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How To Decorate A Screened In Porch

What Is The Average Cost To Enclose A Porch

Screened In Porch |Porch Decorating Ideas

If you are looking to enclose an existing porch, the cost can be as low as a few hundred and can go up to several thousand dollars. This porch renovation project might cost a bit up front, but it is a good investment in the selling value of your home should such a time arise. You can compare the cost of the enclosure in different screen porch plans and designs to see which one works well for your budget. Pictures of finished screened porch designs can give you the inspiration to plan the projects well.

Classy Porch In Wicker And Wood

This enclosed porch opens onto a patio that serves as a secondary entry into the house. On one side of the room, however, is seating for four or five people, along with a lamp and ceiling fan. The white wood, red brick framing, and dark wood floors go wonderfully together. The dark floor mat coordinates well and ensures the floor wont look too dirty from taking debris in from outside. This porch shows you can even decorate the space with wall hangings and potted plants.

Rocking Chairs With A View To The Pond

This screened porch isnt very large, but it doesnt have to be big to give you a place to sit and enjoy the view. If you have an expansive property with an open view, this may be all the porch you need. The railing was already in place, and the framing for the screens isnt very expensive. Extending the roof would be the most expensive part of this project. I would suggest completing the furnishing ensemble with a small table between the chairs to hold your glass of iced tea.

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Delight In Outdoor Dining

A screened porch is the ideal setting for al fresco mealsespecially if it extends off the kitchen. If not, consider locating a vented grill on the porch, choosing a model with counter space on either side for food prep. In addition to a table and chairs, include a hutch to hold the dishes, glasses, and silverware youll use regularly in the space.

Check For Forgotten Favorites

38 Amazingly cozy and relaxing screened porch design ideas

Before making plans for a home shopping spree, be sure to check the places you store older outdoor furniture and other bits and pieces. If you have a habit of keeping old cabinets, blinds, throws and pictures, take a look at what youve got in the attic or basement. You might find that set of wicker chairs you stacked up and forgot about will look great in your new screened-in porch.

You can also ask friends and family members if they have any pieces they dont want anymore. Offer to do a swap with some of your old furniture and voila! Youve got something entirely new to your home for free.

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Hang Shades For Sunny Days

Depending on the location, a porch screen or two may get some very direct sunlight that makes lounging in the space a little unbearable. But, you can hang some shades to block out the light a little more, without blocking it out entirely.

Find some that can be rolled up when theyre not in use so they dont stand in the way of your view when the sun isnt an issue. This is especially great for porches that dont have the space or design to make drapes work.

Provide Seating For Everyone

Sectionals aren’t just for your indoor living room, they’re a crowd-pleasing pick for your outdoor living room, too. Durable, weatherproof synthetic wicker is a low-maintenance choice that also looks great but be forewarned, like so many other things, you get what you pay for. Carefully check all pieces for the quality of weaving, since any loose synthetic strips could quickly lead to unraveling. Read our outdoor furniture buying guide, below, for more tips.

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Make It A Statement Of Your Style

There are no hard and fast rules that a screened porch must be decorated in a specific style. Instead, it should be an extension of your home, so choose fabrics, colors and materials that work with your style so this indoor/outdoor room flows seamlessly into the adjoining indoor spaces.

Or Freshen Up What You Already Have

Update and Redecorate | Screened Porch

It’s a truth universally acknowledged: Nothing transforms tired furniture like a fresh coat of paint. Says the owner of this stunning vintage set, “A preppy, glossy green gave it a much-needed modern twist. For a flawless finish, its best to use a paint sprayer so color covers the intricate designs and goes on nice and smooth.

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Have Throw Blankets Handy For Cold Nights

If you live in a colder climate, youll need some closed in porch ideas that take those chilly days and nights into consideration. Otherwise, youll have a beautiful space connected to your home that you cant even use if the temperature gets below 60 degrees.

You can always get a space heater for the colder months, or stock the space full of throw blankets for a more cozy feel. They look tossed onto furniture as accents and theyre perfect for snuggling up with some hot cider.

Diy Screened In Porch Ideas

You can easily hang drapes yourself which will provide shade from the sun and wind. A screen porch is a great addition to any outdoor living space.

Beautiful Backyard Enclosed Patio Ideas Covered Patio Designs How To Build A Covered Patio Ba Screened In Porch Diy Covered Patio Design Screened Porch Designs

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Easy Ways To Make Over Your Screened Porch For Spring

    If youre lucky enough to live in a home or apartment with a screened-in porch, you know what a luxury such a space can be. Not only is there another room in which you can work, dine, read, and relax, but there are also so many decorating possibilities.

    I have truly enjoyed spending more time on my own screened porch over the course of the past year, and as spring returns, I want to ensure my space is ready to go and living up to its full potential. Here, five designers share the tips you should keep in mind if youre looking to tackle a porch makeover.

    I was thrilled that my porch already boasted beautiful blue and white tiled floors, which make a major statement. And the good news is that this type of feature is easy to add in at any time.

    If budget allows, adding shiplap wall panels and an interesting weather appropriate floor tile would definitely elevate the space, Joan Enger, principal interior designer at J. Patryce Design & Company, says. If not, a coat of fresh paint and indoor/outdoor rugs can work wonders.

    Such changes will make a major impact in the long run, adds Louis Duncan-He, the principal designer and creative director at Louis Duncan-He Designs. He’s a fan of using FLOR squares as a budget-friendly tile solution.

    Breezeway Porch With Arched Doors And Red Brick Tile

    40 Best Screened Porch Design and Decorating Ideas On ...

    I love this porch for its arched and paneled doors and windows. The floor is tile to withstand high foot traffic at is connects the front and back yards. Out of the way of the walking path is an ample seating area for two or three people to comfortably sit and enjoy a relaxing evening. The ceiling fans and lights keep the room comfortable and well-lit. You can also see floor registers, meaning this family has installed a heating and cooling system to make this at least a 3-season room.

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    Factors To Consider When Designing Or Decorating Your Screened In Porch

    With a screened-in porch, you can enjoy convenience and optimized functionality while staying protected from insects and the elements.

    Before you dive into ideas for a modern screened in porch, youll first need to think about factors that will influence your project:


    You already know you want your space to be modern, but there are multiple choices to make within that style.

    Ask yourself:

    • What will my color palette be?
    • What kind of decor do I want for the space?
    • How will I furnish it?


    Will I use the space most often as a:

    • Reading nook?

    Aesthetics and function will help inform how you experience the space.

    Ask yourself:

    Will your porch be a:

    • Peaceful solitary retreat?
    • A place to entertain guests?

    PREPARE FOR YOUR PORCH BUILDStarting from scratch? Discover what factors to consider for your porch project to make it a success. LEARN MORE.

    Porch Decor And Style

    Another one of the screened porch design ideas we cannot leave out is the decorating aspect. This area is an important part of your overall propertys appeal. It is an extension of the ambiance and experience of your home, so you want it to mirror your style and show off your personality. In many house designs, the screened porch is going to be visible from the street. In this case, you should consider how well your front porch represents you.

    Some of the decor aspects you should work on including the style of the furniture, the floor-to-ceiling color and texture, any other elements that affect how you feel in the space. You can add a personal touch and decoration items like a photo album with family photos and any other decorative item. You can also add a porch swing to make the space more pleasant. Many homeowners decorate their screened-in porches with their favorite potted plants. You can add cushions in bright colors or a shade that goes well with the outdoors.

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    Ways To Cozy Up A Porch Or Patio

    May 3, 2020

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    You all know how much I love outdoor living spaces and today Im joining a group of blog friends and we are all sharing our ideas on how to make the most of your porch or patio. If youve been reading my blog for any length of time, you know how much I enjoy being outside and each house Ive lived in, Ive shared big and small ways to make those spaces cozy and liveable, no matter the space I had. Ive had open deck spaces, a screened porch, and of course screened porches with a roof over head is the best in my opinion, but no matter what you have, there are ways to make them cozy and comfortable with a few ideas that can translate to any space.

    I cant wait to share our new patio/screened porch with you all next weekend, but in the meantime, enjoy this fun outdoor post!

    Stay Warm With A Fireplace

    Dramatic Transformation of a Screened in Porch ~ DIY Makeover Project

    An outdoor screened-in porch has the potential to get very cold during chillier months. But, you can combat this by building a fireplace into it.

    This will definitely be a tough addition to an existing structure but if youre building from scratch, look into adding a fireplace to the screened-in porch designs.

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    And Don’t Forget A Fan

    Whether your preference is for super-sleek and modern or vintage-inspired, no screened porch is complete without a ceiling fan to keep fresh air moving and lower the ambient temperature. Be sure to choose a fan that’s UL-listed for damp locations and choose a model that allows a minimum of eight to nine feet of clearance beneath it for safety. See more shopping tips, below.

    Learn More: Porch Doors, Lights and Fans

    Classy Rustic Dining Room

    This second-story enclosed balcony provides quite a view surrounded by evergreen trees. The butcher block table in the middle really gives the room a rustic feel. The stone tile floor keeps the room easy to keep clean, and the windows and chandelier ensure you always have enough light for your and your dinner guests to see by. The vents at the bottom of the walls allow fresh air in while keeping strong winds and rain out. If you want to follow this idea for airflow, we suggest adding a screen over the vents to keep the bugs out as well.

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    Mix And Match Furniture Pieces Such As:

    • A porch swing or glider painted and cushioned to blend in with the color scheme
    • A rocking chair or round dorm chair with a padded seat
    • A stool or decorative chair
    • An outdoor futon and/or chaise with soft cushions and throw pillows
    • A wooden bench or chest for storing cool-weather blankets
    • Bamboo, wood, aluminum or wicker furniture including tables

    Large Sitting Area With Tile Floor

    Eloquent enforced small porch design click over here ...

    The layout of this room gives you and multiple people a place to relax without necessarily having to be together. The seats dont face each other and are fairly far apart. It gives everyone their own space to read or play on their device while still enjoying the sunshine from the windows. This back porch provides entry to the yard from the house but isnt set up to be a main walking path as people come home and leave.

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    Narrow Porch With Just Enough Seating

    This porch gives two or three people just enough room to relax and talk while enjoying the view of the street. Imagine drinking your morning coffee and waking up on the cushioned bench as you watch the world go by. If youd rather spend the afternoon out here reading, the ceiling fan gives you a breeze.

    Install Some Pretty Tiles

    The nice thing about a screened-in porch is that its mostly protected from the elements, so you can invest in furniture and flooring that may otherwise not last as long if it were outdoors at all times.

    Consider some colorful ceramic tiles for the space. Since its not inside the house, its a space all its own and it doesnt have to be cohesive with the rest of your flooring, so have some fun with it!

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    Make A Statement With A Colorful Rug

    Installing a whole new floor can be costly, so if you dont want to pay for a total replacement, spruce things up with a bright statement rug.

    Buy your accents, like throw pillows and cushions, after you purchase your rug so you can pull colors from it to make the whole room cohesive while still keeping the attention on the rug.

    Try A Farmhouse Aesthetic


    Love the farmhouse chic look? You can easily bring it out to your backyard screened porch like the one in this picture.

    The most important thing with the farmhouse style is to look for pieces that are black, white, brown, and have a rustic look but are not overly worn. Also, remember to add in some little touches like the clock on the wall in this porch.

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    Make It A Place To Lounge

    Your screened-in porch has the potential to be whatever you want it to be, so theres no reason to go for the standard table and chairs setup if thats not your ideal way to relax.

    Take a tip from this screened-in back porch and furnish it with loungers instead of traditional chairs. Itll be a nice spot to curl up and read or take a nap.

    Add Cozy Cushions Throw Pillows Throws As Well As An Outdoor Rug

    It does take a bit of work to keep an open outdoor area clean all the time, but so worth it for outdoor relaxing and seating for a group. Cushions and pillows add that soft goods factor that you definitely want when youre outdoors relaxing. A soft rug underfoot really makes an outdoor space cozy. Yes they get wet but an outdoor rug will dry out pretty fast and it just feels so good to walk on. Anchor your furniture with an outdoor rug for a real room feel. I look for outdoor rugs that are not heavily hooked or have too much fiber going on. The flatter ones work best for drying out fast. You can tell the difference when youre looking.

    Our current deck space.

    My previous house had a cute screened porch and I loved adding cozy cushions and throws to the space.

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    Your Modern Screened In Porch Inspiration

    If youre looking for modern screened in porch ideas, you already know what kind of look you want: a chic, contemporary aesthetic. Its simply a matter of achieving the right design details.

    To help you create your ideal porch, weve gathered modern screened in porch ideas tailored to where youre at in your project.

    Get Ideas Whether Youre

    1.) Building a new screened in porch OR an existing screened in porch.

    2.) an existing screened in porch.

    STILL EXPLORING FRONT PORCH IDEAS?Get the front porch inspiration you need with our Front Porch Ideas Series. READ THE SERIES

    Create The Perfect Setting

    40 Best Screened Porch Design and Decorating Ideas On ...

    Aside from the obvious elements necessary for a functional design, like screening and seating, there are plenty of extras that can take your porch to the next level and have it feeling like a second living room. Here are a few additions that will quickly make your screened-in patio everyones favorite hangout spot:

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