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How To Decorate A Shirt

How To Make The Hammered Leaf Prints Kids’ T

How To Make Your First Shirt Design In Photoshop For Free

Step 1: Cover a small board with two or three layers of newspaper. Lay your fabric on the board. Open up the bottom of the t-shirt and slip the board and newspaper inside.

Step 2: Arrange a variety of leaves on the fabric. Cover with a sheet of waxed paper, and tape the corners of the waxed paper to the fabric.

Step 3: Pound with the hammer until you have pounded every part of the leaf. When you are done, lift off the waxed paper. You’ll see a leaf print.

Step 4: To set the print, soak for two minutes in a mixture of three tablespoons of alum and one gallon of warm water. Wring out the excess fluid, then soak the fabric in a mixture of 1/4 cup of salt and one gallon of warm water.

Remove the fabric, rub off any clinging bits of leaf, wring, and let it dry. Wash by hand in cold water.

A simple white T-shirt becomes a beautiful, colorful treasure with the batik kids’ T-shirt project in the next section. Keep reading to learn more.

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Some of the world’s oldest and largest living trees belong to a family of trees called sequoias . This family includes redwoods and giant sequoias.

In fact, the biggest tree in the world — nicknamed “General Sherman” — is a 274-foot giant sequoia. Located in the Sequoia National Park in California, General Sherman is estimated to be between 3,000 and 4,000 years old.

What To Do With Shirt Fabric Scraps

You should never throw out the material youre left after a refashion project. Use the remaining shirt pieces to create:

  • phone cases out of the cuffs,
  • tablet cover,
  • turn the sleeves into wine bottle holders, they are perfect for groomsmen gifts,
  • drawstring bag,
  • create stunning summer espadrilles.

This shoe shirt upcycles idea from Trash to Couture is extraordinary. I wouldnt even think of it. You only need some small leftover pieces of fabric. A must-try for summer! Trash to couture has a lot of fantastic refashioning projects, you should definitely check her site.

How To Decorate A T~shirt With Paint And Stencils

Do you like to customize inexpensive t-shirts? This is a fun and easy project. Heres how to decorate a t-shirt with paint and stencils.

How do you decorate a t-shirt with paint and stencils? You need the right kind of paint and the best stencils.

Who do you decorate a t-shirt for? Anyone! Im decorating two t-shirts for my granddaughters for camp.

Ill give you all the steps and show you exactly what are the best supplies to use.

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Diy Braided Racer Back T

One of our favourite things to make from our old clothing is actually workout gear. Theres just something satisfying about wearing something we made ourselves while were challenging our bodies to be the best they can be.

Besides, all the cutest workout clothes in the stores are always the most expensive and were working on a budget. Thats why weve made ourselves about six of these adorable braided racerback tank tops outlined step by step on Skinny Fat Girl Diary!

Insert A Piece Of Cardboard

Piece Of Scrap Sales on eBay: Decorate Custom T

After you have set up the workspace, get yourself cardboard. It needs to have the same size as the shirt. If it is too large, take the measurement for the shirt and cut the cardboard according to size. The main goal is to slip it inside without stretching the T-shirt. And this board will prevent the paint from bleeding onto the backside.

Now, if you do not have a piece of cardboard lying around, you can use a newspaper or an old magazine for this. Fold the magazine or the newspaper according to the size of the T-shirt and slip it inside. Make sure that the folds are thick enough to stop the paint from bleeding to the other side.

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Diy Choker T Shirt Cut

This is one of the easiest cut out out there. Instead of worrying about getting the best necklace or ornamental band, let your tshirt act as chokerit is all about being creative!

All you need is a tshirt that fits closely round your neck, scissors and a marker.Draw v shape in the front layer using the marker then make a cut out and stretch it out. Finished!You can leave it at that or cut-off the sleeves. You can as well make the cut from the back. He is a video tutorial guide

Making A Splash Kids’ T

Everyone’s a winner withthe making a splashkids’ T-shirt.

If your son or daughter excels at a particular sport, the making a splash kids’ T-shirt is a great way to display their team spirit.

With this project, you can transfer the team’s best photo to your child’s favorite t-shirt so they can show off their winning team with pride.

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Clothing Customization: From The Beginning To Our Days

If we consider that customization is an alteration, reconstruction, a product change according to a creative idea, then this kind of creativity seems to have always existed. The generation of the 90s was engaged in customizing, making cool acid washed jeans at home. Moms of naugthy children come up with an applique or embroidery to disguise another stain or hole this is also customization.

The simplest way to refashion a T-shirt is to decorate it with lace, beads, buttons, artificial rhinestones, sequins and any embellishments. This is something everyone can do. Redesigning and reconstruction, for example, a couple of T-shirts into a stylish dress, hand-painting with acrylic paints on the fabric or hand embroidery is already a high-level piloting of hand-made masters. This shouldnt scare you to to try, though.

Poppy flowers are great idea for summer T-shirts! Trace circles onto a red organza fabric using a pencil and a medium sized circular object . You can use circles of different sizes, as well. The number of circles depends on that how big you want your flower to be. Cut out the circles.

Light the candle and melt the edges of each organza circle above the flame. Combine all the petals in the flower and sew them together by applying beads of black and white color in the flower core. You can use just one big black button, as well.

Fantastic Ways To Alter T

How To Make T-Shirts with Cricut

The warmer the days get, the more excited we get each year to start wearing all of our summer clothes! We find, however, that we actually usually have more luck making things ourselves than shopping in stores because, that way, we can create things in any style we please.

Maybe its just the DIY enthusiast in us, but theres just something in that pile of old clothes that we set out every year during spring cleaning that screams potential at us and one of our very favourite spring activities is rummaging through our own clothes and finding old t-shirts and tank tops that we can alter and turn into brand new things!

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Plain Tank Top Into Knot Woven Crop

Did we really catch your attention with the knotted fringe crop idea we talked about earlier on our list, but it was actually the little knots and not the fringe itself that interested you so much?

In that case, we have a feeling this crop top from Jak and Jill that actually lets the knots take centre stage rather than being a supporting feature will be right up your alley. We fully admit to already having made ourselves three of these because theyre just so quick and simple to do, but also super fun to wear!

How To Cut T

All you need is a pair of scissors, a marker and a flat surface. The easiest way is just tear off the sleeves and boom youre ready to rock in your new self-made tank top. Here are the steps for a more accurate and clean look


  • Measurements- If you are not sure of your accuracy, put on the shirt on flat surface and make guidelines using a marker.
  • Using pair of scissors, remove the collar, cutting the front part lower than the back region. Making the front part is a matter of preference.
  • Cut the bottom hem of the tee then keep the strip for later use.
  • Cut off the sleeves of the tee not necessarily along the stitches part but depending on how you want the tank top to look like.
  • You can improve its appearance by cutting one of the side edges then make some holes on the fabric all along the cut hem. Use the strips from the cut bottom edge and lace it through the made holes. You can as well add some ribbons if you wish.

    Video: Cut Tees into Tank Tops

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    Easy 100 Days Of School Shirt Ideas

    This post and its photos may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon associate I earn from qualifying purchases. If you make a purchase through these links, I may receive a small commission at no extra cost to you!

    Celebrate the 100th Day of School with these fun DIY 100 Days of Shirt Ideas that are super quick and easy to make!

    Make A Ladder Down The Front Of A T


    This style is super trendy right now and you will see a lot of these shirts for salebut this is something you could also make yourself! Just cut a v-shape down the front of a T-shirt and then add some fabric straps across the middle to create a ladder pattern. This is a simple but flattering design.

    Source: poshmark

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    Create A Butterfly Twist Top

    This DIY tshirt idea is a different look that is both fun and flirty and elegant and sophisticated at the same time.

    • Cut the shoulder and side of the sleeveless shirt.
    • Twist the back part all the way around so that the right sides meet together.
    • Finally, pin the back and the front and then sew them together.
    • When you will try with a printed Tee, you will get a very interesting result. Lets try it!

    How To Make The Around The House Kids’ T

    Step 1: Place your T-shirt over spread-out newspaper. Put a large plastic bag inside the shirt, between the back and front.

    Step 2: To paint your shirt, make some printing stamps using sponges. Cut sponges in the shape of a star, crescent moon, and sun. Put some house paint in the foam tray and dip a damp sponge in the paint.

    Dab off the excess paint on scrap paper. Now print your design on the shirt, covering any existing house-paint stains. Let the paint dry completely.

    Tie-dyeing is a classic way to jazz up a plain white T-shirt. Learn more about this kids’ T-shirt decorating technique in the next section.

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    Set Up The Working Space

    Next, you would need to set up the workspace. Get some newspaper on the table. And get anything that is on the way. Remember, the paint can spread around and ruin the table if you do not place newspaper.

    It would also be a good idea to get a cup of water and paper towels. Those will come in handy for blotting and rinsing the paintbrush.

    Fancy Collar On A Plain T

    How To Make T-SHIRT DESIGNS In Illustrator (Episode 1)

    You see, simply adding halter collars to a regular t-shirt can instantly transform it. So, lets go through your spare fabric stockpile or look for some lace or ribbon to apply this trick. To get the greatest results, make sure you sew on a patch on all sides, not just around the neck. Its simple to get a new shirt that looks more elegant and sophisticated, right?

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    Diy Macrame Halter Tee

    Lets check out that snazzy back on that t-shirt. Who would have thought that you could do macrame on the back of a tee?

    Youll need a grid-cutting mat like the one and cut off the back of your tee into thread-like strips.

    Maybe, just maybe, with this amazing and trendy tee, you will be motivated to hit the gym. Why not pair this macrame tee to look more stylish now?

    How To Decorate Kids’ T

    Kids will love theSpiral T-shirt.

    Every kid has a favorite T-shirt. With the T-shirt decorating crafts in this article, kids can now have favorite T-shirts they decorated themselves.

    These kids’ T-shirt decorating ideas include a mix of styles, from tie-dye patterns bursting with color to nature-inspired designs you can make from the leaves in your own back yard.

    Each decorating idea includes a list of needed materials and easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions. With a little practice, it won’t be long until you’ve learned how to decorate kids’ T-shirts.

    Get started on these great wearable art craft projects with the links below:

    Have a favorite photo? With this T-shirt decorating idea, you can frame that photo — on a T-shirt — with a cool wave frame.

    Cutting and pasting take on a whole new meaning with the kids’ T-shirt decorating idea in the next section. Keep reading to learn about the tees, please T-shirt.

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    Cut Out The Shape Of A Cross

    I like the geometric design hereits a lot different fro just cutting a set of parallel lines! Even though it looks like a lot of work, the video is actually a pretty quick watch, so this is easier to make than it appears to be. There is a downloadable template on the site which you can print out , as well as a couple of other printable templates you can use the same way for different designs.


    Source: boatpeopleboutique

    Inspirational Ideas For Transforming Your Old Shirts

    New Dot Painting T

    by wonderfuldiy

    If youre anything like us, youll know that theres really no such thing as waste just bits and pieces waiting to be transformed into something new and exciting! Thats why weve once again been scouring the web for great ideas for DIY craft projects, which is how we found the following 25 ideas for refashioning an old shirt into something wholly new and genuinely gorgeous!

    All youll need is an old shirt youre not too happy with, a few sewing supplies and a little imagination. In fact, you can even use a mans shirt if youre not too keen on the idea of chopping up your old clothes! Just be sure to ask permission so we dont all get into trouble!

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    Fun Diy Shirts Ideas Crafts For Kids

    Posted on June 9, 2020 by Emily. This post may contain affiliate links. Clicking and purchasing through them helps to keep the great content coming your way, thanks! Find all my favorite items in my Amazon SHOP HERE. Posts written in collaboration of Brother as a Brother Brand Ambassador.

    inside: super fun diy shirt ideas and crafts for kids to make. You will love these creative diy t shirt crafts PLUS kids can make them. Hours of summer fun with diy shirt ideas for kids.

    Friends! My kids have already been home the length of a full summer and now as we start actual summer, Im dragging! whew! Mamas! Hang in there if you are reading this and its no longer 2020 Im praying the world returned a bit more to normal And now, in an effort to fill our summer hours, here are some fun diy shirt ideas that kids can make!

    Cut Out Heart Tee Behind

    Why not take advantage of your white t-shirt and DIY to look fashionable? You just need to fold the fabric in half behind the back and cut it slowly in the shape of a heart. You can also draw lines first on the shirt before cutting to avoid confusion. This cut heart t-shirt is super simple and requires no sewing, but it will compliment you a lot.

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    How To Turn A Vbs T

    Its craft time once again for the kids at First Baptist in Alabama. But this time, the kids were not given coloring books or sheets of paper. Instead, Susan, their Sunday school teacher, experimented on an idea that is brilliant in so many levels.

    Susan called in and requested that we create for them a bunch of white T- shirts with an outline of their VBS design in black and white. She wanted to keep it plain so that the kids can color and decorate their own shirts and bring out their inner Picasso. What a brilliant idea! Pictured on the left is a sample of the white shirts that VBS T-Shirts made for her class.

    So how did the little ones take on the challenge? Just like a painter served with a blank canvass, they immediately transformed into young artists, and painted, beaded and glittered away those plain white shirts like a pro. With shades of purple, a shimmer of gold, and strokes of red and yellow, Voila! Out came a masterpiece thats barely recognizable from the plain shirt that it once was.

    But aside from inspiring the kids to channel their excessive energy into creating beautiful shirts that kept them busy for half an hour But the kids have a finished product that is far more valuable to them because they created it. Hats off to Susan for her utter ingenuity. Let us take you down further on the economical, sentimental and educational value of this idea.

    What youll need to have the kids at your VBS take this project on!

    The supplies:

    The cost savings

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