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How To Decorate A King Size Bed

A Headboard Or Footboard

How To Style A King-Sized Bed With Basic Pillows

If your bed is the focal point of your master bedroom, think of a headboard as the centerpiece of your centerpiece the cherry on top of a slumber sundae.

A headboard is the perfect way to tie your beds aesthetic into the rest of the room. Choose a design that incorporates the styles and colors of your bedding, wall color, other furniture, and decor.

One of these popular designs are sure to suit your style:

  • Simple white Keep it simple, especially if your bedding and pillow arrangement is already a masterpiece of colors and patterns. Choose from white wood panels, a tufted texture, or a slightly more ornate carved headboard.
  • Bright color, flashy shape Vibrant headboards are in style right now, coming in all kinds of funky shapes. Choosing the right solid color will not only enhance the rooms cohesion but also provide a visually aesthetic statement piece.
  • Patterned Swap out patterned bedding for a bold headboard instead. This can add an element of fun to an otherwise subdued bedroom design.
  • Modern wooden Wood easily matches modern room designs because it comes in any finish you want. For a simple but beautiful headboard, look into horizontal wood slats, a solid wooden panel, or an intricate carving.

How To Decorate A King

Having a king size bed in a corner may have you throwing a temper tantrum when it comes to decorating, even with the extra space. Limitations may cloud your vision, but any design challenges can be overcome with simple knowledge and execution. Plush pillows, delicate throw blankets and a dramatic comforter can enhance the look of your king bed and the overall room aesthetic. Have confidence: Just because your bed hugs the wall doesn’t mean your effort will go unnoticed. Pull the bed out a couple of inches and add a shelf that can be used as a nightstand or to display artwork. If the room is big enough, turn the bed at an angle to provide interest and depth.

And Then Come The Cushion Styling

Now that you have all your pillows lined up, its time to tackle how to style a bed with cushions. Now, Ive written many blog posts here about cushions over the years, and one thing has never changed: your cushions have to have feather inserts.

That plump, karate chopped cushion look can only be achieved if the insert is feather. But if you see a cushion you love and the insert is one of those cheap polyester ones, buy it anyway and then burn rubber all the way to a store like Spotlight or IKEA and buy some feather inserts. Theyre as cheap as chips and totally worth the trip.

The other thing worth mentioning is cushion size and quantity at the head of the bed. I like to see at least 50cm cushions on display in front of your pillows. One in front of each standard pillow for a more uniform look, or go three across the bed for a more packed-in, sumptuous feel.

You can also go for more than that if you want a really relaxed look. For example, you could bunch together a few square cushions, a couple of rectangles, and some round cushions. This would give the bed a really chilled and relaxed vibe. It works particularly well in a boho kinda bedroom where you want it to feel really cosy, but not too stuffy.

Seriously though never let me see a polyester cushion on your bed. And never under any circumstances have it sitting on a diagonal. Ill come for you!

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Dimensions Of A King Size Bed

King size bed dimensions are 76 inches wide and 80 inches tall. The mattress height depends on the brand, but height generally ranges from 8 inches to 14 inches. These dimensions give you and your sleep partner lots of room to spread out. King size mattresses are also the perfect fit for a master bedroom.

What Is The Most Popular Mattress Size

12 Ways to Arrange Pillows on a Bed

The most popular mattress size depends on your individual needs. Several popular sizes include twin, twin XL, queen, and king.

  • Twin

A twin mattress size is the best fit for small children. This size is the next step from a toddler bed. Twin mattresses are easy to transport and fit inside smaller rooms. You could even invest in bunk beds if you have at least two children. Bunk beds are a great way to accommodate more than one sleeper without taking up extra space.

  • Twin XL

Twin XL size mattresses are a better fit for single sleepers. The longer size makes it more comfortable for any height, one of the main reasons why twin XL beds are standard in college dorm rooms. Plus, if you have two twin XL mattresses, you can easily push them together to create a king size.

  • Queen

Queen size mattresses are most popular for couples and single adults. Queen beds cost less than a king or California king mattresses, but they still provide enough space to accommodate two people and fit inside small master bedrooms . Single adults will love the luxurious space from a queen-sized bed compared to a twin or full size mattress.

  • King

King mattresses, or eastern king beds, are the perfect size for couples. King beds provide lots of room so you and your sleep partner wont feel crowded. This size can also fit small children if they tend to sneak into your bed at night.

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How To Style A Bed With Cushions Pillows & Throws

How to style a bed with cushions: its a question that comes up a lot in my day-to-day work as a designer. So right here, right now, Im going to give you the lowdown on how to get it right at your place.

When I do my final decorative install in a clients home, bedding is a huge part of the day. All of the rooms in the home are fully decked out with furniture Ive sourced already. But then I tend to bring in the bedding and decor and fully style the rooms with finishing touches so they feel complete. What can I say, I love a reveal like you see on those design shows.

And lets face it: theres nothing better than walking into your room and seeing that plump and plush fully-made bed looking ready to jump into. Now, I know you might be thinking, as if Im going to go to the trouble of making my bed like this every day. I get it there is some work involved. But consider this approach for a guest bedroom you wont use every day if nothing else.

So let me take you through how to style cushions on a bed. But before we even get to that we gotta cover off some of the basics around bed styling. Most of the images in this post will give you loads of ideas. Theyre via my friends at Metricon, who absolutely dominate bedroom styling. .

How To Make Your Bed Like A Decorator

Did you know that whether or not you make your bed in the morning says a lot about you? Whether you’re a morning bed-maker or not, it matters what’s going on your bed when you do get around to making it up. The bed is the focal point of the bedroom, so a well-made bed is the key to a room that looks fresh and feels clean. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make your bed beautifullyall it takes is a few staples and simple presentation. These are our best tips for making the perfect bed every time.

With these designer-and editor-approved tips, your bed will look pulled together with minimal effort.

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Putting The Finishing Touches On A Casper King

Now that youre teeming with king bed styling ideas, its time to get your hands on a Casper King and get to work. Not only do we have the perfect king size mattress to use as a canvas, but we also have bed frames, bedding, pillows, and more all you need to create your dreamy escape!

While youre exploring king mattress options, you may come across a variety of different king mattress sizes. So if youre wondering, What is a split king bed? or What is an Eastern king bed? you can read up on those topics and more on our blog. We have all the information you need to perfect your place of slumber.

How To Arrange Pillows On A King

Making A King Size Bed – My Design Process / Design Considerations When Designing Your Own Bed Frame

Weve had our new California king bed in our room for about a month now and all I can say is, What took us so long?! Having so much room is heavenly. I truly feel like Im in a hotel in that big bed and Finn and I each have soooo much space! You guys were right, upgrading to a bigger bed is pretty life-changing!

Because we upgraded to a new bed, we needed all new bigger bedding. Plus, I had to figure out how the heck to arrange pillows on a king-sized bed. Ive only ever had a queen, so I was at a loss as to how many pillows to use. Did I need Euro shams? Did I just need king shams? How many decorative pillows should I display? I played around with lots of different pillow combinations in our room and heres what I came up with

Our New Pillow Setup

First, I started with two king-sized pillows on the bed. I ended up getting these pillows and I have the pillowcases from this sheet set covering them. It didnt even occur to me that we would need to get bigger pillows with our bigger bed! But it looks so much better with those larger pillows filling up the entire space. Standard pillows work for a queen, but you need to go with king pillows for a king/California king.

Next, I have three Euro-sized pillows in this sham. I wanted to bring in texture since we might not have our waffle blanket on the bed year-round. Before, I only had two Euro pillows on our queen bed. If you have a king bed, youll want to go with three Euro pillows.

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Styling Your Bed Is Easy With Our Pillow Formations Chart

Achieving a pulled together bedroom begins with the bed. After all, its the focal point of the space. That doesnt necessarily mean you need to add five hundred frill throw pillows to it. Even if youre a swish-the-duvet-and-be-done-with-it type, with five more seconds spent stacking your sleeping pillows, you can create a clean bedding scheme.

There are many ways to arrange your pillows, some more formal than others. You can stack, prop, mix sizes, add decorative shapes, go symmetrical, or pile with abandon. Weve created a detailed pillow formation chart for your reference, based on the following Matouk sizes for bed pillows, , and pillow protectors:

King Size Bed Dimensions

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Looking for a new mattress? Consider a king size. A king size mattress is large and spacious, providing plenty of room for you and your sleep partner. You and your partner can enjoy your personal space. Before buying a king bed, take a look at how the king size bed compared to other mattress sizes and why its the best fit for you.

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Layers Upon Layers Upon Layers

Think of your king bed as a blank canvas. You can fill that space with colors, patterns, and textures of all kinds. The simplest, most visually appealing way to do that is through cohesive yet slightly varied layers like an artful collage.

Heres how to style a king size bed, starting with the base layer, your sheets, and blankets:

  • One fitted sheet
  • One flat sheet, folded over neatly
  • One duvet, comforter, or quilt
  • One coverlet along the foot of the bed
  • One throw blanket on top of that
  • Two large shams
  • One long lumbar pillow or bolster
  • Three throw pillows arranged neatly

When it comes to large beds, whether its a king or California king, you cant go wrong with layering. Layers of pillows and blankets set a tone for total comfort. But you can always simplify this visually appealing design to suit a more casual or minimalistic vibe. Just keep in mind that layers are your friend, no matter what those layers are.

Sort Out Your Storage

The King Size Headboards from IKEA That Will Add Pleasing ...

Dominating a small room with a larger sized bed is something that needs consideration.

Therefore, sorting out your storage options will dramatically reduce clutter in a small room and maximise the useable space.

Dont disregard using the hollow of your bed base to increase your bedrooms storage capacity.

As a result, an ottoman bed is the perfect solution here. Two strong and efficient gas rams raise the platform of the bed to reveal a cavernous space. Youll wonder how you lived without one! Ergonomic in design and beautiful in appearance, our Kingsize Alderney Ottoman Bed compliments any of our kingsize headboards and can be covered in your choice of fabric too. Choose from two depths, 30 cm and 40 cm.

A perfect example of this is what the clever interior designers have done in this luxury shepherds hut a tiny living space that oozes maximum impact by using a large feature headboard to create the central focal point of the room. Teamed with the Alderney Ottoman Bed, it makes the best use of an otherwise wasted space where space is at a premium!

In your room, the Alderney Ottoman Bed will hide lots of your essential items. This means you can afford to leave some air around your bed so that you do not feel boxed in.

Furthermore, another clever hidden storage trick is to buy a Kingsize Jersey Divan Bed Base with drawers. Simply choose your fabric and away we go!

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Bed Frame Design King Size

The king-size bed frame should be stable and safe for sleeping. You can choose the design according to your taste and budget. You should also consider the size of your bedroom before buying a king-size bed frame. Whether its for your guest room or your own bedroom, the choice is entirely yours. Here are some of the most popular types of king-size bed frames to choose from:

The Natural Wood Frame is an elegant, clean-lined design. It comes with an attractive white finish. It does not require a box spring, but it measures 13 inches high. This bed frame is easy to assemble with its side rails, center beam, and slats. Youll have to assemble it yourself, but the process isnt difficult. Afterward, you can easily disassemble it to store it.

Another option is the Puffy Bed Frame, which is the ultimate in glam. This bed frame is made of soft, supple fabric and features a grid stitching pattern. Its neutral gray shade is also attractive and complements the rest of your room. The frame is made of 18 legs that can accommodate the weight of your bed. The legs are attached with metal plates, which reinforce the frames joints.

How To Decorate King Size Bed

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Why Choose A Super King Bed

While it’s nice to cosy up with your partner in a bed of crisp bedding, you need plenty of space to stretch out as you sleep. If you wake to find an elbow in your face or your leg dangling off the side, it may be time to trade up to a king or super king size bed if you want a better nights sleep.

A standard double bed gives two adults just 2 ft 3in width each the same as the average cot. Upgrading to a king or super king size bed will also help you avoid being woken by a restless partner or from Fido’s twitching paws if your dog shares your bed. Making sure you buy a breathable cotton super king duvet cover to fit your new king size bed is vital. You dont want to over stuff a duvet cover or to get too toasty in the night. Other super king bedding youll need include super king sheets and pillows made from a dreamy high-quality fill.

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