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How To Decorate A Small Entryway With Stairs

Create A Home Library Next To Your Staircase

Entryway Decorating Ideas for Small Spaces | 5 Steps to an Organized Entryway

Hallways are a tricky one for storage the never-ending pile of shoes, bags and letters in our homes are enough to make Marie Kondo cry.

So we’re loving this staircase idea a home library for magazines, comics, books, novels and more.

It’s certainly a bit of motivation to get into bed a couples of hours earlier, and to break away from our usual blue light-emitting tech devices.

How Do You Decorate A Narrow Hallway

When decorating a narrow hallway, often a less-is-more approach pays dividends, so do start by highlighting the strengths of this small space.

Many narrow hallways are lacking in light. Try to turn yours into something more than a transitional space significant changes such as replacing a solid wall with striking Crittall windows will allow light to be borrowed from adjoining rooms, while updating a front door with larger glass panels will illuminate the area.

Additional tweaks such as a well-planned lighting scheme can be just as impactful. Choose a layered approach, adding subtle dimmable recessed lights and pendants combined with the subtle glow of table lamps.

Warm Welcome With Blue And Brown

Welcome your guests with a warm greeting as they enter your home by selecting a contemporary color combination that exudes serenity and solitude. The neutral mushroom grey wall color is the perfect backdrop for this inviting entryway. With a deep and rich brown door and wooden accessories, the white bench really pops in the small space. Accented with blue patterned throw pillows and a rug, this quaint welcome space may be small in stature, but large on style.

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Lost In A Sea Of Home Design Inspiration

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What can you do with your hallway, staircase or landing? We love seeing your DIY before and afters so please do share! Even if youre in the planning stages, send us your ideas.

Oversized Entry Light Welcomes With Warmth

15 Minimalist Small Foyer with Stairs Design Ideas ...

This foyer entryway artfully combines rustic New England charm with a nautical theme. The mirror is encircled with sea stones, while a nautical sextant design adorns the floor. Note the rustic charm of the double hinged door, which you might also see in a barn or horse stable. The actual entryway table is a nice example of New England design with four different box drawers to showcase the workmanship of the craftsman. The whole entryway is uncluttered, leaving plenty of room for the large door to swing back and forth.

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Maximise Space With Bespoke Storage

Image credit: Dominic Blackmore/Ideal Home

Maximise the decorative potential of storage by choosing built-in open units instead of those with doors. Place against a wallpapered wall here, a grey geometric pattern not only makes a fresh backdrop, but turns each section of the storage unit into an attractive separate storage zone.

Introduce a zingy secondary colour for added up-to-date style. And why not get the children involved with low level hooks just for them? Alongside signature yellow, use black and white accessories to make the space homely.

Add Wall Lights To Widen The Space

Image credit: Future PLC/ Lizzie Orme

Lighting plays a key role in finishing a room off beautifully. In a small hallway space its imperative to ensure there is adequate light to use the compact space to its full potential. The hallway serves a functional purpose, so dont forget to introduce task lighting or brighter bulbs in areas where needed, advises Peter Legg, Lead Designer, där lighting.

In a small, narrow hallway consider wall lights to add more ambient lighting to open up the space. Staggered wall lights will draw the eye outwardly to the point of focus, as if stretching the walls to feel further apart. Pair wall lights with directional overhead lights to ensure the space is well lit.

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How Do You Make A Small Hallway Look Good

We are all familiar with the saying first impressions count and a hallway is no different! says Emmie Brookman, Interiors Expert and Creative Director at Silver Mushroom. Often hallways are the most neglected room in our homes because they lack natural light and tend to be on the smaller side.

Adding a large mirror is one way to create the illusion of a larger space, and also reflects any natural light coming in, she advises.

Open It Up With Mirrors


When decorating any size entryway, mirrors are not only stylish but also practical. For a small foyer, mirrors become even more useful because they give the appearance of an open space or window in a confined space. While a large leaning mirror is on-trend, most small entryways don’t have the wall or floor space to handle one. One large wall mirror can open up a small entryway and keep things simple. For a more eclectic look, decorating with multiple small mirrors in a wall arrangement can make a wall look larger because of the open space around each mirror. For a stylish and artsy look, choose mirrors with a variety of frame sizes–keep your mirror wall looking coordinated by sticking with similar frame colors or finishes.

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Its All About The Wall

With zero floor space to spare, theres an awful lot you can do with jazzing up a wall. Take your cue from Jamie at Mindfully Grey and go in with contrasting wallpapers, an industrial hook rail and some coordinating prints across the breadth of the wall. This project is practical, simple and easy on the budget. We reckon you could easily DIY this. Give it a try!

idea for Styled monochrome decor on a landing – image:

Paint Your Staircase In A Dramatic Color

Thinking about it, lighter colors don’t really make sense on a staircase, so going for a darker shade not only looks gorgeous but is a practical move too when you’re working on a new staircase design or even renovating yours from scratch.

Keep things looking warm and less dramatic by leaving the wood exposed at the top of each step. You could even try using paint, but just on the top, as there’s something particularly lovely about chalky black, white and wood.

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Be Savvy With Storage

Wall-mounted storage is your best friend in a small entryway, even more so when it doubles up on function, like this rustic shelf and coat hook combo. Since it doesnt rest on the floor, theres plenty of room underneath for a well-placed shoe basket while a stylishly hung bag is the perfect place for keeping gloves, hats and scarves together a great mudroom storage idea, also.

What Should I Put In My Entryway

Stylish Entryway Ideas for a Beautiful First Impression ...

If youre lucky enough to have a mudroom or separate storage space, youve got the luxury of focusing primarily on aesthetics. If your front door needs to be styled for a great first impression only, a combination of a bench or console plus thoughtful artwork, stylish rug, greenery, accessories and an oversized mirror guarantees a warm welcome, says Betsy Moyer, Co-founder of Retreat.

Those who dont, on the other hand, might need to incorporate a few mudroom storage ideas where they can. Organization is key when it comes to small entryways that need to capture clutter, says Betsy. Its all about wall hooks, coat racks, cubbies and beautiful baskets, then introduce greenery and fresh flowers for a touch of outdoorsy style.

If a console table is just not an option, consider a wall-hung organiser for sorting mail, storing keys and any other bits and bobs you need to grab as you walk out the door. A small foldaway chair is also a space-savvy alternative to a bench just prop it up against the wall when you dont need it.

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Small Entryway Ideas For A Stylish Foyer

From decorative tricks to clever storage solutions, these small entryway ideas will make a big impression.

As the first space visitors see when they walk in through your door, your entryway needs to make a good impression. While a small entryway can pose challenges, it doesnt mean it cant be beautiful or functional, if you need it to be.

So when you’re looking for entryway ideas that need to work harder in terms of style and function, it’s about using what you have to enhance the space visually.

Optimize Dead Space With Shelving

More often than not, the space on the other side of staircase balustrades are left bare. Sure, you might be inclined to create a small gallery wall, or install some staircase lighting, but have you ever considered creating a shelfie on your steps?

This gorgeous wooden fixture is a fab way to display vases, pictures, and books you’d want to showcase. Make it stand out even more with some compact spotlight downlighting or LED strip lighting to highlight your favorite pieces.

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Create The Ultimate Organisational Space

Where space permits, creating an area to not only organise the usual hallway clutter but also to organise yourself as you go in or out of your house. We absolutely adore how has thought of everything in this hallway space, with hooks, baskets, shelves, a boot rack and even a bench seat all together in quite a slim, built-in structure. Plus, it looks divine!

simple ART idea for a landing- image: From My Living Room

Modern Beachy And Rustic Entryway

Decorating my Staircase Landing / Entry Refresh / Decorating on a Budget/ Entryway Ideas

Keep the space simple and bright with this modern beachy and rustic entryway. The muted colors along with the white walls establish a fresh and welcoming vibe. There is a serene softness as many natural elements are featured in this design. From rough rock and wood to sleek lamps and woven baskets, this bazaar of textures is a designers delight. Your entryway looks like an extension of your home and not a separate entity.

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How To Decorate A Console Table In Front Of A Window

When decorating an entry table in front of a window, the window itself serves as an anchor. Make sure your decor coordinates with curtains. This is a great place to have a coffee table with ottomans underneath as there is probably a chair not too far from the window. The ottomans can be easily pulled out as a footrest.

Heres a more typical decorating scenario for decorating a console table in front of a window. See how the table fills the blank space in front of the window and enhances the view. You dont want to obstruct the view through the window but add to it.

Add Fresh Flowers In Rustic Containers

Many people like to use the rustic entryway idea that their furnishings are designe to be rugged and sturdy. This rustic entryway decoration arrangement utilizes a marble top to reinforce the strength and sturdiness of the entryway table. Exposed and oxidized metalwork containers are used to showcase the floral arrangements, while rustic curio boxes are stacked on the other end of the table. The white arts and crafts style table legs add to this solid and sturdy design theme. Even if you dont want a marble top, the simplicity of this design helps provide focus to whatever you decide to place on top of the table.

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Bring In Plant Friends

Add some life to your entry with a plant or two . Choose a colorful planter or plant stand to make more of an impact, either to sit on the floor or be hung up on the wall.

No need to make room in your non-entryway for this little hanging planter. SHOP NOW: Rust Finished Wall Planter by Terrain, $28,

Use Lightening Tricks To Make Your Hallway Brighter

15 Minimalist Small Foyer with Stairs Design Ideas ...

Small hallway ideas should include brightening tricks since hallways tend to be light-starved spaces. If yours lacks the natural light you need to make it feel as big and bright as possible, use all the tricks up your sleeve to lighten it from hanging mirrors to choosing pale hallway paint ideas paint color schemes to picking pale flooring to shopping for slimline furniture that won’t block light .

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Don’t Forget Good Lighting For Small Hallways

Small hallways need to include good hallway lighting ideas: after all, you’re going to spend a lot of time coming through that front door on dark evenings, and good lighting can help your space look its best. Ideally, choose a combination of lighting types: bright overhead downlights to create a feeling of daylight in otherwise dark hallways characterful table lights for atmosphere only and lights in skirting boards to light stair risers .

Small Foyer Decor Ideas: How To Make It Bigger

To , its always a good idea to use a mirror to optically make the space bigger. Few plants and a touch of gold will also add a bit more glamour to the usually cluttered space.

If youre looking for real-life examples of how to make the most out of your foyer, below are some superb ideas for decorating small entryways to get you inspired!

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A Bright Rug Adds Interest

This beautiful entryway combines a bold style with a soft and bright color palette. Its ironic that such light colors can make such a large statement. The pastel blue turquoise paint on the door is carried over to the area rug which also pops with a bit of red color in its playful design. The entryway table is tucked to the side as of the style of entryway works best when the entrance is uncluttered. The use of white paint dominates the entrance hall and does a great job of reflecting the light from the overhead chandelier. With the use of furniture so minimal in this entryway design, you can add more if you dont think your built-ins will add enough interest.

Shiplap Chic Rustic Beach Entryway

CHRISTMAS DECORATING | Ideas for an Entryway and Staircase | Kinwoven Christmas

Wake up your entryway with some practical storage pieces, cute accent pillows, and a houseplant. The entire look is easily tied together with the woven pieces featured as a trio of storage boxes overhead on the shelf and the tray housing the plant and vases. Boasting some gorgeously distressed, white shiplap as the background, this entryway is full of design and offers practicality with the storage compartments included in the bench and the hooks overhead. To make it a cozy space and not simply a storage solution, the beachy themed accent pillows add a comfy and personal touch while the gold hooks and shelf hardware glisten up the space.

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+ Practical Entryway & Small Foyer Decor Ideas To Spruce Up Your Home

Looking for a small foyer decor ideas?

If youre one of the lucky ones with a huge entryway, youve got plenty of options at your disposal to really make a grand entrance to your home.

For those with a small foyer or entryway, we also have a few tricks up our sleeves to make the most out of the little space you can play with the key is to keep it simple and mainly functional when it comes to home decor.

Make The Most Of Corners

Office, closet, garage, you name itcorners can often go unused, and when youre working with a small entryway, every inch counts. Picking out a shelving unit that can fit snugly in the corner of your entryway with plenty of storage will make keeping this space organized a dream. Or, opt for a smaller piece and wedge a corner shelf into tight spots.

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Reuse A Chest Of Drawers Under The Stairs

If your small hallway is literally just a space under the stairs, then make the most of that area by adding a small chest of drawers. They look cute plus have plenty of storage, you could even put shoes in them. Add in some baskets and boxes for any extra clutter too and you could hang prints on the wall too to make it more of a feature.

Add A Little Pattern Into A Simple Scheme

Westport foyer with sisal stair runner

We love the simplicity of this boho-style design by Folkway Design & Wares Co. The humble peg-rail looks oh-so-charming and is so easy to style too hanging plants add character while net shopping bags can be used for either decorative touches or practical needs. A rug is a clever way of defining a small space with color and pattern, too. Dont be afraid to go oversized on a floor rug the temptation is to keep it small to avoid an overcluttered feel, but this actually has the adverse effect, advises Amy.

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Where To Put A Console Table

There are no hard and fast rules about where you put an entry table in your home. I like to use them to fill any awkward, empty spaces on walls.

Also, its important to note that a console table can any sort of display table like a buffet or even a cute dresser. Ive even seen sewing tables and pianos function really well as entry tables.

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