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How To Decorate An Email

Set Up The Document In Photoshop

How to make an email template in gmail Creating email templates easy step by step.

Open up Photoshop and create a new document with a width of 800px, a height of 1000px and a resolution of 72dpi. Be sure the color mode is RGB.

For this newsletter example, I filled the background layer with a light gray. Then I created a container 600px wide to house the main content. I filled it with white and positioned it in the center of the document.

Using No Header At All

All famous brands have something in common they have their own style. Thus, Nikes emails are seamless. You will never notice it when a header ends and a banner starts.

In fact, Nike does not use any header at all they always put their logo over banners.

An interesting decision if you do not intend to add a menu to the header.

Tip #: Make Sure To Include Your Full Name

The first tip we have for you in terms of your email signature is to include your full name.

Your full name should go right under the body of your email.

Have a look:

Including your full name is a must for the first time youre communicating with someone.

Although its not necessary to sign off with your full name when youre having regular email communication with someone, or when exchanging emails with a close friend, your full name must be part of your professional email signature.

Heres our second tip.

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Design An Irresistible Cta

The call-to-action is a crucial part of your email campaign since it is a key driver of your campaign goals. The human brain is innately curious about whats going to happen next, and you can use this curiosity in your call-to-action! People love to discover and explore, so they will also try to find out what will happen after they click a CTA.

To ensure your CTA converts:

  • Place your CTA above the fold and make it the first thing your subscribers see after opening the message
  • Make it appear clickable. Add a hyperlink with bigger fonts, or make the CTA in a form of a graphic button

  • Graphic buttons are the most noticeable and prominent form of CTA

  • Use contrasting colors and surround the button with white space to make it pop even more

  • Tell your subscribers exactly what you want them to do using actionable language

  • Choice overload is extremely easy to invoke. With one CTA, there is still a decision to make: click or dont click. Keep it simple often one CTA is enough

  • When you have more than one CTA, size your CTAs by importance from the largest to the smallest

  • Buttons in your newsletter should be big because users need to be able to click on them on smartphones without having to increase the screen size

ReallyGoodEmails cataloged CTA buttons according to used colors and their meaning. You might find this helpful when designing your next campaign.

Pro Tip

Good luck with your email campaigns!

Sign Off #1: Thanks For Your Help

Mail client

Thanks for your help is a pretty self explanatory email ending line thats used to thank someone for the time theyve dedicated to helping you.

Use cases: When writing to a colleague thats helped you out with something that might not be in your area of expertise.

Variations: Thank you for taking the time to help me/us, I appreciate you taking the time to help

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Sign Off #1: Have A Good One

A good way to finish an email with a friendly tone is by using the closing Have a good one.

Although its not formal, it can definitely be used amongst co workers.

Use cases: When sending a friendly email to your work partner, particularly when you know they have a challenge or task to work on.

Variations: Have a good day ahead, Enjoy your day

Anniversary Of Subscription Emails

Why does Facebook create friendship anniversary videos? Why do businesses celebrate anniversaries for their customers at all?

Fall Out Boy said it best: thanks for the memories.

The goals of a simple anniversary campaign are to:

  • Strengthen the customer relationship
  • Encourage more engagement with your brand
  • Spur repeat purchases

Looking back on our experiences reminds us of the good times . If a customer has positive memories with your brand, you should remind them . Good times have been had and there are more good times to come!

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Add Plants Beside Your Tv

When adding greenery to your decor, you bring the focus to the plants and away from your TV. You may even want to add small succulent plants around your TV if it is hanging above a mantle or sitting on an entertainment center. Plants are great additions to any room and help lighten it up and going big is okay! Bonus: Plants can be real or faux!

The 7 Factors That Make A Good Email Address

Create an HTML email in minutes

A good email address looks professional and is easy to communicate, both verbally and written. It helps you make a good impression, get referrals, and ultimately succeed in a number of different professional areas. But what, exactly, makes for a good email address?

These are some of the most important qualities of a good professional email address:

  • Memorable. If you tell someone your email address, is there a good chance theyre going to remember it? Catchy and clever email addresses can work here, but its usually better to stick to something simple.
  • Simple. Simple email addresses tend to be more memorable, but they also feature another critical advantagetheyre harder to mess up. The simpler it is, the less likely it will be that someone inputs a typo.
  • Short. The same typo-avoidance strategy applies here. Good email addresses tend to be short and sweet. All other things being equal, fewer characters is better.
  • Pronounceable. Ideally, your email address will also be pronounceable. If you have to spell out your address letter by letter or symbol by symbol, its going to cost you time and increase the likelihood of error. Make it easy to say out loud.
  • Trustworthy. Your email address should also be trustworthy. You can establish trustworthiness by including a valid, legitimate-sounding domain, and by making the name portion of your address as professional as possible. This is especially important if youre going to be interacting with customers.
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    How To Decorate Your Home

    Posted: · This post may contain affiliate links ·

    Are you overwhelmed at the thought of having to decorate an entire house?Whether you’re planning on decorating a new build or an old house, there’s a lot to consider when figuring out a decorating plan. But don’t let that scare you! Consider this page your ultimate guide to decorating a house.

    Tip 20 Add An Email Signature

    If you are using email marketing for the promotion of your personal brand, you might consider replacing the email footer with an email signature. For example, you could include a link to your current promo offer in the signature rather than adding a new section to your newsletter. This way, you will maintain the integrity of your email while getting more clicks from those who are genuinely interested in the promotion.

    If you need more inspiration, see our gallery at NEWOLDSTAMP and pick an email signature template that would work for your brand.

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    Sign Off #2: Do Not Hesitate To Contact Me

    The Do not hesitate to contact me ending line shows the recipient that youre at their disposal for anything they might need after they receive your email.

    It underlines the fact that youre open and will be available for any help or questions they might have.

    Use cases: You can consider using this one when communicating with your employees or vendors to show that youll be available to help them in case they have questions about a task youve assigned them.

    Variations: Dont hesitate to ask any questions, Here to answer any questions

    Creative Ways To Use Color In Email

    Email Inbox UI Design by Ghulam Rasool on Dribbble

    Consistently and creatively using color in email is one of the most important things you can do as an email designer or marketer. Our brains can process visual information 60,000 times faster than text, and color is a major factor in how we evaluate what were seeing. Up to 90% of product assessment is based solely on color. In one case study, a company saw a 20% increase in conversions just by switching a call-to-action button from green to red!

    Its clear that color has power. But how can we harness that power in email? Read on for 10 creative ways to use color in email, with design inspiration from brands doing it right.

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    Shape And Fill The Branches Of Your Tree

    Now that you have picked your tree, its time to play with the branches. If your tree is not as full as you would like, then you can add branches to it! Find some contrasting greens to tuck in around the branches to help make the tree look fuller. Make sure to spread out the branches evenly around the tree.

    I have used a lighter colored garland to tuck around my tree in the past and it gives it nice texture and dimension. The Lvydec 2 pack below is very similar to what I used and I loved the contrast with my pine branches.

    You can use a garland to wrap around the tree or use some floral picks like the Craftmore one below. Just make sure to evenly spread them around the tree and make sure you buy enough to make the tree look full. I use 6-4 garlands for my 7 1/2 tree.

    How To Create Envelopes With Bold Lettering

    • Before you start, lightly sketch out the name and addressand maybe any other designs you want to add. Its easy to draw pine and holly branches and berries, stars and diamonds, accent marks, and simple doves.
    • Want more inspiration? Try the lettering styles in this tip sheet.
    • Make the name the stargo big and bold, but dont forget to leave room for the address.
    • Let each color dry before adding the next.

    Want to make sure you get the address just right? Heres how to address an envelope.

    Need ideas for what to write in a Christmas card? You know we got you.

    We hope this gets you fully inspired to send Christmas cards. Want to make it even more fun? Read about our annual Christmas Card challenge and join us in sending Christmas mail art all over. Post photos and use #PSWriteBackSoon to show us!

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    The Ultimate Guide To Email Design And 13 Best Practices

    Written by Kristen Baker

    Discover how email design can help you effectively reach your target audience, boost conversions, and build long-term relationships with prospects and customers.

    Get Inspired: Email Newsletter Lookbook

    Learn what it takes to create a successful email newsletter

    By 2022, the number of email users around the world is expected to hit 4.3 billion.

    Among all of those users are members of your target audience, a.k.a. quality leads and prospects you can work to reach and convert via email.

    To ensure your emails stand out and grab the attention of these audience members, your email design needs to be on point.

    In this guide, we’ll talk about what email design is, cover 13 best practices, examples of successful email design, and offer some tools you may be interested in experimenting with. Let’s get started.

    Trends In Designing An Email

    How to Insert and Send HTML Email Newsletters in Outlook

    Be relevant and modern is a recipe for success. Whatever campaign you are running, you have to meet the current requirements and speak the same language as the audience. It means that you should be aware of popular mainstreams and apply them to align your email design with the new realms. Lets consider three main trends in this area.

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    How To End An Email: 27 Ways To Sign Off On An Email

    • Email Outreach

    Wondering how to end an email politely and in a professional manner?

    Read these 27 best ways to sign off an email to find out.

    Here is what were covering:

    • Why is the closing of a professional email important?
    • What are some of the best and most common email sign-offs?
    • Additional tips that will help you make your email signature stand out

    Lets get started.

    Use Visuals To Find Your Style

    This method is by far the easiest way to determine what your design style is. And nope, you do not have to know the difference between traditional and contemporary, or industrial and mid-century. You dont have to know anything except what looks good to you.

    My personal favorite is Pinterest. If you are unfamiliar with Pinterest then I highly suggest you go and check it out. Pinterest is a website where you can search for literally anything and create boards , where you pin the information to refer back to later. It is a very visually based search console with beautiful images and is perfect for finding your design style. Therefore, it is a great way to learn how to decorate like a pro. Check it out!

    FYI, here is a quiz from Wayfair that may give you some direction to what your design style may be.

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    Product Launch Announcement Emails

    Youve got new products! Time to tell the world.

    But who in the world will find this new product interesting and useful?

    Maybe its targeted towards

    • Men
    • Vegetarians

    How do you decide?

    Audience segmentation can help you with this, but sometimes your new product launch emails can serve multiple audiences.

    No one likes to be left out, so when they added new items to their menu, Pret didnt let that happen.

    How Do Email Newsletters Work

    eCommerce Email Marketing Design

    A good email newsletter is not an update of company news. Its a way to engage people and get them to take an action. It offers readers exclusive information they could not get anywhere else and then calls on them to click, buy or subscribe.

    To do that, your newsletter format should be simple and easy to read, yet attention-grabbing.

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    Creative Ideas For Using Gmail Email Templates

    There are dozens of ways you could use email templates. Here are just a few to consider:

  • Internal or external email newsletters
  • Professional-looking thank you, birthday, or reminder emails
  • Event invitations
  • Onboarding messages for new clients
  • Your brand is more than just the sum of the products you sell. Its your reputationyour calling card.

    Want to establish yourself as a professional?

    Gmail Email Templates is an easy, free way you can use to reinforce your reputation as a professional and set yourself apart from others in your field.

    Choose Your Own Domain

    If youre using an email service, Gmail is considered more up-to-date and relevant than AOL, for example and this choice can color how recipients view your business. While there may be other great providers outside well-known ones like Gmail, it doesnt do your business any favors to go with a technically-proficient platform that has an impossible-to-spell-or-remember name.

    A personalized domain for your business can also be a good choice if youre able to secure one. The same guidelines apply to creating your URL: make sure its memorable, spellable, and pronounceable.

    Why Having Your Own Domain is Important?

    • Builds trust and credibility

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    Tips For Choosing The Right Email Domain

    If youre still in the process of choosing a domain, there are some things you can consider to make your domain better suited for your email needs.

    • Choose your own name. You can make a good first impression if you own a domain that matches your own name. For example, could allow you to make
    • Shorten the name. In the world of domain names, shorter is better. Whatever you come up with, try to shorten it to make things simpler.
    • Focus on keywords. For search engine optimization and other purposes, its ideal to include a handful of keywords that describe the business.
    • Make it easy to spell. Its increasingly common to play with misspellings and new interpretations, but for email purposes, predictable is better. Try to make it easy to spell.
    • Make it easy to say. Similarly, make sure the domain is easy to read and say out loud. This should be unambiguous.
    • Prioritize .com domains. If you have a choice, go with .com. Its always easier to remember.
    • Choose a unique brand. Its also a good idea to choose a memorable brand name for your domain.
    • Avoid hyphens and special symbols. Again, a domain is easier to spell, more memorable, and less likely to suffer from typos if it only includes letters . Avoid hyphens or other special symbols.
    • Avoid double letters. Double letters can make email addresses harder to spell, so avoid them if you can. For example, businessservices includes three Ss in a row.

    Using Apple Mail Stationery

    Creating and Sending Amazing & Colorful Emails | MS Outlook 365

    If you choose a piece of stationery that allows photos, youll see blank spots to place your pictures in. Just drag an image from your Finder to insert it into its frame.

    Unfortunately, you cant just drag images from the Photos app. It seems odd that Apple wouldnt provide this functionality, but Ive seen other instances where dragging and dropping a picture from Photos did absolutely nothing. What you can do, however, is click on the image frame itself. A small window will pop up providing you access to your Photos library. You can drag images from that window into your email.

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