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How To Decorate A Teenage Bedroom

Make Your Own Mini Planter:

Style a Teen Girl’s Bedroom | At Home Tips | HGTV

Hanging planters are the cute things you can add to your walls and make some fun additions to your decor and home styling.

These cute and stylishly designed planters have been made out of the clay and three different kinds of designing has been shown you so that you can make them look the way you like them the most or add some personalized touches too.

Here is the complete tutorial to know every inch detail of the project abeautifulmess

Think Beyond Teen Furniture Lines


Just because a furniture line is “teen” branded, doesn’t mean those are your only options. Stylish and affordable furnishings can be found everywhere, from your local consignment store to budget-friendly retailers like IKEA, Target, and Wayfair.


Make like Dream Green DIY blogger’s home and string lights overhead for playful ambient light. Or, string them along the wall and use them as a place to pin photos and other mementos.

How Much Money Should You Invest In Your Room Transformation

This all depends on your current wishes & your preference, as well as the current state & looks of your room. If it is in bad shape & demand proper renovation & remodeling, you are looking at $1,000-2,000.

However, if you only need to change your wall color, buy some cushions and a fancy cabinet, you can DIY everything for less than $200-300! Every person is unique, and everyones personal taste & preference will differ.

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Come Up With A Subtle Theme

Nicole Hollis Studio

Like throwing a fun party, decorating a room can feel a lot easier when you have a theme guiding youand there are plenty of ways to do this without making it feel cheesy. For example, this bedroom turns surfboards into wall art while sticking to a coastal color palette. While it incorporates a passion into the décor to personalize the space, it doesn’t feel childish in the slightest thanks to the crisp bedding, regal ikat throw pillows, traditional sconces, and clean-lined bed frames.

A collaborative design idea could be to brainstorm a theme together. Do you emphasize your teen’s love for jazz music or passion for basketball? Or should the bedroom highlight a passion for horses or outdoor adventure?

Stylish Ideas For A Teenage Girls Dream Bedroom

Teen Bedroom Decorating Tips, Tricks &  Projects  The ...

Is your teenage daughter tired of her childish room? Is she constantly begging you for help repainting or redecorating her room to a more mature look? Decorating a bedroom is practically a rite of passage for any teenager.

For a teenage girl, its an opportunity to show off her individual style and changing interests. Dont worry, Ive got you covered with a list of ideas so you can help your daughter choose the perfect look for her.

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Include A Space For Study

It may not be as exciting as picking colors or deciding on wallpapers, but having a private space to work is a really important aspect of a teen’s bedroom. Even if they are a tween and serious study hasn’t really entered their world yet, it will only be a few years before a desk is needed, so plan ahead and build onto into the layout of their bedroom.

Pick something that’s practical of course, but make it stylish too and fit with the style of the room. And if space is tight, be inspired by this small bedroom and opt for something compact and narrow that’s built in complete with a desk and storage.

‘Define a desk area by painting it a different color to the rest of the room. Paint a section of the wall from floor to ceiling which is just a little wider than the desk or table used for homework.’ advises Joa. ‘This area should be stronger in tone than the rest of the room, and could even be in Railings or Downpipe, colors that many teenagers crave! For extra drama use Full Gloss on this section which will bounce some light around and act as a super durable surface for blue-tac etc.’

Design A Functional Multi

A teenagers room is more than just a sleeping space. As they begin exploring their independence, having a room where they can hang out, study and lounge with friends is almost as important as sleep. And the social aspect of a teen room decor is big. A survey of global teenagers found that the #1 thing a teen would add to their room is a poster of themselves with their friends. Work with your teen to creatively include the following areas in their room:

  • Cozy sleep area
  • Customized study area
  • Place to lounge with friends

If your teens bedroom is a small space, use creative approaches to meet their multi-purpose room needs. Try these space-saving ideas to design cool room decor:

  • Vertical study area with storage space above and below the desk
  • Slim sofa table as a small space desk option

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Diy Beautiful Peg Board:

Girls room can be made to look more improvised and gorgeous with an added pegboard there. Here is this lovely and professional looking pegboard made for the girls room to be set against the wall of the working desk where they can hold their assignment notes, books, clocks and much more such things and thus get the most fun and functional out of it.

We got the link right here to know its complete making at home aimeeweaverdesigns

Diy Painted Watercolor Pillow:

How to decorate a Teenagers Room| Live Stylishly: Ep. 05

The white colored pillows seem to be dull and boring after some time, and you want to change them, especially the young girls.

They like everything colorful and funky so here is a cool way showing how you can make your square pillows look so bright and cute with the watercolors and bring some fascinating and delightful decor touches to your bedroom spaces.

This would be entertaining girls so do try it ellaclaireinspired

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Let Them Look Towards The Future

It could be useful to select a theme for the décor. It could be something related to movies or music or it can simply be a combination of all the favorite elements your teenage boy wants to incorporate in the décor. As for the chromatic palette, there are lots and lots of options. Most often, blue is a color thats always present. The same goes for black or green accents but this is a detail that has to do with the personal preferences. If you want some suggestions, maybe it would help to take a look at these examples.

Teen Closet Areas In Bedrooms

Clothes is another passion of teen girls, let your daughter store them and her shoes in the best way possible. If you have enough space, you can make a separate small walk-in closet as a part of the room. If not, there are a lot of solutions: built-in wardrobes, under the bed closets, in-wall closets and so on. Make shelves to display her shoes and some cabinet for lingerie. Here almost everything depends on the space you dispose, so consider it and your girls wishes.

pull-out closet solution next to the bed

well-organized closet behind sliding doors

comfy closet under the bed

makeshift closet is a hot trend for both kids and adults

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What Are The Best Colors For A Teenage Bedroom

The best colors for a teen’s bedroom will depend on taste and the overall look you are going for. If you want to play it safe, you can’t go wrong with a neutral scheme of whites, greys or creams. Then your teen can bring in pops of colors that they like with their own decor choices.

Also, consider the aspect and size of the room too. If the room is on the smaller side, you could go for the classic all-white, or why not go bold and choose a darker color? It’s a myth that dark shades make small rooms feel smaller, they can actually blur the edges of the room and make it appear larger.

‘Many teenagers are naturally drawn to strong colors which may make a room feel too dark. Consider using the color on the skirting and the bottom of the wall and then take a lighter tone up the rest of the wall and over the ceiling.’ advises Joa Studholme, Farrow & Ball Colour Curator. ‘This will mean that it feels intimate when lying or sitting down without overpowering the room. Dont be intimidated by this method of decoration paint the lighter color first and then use some masking tape to create a clean line to the stronger tone. For extra decorative effect use the stronger tone on the doors and windows too. Combining Hague Blue with Cornforth White is particularly successful as is using Sulking Room Pink with Skimming Stone.’

Retro Room For Teenagers

Some Of The Coolest Girly Teenage Bedroom Decor Ideas ...

If youre a fan of color youre going to enjoy this combo. It is ideal for anyone who likes to stand out with their personality and creativity.

Pink and green are contrast colors, but they can look so great once executed the right way. Add a lot of color and fun to your room if it is so small and simple to make it different than elses.

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Bgment Blackout Curtains For Bedroom

Much like the curtains from before, these ones are also made by BGment and feature a microfiber cloth construction that promise to deliver blackout capabilities, but only to a certain degree. You can find these curtains available in a bunch of different sizes, ranging from 46 x 54 inches to 55 x 96 inches.

The set includes two curtain panels, each one equipped with eight silver grommets on the top side. As with other blackout curtains produced by the same manufacturer, these can also be cleaned in the washing machine, provided you use cold water and wash them on a gentle cycle.


  • Mattress not included.

Hangout Spaces For Teens

Hangouts are loved by everybody including your teen girl! So make a hangout nook or even a large space if you have such an opportunity. Place a couple of large soft beanbag chairs, or some transparent hanging ones, add a TV, some graphic rug, a pink sofa and voila, your girl can invite friends to hang out!

cool hangout zone with silver ottomans and an acrylic table

glam hangout nook with pink sofas and a gallery wall

modern teen hangout lounge with a chalkboard wall

attic hangout nook with faux fur beanbag chairs

fun teen hangout area with soft beanbags

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Modern And Stylish Teen Boys’ Room Designs

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Have Fun With An Unexpected Color Scheme

Let’s Decorate | Teen Girl Bedroom

Whether you are decorating a teenage girl’s bedroom or a teenage boy’s bedroom, a good place to start is with the color scheme. Again, talk to them, ask them about what colors they like and, if they’ll listen long enough, explain about color pairings and help them choose a couple of colors as the starting point for their color palette.

Personally, we are big fans of the pink and green combo at the moment. It’s fun and fresh and yet if you pick the right tones it doesn’t feel childish as the cool tones of the green balances out the saccharine quality of the pink. The pistachio green walls and blush pink decor of this teen bedroom feel quirky but also grown-up and sophisticated.

‘Extra color can be added into a neutral teenage room in a myriad of ways all of which can be changed quite easily as the years go by.’ says Joa Studholme, Farrow & Ball Colour Curator. ‘Upcycle an old chest of drawers by painting each drawer in a different color or in a sophisticated gradation of just one color. Start with Inchyra Blue at the bottom and graduates up through De Nimes and Oval Room Blue. Bear in mind that the legs of tables or chairs dont need to be the same color as the tabletop or chair seat. Bedheads can be personalized or painted directly onto the wall. Shelves cry out for contrasting colors, and the back of bookcases are enhanced with really bright tones, such as Rangwali or Vardo.’

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Diy Fishtail String Wall Art:

When you are up to the string art and want to make something out of it for your room decor or the other homey walls. Then this fishtail is the best idea to bring some fun to your walls and make them looked all spruced up.

Here is the link you can check out the complete tutorial of the making of this cute fishtail with the strings and spruce up your home decor and that too at no cost at all. Tutorial link here

Organizing A Sleeping Area

Highlight the sleeping zone somehow, for example, place the bed on a wooden podium to separate it from the rest of the room, or choose a canopy bed or a bed with several draperies to keep privacy and make it more relaxing, especially if its a shared room. Add storage cabinets on the sides of the bed or go for curtains to separate this part of the room. Another cool idea is placing the bed by the window creating a wonderful sleeping nook, so your girl can see stars. This works, of course, only in the case its safe and private enough. Your girl will add LEDs, photos, pictures and other stuff she wants in her sleeping nook to make it cozier.

bed placed on a wooden podium to separate it from the rest of the room and provide additional storage space

colorful teen sleeping nook by the window

caramel, vanilla and blush room, a comfy storage rack behind the bed

curtains with LED lights are used to divide the room into areas

dreamy sleeping area by the window with a large floor lamp

large canopy bed without draperies helps to divide the space

royal large bed with draperies for privacy and an upholstered bench

the bed is located in the window niche, which separates it from the rest of the room

the sleeping area is separate with a shelving unit, a lap is great for those who love reading

wall storage niches on either side of the bed highlight the zone

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Opt For Light And Airy Designs

Image credit: Future PLC/ Jamie Mason

A clean white or neutral base is ideal for teenage bedrooms, as it offers the opportunity to chop and change the look as quickly as teenage tastes and styles do! Opt for classic white furniture with a slender profile, as this will help reduce the sense of clutter.

However, this sunny, pretty space is really all about the accessories a bold bloom bedspread, hot pink accents, soft pastel lamps and prints and a tactile sheepskin throw on the chair ensure this space is modern and still playful.

Diy Shopping Bag Wall Organizers:

23 Stylish Teen Girls Bedroom Ideas

For the small and tiny items we bought from the market, come in those cute little shopping bags, and they can be further used for these cute organizing crafts in your spaces.

Here is the lovely girl room organizer for their jewelry, sunglasses, stationery, and so many other things charmingly and decoratively.

Here is the complete link showing the step by step instructions to make it on your lezoemusings

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Teenage Boys Room Designs We Love

For a teenage boy, his bedroom is like a refuge, a private space where he can go whenever he wants to be alone, where he can pretty much anything he wants and where he can feel free to add his own touch to the interior décor.

Since this space will serve as his bedroom, his office, and as a social area where hell receive his friends and spend time with them, a teenage boys room décor needs to be flexible and multifunctional.

Area For Artwork Display

The last artwork display she had was perfect for when she was little . Easily changing out art with clips was a great solution. Now that she is older she wanted something more sophisticated, more sturdy, and grown-up looking that was still flexible and the picture ledge and frames are perfect for that.

Check out your local thrift shop for wall decor and old artwork that has beautiful frames you could use and if needed spray painted.

Let your teen create her own artwork or buy and have it printed or print yourself.

Here are some of my favorites and not only for teen girls bedrooms:

  • Save

This is how her gallery wall artwork display used to look when she was a little girl:

  • Save

And now it looks like this:

  • Save
  • Save

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