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How To Decorate A Ledge

Tip #4 Use Printable Art

How to Decorate With an IKEA Picture Ledge : Interior Style

Printable art is a great way to fill in empty spaces or balance out the ledge. This just may be my favorite picture ledge styling tip, but you know what they say? Save the best for last!

There are so many awesome designs available to print online or you can design your own using software. My favorite place to find printable art is definitely Etsy, in fact I even have , including this Change Your Thoughts Change The World print that you see on our ledge shelves.

But even outside of my Etsy shop, there are SO many options for printable art of every style on Etsy and most are just $2-7! All you have to do is order it to the exact size you need, place in a frame, and display.

I love using these narrow shelves to display different pieces of artwork and decor in our hallway. They add so much character and modern boho decor style to an otherwise boring and blank wall.

Study Area Or Work Station

During these crucial times when most of us are working/ studying from home, it is important to create a space to concentrate and achieve our targets day after day. If you have a bay window ledge, then you need not think further.

This can be the best place to carry out your official tasks. You may choose to sit on the ledge and work on your laptop or get a comfortable chair to sit on and place all your important papers, laptop, tab, and other essentials on the window sill.

You may even hang some motivational quotes or place coffee mugs imprinted to decorate the place and stay motivated throughout the day. You may also place a few crystals to augment the energy of this space. Just make sure you keep the place organized.

Arrange Baskets On The Foyer Ledge

Baskets come in different shapes, sizes, and colors that make them so beautiful to carry around and to use for decoration. Arranging the baskets on the foyer ledge in a kitchen will traditionally beautify the place. Choose baskets of different sizes and colors to make the foyer look unique and stand out too.

You can also put some items inside these items should be the kind that you do not use regularly because if you put the items you use now and then it might force you to climb the ladder each time you want to use them. Go for the baskets with lids on them because you might want to cover the items in the baskets to prevent dust from settling on them.

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Consider Size And Space

There needs to be a complementary balance between your decorations on the ledge, the amount of space available, and the size of the window. Try to find items that balance the style and design of your window without completely blocking it or occupying too much space on the ledge. Vary the size of your items, but avoid things that are too short or too tall. Start decorating from the outside and work your way in, with the taller items on the sides of the window and the shorter items in the middle. It is OK — and sometimes preferable — to leave some empty space directly in front of the window.

Tip #: Make Your Own Art

plant ledge

If you need filler art, make your own! I love this option because you dont have to be super artistic, you just have to know what you want.

I needed to fill in a few spots on our ledges, so I created this abstract watercolor painting. It was so easy to make and I got to choose exactly the look I wanted! I used a thrifted picture frame that was way cheaper than a brand new one. Plus, I can repaint it whenever I choose to switch things up.

I also added a thrifted vase I repainted. Its amazing how baking soda and paint can transform an old ceramic piece into something so pretty!

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How To Decorate A High Ledge In A Front Foyer

This forces me to get creative and think outside the box for solutions.
Example: The ledge can be seen from different view points on both floors of the home.

“Whatever is placed on the ledge needs to be as attractive from below as it is from above. Small pieces of pottery get lost due to distance, but large pieces could get ‘clunky’ – I want to keep it clean and simple – which is also difficult. Thanks! “

This is the picture Chris sent to me.
Nicely done
Although there appears to be no ledge above the door, the idea is there with shifting the focus.
I like the trim idea but not the little bits coming out the top, a clean look here is best.
  • If there is a hanging light fixture, the style and scale of the fixture should compliment the accessories you choose to place upon the ledge.
  • The entrance should set the tone for the decor style that will be carried throughout the home. For more on that topic, read one of my very first posts by .
  • Play this space up at holidays if you choose to decorate it at all. At Christmas line the ledge with garland, lights, a tree and other festive decor. But don’t over do it!

Paint The Foyer Ledge Using A Bright Color

The idea of painting the foyer ledge along its inner surface will make it appear simple and unique, for example, if the rest of the wall is white find another bright color that can be painted along the foyer ledges inner surfaces to compliment the rest of the room. This might even work for that person who does not have items to place on the foyer ledge because the bright color will draw the attention to the foyer ledge and it also makes it beautiful too. To accessorize you can add some pots or vases too.

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Ledge Decora Family Room Update

This post may contain affiliate links. I may receive compensation if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. You can read my full Disclosure and Privacy here.

Well I promised to have some decor in the family room before the end of January! So here goesthis is my new ledge decor!

I decided to use the ledge and do groupings. I thought that it might be better to not actually hang anything on that long wallbut to just lean the items against the wall along the ledge. This will allow me to change items out for different holidays or if I get sick of something!

I went to some of my favorite stores to get ideas and buy stuff! I looked at Kirkland’s and found a lot of items I liked, but didn’t end up buying anything there. I bought several items at Gordmans and Hobby Lobby. Some of the decor items I already had.

In the first post where I showed you the bare room I didn’t take a picture of the whole I wanted to show you how long that wall really isthere is a little nook area by the basement stairwell. This nook is used right now for my toddler’s toys and it is her play area until she is big enough to play in the basement alone.

I felt like I needed to spread out my clusters across the whole ledge. I tend to be very symmetrical in my thinking and my crafting. I tried to loosen up on that with these clusters.but I ended up still being fairly symmetrical and even. I know that is boring to a lot of decoratorsbut that is just me!

Turn It Into An Antique Area

Decorating My Ledge

Do you have those pieces of furniture or artistic work that you have collected and they are of high value due to their age and quality? Well, the foyer ledge will be a perfect place to display them, this will make the area will be timeless and classy too. For example, you can go for a mechanic antique clock and decorate the foyer ledge using it this clock will give the room the amazing vintage touch.

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How Can I Perfectly Mix My Pictures

This seems like a lot of work, but I make a folder on my computer of the pictures I like and narrow them down based on how many frames I have to fill. Then I like to see what configurations make my frames not look that busy. For example, you don’t want a ton of group photos next to each other on one shelf, and then single or couple photos on another shelf. Therefore, I make a powerpoint file to mock the shelf and frame configuration I have, and rearrange the photos in the powerpoint document before ordering photos online.

Display A Sculpture On The Foyer Ledge You Are A Person Who

Displaying a sculpture on the foyer ledge will turn the place into a fantastic view choose a sculpture to display according to your taste. For example, you can go for a sculpture of a man playing a certain musical instrument if you are a person who is in love with music. You can also go for a statue of our favorite animal and put it on the foyer ledge.

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Ideas To Get You Started

  • Brighten your ledge with a vase: Vases are perfect for decorating a ledge in any room. These are especially effective when you can get a set of two or three of different heights. Ceramic vases are more appealing, but if you cant find those you can use a standard glass vase and design it in any style you desire.
  • Use fake plants: Since these are areas that are hard to reach, youll want to avoid using real plants in this area. Fake plants are perfect for this space and still deliver on the job. Fake plants will last longer and you wont need to go through the trouble of finding a ladder to get up high and water it. From a distance, fake plants will look like the real deal.
  • Use pottery: Since youre decorating a high ledge, youll want to use items that you dont need to move as often. In this instance, you can use pottery, dishes, or other items that have a unique appeal. Pottery items add a traditional touch to any ledge and even serve well in a high ledge kitchen area.
  • Mount a family sign: You can mount a family sign or even have one resting on your ledge area. These signs are a great way to show who occupies the home. These especially look great on living room ledges.
  • Lean a portrait on the wall: Since youre decorating on a ledge area, you dont always need to hang a portrait, you can simply leave it against the wall and leave it. You can decorate it use two or three portraits in different sizes and colors.
  • How To Decorate A Ledge Shelf

    idea how to decorate a ledge in a living room or 55 ...

    Dont you just love changing up your shelves from time to time, and figuring out new ways to make them look just right? Sometimes though, you clear everything off, and are just stumped. Dont have a ledge shelf? I got mine at IKEA for inexpensive, but if you dont have one nearby there are always options on . Once you have one, included here are some tips on where to hang, and some inspiration on how to decorate a ledge shelfyou know, just in case youre drawing a blank!

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    Ceiling Alcove Decorating Ideas

    Soaring ceilings look great and all that but they dont have to stay that way. There are a lot of ways for you to decorate the empty spaces that are way above your head. Shown below are some helpful ideas when thinking of how to decorate alcoves in high ceilings.

    Put Your Artwork Pieces Up High

    Make use of your empty wall spaces up high by covering them up with your prized artworks or with other decorative items that you might want to go ahead and put on display.

    Whatever you hang on your walls, make an effort to make sure that they go along with the rest of the décor of the space that youre setting up. It can be one large focal piece or a series of regular-sized ones that are hung gallery-style.

    Whatever your preferences are, what you can be rest assured of is that a decorated wall is something that will definitely draw the attention or the focal point upwards.

    Upgrade Your Window Treatments To Ceiling Height

    This isnt exactly something that a lot of people understand right off the bat but try to sit this one out. It doesnt really matter how tall your windows are. What makes them stand out is the floor to ceiling window treatments you choose.

    Regardless of your window height, make it a point to always hang your window treatments at ceiling height. Any lower, and theyre going to create a visual division.

    Opt for a solid color to really make the visuals work for you. Covering so much wall real estate with a patterned fabric might end up being way too overwhelming.

    Snake Plant Basket Ledge

    Do you have ledges in your house you have no idea what to do with like me? Well I have an idea for you today!

    I have been staring at this ledge for years without a clue what to put there. Or leave it blank. Shelves? Fill it in? Finally I decided to throw a few large baskets I had up there and see how it looked. I loved it, so I added more baskets and snake plants.

    Snake plants are easy to care for and only need to be watered every 2-4 weeks. They do well in shaded areas so Im hopeful they will do ok here. Ill do an update if I kill them all. Its a very real possibility, haha! I dont have the best track record.

    But here are 5 plants Ive managed to keep alive.

    The best part is that they are great at filtering the air! Check this out from

    The Snake plant purifies air by absorbing toxins through the leaves and producing pure oxygen. In fact, the Sansevieria is an ideal bedroom plant. Whereas most other plants release carbon dioxide at night , the Sansevieria continues to produce oxygen.

    Also known as mother-in-laws tongue, this plant is one of the best for filtering out formaldehyde, which is common in cleaning products, toilet paper, tissues and personal care products. Put one in your bathroom itll thrive with low light and steamy humid conditions while helping filter out air pollutants.

    Heres a video I made about the snake plant ledge and 5 other plant ideas for your home!

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    How To Decorate A Half Wall Ledge

    People often confuse a ledge and shelf. Even though these two have similar functions, they are different in how they can be utilized. This is because a shelf is typically mounted on the wall, while a ledge is built into the wall.

    So, if you have a half wall ledge in your home, you can modify it and add vigor to your room and house. It doesnt matter if its in the room, kitchen, basement, or even bathroom. You can add some décor pieces and make the room live again.

    Make Use Of The Empty Space On The High Parts Of The Wall By Hanging Art And Other Decorative Items There

    How to decorate a photo ledge wall

    The higher the ceilings, the more room for a large-scale mirror, an oversize or an.

    Simple Spring Home Tour 2017 | Farmhouse living room …

    High ledge in 2-story great room

    Plant shelf decorating idea | Plant shelves, Ledge decor …

    Used rope lighting to uplight plant shelves. Ran to …

    How To Decorate High Ledges In Living Room …

    Project Time, Part 1 | Vaulted ceiling bedroom, Plant …

    High shelves. Makes for a cozy feel. Nice for our third …

    Talking about decorate high ledge living room. Because there’s space there, and there’s a ledge, people feel this uncontrollable urge to put stuff up there. See more ideas about Ledge decor, Home decor, Decor.

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    Use The Beautiful Lamp Shades On The Foyer Ledge

    Place three beautiful lampshades on the foyer ledge, put one on the right-hand side, one in the middle and the other one on the left-hand side. Spacing them in this manner will make the place look great. You can also go for two lampshades as well, one on each side of the foyer ledge this will turn out to be a simple but well-decorated area.

    How To Decorate A Picture Ledge

    A good rule of thumb for styling picture ledge decor: use a mix of art, family photos, books, trinkets, mirrors, vases, and other items to keep it balanced.

    HURTS A LITTLE LESS Angie Piccirillo

    When decorating and playing with different pieces, I try to alternate with one piece of art, one photo, one graphic print, and one plant or trinket for each shelf. You will more than likely take away and add things as you go, but thats all part of the process.

    This picture ledge styling tips article contains affiliate links, but nothing that I wouldnt recommend wholeheartedly. Read my full disclosure here.

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