transport all their necessary equipment.

I have included a backyard wedding planning checklist to make a list of things you absolutely need for this day below.

Outdoor Wedding Planning And Labor Force

Professionals may handle certain aspects of decorating and clearing the wedding reception area, but a large portion of the burden will fall squarely on the bride and groom.

Have an extensive network of family and friends to help with setting up and cleaning up, especially if the bride and groom leave the reception early and wont be around to help.

Outdoor wedding planning has a lot of unique challenges, but in the end, theres nothing more beautiful than a spring or summer garden reception to commemorate a couples first day as husband and wife. Brides who anticipate and plan for the challenges in throwing a garden wedding party plan for success.

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Wooden Backdrop With Floral Dcor

One of the most fun outdoor wedding ideas to adopt is a wooden backdrop with floral decor. If youre having an autumn wedding, feature fall decorations by playing with the many beautiful flora colors of the season. Merge them with the wooden background to give a full-on rustic vibe.

Transform your patio into a beauty with one of the most refreshing patio wedding decoration ideas. Make it into a family-style seating setting, with a parasol to serve as a shield for guests. The seating style helps give an illusion of a bigger space. Guests can interact and move around.

Planning An Outdoor Wedding

20 Minimalist Outdoor Wedding Aisle Decor Ideas â Page 2 â Hi Miss Puff

Once the preliminary questions have been answered, the bride and groom can plan their outdoor wedding. While the ideal situation is perfect weather, the couple also needs to create a contingency plan in case of rain or otherwise inclement weather conditions.

In the planning stages, the bride and groom should ensure all logistics have been worked through. In addition to meeting with the florist, the bride and groom should also consider the following when planning an outdoor wedding:

  • Will chairs need to be rented for both the wedding ceremony and reception?
  • Would a rental tent provide ample room for the wedding reception in case of rain or inclement weather?
  • Renting a sound system will allow wedding guests to hear everything over the natural sounds of the outdoors.
  • What options are there for creating a focal point for the wedding ceremony? A gazebo or garden arch provides a nice outdoor wedding option.
  • What time of the day are the wedding and ceremony? If it will be evening or dark outside, will it be necessary to rent lights?
  • What restroom facilities will be available for guests? Will a portable restroom rental be necessary?

Rose gardens, parks, conservation areas, or even the backyard are popular outside wedding reception sites. Hosting a backyard or garden reception is a beautiful way to celebrate a marriage, but it has its own set of unique concerns that brides need to address during the planning phase.

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Add A Unique Space For Photos

Photobooths have become a staple to weddings. And why should they not? Considering how everyone, be it the couple, their family of friends, loves taking pictures at weddings that can immortalise a perfect moment. So, adding a space for taking gorgeous pictures should definitely be a part of your backyard wedding.

Diy Or Hire A Wedding Planner

With a wedding in your own backyard, you dont need to invest in a wedding planner. It might still be a great option though. If you hand over planning to someone whos experienced, you can focus on enjoying the moment. If not, a backyard wedding gives you plenty of space to shine with your own creativity.

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Diy Backyard Wedding Decorations

Think of your decorations!

You can find a lot of low-budget backyard wedding decorations to decorate your big day easily.

Honestly, when it comes to budget outdoor wedding decor, I highly recommend you use your natural surroundings as a basis for your theme.

The decor is one place where you can save big by sourcing second-hand or going DIY if you are good at that.

Consider decorating your backyard with some lights that you might already have at home, which will give it a magical touch.

Even your wedding favours can have your personal brand on them to match the decor.

For this, I would turn to Etsy!

You can never go wrong withthese fairy lights for the backyard or this gorgeous DIY Seating chart!

Do not worry too much about having everything perfect.

Those looking for elegant backyard wedding decoration ideas on a budget should focus on things that will make a big impact.

If you have a few focal points such as the head table, dessert area, games area and such, everything else can be simple.

Be sure to look out for DIY backyard wedding decorations from your local groups.

Purchase these to add to your overall wedding theme.

But remember, this day is about creating great memories that you will always want to remember and take with you.

We hope the simple backyard wedding ideas we share below will inspire you to plan your own wedding.

Remember to have a lot of fun, leave your nerves behind, and enjoy every minute of it!

Less is more when youre hosting an outdoor wedding.

Let Your Guests Scream With Ice Cream

Garden Wedding Design Tips and Ideas | Garden Style (1706)

Ice cream is an excellent choice. The best part about this refreshing treat is that it is available in a variety of delectable flavors. Your wedding guests will want to eat their favorite ice cream. Your guests would love to create their own dessert with a variety of flavors, toppings, and sauces at your backyard wedding.

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Backyard Wedding Bar Ideas

There are a lot of amazing outdoor wedding bar ideas online.

Once your wedding reception gets going, your wedding bar will be packed and busy.

If its a good day out people will want a drink.

So be prepared as people will be spending time around the bar.

I suggest making your bar look good by having fun with it.

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