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How To Decorate A Mantel For Christmas With Garland

How To Design An Elegant Christmas Mantel

How to decorate a Mantel with a Holiday Garland

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Today we are going to learn how to design an elegant Christmas mantel with an easy step-by-step process! Lets create some Christmas magic and build this Christmas garland from scratch.

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What Can I Put On My Mantel For Christmas

Depending on the look youre going for this year, your Christmas mantel decor can be comprised of a variety of different pieces. Most common is a garland, either left naturalistic, or entwined with a string of fairy lights. Seasonal plants, like a poinsettia can add an extra festive touch. Candlesticks, baubles and stockings all help finish off the design of your holiday mantlepiece.

Holiday Mantel Decorating Ideas

Christmas Mantel Step Four: Add In Christmas Floral Stems and Christmas Foliage

After youve created your base layers of Christmas garland, the next step is my favorite part adding in pretty floral stems and foliage! This is where you can get creative on the Christmas florals and decor accents you want to add in. You can use other focal pieces like Christmas ornaments or decorative Christmas trinkets too.

Look for areas that have holes to fill in with. Try to use Christmas floral and foliage of varying heights and textures to add more visual depth to the garland. I chose blush pink poinsettias, pale blue hydrangeas, pink frosted berry stems, and snowy white branches to add in to my Christmas garland. I try to place the stems snug and secure around the existing garland, and in areas that arent as secure I will wrap the stem around a piece of the garland to hold it in place.

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A Classic Christmas Story

Classic Christmas colors are celebrated in this cozy living room. Fiery poinsettia blooms fill the firebox with color while a twinkling pine garland wraps the mantel above with woodsy texture. Personalized, sweater-style stockings dangle from iron reindeer and alternate in color across the stacked stone fireplace surround.

Incorporate Just A Pinch Of Kitsch

Related image

While the bones of this Victorian-era fireplace arched brick surround and oak mantel look much as they did when the home was constructed in 1890, the current owners gave it a bit of modern-day fun with an oil painting of Venice’s Grand Canal and ’70s brass reindeer. Mismatched stockings, a glittered “Happy Holidays” banner and a fresh evergreen garland bring the Christmas cheer.

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Keep Things Minimal With Neutral Palettes

This mantel decor is perfect for anyone looking for a modern holiday decor option. Instead of the traditional red and green colors, this decor opts for whites and transparency. String lights and natural evergreen tree branches are paired with chunky knit stocking socks for the perfect balance of holiday decor and stylish accents that seamlessly blend with the rest of the homes design.

How To Create A Gorgeous Full Christmas Mantel Garland

Wondering how people create such lush, full garlands at the holidays? Today were sharing how to create a gorgeous, full Christmas mantel garland, step-by-step!

Over the last couple of years Ive been getting a ton of questions here and on about what garlands I use to create my holiday mantel, as well as lots of you asking for details on how I do, it so todays the day!

A mantel is not only one of my favorite places to decorate, but its really a focal point. It sets the tone for the whole space!

For years I bought real garland and simply laid it on top of the mantel. But a few years ago I wanted to try to create a more beautiful, lush look and also swoop the garland rather than laying it on top. It is a little more work, but I love the results and I definitely think its worth it!

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Christmas Mantel Decor Tutorial

I find Christmas mantels to be very personal. Usually, people use decor that has some kind of nostalgic feeling to it. Whether it is handmade stockings or a Christmas village passed down, we tend to display our favorite Christmas decor on the mantel.

Step 1: Gather all your Christmas decor

The first thing I always do before I decorate for Christmas is to gather all my Christmas decor into one spot. It helps me plan where and how I will use what I have, and whether or not I should buy specific pieces.

This year, I wanted my Christmas mantel garland to glow! Ive never had a lighted garland for the mantle before since we dont have an outlet nearby. So I knew I needed to find battery operated lighting this year.

I wrote an entire article about 5 ways to use battery operated fairy lights around your home for the Christmas season! I am so happy I came across these lights so I could finally light up my Christmas mantel.

Step 2: Choose Your Focal Point

Most years, I use a mirror as my focal point for my mantel decor. It is simple and helps reflect the glow of Christmas lights. You can see how I did this the last two years below.

However, this year I wanted to use a large art piece. I am not a fan of paying a lot for Christmas decor since it is only on display for a month. So I decided to make my own! You can see how I created this tree art in this article.

Step 3: Layer Your Garland

  • Bell Garland
  • Step 4: Add Christmas Decor & Stockings

    Install Command Hooks To Hold Your Garland

    How To Decorate A Mantel For Christmas – Christmas Mantel Garland – Christmas Fireplace Decorating

    The first step is to install Command Hooks to secure your garlands. I use the large size with the metal hooks because Ive found those to work the best. In the past when I tried using the plastic hooks, they simply couldnt hold the weight. I have found these large metal hooks can easily hold the six total garlands that I use.

    Simply follow the instructions on the package to adhere them securely to your mantel, and make sure to wait the appropriate amount of time before loading the garlands.

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    White Christmas Holiday Mantel Ideas

    Dreaming of a white Christmas? Whether or not you live somewhere that snows, decorating your mantel with a white Christmas theme is an elegant and timeless look. To add some snow-like touches to your home decor, you can incorporate silver or white tinsel, dip pine cones in glue and glitter, or create DIY snowflakes you can weave through a garland. Other options include hanging white stockings, painting white Christmas tree decorations, and adding white candles. If you find that your mantel is looking overly muted with all white decorations, adding a touch of greenery is a great way to bring in some contrast and help liven it up.

    Modern Christmas Mantel Theme

    If you prefer a more contemporary look, you can opt for white and gold decorations or choose a pop of color that might not be as traditionally associated with Christmas, such as pink or blue. You can weave metallic spherical ornaments through a garland or drape gold lettering with a message such as Peace or Joy across the front of your mantel. If you have room for a wreath, choose a style in an unexpected material, like feathers or tinted branches. Another option is to use an art piece or mirror as the centerpiece for your mantel. Try to include seasonally inspired depictions of a winter scene, but done with a modern twist, like these metallic, cone-shaped Christmas trees.

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    Christmas Ideas From Osh

    Whether you are completely decorated or just starting, today’s tour with my blogging friends hosted by Cindy from County Road 407 is bound to spark your creativity.

    You can shop this year’s look HERE. The ornaments and mantel decor are on sale!

    I’ll be updating this post throughout the season as I take photos of this year’s Christmas decor. Here is a little sneak peek of this year’s mantel. The above mantle is the perfect example of faking a garland.

    If you have a narrow mantel or want to have space for decor items, use picks to weave around your decor to give the illusion of a garland. That’s what I’ve done here.

    Fill An Empty Fireplace With Presents

    45 Elegant and Cozy Fireplace Mantel Decorating Ideas

    Create a holiday focal point by filling an empty hearth with a stack of beautifully gift-wrapped packages in co-ordinating foils and ribbons, topped with baubles and handmade gift tags. Keep the mantel itself simple with a row of coloured glass candle holders and mini tea lights. Hang a few of your favourite cards from a length of satin ribbon and finish off with a garland of greenery above.

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    Ideas For Decorating A Mantel For Christmas

    is always fun, and it can inspire the entire mood of the holiday season. Since the fireplace is often the focal point of a room, give extra attention when decorating it. These ideas for decorating fireplace mantel at Christmas cover three different styles elegant, classic and rustic. In addition, a few tips are included to explain key components to creating any Christmas decorated fireplace mantel look stunning around the fireplace.

    Set The Scene With A Simple Bouquet

    For this month make simple changes to where you place the flowers in your living room. By simply moving them onto the mantelpiece you’ll be helping to set the scene for the new focal point for Christmas decorating.

    A simple seasonal bouquet is easy to tend to, simpler than a real garland dressing the length of the mantel. You can change the water of a bouquet in a vase and replace any stems as and when it’s needed. Making a bouquet a simpler solution, but by no means less statement.

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    Furnish With Foraged Foliage And Paper

    Keep the costs low, but the impact big! Do this simply with seasonal stems and branches sourced form the garden to welcome a touch of greenery indoors. Add the the perfect finishing touches with beautifully crafted paper decorations, from honeycomb bells to statement stars. The mix of natural materials will lend itself to the handmade vibe of the nostalgic Christmas tree trend.

    Christmas Mantel Decorating Tips

    How To Decorate Christmas Mantel/DIY Cascading Christmas Garland For Mantel

    No matter what style of decorating is used, there are a few consistent elements that come with decorating a mantel for Christmas. Make sure these pieces are part of the holiday mantel decor and most of the work is already complete.

    • Wreath Hang one on the wall, or over a clock, picture or mirror already on the wall.
    • Garland Woven along the mantel garland instantly says Christmas.
    • Stockings It would not be Christmas without stockings hanging on the fireplace.

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    Choose A White And Bright Scheme

    Christmas mantel decor is more often than not designed in the classic festive colour schemes of red and green. For a more fresh and contemporary approach, look to crisp and clean whites instead.

    White poinsettia, mistletoe, white winterberries and faux garlands with a frosted effect all layer together wonderfully to create a bright and modern display. To keep the design popping come the evening, its key to add in the best Christmas lights you have – the restrained palette may otherwise get lost as natural light fades from the space.

    How To Create A Cohesive Mantel

    As you are gathering the items you want to use to decorate your Christmas mantel, keep in mind cohesiveness.

    Mixing and matching different greenery is a great way to add interest and movement to your mantel.

    However, you want to be sure that the additional elements you incorporate mesh well to create a curated look. To do so, use some of these strategies as you plan your Christmas mantel decor.

    • Stick to a color scheme of 2 main coordinating colors and 1 contrasting color.
    • My mantel color scheme is green and gold with white accents.
  • Choose a theme to work from and focus your decor around. Some options are:
  • Winter Wonderland
  • Vintage/Old Fashioned
  • Romantic
  • Sometimes cohesiveness means adding more and sometimes it means taking away. If its feeling off, try removing elements to tone it down.
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    Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas: Where To Begin

    When deciding on a theme for your Christmas mantel decor, its helpful to start with a color scheme and style.

    • Do you like farmhouse/rustic, or are you into glam or even boho?
    • Will you go big with lots of volume or simple and minimalistic?
    • What will your anchor piece be above the mantela wreath, farmhouse sign, window frame, tobacco basket, or mirror?

    In the Christmas mantels below, youll find a mix of all of the above. Some decorators use traditional garlands, wood beads, or nothing at all. Others use satin ribbons, burlap, or velvet. Youll find some Christmas mantels bursting with color while others use a neutral color palette.

    Find a style that speaks to you and complements your Christmas tree decor for a complete holiday look.

    Add Garnishes Such As Pinecones Berries And Faux Eucalyptus Branches

    My mantel 2013

    Once Im done with the main garlands, I like to add in some real or faux eucalyptus. In the past I added real eucalyptus branches but they dry out and are too much of a fire hazard here in California, so now I use faux.

    I bought this eucalyptus garland and cut it up into pieces and then just stuck them in here and there. They stay fairly well all by themselves, but you can usually bend the ends to secure them. Or if you need more security, you can always use additional wire to keep them in place.

    I think the eucalyptus really adds dimension and of course, I love it!

    In addition to that, I always add pinecones and several years Ive also added white or blue berries.

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    Add The Cherry On Top

    Add the final touches the last embellishment to your almost-finished-Christmas-mantel-garland! For me, that was incorporating a few gold pears that I gilded with some Rub N Buff.

    I didnt go crazy as a matter of fact, there are only three placed throughout the entire garland.

    Step back and enjoy your creation! If something doesnt look quite right, you can always make a quick switch or addition at this point, I determined one side needed a few more berries, made the adjustment, and declared the mantel garland done!

    Soon, Ill have a little elf helper in training Eliza has been so curious about the Christmas decor but has done really well with it all. I think she got most of it out of her system when we set up the first two trees in the dining room , when we used it as an opportunity to teach her. I couldnt resist a little mommy and me matching moment with our red plaid and buffalo check

    How To Make A Christmas Garland For Fireplace

    To start here are some of the items you will need:

    • A mantel 0)
    • Faux garland ~ basic and inexpensive
    • Twinkle lights
    • A second garland ~ that will be an accent to your basic garland
    • Ladder
    • A third garland ~ something frosted or iced to add a bit of sparkle.
    • Pinecones, berries, ribbons, & glass balls.
    • A decorative focal item to go above the mantel

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    Lets get started. Here is a view of my mantel all ready to begin the decorating festivities.

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    Or Layer Grocery Store Greenery

    To create a full, fresh garland without worrying about sticky pine sap, rely on silver dollar or seeded eucalyptus. Bunches of this long-lasting greenery can be found at your local grocery store and, bonus, it smells amazing and will fill your living room with a fresh, clean scent.

    Bottle Brush Christmas Trees

    How to Create a Whimsical Christmas Garland for Your Mantel | Decorate with Me

    Turn your mantel into a wintry forest by displaying a collection of snow-dusted faux evergreens. The bottle brush trees as seen here have been popular Christmas decorations for decades but more and more shops these days have them stocked as folks have fallen back in love with these petite, bristly conifers. Purchase bottle brush trees in several sizes and arrange them on your mantle in groupings. Add some votive candles throughout to give the display extra warmth and glow.

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    Beach Christmas Mantel Decor Ideas

    To create an ocean-inspired mantel, choose white, blue, and sand-color elements to invoke the warmth of beachy summer days. If you live near the beach, you can collect shells or driftwood and craft them into fun holiday-themed shapes, such as a Christmas tree, ornaments, or little wreaths. Instead of a wreath of greenery, why not give it some nautical flair by hanging an antique life preserver dressed up with a festive bow. Another decorating option is to string together shells on a piece of ribbon or twine and drape it across the front of the mantel. For a fun DIY project, you can make letter cutouts that spell out a Christmas message, coat the letters in glue, and sprinkle sand on top. If you dont have a beach nearby to collect materials, you can always buy them at your local craft store.

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