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How To Decorate An Etagere

How To Style Your Tagre

How to Decorate Bookshelves and Etageres
  • Less is more It can be very tempting to fill in all the space. Dont do that. Think about what items you have in your home that will complement the materials your Is made of before placing anything on it. Stick to the key pieces. You can always add more later if it feels too empty.
  • Variety of size and scale Choose pieces that are different sizes and heights. Everything the same height or similar in size is boring. Stack books to make pedestals for your smaller pieces. You want to stagger same size items to create movement and a visual path for your eye to follow.
  • Make it personal Add things that are personal to you. Maybe you found a beautiful vase on a trip to Mexico, or a hand painted landscape on a piece of tile from a street vendor on your last vacation. These things catch the eye and tell a story of places you have been. They can bring happy memories to mind or serve as inspiration.
  • Avoid clutter An étagère is not like a regular bookcase. The ends of the shelves and the back are typically open. That means its not meant to be completely filled. If your Étagère is tall and narrow, you can use one large item per shelf. A little wider like mine and you can add more things to it. Use negative space to your advantage.
  • Asymmetric arrangement short to tall

    How To Decorate Bookshelves

    The best bookshelf decor often comes from items you already have. Shop around your house to find artwork, picture frames, vases, and other accessories in a cohesive color scheme or style. Place the largest items on the bookshelf first, staggering objects between shelves. Fill in with the rest of your objects, adding in stacks of books or magazines and potted plants for added color and texture.

    Hide Cords Like A Pro

    If you happen to have electronics on your shelf, like a speaker or Alexa, you will need to hide the cords.

    Everything is open with an etagere and unsightly cords will ruin the whole look.

    I wrote a post about how I hide cords, but I also discovered these little cable clips which work well.

    You can get them in black or white and they will do a good job keeping your cords tied to the bars of the shelf so you dont see them.

    You can use larger objects and book stacks to hide outlets too, as I did here with this black vase. Theres an outlet behind it!

    Thats all there is to it! You can do this! It takes a bit of time and some rearranging, but youll have that etagere bookshelf looking real nice in no time.

    Round 2

    As you can see, Ive updated this post with my second version. There are so many ways you can do this, and it does take a bit of zhushing until you get it right.

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    Books + Bookend Next To Filled Bowl

    Choose 5-8 books and add a decorative bookend. My favorite online source for unique bookends is Etsy . Place a bowl next to it and fill it with something decorative. These are a few of my favorites:

    I threw in a bunch of faux cabbages that I had laying around after using them on my fall fireplace mantel but you could also use decorative ceramic balls, faux flowers, shells. just about anything!

    Etageres: Storage: With: Style: Bathrk: 2

    Dining Delight: Winter Decor on the Etagere

    Wooden ladder shelf from Stacks and Stacks HomeWares

    Stacks and Stacks HomeWares

    The name says it all. This is one of the easiest sites for finding a simple étagère, as there are stacks and stacks of options. Here, you’ll find basic wood or metal étagères for around $100 as well as less traditional étagères, such as a wooden ladder shelf for holding towels and essential reading materials.

    The Horchow Collection

    Hand-wrought aluminum étagère from Horchow

    This is a fun site to navigate as Horchow makes you feel like you’re rubbing elbows with furniture designers, exporters and craftspeople from all over the world. If you don’t think étagères can be as exotic and beautifully built as other bathroom pieces, spend some time here. For a sampling of the styles Horchow offers, consider these: An island-inspired étagère made of bamboo and rattan with a tortoiseshell finish, a wrought iron étagère with leather covered shelves and ornate scrollwork, a hand-wrought aluminum étagère with an acid wash finish and five glass shelves and a stack of various sizes of black and gold tables that create a composition étagère.

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    What Size Etagere Or Bookcase Should You Buy

    What size etagere should you buy? Getting the scale is really going to be the answer to this question.

    First, youll want to consider your ceiling height. Are your ceilings 8 ft or above? You can probably support a taller etagere.

    Next, before you click add to cart, observe the other large pieces of furniture in the room. You want to avoid having all of the pieces be the same height. Are there short pieces like a piano, half heigh built ins, side tables? Or do you mostly have large pieces that are at the 80 mark.

    I do want to note that having tall pieces doesnt exclude you from having a tall etagere. In fact it will likely call for the piece to be tall enough to suit the room. However, you are looking at furniture heigh to avoid having all of the pieces at the same level. We want to vary the heights of the pieces in the room. So all of your furniture is 80 tall, lets rethink what piece to add to the room.

    When researching bookcase and etagere options, I found that most of them were in the 70-75 range. It was hard to find an 80+ etagere. My initial inclination is to recommend an 80 etagere if your ceiling height it 8 + and you have large windows. If your ceilings are low, opt for the smaller size.

    But remember to check the height of the other furniture pieces and built ins in the room so that there isnt a visual line of furniture tops at 80 around the entire room.

    Large Accessory Next To Decorative Box + Small Accent Piece On Top

    Start with a large accessory it can be a sculpture like mine, a bust, a ceramic horse head. pretty much anything! Then next to it, place either a horizontal stack of a few books or a decorative box and then add a small accent piece (such as on top of the box.

    Now were going to head on into our home office but before we go did you notice that the top middle shelf = formula #1?! Its definitely a formula that works because I didnt even realize I had decorated two shelves the same basic way until writing up this post

    Ive shown our home office on the blog and Instagram many times before but usually Im sharing pics of our gallery wall thats on the other side of the room. Today were turning the camera round to the big ole built-in bookcase:

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    Gather Up Your Books And Knickknacks

    Here are a few tips.

    Books take the covers off. It just looks neater and there might be a beautiful book hiding under that loud and distracting cover. Gather up books in all shapes and sizes. You will have to play around with whats going to look good.

    A thrift store like Goodwill or Thriftbooks online is an AMAZING place to get awesome books for your bookshelves.

    Knickknacks ideas for knickknacks include vases, bowls, antlers, seashells, driftwood, coral, potted plants, framed artwork, clocks, statues, baskets, and even electronics. Yes, Im calling our a knickknack. Your kitchen can be a great source of knickknacks! Scour your cabinets for little bowls and things to fill out your shelves.

    Try not to go too small, too many small knickknacks makes for a cluttered look.

    Again thrift stores can be such a good, inexpensive way to pick up a nifty knickknack.

    A word of caution when decorating open shelves. I think you can easily overload these open shelves. Keep things neat and tidy. When in doubt, take something away.

    The only I would say back it to the brim is if you filled it entirely with books. I love that look.

    If you are working with smaller knickknacks and things, its best to go somewhat simple in my opinion.

    Effortless Ways To Style Bookshelf Decor

    3 Ways to Styling an Etagere

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    Bookshelves pull double duty as storage for novels and display space for accessories. Learn how to decorate bookshelves so they are both functional and pleasing to the eye. These bookshelf decor ideas will help you turn an empty set of shelves into a carefully curated arrangement.

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    How To Arrange Books On Shelves

    Organize books by the color of their spines to create color-blocked bookshelf decor. Vary heights and create interest by stacking books horizontally as well as lining them up vertically. If you have volumes that don’t fit with the others, turn their spines to face the wall so only the pages are visible.

    Put Art Front & Center

    In instances where you cant edit the book selection , consider artwork in front of the shelves to draw the eye and add some unity. Thats what Courtney Coleman of Brockschmidt & Coleman did with this overstuffed shelving space. There may not be much room for styling within the shelves if every available space is cram-packed with books, Coleman says. But small, easily removable artwork hung in front of the books is a way to layer and give interest. The artwork can work with the divisions within the shelves or can relate to moveable furniture also placed in front of the bookcases. If there is a bar in front of the books, thats a good, active way to introduce some other interesting titles to your guests.

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    How To Style Your Tagre Like A Pro

    by Christina Rodriguez | Mar 23, 2020 | Uncategorized |

    How is your staycation going? Have you gone stir-crazy yet? Are you looking for a small, yet simple home improvement project to pass the time? Do you have an étagère that you found at an estate sale, put it in storage and havent figured out where to use it or how to style it? Or maybe its piled with stuff in a corner of your living room and every time you look at it you get overwhelmed because theres so much space to fill and figuring out what to do with it feels daunting.

    I get it. With so much going on in your life its easy to leave things for another day. Now that so many of us have a little time on our hands, I have the perfect solution! How to style your étagère. Its easy, quick, and will add personality and style to whatever room you choose.


    How To Decorate A Bookshelf: Simple Formulas That Work

    How To Decorate An Etagere Bookcase

    In this post: Struggling with how to decorate a bookshelf? Im sharing my simple tried and true formulas for adding bookshelf decor that works!

    Our previous home was pretty limited on closet and storage space, but weve had LOTS of built-in bookcases so I was basically forced to figure out how to decorate shelves and bookcases to keep those rooms from looking bare and boring. And Ive made it super easy for you to do too by sharing six simple formulas that you can use to jump-start your shelf decorating. So if youve got some bare shelves that have been bugging you, hopefully youll find the inspiration and know-how to finally decorate those babies up! Lets head on into the family room first

    Chandelier | Sectional | Patterned gray pillow covers | Black & white dot pillow covers | Tasseled pillow cover | Plaid throw | Rug | Acrylic coffee table | Coffee table tray | Grasscloth wallpaper behind shelves |

    Most of you have been following my blog long enough that youve seen this space many times before but if youre here for the first time, you can check out more pics of it and get a better idea of the layout of the two bookcases in the room . Whoever designed this bookcase made it pretty easy on me because they broke the shelves up in a way that the shelving space on both the left and right sides is perfect for housing a single decorative accessory so for those it was one and done:

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    Formula: How To Style An Etagere

    Can I start by saying it is sooooo hard to put into words something so visual like how to style an etagere. But, Ive tried my best to break down the formula for collected, but uncluttered shelf styling.

    Below you will fine each shelf number, the item groups on each shelf, the number of groupings on each etagere shelf.

    *Note- the Number of groupings isnt the number of items, but the pattern for the total visual groups of object. You will leave space in between the groupings so that they are visually separate spaces and not all of the items lined up.


    Shelf 1: Vase + Box & Object + Vase

    Shelf 2: Tall Vase & 2 small vases + Books & Bookend

    Shelf 3: Art & Horizontal Book stack & Wooden Box + Horizontal Book stack & Object

    Shelf 3 Alternative: Art & Large Horizontal Book stack + Horizontal Book stack & Bowl

    Shelf 4: Tall Sculptural Statue + Horizontal Books & Object + Medium Vase

    Etagere Shelf Groupings

    Here I am showing you a few of the grouping combinations so that you will be familiar with how to group the items and how to separate the groups. The goal is to create separate stacks of items and leave white space in between them as well as around/above some as well.

    You want the items and objects to look like meaningful, collections and not random items thrown on a shelf. For that, youll need more tall, substantial items rather than smaller tchotchkes.

    Below, the dotted lines represent the groupings & space between.

    Shelf 1

    Vase + Box & Object + Vase

    How To Properly Style An Etagere

    Etageres can be an amazing addition to any home interior, providing both style and extra surface space. However, the act of properly styling an etagere is one that can be quite daunting! With so much open space to fill, its easy to become overwhelmed with how to make the most of this unique home furnishing. Read on as we break down our top 4 tips for styling etageres!

    1. Less is More

    It can be tempting to see all of the open display space and feel the need to fill it up with all of the knick-knacks youve ever owned. But, we urge you to refrain! Instead, take a good look at the etagere and really consider the types of items that would best complement it before you start decking it out. In this case, less is alwaysmore just stick to several favorite key pieces to make the most impact.

    2. Variety of Size and Scale

    Be sure to select pieces with varying design characteristics, mainly when it comes to size and scale. If every decorative piece displayed on your etagere is similar to one another, the result will be drab and boring! Instead, opt for pieces with varying heights, like a large and small candle set. Or, place your accent on top of several stacked coffee books for added stature. Keeping size and scale in mind will help to create movement and a visual path for the eye to follow.

    3. Make It Personal

    4. Avoid the Urge to Create Clutter

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    Incorporate Photos Or Art

    Your bookshelf is a great place to incorporate family photos or art. I included a cute photo of Pee Wee, plus another one of just him in a sultry pose on the sofa. Im not a big fan of framed family photos on the wall, that will likely change once I have a kid, but I am a HUGE fan of gorgeous frames with family photos on shelves.

    If youre not a big photo person, art is always good. I did that on these black backed bookcases from our former home.

    Leaning art with a simple mat and gold frame is always chic. You can find tons of free printables online .

    Find The Right Balance


    For Tineke Triggs of Artistic Designs for Living, its important to balance shapes, sizes, and different types of objects while also ensuring that the clients interests are reflected. Choose items with different heights to create a visual balance, Triggs says. If using books, make sure they relate to the homeowners interests. Dont choose design books if your client is more interested in vintage cars than home design! I use books sparingly, and if theyre stacked horizontally, Ill often add another layer of interest by placing a smaller object on top. Once everything is in place, stand back and see when your eye is drawn. Then edit, edit, edit! That final edit is perhaps the most important part of styling bookshelves.

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