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How To Decorate A Medical Office

Shopping For Wall Art Supplies

How to Choose the Right Medical Office Size – Medical Interior Design

Creativity knows no bounds when you have the right art supplies. The following retailers carry all the supplies needed to create fabulous wall art.

  • Utrecht Art Supplies carries a variety of paints, canvases, and brushes.
  • Michael’s Crafts also carries just about any kind of painting supplies imaginable, plus a variety of papers suitable for 3-D wall art projects.

Arrange Layout To Reduce Foot Traffic

Unintuitive design leads to unhappy employees and confused patients. Though it may not seem like a major hindrance at first, forcing employees to move from one end of a facility to the other to reach connected departments is simply a bad design choice. Ideally, medical professionals should be able to move seamlessly between related work stations. Not only is this better for their productivity, but it also prevents patients and visitors from having to navigate too much unfamiliar territory. Of course, coordinating sections by color and maintaining a consistent design tone can help prevent undue traffic as well.

Embrace Tech Upgrades To Increase Productivity

THE PROBLEM: Outdated technology keeps you from achieving peak productivity.

THE SOLUTION: A recent study cited in Dental Products Report found that switching from manual methods to electronic processes for routine tasks could save medical health plans and providers an estimated $9.4 billion each year. These savings mean you wouldnt have to attract as many new patients to pay practice bills.

Plus, you dont have to spend a fortune to start implementing time-saving tools that boost efficiency. You can start by getting standalone applications, such as billing or dental imaging, and continue building a full software suite as your profitability grows.

THE RESULTS: Dr. Crutchfield needed to make a tech investment to get his PC-based software to integrate with his Mac-native practice management system. It wasnt just a matter of convenienceit was a way to boost his bottom line.

In our business, the longer we take to treat our patients, the less money we make, he says.

That means even minor interruptions, like retrieving patient data separately from incompatible systems, impact productivity and profitability over time.

Crutchfield was able to resolve the issue after working with IT specialists recommended by his practice management software vendor. Though he had to budget for the expense of customizing his office network, he says its been totally worth it.

Dr. Crutchfield with a patientOur Recommendation:

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Fun Themes For Offices And Exam Rooms

Themes are very popular in pediatric offices because they help put children at ease by providing distractions from the upset of examinations, shots, and other procedures. Children are drawn to living creatures and nature, and this makes natural themes an excellent choice. Children are also drawn to fantasy, magic, and make-believe worlds that capture their imagination.

Design And Finishing: Between The Law And Aesthetics

Renewed Spaces: Redesigning a medical office waiting room ...

The fact that currently there are more variants of finishes available than ever before is a great convenience for the architect, but the range of materials that can be used in the interiors of doctors offices is very limited. First of all, the architect needs to reconcile legal and functional requirements with the investors expectations in terms of interior aesthetics.

  • The floor finish must be made of a material that provides good adhesion, which stands out with its resistance to washing and scrubbing, also by aggressive detergents, and which does not react with organic agents.
  • The walls should be finished with smooth, washable materials, additionally secured with a non-absorbent material resistant to scrubbing near water intakes .

When it comes to finishing the floors, the catalog of materials that meet the above requirements include ceramic tiles, stoneware and PVC linoleum. The walls can be finished in accordance with the investors choice, but due to additional requirements concerning the water intakes, where you can use only tiles, ceramics or laminate, some materials are not utilized. Also e.g. wood is not used, which, although it is not explicitly excluded from the catalog, is difficult to keep clean and usually does not fit nicely into the interior.

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Fill The Walls With Art

To make your practice a more inviting place, you want to do what you can to create a more amicable and attractive vibe. Dignity Health found that an easy idea is to decorate exam rooms, reception areas, and other places with a bit of artwork. A splash of color is a subtle but useful step to consider, but to really make an impression on your patients, consider selecting pieces that are truly unique and inspiring. You could even try partnering with a local artist to give your space more of a community feel.

Ultimately the right artwork helps your practice set the proper tone. You can further make your space more special by making changes to the lighting or wallpaper. The harsh glow of fluorescent overhead lights amid an uninspired decor creates a static atmosphere.

Spend Time On Logistics Ambiance And The Flow Of Your Space

Feng shui your space: Depending upon the location and complexity of your event, allow 1-2 hours for set-up. Walk through the space prior to guests arriving to make sure there are areas for conversation while being cognizant of potential traffic jams that will disrupt the flow. Have light hors d’oeuvres and beverages available.

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Create Partnerships With Local Businesses To Take Full Advantage Of Marketing Opportunities

Leverage relationships: Is there a local pharmacy you refer business to that could help promote your event? Would neighboring businesses be willing to post your event flyer on a community board or checkout area? Developing strong community relationships will help drive new traffic to your practice so that you can attract guests outside of your patient population and convert those guests into new patients.

Bring Some Nature In Your Hospital

Effective Medical Office Design

We assume you want your patients to see your hospital as a pleasant institution where they feel comfortable, calm, and safe. As you know, this is not always a simple task. Men, women, and kids feel rather nervous when going to the doctors office and you have to try to make these visits more pleasant.

One of the best ways to create a calming atmosphere in your hospital is to bring in a bit of nature. Potted plants are a great choice because they offer these three amazing benefits. First of all, the presence of plants can help make any room feel more inviting and pleasant. Secondly, they add natural beauty most health institutions dont have these days. Lastly, plants can promote productivity among doctors and other medical staff. Plants can create a sense of calm and this helps doctors to perform better at their job. Therefore, make sure to select a few colorful species of plants. For example, lavender can provide the office and the waiting room with a pleasant and relaxing smell.

Having animals in your hospital is also a nice touch. However, you must pay attention to your sanitary standards, so one fish tank in your reception area will do the job. Watching fish and listening to the gentle noise of running water soothes the patients. Other than making it look unique, a fish tank also provides your waiting room with a gentle atmosphere. This is something patients know how to cherish and respect.

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A Streamlined Medical Office Workflow Is Only 6 Steps Away

While having an optimized treatment zone workflow is critical to compliance and patient experience, it doesnt have to be hard to achieve it. Simply follow steps 1 through 6 above to improve your internal processes and better serve your patients from intake to discharge.

Do you happen to have an insider tip on improving your medical office workflow? Wed love to hear about it! Share your insights with us in the comments below.

If youre interested in learning more about how integrated point of care pharmacy solutions, like the medifriendRx® prescription kiosk, can improve workflow AND increase revenue, request a demo today.

Front Receptionist Medical Office Decor Ideas

Patients often spend as much, if not more time, in the front receptionist area of your medical office than with the doctor. Appropriate and interesting medical decor can improve your patient’s experience and the overall image of the medical office. Show patients how much you care for them by choosing tasteful and comfortable decor. Always keep your decor up to date, frequently freshening the look.

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Doctor’s Office Friendly To The Disabled

Adapting the medical office to the needs of people with disabilities or with reduced mobility is now an obvious matter. However, there are several concepts of such adaptation. Some elements are common to all of them:

  • elimination of architectural barriers: stairs, steps, too narrow doors, steep driveways or driveways not equipped with safety rails
  • rational planning of the office space: wide doors are not enough, a person in a wheelchair must be able to move freely around the entire space
  • providing facilities for persons with disabilities in auxiliary rooms: railings in the toilet, elevators, if required, furniture available in the office itself, etc.

However, because there are many ways to make the medical office friendly to the disabled, the use of these general guidelines may be insufficient The final decisions depend on the initial availability of the premises and what requirements the investor wants to meet.


The space required for full, free turn of a wheelchair in a doctor’s office is approximately 1.5 m².


The minimum width of the door for wheelchairs is 95 centimeters.


The greater width is recommended for driveways rather than for stairs – these should provide a minimum of 100-105 centimeters in width, and this size grows if the driveway is not straight, but – due to the need to reduce the steepness – with places for U-turns.

Basic Skills Needed To Work In A Medical Office

40+ Remarkable Medical Office Design Ideas #office # ...

There are many career paths you can take in a medical office. Medical Office jobs include medical office manager, medical assistant, medical secretary, medical biller, medical coder, and more. Regardless of the career, there are eight must-have skills that are required in order to be successful in the medical office environment.

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How To Personalize Your Office

Lets face it. We spend a lot of time at work. And we need to be at our best while there so that were productive and content.

If you spend all that time in a space thats not inspiring – or worse, drags you down – itll take its toll eventually. Same goes for working in a space thats not set up properly to be comfortable and organized. A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind.

The good news: its easy to personalize, organize and decorate your office space so that youre energized and productive -even if you work in a cubicle!

The trick is to not go overboard with decorative and personal items. Youll want to keep your work space dedicated to work and professionalism while also making you feel at home.

So go ahead and bring a box of nice things to your office. OK, it may not make you want to do double overtime, but I bet youll smile each morning when you arrive!

Map The Patient Journey

The first, and arguably the most critical, step in optimizing medical office workflow is to actually sit down and map the patient journey.

The patient journey is essentially the series of events and scenarios that the patient would typically go through before, during, and after their visit.

Most recently called a Care Flow Model, the patient journey is often a bit convoluted, but each step directly impacts the patients decision-making process and after-treatment actions.

For example

  • If youre an urgent care clinic, your typical patient may begin their journey with a sudden and unexplained health issue, like a broken nose or persistent pneumonia.
  • Their next steps would typically be to do a little internet research before visiting your facility.
  • Once theyre in your facility, they will go through a series of intake procedures like filling out patient forms and insurance documentation.
  • This information is then entered into your health record system.
  • While they wait to be called, the patient will likely be reading available literature in the waiting room. Making this literature relevant to the patients needs is a good option.
  • The patient is called into the exam room and is seen by an attending nurse or doctor on staff. Key points from their intake documentation are reviewed and a diagnosis is made.
  • The patient exits the exam room and discusses next steps with the office admin while paying their co-pay or finalizing paperwork.
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    Contact Us About Our Medical Cabinetry Today

    No matter what type of office you have or what your needs are, you can count on Bow Wood Cabinet Systems to provide you with plenty of options that work best for you. When you need office cabinets that provide you with both the good looks and the great functionality youre looking for, our team is here to help!

    Incorporate Technology And Active Waiting

    INTERIOR DESIGN 50 Stylish Doctor Office Interior Design with Nice Furniture & Decoration

    Nobody really enjoys sitting in a waiting room, but you can make the experience a more positive one by offering reading materials, free wifi and a play area for children in your doctors office waiting room. Providing these small pleasures will give your guests and patients something to keep themselves busy with while they wait, which can certainly help take their minds off of their impending appointment and make them feel more comfortable with their surroundings.

    What makes you feel comfortable in a doctors office waiting room?

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    Use Custom Artwork On Your Walls

    Bivi Standing Height Desks create private workspaces using the attached Bivi Tackable Screens as Shortcut 5-Star Stools sit at the perfect height for the table.

    Fracture, a company that prints digital images on glass, installed custom artwork on walls as part of their workplace design. It inspires creativity and encourages living and breathing the company brand. There are a lot of local shops, like Blik and online vendors, that offers custom artwork designbut you can use your own black and white or colored photographs that captures your brand. Logos painted on walls with interesting fonts and complimenting visual illustrations are original artwork too.

    Floor Plans That Make Sense

    Even within a smaller clinic, it’s easy to get lost. “You come out of a room and you don’t know how to get out,” says Ly. “You are literally looking for exit signs.” Concurs Devlin: “It’s a huge problem. Architects don’t think about these challenges. Then some signage expert has to come in after the fact and try to fix it.”

    For some spaces, the solution is simple: exam rooms run along one long hallway, often with a distinctive design feature at either end. The waiting room may have a view to the outside, visible once a patient pops their head out of the exam room, while bold graphics or distinctive artwork mark the other end.

    HealthQuarters addresses the navigation problem by designing different “neighborhoods” within its facility. If you’re seeing a doctor from affiliated with Mt. Sinai, the accent colors in the rooms and hallways will be dark blue. Tall archways and decorative metal screens signal transitions between new neighborhoods. Acupuncturists and massage therapists occupy a space that is designed with neutral colors more commonly found in a spa.

    Hullinger’s firm is working on a research project with the University of Washington to design a wooden panel that can be carved to absorb specific frequencies of sound, and then tuned to absorb certain frequencies that might be causing trouble in a particular space.

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    Pay Attention To Color Lighting And Shape

    Different colors have different effects on how we perform. Blue and green help us with our creativity while red seems to help us pay attention to detail. Lighting is also an important factor. Dimmer lights promote freedom and therefore creativity, while brighter atmospheres help induce analytical and evaluative thinking.

    Using the circle and avoiding the square can create an inviting space and trigger brain activity that is associated with reward and aesthetic appreciation. Sitting in a circle also fosters collaboration and team work. King Arthur seemed to be ahead of the game with that one.

    Dont Ignore The Flooring

    good idea to blend the optical with the main area medical ...

    A dentists or doctors office has to comply with strict sanitary and hygiene rules. The floors in these offices have to be cleaned and disinfected frequently, for instance. Preferably, they should also withstand the hustle and bustle of people coming in for their appointments.

    Opt for flooring that doesnt get too slippery, especially if your clients are children or older people.

    Quick Tip: Hardwood flooring works best for a clinic, in terms of durability and aesthetics.

    Your clinic is a place of healing and a gateway to a better life for your patients. Paying attention to the design of your clinic so as to transform it into a soothing place that can aid in their recovery.

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    For personalised ideas on revamping or designing your clinic, get in touch with Hipcouch right away.

    And… Here’s The Visual Guide For The Interiors Of Your Clinic

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