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How To Decorate A Foyer Console Table

A Petite Look With Big Impact

DIY Entryway Console Table UNDER $40 + Decor Styling Tips | XO, MaCenna

If you are looking for console table decorating ideas that will fit in your smaller space, then this elegant and slim design could be for you. Pairing the narrow table top with matching lamps stretches the look of your table. To add to a farmhouse look, opt for the distressed whitewashed base, an antique basket of glass bottles, and whicker bench.

Matching Table And Chair With Decorative Candles And Wall Art

Pair a unique table design with color-coordinated chairs, and top it off with glass candle holders and colorful flowers. With so many decorating ideas for your entry hall, it can be hard to know where to start. We recommend finding large pieces of furniture you love and fit the space, and then working down to smaller decorative items.

Smooth And Sandy Hallway Console

When you want to bring the beach home, consider this console look for an easy way to incorporate your favorite shells. With a light sandy color, your guests will be thinking of the beach as soon as they see this piece. Add in family photos and your favorite local blossoms to create a beautiful display for your beachy treasures.

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Create Visual Interest In The Space With A Rug

You can find most console tables in the entryway of a home, which is also the perfect place for a rug. If this is your scenario, then consider adding a new carpet in your home to help create visual interest in your space. A generous rug in coordinating colors with interesting designs may be just the item needed to complete your console table look.

According to Real Homes, rugs help visually divide a vastly open space, so you could opt to layer a rug in front of or underneath the console table. Adding a rug to your decor is the perfect way to introduce texture and comfort to your space, as they are typically made from soft materials. Wool, jute, or cotton are all great options for accent rugs. You could even choose a rug with a different border color or fringe for additional flare.

Pick An Anchor For Your Entry Table Decor

The Cheerful Home

Every entry table should have a piece of art, mirror, or even an old window above it as the focal point or anchor. Think of your anchor piece as the framing of a house that everything else relates to. The width of your focal point should always be less than the width of your table.

Mirrors are always really easy to work with because they make the room look larger and you dont have colors to coordinate with such as you would with a piece of art. Also, they provide a crisp, clean look for any decor.

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Consider Using Baskets For Additional Storage

If your console table has the space underneath it for additional decor elements, consider adding a basket or two for a simple storage solution. The void under the table could appear awkward if left empty, so Joss & Main suggests layering items to fill it. One could consider baskets with added textural elements such as handles, decorative lids, and intricate patterns to help break up the space and create the perfect hidden storage solution. You could make the shape a priority and measure which size will fit under the table to help determine what will look best. You could select a rectangular-shaped basket for a long table or choose a round smaller basket for a more compact table in an entryway.

If the console table is large enough, opt to add a set of matching baskets. Look to fill your naturally weaved basket with cream and taupe blankets for a comfortable, cozy look, or introduce patterns into the space by piling quilts and pillows with tassels inside. When styling your console table, this approach will help take up space and make the decor purposeful. Plus, it is a great way to conceal any unsightly wires, too!

Console Table Styling Basics

Lets start with some design basics, shall we?! Dont hesitate to use a mirror or artwork as a focal point. Below we see a beautifully designed vignette centered around a circular mirror.

It goes without saying that you should choose a console table that works with your interior. For example, if you need to avoid a cluttered look, consider opting for an acrylic piece. Its see-through, giving the illusion of more space. Below we see the sleek Peekaboo Acrylic Console Table from CB2:

Make a statement with greenery. Theres nothing like a simple vase filled with tropical leaves, or a modern pot featuring your favorite plant to create a welcoming statement in your entryway. In the next image, we see the Elke Marble Console Table with Brass Base from Crate & Barrel:

Create interest by featuring decor with a range of heights. Lamps are a great way to use the vertical space, while also illuminating your space. Stacking boxes and books can help create the height you need as well. Lower elements, such as trays to hold the mail, can also be helpful.

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How To Style A Console Table

Color, line, texture, and scale of items such as table lamps, objets, artwork, and books are all important considerations when considering how to style a console table, whether it is located in a contemporary or more traditional space.

We asked some of the world’s best interior designers for their top five rules on decorating a console table in a living room or entryway for impact ideal for your arsenal of hallway ideas.

How To Decorate An Entryway Table

How to decorate an ENTRYWAY TABLE or a CONSOLE TABLE

Styling your entryway table is relatively simple as long as you already have a general idea of what your homes interior aesthetic is. The design elements you choose to decorate a console in a rustic style home will look very different than those chosen for a more modern or minimalist style.

When you decorate an entryway table, its a good idea to use one large decoration as the anchor for the rest of the design. This can be a statement piece such as a large mirror, a wall clock, or a tall vase with cut flowers.

Whatever element you choose as your anchor, it needs to make a thematic statement about your home and serve to draw the eyes of your guest to the table.

Here are a few more tips for styling your entryway table in your foyer hall:

  • Try groupings of three. Odd numbers of decorations such as candles or grouped items on a table are more aesthetically pleasing to the eye than even numbers.
  • Go with fresh-cut flowers. While they might seem like a decadent design choice, keeping a fresh-cut bouquet on your entryway table can add a touch of instant luxury to any foyer. Choose flower arrangements that complement your interior design or even learn to arrange cut flowers yourself.
  • Choose larger items. Its tempting to cover up your entryway table with your favorite array of knick-knacks, but this can make your entryway look cluttered. These types of items are also bad about catching dust. Go with larger decor like thick candles and lamps for a more refined look.

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How Do You Decorate A Table In A Foyer

Below are five ideas for how to style a console table in your entryway. Youll notice themes in what Im drawn to in console table decor statement mirrors, matching lamps flanking each side of the table, organic elements , and stacked items such as books.

If you love these designs but have no clue where to buy similar items, dont worry! Ill get you started with some shopping ideas at the end of this post.

If your budget doesnt allow you to buy all new decor , then simply shop your house for mirrors, vases, books, faux plants, etc. You can always mix and match new and old items thats what I do in my own home :)!

Tip : You Can Also Pull It Off With Asymmetrical Dcor

Asymmetrical combinations can be tricky to nail down, so to speak, but when executed right, they can be equally appealing as the above arrangement, sometimes even more. The ideal placing dictates to have shorter items to one side and taller ones on the other and small accessories in between to bridge the distance. For example, you can have a table lamp on the left, a short vase on the right, and a few candles or books in the middle.

Lastly, remember to have fun with it and dont be afraid to throw your personality into the mix. Much like any other piece of furniture in your home, own your console table with lots of intimate touches to ensure it typifies the real you.

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And Now Here Is The Recently Relocated Woven Mirror In Our Entryway

Its safe to say that this mirror has done it again.

The relocation of this woven mirror inspired me to play with a few vignettes of entryway decor on the console table.

Are you curious what they are?

Today on the blog it is all about styling an entryway console table and a few tips on the flexible formula, I generally stick to when it comes to styling a console table.

The Entryway Introduces The Aesthetic Of Your Home


and console table styling plays a big role in setting the mood. Although each home is unique, there are a few console table styling tricks that we tend to incorporate again and again to bring our entryway looks to life.

Styling a console table is all about creating moments that bring more function and personality to your space, and it can be easier said than done!

Here are a few of our go-to console table styling tricks:

Explore the new McGee & Co. Fall Collection

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Create An Attractive Backdrop

Dont forget to use your wall above the console table as well itll provide a beautiful backdrop and complete your design goals. A beautifully framed mirror isnt just aesthetically pleasing, its also great to get one last look at yourself before you head out or answer the door.

Or place a large frame of artwork you adore, or posters and prints in a variety of sizes. Photo frames also work well.

Create A Cohesive Look

Consider working with a theme for the objects on a console table for a cohesive look. Here, an antiqued glass mirror takes center stage, with a range of objets in a range of natural tones displayed casually, but deliberately.

Pieces that dont take the same cue prevent the whole from looking over the top, and create a frame for the display.

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Seating And Storage Galore

This is one of the best ideas for entryways to showcase pretty and tasteful decor on the console table, including the mirror, elegant lamp, and flowers. The style is modern rustic with monochromatic neutrals on the console and bench that can blend into a variety of design schemes. Its a great choice for an entryway that is calm and open with a simple, neutral aesthetic to welcome you in.

Ideas To Style Your Console Table Like A Pro

Console Table Design Ideas| Foyer decorate and tour| Entryway Decorating Ideas| decorate with me|

When someone comes to your house and walks in the front door the first place they will be is your homes entryway. You want to make a great first impression and one way to do that is to ensure you have cool decor. One key element of this is your console table in the entryway. Here are some tips to decorate your entryway console table like a pro!

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Making An Impressive First Impression

When someone comes to your house and walks in the front door the first place they will be is your homes entryway. You want to make a great first impression and one way to do that is to ensure your have stellar decor. One key element of this is your console table in the entryway. Here are ten tips to decorate your entryway console table like a pro!

Symmetrical Entry Table Dcor

One classic way to style any display table is with symmetrical décor. Carrie from Lovely Etc has an excellent example of this with her vintage metal entry table.

Notice how she has flowers on both sides to create a symmetrical look. Often with a symmetrical layout, you will have the same or a similar tall object on either side with filler items in the middle. You can use vases of flowers, lanterns, or lamps as your two tall items.

Also, I love how the flowers on each side are not exactly identical. This makes the entry décor a little more interesting and frees you up to find similar items you already have around the house.

Notice how she uses the books as filler to fill in the negative space under the mirror. You can also use several short votive candles, or a long flower box with hydrangeas as filler.

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Ways To Style An Entryway Console Table

Your foyer gives the first peek into the personality of your home. An entryway console table will be the first styled vignette that will welcome all of your guests. So how should you style an entryway console table that sets the stage for your aesthetic? Balance is one of the most important aspects of styling a console table, and can be approached in several ways. For example, if you have a full console cabinet with a solid body, your décor can either be a mix of large pieces in small quantities or a combination of smaller curios layered to create a full look. For open-framed console tables, balance can be achieved by dividing the composition into its top and bottom parts.

A large artwork or a mirror above your table can serve as the main focal point to draw attention to the console table. You can add smaller pieces such as lamps, vases, trays, frames, or a stack of books to accentuate the anchor piece. Substantial items such as big woven baskets, wicker boxes, or huge, fluffy pillows, are typically placed on the lower part of the table to help balance the visual weight of the console table.

These 30 inspirations on how to style an entryway console table will give you a plethora of ideas on how to create a great first impression in your home.

Come On Inside Friend

Create Impact with Console Tables in the Entry

Before I show you the 4 different console table decor ideas we came up with

Lets peek at a throwback to our entryway decor from this past Fall, before I relocated the woven mirror.

Here, I had a chicken wire farmhouse wall art piece hanging above the console table.

A sleeping Willa pup in her favorite sunny spot.

Other than Willas sleeping position moved and the console table and wall decor being swapped out for the round mirror

Do you notice any other changes to our entryway?

Scroll back up between the last two photos and give it another glance.

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Another Tiny Habit I Lean On To Help Me During The Winter Doldrums

is swapping around the existing furniture in our home and moving things around a bit to awaken the seemingly sleepy house.

In fact, I recently relocated the woven mirror, from our family room gallery wall, and decided to try it above our console table in our entry way.

You can see more pictures of our family room and the details about the seasonal refresh I gave it in the Fall, inspired by the purchase of the woven mirror, here in this post.

Frame An Entry Table Display With Wallpaper

Entryways can be tricky spaces to deal with as the proportions are often slim, and they suffer from little natural light and architectural interest. However, you can use some hallway wallpaper ideas to help create interest, as Irene Gunter, founder of interior design studio Gunter & Co explains:

I really wanted to introduce some wallpaper to inject color and texture but it wouldn’t have worked in large amounts. This discreet frame detail that our joiner made from liquid metal panelling beads has created such a big impact, it provides a beautiful space for the wallpaper whilst framing the entry table perfectly.

The position of the over-sized centrally-hung mirror is key, too it is close enough to the console below to become part of the display of accessories, giving the entryway incredible impact and focus.

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Tips For Decorating A Console Table In An Entryway

by Kate Simmons

Decorating a console table in an entryway can be a truly fun design endeavor, especially if you let your creativity take hold. While you may be tempted to agonize over the details, dont feel pressure to make everything perfect. Keep the following two simple rules in mind. First, choose decor that truly works for your space. If you need this table to serve a purpose , make that your priority and put the focus on containers rather than objets dart.

Second, give yourself the freedom to let your style constantly evolve! If you view the table decor as an interesting statement that isnt set in stone, you can really enjoy the process of decorating it! Plus, you can make changes over time as you see fit. For specifics and a slew of amazing design ideas, keep reading

Tip : Dont Neglect The Tables Underbelly

Decorate With Me: Spring Modern Farmhouse Entryway Console Table

Many heavily focus on decorating above the table when in fact whats underneath it is just as important. You can brighten up this area with lighting accessories or preferably play it safe with seating poufs, an alluring X-bench, and anything along the line of extra but beautiful seating space. This way, you hit two birds with one stone.

Image: iowa girl eats

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