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How To Decorate A Waiting Room

Use Books Instead Of Magazines

How-to Personalize Your Zoom Waiting Room

Though I recently wrote about some possible magazines to include in a waiting room, coffee table books are another possibility. One physician interviewed by TheDO, a website for osteopathic doctors, explained that he preferred books for entertainment in his reception area. Kids and parents are more respectful of books, he reasoned, referring to the way magazines often get torn or folded.2 Plus, choosing books over magazines had an additional benefit. Looking at coffee table books about animals like dogs and horses became an opportunity for kids and parents at his office to bond, instead of the latter yelling at the former to behave. Set several books throughout the waiting area, and try rotating them through the seasons.

Waiting Room Ideas That Will Make Your Patients Happy

Waiting is never an enjoyable experience. Add the stress of doctors and diagnoses, and youre looking at solid torture. As a medical facility, you want to reduce that association and make a stint in your waiting room as pleasant as possible.

While youre never going to make your patients feel completely at ease in your waiting room, providing a nice, visually-interesting waiting room design can make the experience more comfortable. Here are just a few waiting room ideas to get you started:

Customizing The Waiting Room In Zoom

Zoom allows you to personalize the waiting room message, with a logo and individual instructions. This allows you to present a corporate identity, make it clear to waiting participants that users have joined the correct call, as well as call details such as how far in advance you will let them into the call.

Provided your institution that manages your Zoom account has not prevented the ability to edit your waiting room text, after clicking customize, you will have the option of changing the following parameters:

  • The top waiting room instructions
  • The logo for the waiting room
  • A description of the waiting room
  • The meeting topic is automatically populated based on the title of the meeting.

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    Make The Decor Interesting

    Pictured Above: Mount Sinais male urology department redesigned their waiting area to resemble a man cave. They elected to feature local sports memorabilia, flat screen TVs, and leather seating. In addition to dazzling patients, they generated a great deal of press in their community.

    You can count on a lot of patients to browse their smartphones to stay entertained. But for those without phones , its worthwhile to make your decor interesting. Paint murals or mazes on the walls, provide a small aquarium, or hang vivid framed cityscapes that patients can get lost looking at. Combined with a little soft instrumental music, interesting decor can make a quiet wait more passively entertaining.

    Waiting Room Or Living Room By Mnica Ferrero

    Dental office waiting room

    We do not realize, but space influences our perception of situations and our responses. In a nice space we feel better, we feel good and face better what happens to us.

    Honestly, I had not realized until now how little we care waiting rooms, perhaps because we consider them a secondary space, but that is a big mistake.

    To run a unit there must be a full, balanced and conceived as a whole project. So all the spaces that are part of the ICU should be taken into account: we must not forget any of them, all are important.

    A good waiting room is warm, cozy, comfortable, friendly. A space where the family feels comfortable and comforted, rather than a waiting room should be a living room.

    The Spaarne Hospital in Holland has recently made reform in the waiting room of the Department of Oncology. It is very interesting since it is based on the homely concept.

    A very complete space: wide, where the family does not feel locked up, with natural light that is required to maintain circadian rhythm which avoids the occurrence of depression, stress and despair.

    It is essential a proper furniture: comfortable, cosy, ergonomic and aesthetic, and these requirements are important because families spend there many hours and need to feel welcome, being able to rest if necessary in the most comfortable way possible.

    Best regards,

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    Loveseats Single Chairs And Couches

    Pictured Above: Stamford Hospital created a comfortable and inviting waiting area environment for their patients by placing a few loveseats and couches in the hospital waiting room. A bit more comforable than traditional chairs, the Stamford Hospital waiting room is well ahead of the curve.

    Use a mixture of loveseats , single chairs, and three-person couches. Or cut the couches out entirely. Loveseats are very effective in waiting rooms because they can house a couple, a small family, a large person, or a single patient all with adequate comfort. Single chairs are best when set away from other chairs or in pairs to provide for personal space. Couches are only welcoming for couples and families everyone else will feel either awkward or selfish sitting on a couch.

    So think carefully about the size of the waiting area furniture you choose and how you arrange it.

    Provide A Mobile Reminder So Patients Can Roam

    Speaking of popping out, one great way to improve your waiting room experience is to minimize the time patients must spend in the actual waiting room. Rather than asking patients to be available when you know they wont be called on for 30+ minutes, give them a mobile way to stay in touch particularly if youre in a city with nearby shops. Use HIPAA compliant SMS alerts, a mobile app, or even a restaurant buzzing coaster to ring your patients when theyre 10 minutes from being called on.

    This way, patients can walk around the block, or browse nearby shops instead of getting twitchy and uncomfortable in your waiting room. West County Health Centers has begun handing out restaurant pagers to patients to allow them to roam during their appointment wait times.

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    Be Intentional With Tasteful Dcor Pieces

    Once youve selected your furniture and your color scheme, choose a few decorative pieces for the space. A few tasteful art pieces can elevate the space or a saltwater aquarium could add to the relaxing atmosphere. Avoid going overboard with decoration less is often more when it comes to decorating a spa waiting room. You want to make your guests feel at home without overwhelming them.

    Help Your Patients Predict Wait Times

    Top 8 Ideas To Help You Layout and Design Your Waiting Room

    One of the most obvious source of patient dissatisfaction is their wait time. I know this doesnt have much to do with the waiting room design itself, but there are several ways you can help patients cope with longer wait times without actually shortening the amount of time.

    For most practices, shortening wait times is a long-term goal that involves streamlining the process and optimizing the schedule. But you can make wait times much easier for your patients to handle with a few changes to the waiting room routine.

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    Waiting Rooms: How To Design To Impress

    The patient experience is taking on a whole new level of importance for providers, as the industry shifts to a value-based service model, where outcomes and satisfaction drive reimbursements.

    Most hospitals have been focused on the back-of-house operations, where everything was about volume and efficiency, says Michael Lied, director of healthcare, principal, GBBN Architects . Now the value is shifting to the front of the house and the customer service aspect.

    To that end, the waiting room and the overall waiting experience have fallen under new scrutiny, particularly the traditionally stale environments where patients and visitors might pass what feels like excruciatingly long periods of time. Providers are engaging designers to create spaces that make patients and visitors feel comfortable, appreciated, and valued for their time while setting their organization apart from others.

    This shift is driving changes in the design approach, from the right-sizing of these spaces to the aesthetics, furnishings, and technologies that are being put to use.

    Were putting a lot of thought into creating a look and feel of the institution, Lied says. The finishes and imagery we use all tie in together and help differentiate them from others.

    Spaces in transition

    On the other hand, he says, some organizations are downsizing waiting spaces and shifting the waiting experience to exam rooms instead, oftentimes involving a self-rooming operational model.

    Better places to spend time

    Determining The Proper Number Of Seats

    Depending on the number of visitors your waiting room can accommodate, you might need more or fewer seats. To determine the number of seats needed, you should consider the square footage of the room and the number of visitors that may come accompanied by a friend or relative. To ensure your guest and their loved ones are comfortable, the number of seats you should fit in your waiting room should correspond to the number of people you receive in an hour multiplied by 1.5.

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    Set The Right Tone With Soft Lighting

    Lighting works in tandem with your color palette to set the mood in your spa waiting room. Soft lighting creates a sense of calm while warmer tones can create that homey feel. Be sure to adjust your lighting to showcase your retail offerings and take advantage of natural light when its available. Opt for bigger windows in your reception area if you have the ability to customize your design. Artificial lighting can be harsh and may throw off the mood for your guests.

    Hang Calming Natural Art


    Did you know that viewing nature scenes has been scientifically proven to improve your mental wellbeing? Do away with abstract art or city scapes in your waiting room in favor of forests and shorelines. Theyll help your patients and their families feel calmer, and theyre also very pretty. Check out these famous landscapes for inspiration!

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    Offer Refreshments Before And After Treatments

    Offering your guests a cup of tea before their treatment can help them to relax while a cold bottle of water after they exit the treatment room gets them prepped to return to their day. Providing refreshments is a simple thing you can do that really elevates the total spa experience for your guests

    No one likes to waste their time waiting but by implementing some of the tips above, you can turn your spa waiting room into an oasis for calmness and relaxation. While your guests wait for their treatment, their wellness journey will have already begun, and theyll enter the treatment room in the ideal state of mind.

    Take the time to make sure your waiting room experience matches your brand identity and supports the kind of overall guest experience you want to create.

    Waiting Rooms May Be A Missed Opportunity In Facility Design

    Researchers say there are three things health systems should commit to when designing common spaces

    Courtesy of Steelcase Health In a recent study, Steelcase Health observed patient preferences in waiting rooms, such as where patients sit and how they interact with the environment.

    Hospital waiting rooms may be one of the first areas a patient sees, but according to research from Steelcase Health, it sometimes is one of the last areas hospitals pay attention to.

    The furniture company partnered with an academic medical research center and observed patients’ behavioral patterns while sitting in waiting rooms. Over five days, the researchers observed and captured more than 75 behavior maps of patients and their families. The observations zeroed in on three things:

    • Observed seating choice to determine family group sizes and grouping patterns
    • Understood family needs to determine potential furniture and process changes
    • Examined relationship between environmental variables and the patient experience

    While focusing on these three aspects, the researchers found four major missed opportunities. For one, there was not enough seating with direct sight lines to information sources, such as near digital monitors or in optimal proximity to the door separating clinical spaces from which names are called. A lack of room to store personal items purses, mobile devices, laptops, drinks, etc. was also noticeable.

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    Option : Small Waiting Room

    A more creative use of limited space is to add a corner or L-shaped sofa. Alternatively, a three-seater sofa along the back wall with an armchair or 1.5-seater sofa at a 90° angle can also work well, plus it will give you room for another side table in the corner. The low back armchair is at a 45° angle for a relaxed feel, and again no one sits with their back to the reception desk to encourage friendliness. Because floor space is at a premium, a potted plant on the coffee table is used to add an extra touch of greenery.

    These office reception ideas are perfect if you want to create a comfortable, friendly space that makes the right first impression on your visitors and guests.

    At Sofas by Saxon, we offer a wide range of beautiful, hand-crafted sofas perfect for all kinds of interiors. From Chesterfields to modern designs, youre sure to find the best pieces to add to your office waiting room here.

    In addition to variety of different models to consider, we also have a range of colours and fabrics to choose from. So, you can truly get a bespoke experience when you choose to buy your ideal seating from us, and we are more than happy to send out sample swatches to help you narrow your options down.

    You can also check out our interior design advice hub for more helpful tips and inspiration, or our in-depth sofa buying guides will certainly come in handy if youre ready to start thinking about making a purchase.

    These Images Are Designed To Work Easily With Zoomjust Right Click On Your Favorites To Save To Your Desktop:

    How to add a Video to the Waiting Room in Zoom (Tutorial)
    Right click Happy Fish to save to desktop
    Right click Spring Party to save to desktop
    Right click Annies Living Room to save to desktop
    Right click Tranquility to save to desktop
    Right click to save to desktop
    Right click Cozy Coastal Living Room to save to desktop
    Right click Flower Shower to save to desktop
    Right click Rory Stripe to save to desktop
    Right click Mesa Modern Living Room to save to desktop
    Right click Ines Blue to save to desktop
    Right click Watermelon Stripe Patio to save to desktop
    Right click Boho Living Room to save to desktop

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    Create The Desired Ambiance With Sound And Music

    One of the final things to consider for your waiting room is the music youll play. Choosing the right music makes a big difference in creating a relaxing atmosphere for your guests and it can help reduce sound transfer between the waiting area and the treatment rooms. Consider whether youll be playing the same music throughout the spa in both the waiting area and treatment rooms or whether you want to create a separation between the two experiences with different music choices.

    Add A Natural Touch With Plants And Flowers

    A few natural pieces like live plants or flowers are the perfect finishing touch for your waiting area. Natural elements like these can have a calming influence on your guests and they can really elevate the ambiance as well. Keep a few larger plants by the windows and add smaller plants or flower arrangements to the front desk and tables. If you have the budget for it, you might even incorporate a water feature into your original design.

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    How To Decorate A Healthcare Waiting Room In 2020

    Adaptability is the coveted trait of new employees, for one, but its also up to conservative business spaces to adapt too, as fast as possible.

    Were seeing changes everywhere, from the bar and restaurant industry to hotels, from retail spaces and within the healthcare industry too. Its more important now than ever to ensure your customers have a good experience with your services because that could be the prime differentiator going forward.

    The healthcare sector is no different: in fact, its facing an uphill battle.

    Three major pressure areas facing healthcare interior design as a whole this year are:

    • layout design, especially internal wayfinding and navigation
    • choice of furniture and decoration now has different demands and expectations weighing on it
    • changes to the interior architecture of the building itself

    Let’s see how these changes are affecting waiting areas.

    Learn more from our up-to-the-minute post about the future of healthcare interior design

    The Bioactive Nature Of Communication Ecologies

    Our Waiting Room

    When considering efficiency in seeing patients but also in constructing spaces for care, large numbers of people are being ushered into quickly built, affordable, stick-over-podium type clinics. Stick-over-podium construction allows structures to be built quickly and efficiently. The advantages are many when it comes to getting clinics built and operational. Getting people in and out as efficiently as possible ensures a large group of an under-serviced or low resourced community will be seen by medical professionals and be treated with appropriate medicine. Yet, the large volume also means that care for the majority of people will be quantitative and not qualitative, i.e. seeing as many patients as possible acts as the prime directive over personal, collaborative, whole health approaches.

    The subsequent sections analyze four components of a waiting rooms communication ecology. These are not meant to be a model of the ecology or a definitive list. These four components of the complex system simply are used to demonstrate how the environment itself can trigger stress responses in patients. They are also used to provide real-world examples of how the choices in design, organization, maintenance, flow and use patterns have systemic effects which, if left uncriticized and evaluated, can drive health inequities for those who depend on those spaces for health care.

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