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How To Decorate A Small Bathroom With No Window

How Do I Make My Small Windowless Bathroom Appear Brighter

Small bathroom design no window

A small bathroom without windows can feel dark and dingy. However, with the right decor and design, you can successfully create a relaxing and peaceful haven. While natural light is the best source to make a bathroom brighter and airier, sometimes it is impossible to add a window to a bathroom.

Consider the following tips and tricks to make your small windowless bathroom appear brighter and airier:

How To Decorate A Large/master Bathroom

A double-sink vanity, when theres enough space for it, is a luxury for the master en suite bathroom.

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Round mirrors are a hot item in bathroom décor right now, perhaps because they have such a different look and feel than builder-grade rectangle mirror slabs.

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A metal wall art provides a bit of color between the mirrors. The aged metal finish looks a little vintage, but the silhouette of the piece is clean. A contemporary bathroom can benefit from some aged or weathered touches.

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Unique sinks are a gorgeous way to make a bathroom feel decorated and different. This bathroom wins, making the most of its decorating buck .

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These white porcelain flat bowl-style sinks have a beautiful, modern feel.

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The farmhouse vibe of this particular faucet is another way to bring a subtle rustic or traditional vibe into the more contemporary bathroom.

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Medium to dark wood stain is a beautiful visual contrast to the white countertop and other white bathroom elements. Including wood into your white bathroom gives it a grounded, organic touch.

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In the bathroom with extra space , installing a small sitting area or makeup vanity is a luxurious use of space. If the vanity can face a window, all the better great view and great lighting.

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Choose A Light Colour

Opting for a pale and neutral colour will work wonders in your windowless bathroom. The paler the colour, the lighter your room appears. For example, painting the walls white is a successful way of reflecting light throughout your bathroom. But if you want to avoid the clinical feel which can sometimes come across with white, a pale duck egg blue is a good substitute.

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Recessed Medicine Cabinet And Farm Sink

This bathroom provides a gorgeous upgrade to a standard home feature: the medicine cabinet. Rather than hiding your things behind a bulky, ugly mirror, this bathroom adds glass and paneling to the medicine cabinet. Clear shelves, a glass window, and white paneling turn something homeowners usually hide into a featured piece.

Wall Mount To Make A Small Bathroom Feel Larger

How to design a small bathroom with no window.

Conversely, if you don’t have a lot of bathroom clutter to hide, try to keep furniture and sanitaryware to a minimum. Wall-mounted basins and WCs clear the floor area and have minimal impact on your walls, so they will make a small bathroom seem bigger. They’re also much easier to keep clean.

Be inventive about where you place your sanitaryware, too. This basin fits perfectly in the gap between wall and window and because it’s in a corner, it’s less intrusive.

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Booth Bay Paint Color

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As I mentioned earlier, white tones are timeless and give lots of space to your creativity. Adding to this, it is also the best color to paint the bathroom to sell a house. Why? Because it is neutral and helps the future buyers visualize themselves living in the space.

This palette is among the best neutral bathroom paint colors.

Similar Benjamin Moore colors: Boothbay Gray |

Beachy Blue Wainscoting With Copper Accents

The beach is brought indoors in this ocean-inspired design. Nautical inspired wainscoting lines the ceiling and walls, in an ocean themed blue and white color scheme. The White tile flooring with grainy accents is reminiscent of the sand. Copper fixtures pop against the lighter colors and add richness to the room.

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Wipe Away Water Droplets

Showering or washing your hands can lead to standing water on surfaces which can start breeding bacteria. If you notice any water on the floor or basin for example, then simply wipe it away to keep it clean. When having a bath or a shower, your bathroom will indefinitely fill with steam, leading to condensation. Condensation can sit on surfaces such as mirrors, so you could invest in a demister mirror, or, dry it with a cloth when you are finished in the bathroom .

You may also want to invest in an absorbent floor mat for when you step out the bath or shower, but keep in mind, it will need washing regularly to stop the build-up of bacteria.

Be Rid Of Shower Enclosures For A More Open Space

How to Decorate a Small, Windowless Bathroom

Transforming a small bathroom into a wet room is an excellent choice you make the room look bigger by not closing it off with unnecessary screens.

Bathroom tile ideas that stretch from the floor right up the walls can give the space a cozy cocooned look, too.

You can of course also consider incorporating a generous shower into a large tub instead giving you the option of both.

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Can You Paint A Small Bathroom A Dark Color

While it might seem counterintuitive, dark colors have a big impact on a small bathroom or powder room, and can even help to create depth. When done correctly, a dark color could even make a smaller space look larger.

Black and dark paint colors can actually make the walls appear to recede, creating the illusion of more space.

Of course, while you CAN paint a bathroom a dark color, youll want to consider whether its the right move for your space and whether it will help you achieve the look youre going for.

For An Airy Feel Install Proper Ventilation

The last and most important tip to make your small windowless bathroom feel airier is to install an extractor fan. Ventilation is a huge problem in windowless bathrooms as there is no fresh air to dry out the wet shower or bath area. Over time, the excessive buildup of damp can lead to unsightly mold. To prevent condensation, you should consider installing an efficient ventilation system to extract out the steam and dry out the bathroom.

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Navy Blue Paint Color

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One of the latest paint colors for bathrooms, is the navy blue. Blue: a classic tone, reminiscent of the sky and seawater. It is considered as one of the most relaxing colors ever.

If your bathroom is really small, consider adding big mirrors to make it feel more spacious and substantial.

Similar Benjamin Moore colors: Black Pepper | Comet | Coastline

Combine Dark Floors With Pale Walls

15 Smart Ways How to Build Master Bathroom Colors

You may be surprised to learn that dark flooring can help to make your room look bigger. Once paired with the right cooling shade for wall colour, a space really can appear much bigger than it is.

The most obvious combination is black and white, as seen here. But you could also combine a deep gray or emerald green with blush. Or dark wood with pale sage green.

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The Best Colour For Bathrooms Without Windows

A safe choice when decorating your bathroom is monochrome black, white and grey. However, its nice to add a splash of colour that opens up the room and makes it feel a bit more cosy.

A light, powder blue can look excellent in windowless bathrooms as it matches well with white tiles and bathroom suites while giving a beautiful hint of the sky outside.

Light green is a fantastic colour choice, especially on one wall, as it provides a gentle focal point while being reminiscent of plants, trees and grass.

A pale yellow top half combined with a white bottom half is a lovely contrast for a small windowless bathroom. With the right lighting, the yellow can bring the room to life in a way that the sun does in more naturally lit settings.

For more on colour choices, please read our guide to bathroom colour schemes.


Keep The Bathroom Clean And Clutter Free

The next most important thing to do is to clean your bathroom regularly. You can’t rely solely on an extractor fan when your bathroom doesn’t have a window . Cleaning will remove unwanted bacteria and dirt that has built up from things like showering and washing your hands.

To follow on from the previous point, a clutter-free bathroom makes the room feel bigger. With there not being any natural light to brighten up the bathroom, the darkness can make the room feel too full if there are too many things out on show. Bathroom furniture can play a big part here as their storage abilities mean you can tidy away a lot of products that don’t need to be out. For example, a mirror cabinet and a vanity unit should be more than enough space for your cleaning and personal products to be hidden away, making your bathroom look more presentable.

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Top Tips For Bathrooms Without A Window

It may not be on your mind when you’re looking for a place to live, but some flats and houses that have a bathroom, en suites or cloakroom do not have a window. When having a steaming hot shower or bath, you can usually fix the condensation and moisture issue by opening a window to air it out. But what can you do if you don’t have a window? Read our top tips to have an unproblematic bathroom.

Keep The Decor Simple But Add Elegant Fixtures


Jonathan Gooch

In lieu of being able to enlarge room dimensions, the clever use of surface finishes can maximize the feeling of space. In a small dark space, you could keep the space light and bright with minimal pattern or color.

Use reflective finishes on joinery and recessed handles, says Nick Stuttard, co-founder of London Projects. They reflect light back into the room and streamline surfaces, minimizing any awkwardness in moving around a narrow space.

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Keep Your Bathroom Clutter

An over-furnished, cluttered bathroom will only feel smaller and cramped. This is especially true for bathrooms without windows. To avoid making the space feel dark, move any unnecessary clutter out of the room. Invest in some cupboards to store away your shower products. Keep the accessories to a minimum as space is of premium. Only include the items you use every day. The idea is to uplift the space instead of making it feel claustrophobic and cluttered.

Make The Most Of A Small Bathroom Layout

When it comes to designing a small bathroom, every inch counts. It is important to measure precisely and take into account doors, windows or sloped ceilings that may dictate your bathroom layout ideas.

Dont be afraid to play with pattern, even in awkward spaces. In this dark bathroom from Pippa Paton, the hexagonal tiled flooring and splashback give a cohesive look, creating a backdrop for this rustic vanity that not only fits perfectly into the alcove but also gives a subtle nod to the houses barn heritage.

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Choose A Color You Love:

ou dont want to feel sad or appalled each time you walk into your bathroom. As such, its best to choose a paint color you love. Theres nothing as exhilarating as having a bathroom that reflects your real personality. Using your favorite color will give you a burst of delight each time you walk into your bathroom.

How To Design A Bathroom With No Window

Decorating A Small Bathroom With No Window

How To Design Your Windowless Bathroom. 1 1. Brighten It Up. The biggest problem with a windowless bathroom is, of course, adequate lighting. The first step in improving your bathroom is 2 2. Install A Bathroom Fan. 3 3. Choose Plants For Windowless Bathroom. 4 4. Best Windowless Bathroom Paint Colors. 5 5. Use Mirrors Wisely.

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Can I Paint My Small Windowless Bathroom A Dark Color

Yes of course you can paint your small bathroom a dark paint color. As long as you consider the right colors that match your space to help you achieve the look youre going for. Dark paint colors can have a big impact on a small, windowless bathroom. They help create depth and substance so it is well worth considering such colors. When done correctly, your small bathroom could even appear larger. For example, a combination of black and gray or navy and green can give the illusion of more space rather than visually shrink it.

Squeeze In Shelving To Boost Storage In A Small Bathroom

It doesn’t matter how small your bathroom is. If you look carefully there are opportunities for space-saving storage everywhere. Take this little alcove of shelving in an attic bathroom.

Don’t overload your shelves, however. Instead curate little vignettes and use house plants or ceramics to add pops of color.

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How Long Does It Take To Decorate A Bathroom

Image source: Home 4 Life Building & Remodeling

As intimidating and expensive as a bathroom remodel can be, the actual process does not take very long. If all the parts work and are installed correctly, the bathroom remodel should be done in a matter of 23 days. If work cannot be done on weekends, this is about four and a half weeks.

Below is a cumulative bathroom remodel timetable. It makes several important assumptions: that no one gets sick, that all the tradesmen show up on time, that materials are readily available, and that the homeowner does not issue any change orders that slow down the bathroom remodel.

Dead days have been removed from this timetable and workday have been pushed together so that there are no gaps. It assumes that when one person is finished working, the next person starts working in their place right away. Note that reality rarely reflects our plans and it is safe to double the time to take to remodel a bathroom to 46 days or 9 weeks.

Demolition 2 Days This may take longer if the bathroom is on a second story or otherwise difficult to move materials from.

Rough Carpentry 2 Days You may not need any carpentry if your underlying structure is in good shape.

Plumbing Rough-In 1-2 Days Plan on the full 2 days or more if you are moving elements like the tub and the toilet.

Insulation .5 Day Insulating a bathroom should go very quickly because only one or two short walls are involved.

Hang Drywall 1 Day Drywall can be started the moment insulation is up.

How To Decorate Alcoves Niches And Wall Recesses

DIY Small Bathroom Makeover | decorating the windowless bathroom I’ve always hated ð?

Working as a professional interior designer for many decades, I’ve been involved in design-and-build residential building projects.

This article will provide small space decorating ideas, such as this built-in cabinetry on both alcove sides of the fireplace, with decorative niches above.

There are so many possibilities when it comes to designing or decorating small spaces. Many homes have some pockets of space like alcoves and niches, and these nooks, recesses, under-the-staircase, or “wasted spaces” may have been pre-determined as an interior design feature or came about as a result of flaws that sometimes occur during building construction.

Small space interior decorating requires more than placing a floor lamp and an armchair in place or turning the space into a gallery of wall hangings. Interior recesses can be made to be a focal point of a room while possessing functional properties as well.

With a bit of creative flair and an eye for detail and proportion, you can think simple or think grand. Small spaces and nooks have great decorating potentials. If you can guide your mind towards the word “small,” it will turn out an easy feat decorating a small interior feature.

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Here Are Some Tips You Should Keep In Mind When Painting A Small Dark Bathroom:

Avoid using a too-dark theme: Using dark colors to decorate your small bathroom entirely will make it appear even smaller. Whats worse, itd look too dark and stifling. If you must use black paint, its highly advisable to use it only as an accent. Using it as an accent will help your bathroom look bigger and brighter. However, it is essential to note that not all dark colors have this adverse effect. Colors like navy blue and sapphire give your bathroom more depth and space. As such, they can be used as a single paint color for your small bathroom with no windows.

Create Room For Manoeuver With Pocket Doors

Where space is at a premium, pocket doors really are your friend. Here they have been used to divide an already small space to combine a bathroom with clever and compact laundry room ideas.

Being able to close the door on piles of washing is a must if you’re planning a relaxing soak in the bath. However, because the doors slide into the wall cavity, there’s much more room for manoeuvre should you need it.

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