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How To Decorate A Hutch

Gathering Your Items For Styling

How to Decorate in French Country Farmhouse Style! Hutch

Your Favorite Collection

Almost everyone collects something, what better way to showcase your collection then turning them into home decor pieces. Keep in mind, the hutch decor should tie into the room.


Pick out a color you want to add to your hutch, one mistake I did in the past, adding too much color and not enough neutrals. So, gather up more neutral items and spread the color throughout the shelves.

Large items

To keep the shelves from being cluttered, adding larger items along with smaller items helps keep the shelves balanced.


The best way to enhance your hutch, add greenery. Adding greenery instantly livens up the space and adds warmth and texture, as well.

Use Beverages As Decoration

Everyone knows that even when you may seem to have the biggest kitchen, finding places to store things food and beverages can be tough. Did you know that you can actually store sodas and other beverages in your china cabinet? Just line them up nicely with the labels facing out like they did in this example in Alice Lane Home Collection, and they will have your china cabinet looking great! It is suggested you create this look with nice looking glass bottle sodas but arranged and stacked soda cans could look neat as well.

Still think china cabinets are just for the elderly? Hopefully, this article has shown you several ways you can transform that dreaded hand me down china cabinet into a beautiful decoration and storage space for your home. And whether you end up using the cabinet for china, or something completely different, like books, you will love the way your china cabinet looks so much so that you may just forget that you used to think they werent part of a modern home!

Custom Fall Hutch Decor

Are you a tad artistic and like to add something custom and unique to your home decor? This fall hutch decor caught my eye instantly because of the one-of-a-kind chalk art pumpkins sign! In fact, Im already thinking of what I have at home to recreate this genius idea!

If you like to do-it-yourself like me, having some chalkboard paint in your arts and crafts stash is a must! However, maybe youre not an artsy person, but you love this look. Well, youre in luck because I found a beautiful dupe for this chalkboard pumpkin sign at Etsy!

Also, how original is the placement of this plaid fall blanket? I honestly would not have thought to put that on the top of my hutch, but it works!

Im also loving the rich color and texture these velvet pumpkinsgive to this fall hutch decor.

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Adding Natural Items Or Pops Of Color

The Top of the Hutch can be left blank or can be decorated. This is also a great place to store items. Layering items up top too adds interest and dimension.

Last and one of the most important steps leave space.

There are different formulas out there. But simply 1/4 or 1/3 of the space throughout should be open so that visually it is appealing. If youre styling bookshelves its o.k. to fill it up with books that is. If youre combining books and decor leave some space so that what you display is more easily seen.

Classic Dining Room Hatch

Top 22 Photos Ideas For Dining Room Hutch Decorating Ideas

This is a classic dining room hatch. My living room doesnt have much space for anything other than chairs and couches. So I thought Id reuse a small cabinet door by turning it into a cushion.

I chose to draw some old doors that were just sitting around. I then stained them with a black stain and rubbed them with alcohol and sandpaper.

Once the painting did do, I did add some shelves inside the box. Commonly it is not perfect in the living room. A good idea is to keep these items in a place. It is easily accessible and not hidden anywhere.

I like how the wooden hatch looks in the house. I think its great that I didnt spend a lot of money on it. You can do the same thing and reuse any type of cabinet or piece of furniture. Such as a dresser drawer or even a spice rack!

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Finish It Off With Something Shiny

And finally, every hutch display needs a little bit of sparkle! Metallic elements are perfect for completing a look because they add some texture and shine. Of course the copper pieces fill my shiny requirement for my Thanksgiving hutch, and I may just even transition them over to Christmas because I love them so much!!

Happy decorating, friends! Have a wonderful day!

How To Decorate A Fall Hutch Four Ways

Looking for creative and unique ways to decorate for fall? Heres a post full of creative ideas on how to decorate a fall hutch three different ways.

If I ever won an academy award, Id thank this hutch.

Good thing I speak abandoned hutch.

I thought it might be fun to decorate it four different ways with a little step by step on how I falled it up.

Ill wait for you to grab refreshment.


Heres how to decorate a fall hutch three ways.

Remember that scene in Legally Blonde with the stop, drop and snap?

Its the snap, drop and decorate.

There are basic principles with hutch decorating that are easy to follow and when youre done, youll have a perfectly decorated fall hutch

or a date with the UPS man.

Take your pick.

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Mix In A String Of Wood Beads Or Two

Ive talked a lot about texture because I just think its so important to add different pieces to create visual interest when styling a space like this.

One of the easiest ways to add some texture to any vignette is with a string of wood beads.

They come in all sorts of colors, sizes and styles.

Shop the Post

And you could even make them if youre crafty.

Anne actually made this strand of beadsarent they great?!

When you make your own string of beads you get to choose the color, style, and length of your project.

I hope you found some easy ways to bring spring into your home!

Just go green!!

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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How To Decorate A China Cabinet

SPRING DECORATE WITH ME! How to Decorate the Top of a Hutch! Budget/Thrift Decor

Have you recently discovered a dated china cabinet in the basement and want to upcycle it? Or, perhaps, you own a piece packed with granny’s tableware, and it’s neither stylish nor practical. If one of these scenarios looks familiar, you’re at the right spot. Let’s start by explaining what china cabinets are. According to Homemade Ginger, these one-piece items feature glass doors and are more formal and ornate variants. Their primary purpose is to display and protect china and glassware on multiple shelves and glass panels.

As for styling, your antique teacup or crockery collection isn’t the only decor worthy of display. Thanks to their growing popularity among contemporary designers, cabinets can serve many functions today. You might want to use yours to display souvenirs, trophies, art, or books. Whatever your choice, china cabinets offer you a rare chance to show off your belongings without dusting them every other day. And they don’t have to be in the dining room but can fit in any corner of the house. This article will teach you how to transform that old-fashioned china cabinet into a lovely display of tableware and décor. We’ll go to such lengths that you will probably come off with a unique mix of color, texture, and shape. Keep reading to find out how to decorate a china cabinet in 14 feasible steps.

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Adding Your Organic Ingredient

Every home needs a little organic touch here and there.

The perfect way to add this to your home is via your hutch.

You can find a beautiful, unique dish that you like and then layer lemons in the dish or oranges.

You can get fake apples and add them to a nice organic wooden bow or fill an antique urn with flowers to match every different season.

If you love decorating with branches just grab a few dead branches and add them to a nice vase for a unique look.

Organize As A Bookshelf

If you have a small bookshelf, you can keep some books in the hutch. For this, you can add decorative or bald shelves on top. An easy way to complete this is to hang a piece of brick or ribbon on the shelf where you can display something decorative. The alternative is to shell out a photo frame or mirror using hooks, pegs, or nails. Add an interesting touch to your home decor with this container identity.

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Create A Storage System

To manage your storage, first, create a system that organizes your items well. There should be clean and labeled containers for each type of item you keep and no mess! If you dont already have enough storage space, consider getting an extra shelving unit or cabinet. Use them to store small items and to hide large items behind doors.

How To Decorate Top Of Hutch

Pin on cabinet design ideas

hutch with glass doors sits against a 11 foot wall, hutch is 70″ long, 42″high,15″ deepjust a 12″ wide A wine rack occupies that wall, I would like to know how to decorate the top of the hutch regarding height etc of items, thanksps opposite wall as a set of matching mirrors

  • Hi Dianne,

    What a fabulous hutch and your dishes are beautiful!

    There are so many ways to accessorize your piece but a simple format to follow would be:

    1) 1 large art piece approx 50″x50″ or 60″x40″ -the art will reflect in the mirrors and be stunning! I would recommend something on canvas as it will add a texture in the room. You already have shiny with your mirrors on the opposite wall so nothing with a frame and glass.

    2) 2 tall lamps on either end I can’t see the other items in your space to recommend a finish but from what I do see, I can say to stay away from polished chrome, bright gold or modern styles.

    3) A long narrow rustic bowl or tray centred on the hutch with faux fruit or decorative balls, etc. There really are so many options, just keep it long and low.

    Good luck & please post a pic of the finished product!

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Using The Top Of Your Cabinet

If your cabinet is freestanding and not built into the wall, it may have some space on the top that’s perfect for displaying additional items. The key here is to use it for pieces that coordinate, but don’t necessarily belong inside. This may include things like:

  • Silver sets
  • Seasonal items
  • Plants

Make sure that what’s on the top of the cabinet matches what’s inside in terms of use or color for a cohesive effect. Try to balance items evenly across the top so it doesn’t feel crowded as well.

What To Use As A Dining Room Hutch

For the purposes of this post, Ill call it a hutch, but it could be any kind of shelves or cabinet! This is a great spot to get creative with your furniture! A vintage step back cabinet, pie safe, apothecary, floating shelves or open shelving are all great ideas for a dining room! And those are just a few out of a long list!

In our dining room, we added this antique apothecary. I love all the drawers for storage , so I guess I should say I love the idea of all the drawers for storage! Maybe at some point, Ill do some reorganizing in my kitchen and move some of the dining room type of things to those drawers. Whatever piece you use, the first consideration is function.

If you have lots of storage in your home, this may not need to be a consideration. But if you need to be conscious of storage space, a dining room hutch or cabinet is a GREAT place to add extra storage for anything from dishes to linens to extra kitchen ware or even pantry items!

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Don’t Forget To Add Metallic Touches

You need one last bit to complete the exterior look: choosing your knobs, handles, and hinges. Regardless of the selected tones for the wood, polished and shiny parts are an inevitable element needed to achieve an elegant yet rustic feel. Hence, consider searching for impressive pieces at garage sales or thrift stores.

If you lack inspiration, consider what Jenna Burger Design did to update her long-forgotten cabinet. Octagonal brass knobs are a superior choice since they deliver a traditional yet modern touch. Still, you’ll need to use some paint to give the hardware a fresh pop of color. Liquid brass gilding or spray paint works best for this purpose. Silver and gold hues are ideal for handles as they infuse the place with an elegant feel. Similarly, you might go for glass or crystal knobs in round or oval shapes . A golden backplate for the knobs is another ingenious hack you can copy from this design.

Whether You Reserve Your Cabinet For Your Good China Or Stock It With Everyday Tableware Here Are Ideas For Arranging It


Laura GaskillRizzoli New YorkUse your hutch for everyday items. china hutchTheresa FineTuck in a few special extras. VasesCarter Kay InteriorsUse your hutch to store your fancy china set. Linda McDougald Design | Postcard from Paris HomeStack some, lean some.serving plattersTamar Schechner/Nest Pretty Things Inceveryday dishesAlice Lane Home CollectionMore things to stack: Keep party goods together. cake plateWhitney LyonsHang teacups from hooks. Line up glassware.glasswareUse color for contrast. Emerick ArchitectsMaaike van Diemen interieurontwerpIncorporate objects. Ike Kligerman BarkleyAlan Mascord Design Associates IncWhen in doubt, use symmetry.

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Flower And Natural Items

For late spring/early summer, I added some Lily of the Valley flowers that are blooming in my yard right now. I love using flowers whenever possible, and these little ones are so pretty.

In the living room hutch I added some succulents for a little dose of nature. They go perfectly with the blue and green theme that I have in here.

Add pops of color with colored glassware and pottery pieces. You dont have to have many of these to make a statement, and theyre usually pretty easy to find at reasonable prices. My living room China cabinet has some

Old books are a fun way to add color and texture to any hutch, shelf, cabinet, or display. And theyre great to add height to an item whenever you need it.

Are you team polished silver or team tarnished silver? Whatever your preference, adding some is an easy way to add a bit of sparkle to a vignette. Obviously Im team tarnished silver, lol.

China Cabinet Decorating Ideas: 8 Ways To Stand Out

As a kitchen and bathroom designer, Beth is able to provide useful tips and information about designing your home.

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China cabinets usually display and highlight items like formal china, but that isn’t the only way they can be decorated. From highlighting special items to putting in a little seasonal color, there are many ways you can decorate your china cabinet to showcase your best china and a few personal touches.

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We Should Use Special Occasion Dinnerware More Often

I have two sets of Lenox: one set that I received for my wedding and another that was passed to me by my grandmother.

Both are equally beautiful. But for years, I only used them when hosting Thanksgiving or some other holiday.

I mean, what is that about?

My sister-in-law introduced me to the idea of using them more often.

In fact, she uses hers every day.

So that inspired me to start using them more outside of holidays.


Because every day is special.

If the last few years has taught us nothing else, weve learned not to take things for granted.

Each day on this earth is a gift that should be celebrated.

And if we keep that special dinnerware tucked away in storage, we will miss out on the joys of using them.

So get them out of hiding!

Display them on a shelf.

Use them in your every day life.

Live for today, not the next holiday or special occasion.

Removal Of Dust And Dirt

Pin on Hutch Decor Ideas

When it comes to keeping your hat clean and tidy, you dont have to give up style or convenience. Wipe off your hatch dust. If youve ever tried cleaning the floor yourself, you know that its not only tedious, but it can take hours to completely clean a surface especially if you have floor carpet. So get rid of that broom and replace it with a dust mop. Electric dusters look much cooler than their traditional parts, so they are worth the investment.

Cleaning supplies should always to organized and kept in good condition. You want to make sure everything is easily accessible and you dont have to spend time searching for things. Also, you want to keep them organized so that they are fresh and ready to use. A decorative touch does not require much expense, however. There are many inexpensive ways to achieve a beautiful effect, even if you are just starting out.

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