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How To Decorate A Nook Area

Establish A Landing Zone

Home On the Bay: Kitchen, Sitting Nook Area

Upon arriving home, we need a place for our bags, keys, masks, and hats to go when we inevitably toss them aside on our way in. If your nook is located by the back door, its perfectly suited to be this landing zone of sorts. Roomier entryway nooks can feature mounted hooks, a console table, and even a mirror or a small bench. If all your nook can accommodate is a coat stand, it will still serve you well when it comes to shedding your outside skin.

Create Division With Paint

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Setting up your reading nook in a small corner or closet thats part of an existing room in your home? Paint the walls of your nook a different color than the rest of the room to make it feel like a unique space! Consider using bold colors on an accent wall like navy, olive, or orangeor if the rest of your room already has a bold color, go the opposite way by painting a neutral gray, beige, or white!

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Having good lighting is an important aspect to include in your book nook, especially if you like to do some nighttime reading! Whether you go with wall sconces, pendant lights, floor lamps, or overhead fixtures, be sure to test the light when its dark out to ensure youre able to read without difficulty!

Interior Design And Decor For Reading Nooks

Reading nooks are great for single people and families with kids, for girls and boys, men and women of any age. Adults and kids get so busy with day to day activities that all of them need to stop, relax and read in a comfortable, intimate and beautiful reading zone.

Practical, functional and inexpensive interior design and decor for a reading nook helps recycle vintage furniture or salvaged wood turning empty corners into welcoming and beautiful reading nooks that provide wonderful places for rest.

Modern interior design and decor for a reading nook can be elegant and classy, or creative and contemporary. Almost any room design can include a small cozy nook, turning the living space into a pleasant place to relax, unwind and energize. Everyone, kids and adults love these fabulous special places in their rooms.

A comfortable chair, maybe a footrest or ottoman, a small table for a a cup pf coffee or a glass of wine, a nice torchier, hanging lamp or table reading lamp, a soft throw and cushions for your window seat bench are all you need to create your charming and beautiful reading nook that enhance interior design and decor in many ways.

Your favorite colors matching your room design and decor and pleasant fabrics help to turn a small reading zone into a happy and relaxing place that brings joy into your life and adds peaceful energy and style to your interior design and decor.

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Choose A Spot Where Natural Light

Who wants to have breakfast in an environment that does not see sunlight! Some of us may not have such an opportunity, of course, but do not put a kitchen table in a dark corner while you can. In addition to natural light, dont forget to place a stylish pendant or extra kitchen lamp just above the kitchen table. After all, you may want to use your breakfast nook not only for breakfast but also for quick and practical dinners.

Make Your Guest Room Reading Friendly

50+ Incredible Space

These two twin beds in a guest room are placed below several shelves with books. If your guests love to read, they will welcome the lovely surprise!

I hope this post gave you plenty of ideas on how to decorate a reading nook! I hope you found these reading rooms as inspirational as we did. They would make a voracious reader very happy, but they can also serve as a relaxing oasis for someone who just likes to read once in a blue moon, too.

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Carve Out Extra Storage

If a nook or corner is far too cramped for furniture, our experts suggest using the space to create extra storage. “Adding floating shelves to the walls will allow you to use the space for storage,” Barney says. If you don’t like the idea of showing off your storage in plain sight, she says you can use the shelves to display books, art, and other decorative accessories to ensure the space is functional.

How Big Do You Want It

If you are creating a reading nook for your two kids, you need to make sure it is big enough for both of them. If the space needs to accommodate 3 or more kids, why not turn the attic into a nook where they can play, read and have fun?

If the nook is for you, make sure that you are going to be comfortable in it. Can you stretch your legs when inside? Can you easily get in and out? Otherwise, there is no point creating something that makes you feel cramped and claustrophobic.

The size will also be determined by what you plan to use the nook for. If it is simply for relaxing or reading, a small one will do just fine. If the kids need a place to play with their toys, create something large enough for them to jump and run around. If you are looking for a private space to do your art or work on your book, youll need a fairly sizable nook.

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Arched Nook With A Built

Tucked in a small nook between the living room and kitchen, this cute bar area pops with green accessories to help match the organic feel of the rest of the home.

Laura Hull

Here’s one for all you mixologists: Transform your empty nook into a bar station. You can go the bar cart route or add a thin sideboard for more storage. You’ll have a well-stocked bar complete with blenders, cocktail mixers, bottle openers and all your bar essentials.

Go For Comfy Materials

How To Create The Ultimate Book Nook | DESIGN | Great Home Ideas

Your reading oasis should be a place where you can relax and recharge. This spot should abound with comfort. Go for an oversized armchair, a few fluffy cushions, a blanket, and a shaggy rug to start. Select velvet-like materials that allow you to curl up and sink into coziness. Whether you pick a smaller sofa or a charming armchair, the fabric will make a huge difference. According to Architectural Digest, silk velvet is a poor choice if you have kids or pets.

Ideally, the upholstery should be durable, resistant to fading, and easy to maintain. Be particularly careful if it gets a lot of traffic . Or go for slipcovered upholstery if you don’t want to whine about occasional coffee stains or scratches. For drapes, use cotton or cheesecloth as these materials are organic and let light inside. Rugs should be soft and soothing for the feet. Don’t be afraid to get creative with furnishings by choosing different textures, styles, and colors.

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How To Decorate A Hallway Nook

Giving a vacant hallway nook, or alcove, a defined purpose increases a home’s usable space. Determining how to decorate a hallway nook depends on its size and architectural features, as well as your personal preference and desired function for the space. Looking to a home’s existing color scheme and setting a decorating budget you can live with help narrow your hallway nook design options.

How To Decorate A Nook Area In The Hallway

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    8 years agoHere is the after! Still need to add some things to the shelves, but you get the idea!

    • Lights Online

      8 years agoNice nook! It does seem a little bare…perhaps a small mirror or piece of art could be hung on the wall? The fact that it has light shining down on it makes it a nice place to spotlight something interesting!

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    8 years agoI agree with Lights Online above, I think I would be a great place for a piece of art, with the light right there. If you go that route, you might not want the tall vase arrangement in front of it. I would change what you have on the counter to something short so you can keep the art at eye level, or just put nothing on the counter. If you want to keep the tall vase arrangement, what about putting a wallpaper on those walls behind?

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    Put Up Window Coverings

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    Reading nooks located near or in a window should always have blinds or curtains to help block out the sunlight when it gets too bright during the day. Decorate with functional pull-down blinds or hang patterned curtains to dress up your reading corner and give yourself some shade!

    Get Creative With A Kids Corner

    A Guide to Creating the Perfect Breakfast Nook

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    Decorating a reading space in a kids playroom or bedroom? Throw in some fun seating like a hammock, daybed, or rocking chair. Or consider setting up a tent with cozy blankets, pillows, and string lights. And dont forget to add plenty of easy-to-reach shelves where kids can store their books and toys!

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    Stay inspired while reading by incorporating inspiring wall decor into your book nook! Abstract paintings, photos of family and friends, cool prints featuring your favorite literature, boho tapestries, or even travel images can make your reading corner feel all the cozier as a space just for you!

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    Select A Practical Corner

    Finding the right spot for your reading hideaway can be a challenge. Start the pursuit by scanning every room in your house. Don’t forget to peek in hallways, under staircases, and in the attic. What corner appeals to your senses and aligns with your taste? Reading nooks require little space. For instance, an empty spot in your living room can often be enough. Even if your flat is cramped, you still have options to consider. Remove an extra dresser or use the balcony instead.

    Before making the final pick, ensure the spot naturally matches the existing style and floor plan. Avoid making it look like an addition. Also, assess the privacy and the noise level in the room. Forget about a nook in the living room if you have small kids running around and wreaking havoc every evening. Alternatively, Apartment Therapy suggests placing an entire library under the staircase. Incorporating a comfy sitting area provides an excellent corner for napping, too. Just remember to add a few pillows on each side.

    Finally, why not transform the attic? There’s no point in letting this space sit around collecting dust. Be savvy and install bookshelves to create a cozy reading nook. Alternatively, turn a spare closet into a reading haven instead of stashing junk inside. Use the closet cleverly and fit a bench with extra storage .

    Find The Perfect Spot

    It sounds obvious but this is the most important step so take the time to walk around your home and look for a spot that you will love to spend time. Ideally, it will be somewhere with good natural light so you can warm up and get a dose of Vitamin D while you relax. If this isnt an option, look for a spot thats quiet and warm.

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    Don’t Forget Throws And Pillows

    No nook is 100% complete without a few soft blankets. Depending on the season, you can wrap yourself in a cozy blanket while reading your favorite book. Or buy an oversized fleece blanket to snuggle under with a thick book on snowy days. According to The New York Times, wool blankets are ideal for cold days. In summer, choose a lightweight, breathable coverlet or a quilt piece. Cotton blankets are the best year-round alternative if you want to avoid layering.

    Throw pillows serve multiple purposes, so pick wisely. In addition to being decorative and adding a fun pop of color, lumbar pillows provide back support that can improve posture and alleviate pain . With so many shapes and sizes available, it can be challenging to find the perfect fit. If you choose patterned or dotted pillows, blankets should be in solid colors.

    For The Smallest Spaces

    Create a Kid-Friendly Reading Nook | HGTV

    This final nook design idea is for those of us living in super tiny apartments that have minimal space for furniture. Transforming your living room nook into a bedroom area or even just a place to nap is a great way to utilize space and get the very best views from where you are sitting. This type of placement is for those New York City studio apartments we love to loathe.

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    Create A Small Indoor Garden Area

    If you love to garden but don’t have access to a yard, Michelle Lisac says a small corner or nook is a great place to display and care for low-light houseplants. “A large plant in an eye-catching decorative pot or basket is a stylish way to fill a corner,” she says. “You can also incorporate hanging planters and wall-mounted pots in the area to take advantage of vertical space.”

    Carve Out A Reading Nook

    There is no cozier act than curling up with a good book, so its only right that you do it in the coziest part of your home. Find the most comfortable seating that will fit the confines of your little space and then add a lamp . Your result: a snug place for some focused readingor for absent-mindedly scrolling on your phone. Either way, youll have a spot that feels private and apart from the rest of the house, perfect for a little quiet time.

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    Pick A Spot By The Window

    Just as we prefer a table with a window and a view when we go to a restaurant, we should value the window at home in the same way. In other words, we should not cover the most beautiful parts of our house with furnitures. If available, find the right angle to enjoy the view and place your breakfast nook there.

    Kitchen And Breakfast Nooks

    Breakfast Nook Table: Breakfast Nook Ideas Kitchen White Elegant

    In the kitchen, nooks are meant for enjoying your morning cup of coffee or tea, and gathering for good food morning through night. If you dont have a built-in breakfast nook, you can create the feel of a nook in one corner of the kitchen.

    Kitchen nook decorating ideas:

    • Create an accent wall with chalk paint or a large-scale chalkboard.
    • Install a knob coat rack on one wall of the nook and hang with kitchen aprons.
    • Use a window sill as seating. If you have a deep window sill, have a custom pillow made to fit the space, or make it yourself if youre crafty. Then add accent pillows to make it even comfier.
    • If you dont have a recessed nook, create a cozy sense of separation with a corner kitchen table. Add two large pieces of wall art on each wall, or a gallery wall that fills the corner with art and prints.
    • To distinguish the space further, use freestanding shelving to create a wall. Set the shelves with plants or display-worthy serveware and cookware.

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    How To Decorate A Breakfast Nook

    If you have an empty corner to transform into a breakfast nook, fortune has smiled on you. Unlike home bars and formal dining rooms, eat-in kitchens will help welcome the new day with ease and comfort. Moreover, you can pour all your inspiration into creating the perfect hideaway to enjoy a casual, quick meal in the morning. Tiny breakfast corners aren’t just extra spaces positioned next to the kitchen and closed off by separate walls. Instead, they serve multiple purposes and aren’t an add-on most homeowners neglect when it comes to decorating. According to Custom Home Group, these mighty nooks provide a comfortable and laid-back spot to sip your morning coffee and plan the upcoming day.

    Depending on your preference, go for a modern, rustic, or coastal look. In any case, ensure you have comfy seating, ample light, and proper storage. Typically, you want your breakfast nook to be inspirational and inviting. However, if you don’t have a lot of footage to spare, consider selecting each furniture and decor piece with care. This article rounds up some practical tips on decorating a breakfast nook to take your eat-in-kitchen setup to the next level. Whether you intend to enjoy an elevated brunch or grab a snack after work, these tips will give you a helping hand. Keep reading and start decorating!

    Why Have A Nook

    Because they are cozy, warm and comforting. Nooks are great spaces to enjoy various activities such as reading, eating, sleeping or relaxing. Not yet convinced? Heres what else they are good for:

    • They provide privacy. If you live in a busy and noisy home, a nook can serve as a private getaway to your own quiet space. You can read or work in relative quiet.
    • They are special. Cozy nooks provide a break from the usual. It becomes a special place for you to escape to that allows you to relax with a book or bowl of ice-cream or just your thoughts.

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