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How To Decorate A Couch

Add A Second Sofa To The Room

How to Decorate a Behind the Couch Table

If you have a large living room and need to fill up space, add a second beige sofa facing the first. And dont worry, the sofas dont need to match. If you want to create visual interest, its better to stick with similar color palettes and sizes but choose slightly different designs.

You can use a large rug to anchor the two sofas and make them look intentional.

Art In Similar Colours

When you want to include various pieces of art, but arent confident in pairing different pieces together, an easy fix is selecting art that is similar in color. In this example, blue is the repeating color on the wall that is also used to tie in various decor pieces incorporated throughout the room. Select a color that you love and compliments your room, repeat it through the wall art and youll get a finished look.

Coffee Tables Fit For The Sofa

If you prefer convenience and style, then adding a coffee table to complement your beige sofa seems like a perfect decor choice. Opting to add a coffee table to the living room maximizes the functionality in the space while being the ideal furniture piece to accent the beige tone of your couch. Before settling on the perfect coffee table for your room, consider proportions and choose a table that fits the sofa and the space. To ensure it is a comfortable setup, choose a table that is the same height of your sofa cushions or an inch or so below them, according to MyDomaine.

The material options are limitless, with wood, glass, metal, or stone tables being among the most popular choices. Keep the tone of your beige couch in mind, and try to choose a material that brings out the warmth of it. Wood-crafted tables can be used to layer in an earthy element around the sofa, or use a glass piece to project a more open landscape. If one table is not the right fit, look for two smaller ones to arrange in the room.

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A Grid Of Four Or More Prints

Symmetry is another important thing to consider when decorating your room because it gives a sense of order to the space. Its also a great tool if you love a serene, polished look a symmetrical room is often more calm because your eye doesnt jump around the space so much. A grid of prints over the back of your sofa is a great way to fill space, but also create a symmetrical focal point.

Hanging Unexpected Art Makes For The Best Unique Decor

20 Lovely Decor Ideas for Adding Impact Above The Sofa

If you are someone searching for that “wow” factor behind the couch, consider adding some unconventional decor. Think outside the design rules and discover unlikely items to spread across the walls. These items could include Bohemian baskets, tapestries, plates, or macramé wall art. Unique art finds such as macramé art can warm up stark walls and introduce texture into the space with their weavings and carvings, as per Architectural Digest. Items like these create a focal point in the room and can be the anchoring piece in the decor.

Unusual pieces are unique and showcase your personality beautifully – they truly can be a one-of-a-kind find. Homenish suggests hanging china plates above the sofa as a decor element. Suspended correctly in a grid-style pattern, this look displays clean lines and an elegant vibe. One could consider intricate woven baskets as decor, too. They can cover a large wall easily and bring added texture to the space.

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Design The Perfect Book Nook

Books are a popular home decor staple and are often stacked on a table or side by side on a bookshelf. Rather than let them sit in a box collecting dust, brush them off and set them on display behind the couch. MyDomaine suggests creating a bookshelf border above the sofa as a cool way to draw your eye upward, making the space appear larger. One could choose to place the books on the wall shelves you are about to hang above the sofa or stack them between bookends on a bookshelf.

Using books as decor is a great design technique to take up space and add personality to the room. It also provides a storage solution for all those titles you are hiding. Create the perfect book nook and bring a sense of comforting charm to your space by styling your shelves with some of your favorite titles or neutral book covers.

Keep Time By Displaying A Wall Clock

Some people may group clocks into the same odd category of house phone relevance and consider them relics. Clocks may be vintage, but they provide a vital function of telling time while also offering a bit of decor elegance. One could consider taking the time to fill the space above their sofa with an oversized clock. You could even add a smaller clock to a gallery of existing photos and framed art.

If you decide to hang a clock, The Spruce suggests straying from old-fashioned timepieces and choosing a style that fits your space seamlessly. Clocks offer functionality in an area and can be put in most rooms, including the living room. As with most interior decorating, one should consider the size of the clock necessary to fill the space without overtaking it. Begin your search by looking for clocks that add dimension and help break up space. Clocks have evolved and can be found in more shapes than just the typical circle.

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Determine How Many Pillows Are Needed

Many of you are familiar with the rule of always decorating with items in odd numbers like three or five.

This decorating rule goes for pillow styling too, especially if you want a more eclectic or modern look.

If you have a larger sofa that youre styling, then this decorating rule can go out the window! Consider using an even number of pillows: six, with three throw pillows at each sofa end.

The exception to this odd/even pillow rule is if you have a large sectional sofa.

When styling a sectional, I suggest you go back to 5 or 7 pillows. Group the throw pillows with two or three at each end and a set in the middle. In other words, never just two throw pillows on a couch .

Work in odd groups if you want more modern or eclectic look to your throw pillow arrangement.

Can You Have Too Many Pillows On A Couch

How To Decorate Above Your Couch – Inspiration and Ideas

The short answer is yes. Weve all seen those sofas that are so full with throw pillows that theres hardly space to sit down.

PRO TIP:if you have to move a mountain of pillows off your sofa so you or your guests can sit down, youve got too many.

Ultimately, whether or not youve got too many pillows will depend on the type of sofa in question. Its possible to overload any couch, but its easier to overwhelm smaller pieces of furniture than it is larger sofas.

Specifically, deeper couchesthose with cushions that extend more than 20 inches or socan safely accommodate more pillows .

Of course, its not just the size of your furniture but also the size of the pillows you use that influences the number you need for your sofa:

  • Standard throw pillows are square-shaped and are roughly 20 inches in area, but oversize pillows can also be used for a more laid-back feel.
  • Undersize pillows are also an option. Youll want to take the depth of your couch in mind when determining the size of pillows you use for your sofa.

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How Should I Arrange My Living Room Sofa

Be mindful of scale in interior design when arranging your living room sofa. Correct sofa scaling is an imperative for a successful living room, along with selecting its shape and color.

Size takes precedence as it is crucial for the perception of a room volume to choose the most appropriate dimensions, says BIID registered interior designer Hedayat of Jam By Hedayat.

‘You want to make sure that your sofa has enough circulation around it as well as space so that it does not dwarf any design details or features in a room. A living room sofa that is too large will engulf the room disproportionately, and one that is too small will not serve its function.’

Soften A Black And White Theme

Black and white is a classic scheme that never goes out of style, but the drama can be a bit much when youre attempting to create a cozy space. Luckily, your beige furniture is the perfect solution to design a living room with the same style and class, only tempered down a little.

Beige is softer and more welcoming than stark white, and by pairing it with a softer black like charcoal or even with very dark grey, your living room will be both stunning and comfortable. You dont always have to choose between fashion and function.

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Choose A Set Of Curtains

A set of curtains or Roman shades to act as an accent to your sofa. The curtains behind the couch should remain a solid color if the sofa has a patterned print however, you can used curtains with a patterned print if the couch is a solid color. also points out that Roman shades offer a clean look when placed behind a sofa.


How To Decorate A Leather Sofa

Transitional Living Room With Cream Couch

Until the fabric sectional we got in our family room last year, Ive had only dark leather sofas for as long as I can remember . And as I confessed recently, I kind of miss the low-maintenance of leather in our family room. But although I find fabric easier to decorate than leather, Ive gathered a few brown leather couch decorating suggestions along the way.

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Keep All The Same Color

If you have a bright sofa or with deep color, and do not want to distract from its beauty nor cause more of a heavy feel for the eye, then opt to go for pillows that are in another shade of the sofa and that keeps the same color.

The same principle goes, even if your sofa is not of a bold color. Keeping the sofa and pillows in similar color will make the sofa area seem more seamless and less showy.

Credit: Stadshem

Contrast With Dark Furniture

When working around a beige sofa, your living room ideas dont have to be big. Sometimes, all you need is just a hint of contrast. Go ahead and pair your beige sofa with walnut or mahogany accent furniture. You can even cool down a beige sofa-centered living room with a sprinkle of charcoal.

A couple of matching bookshelves, tables, or dark lamps spread around the room will add rich contrast around your beige seating. This is great for creating a softer industrial look or for matching the clean contemporary look.

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Buy A Pillow Case Smaller Than The Size Of The Pillow

This is a new tip that I heard from a Youtube channel of House of Valentina, and I myself have yet to try out but to avoid the pillowcase feeling loose opt for the size down from the pillow size to get that more tailored look while keeping the pillow looking puffed up.

Credit: Photo by Daria Shevtsova from Pexels

Go For A Darker Beige Accent Chair

How to Decorate a Room Around a White Sofa : Design Ingredients

Into a neutral color scheme? Me too. And fortunately, if you already have a beige couch, staying neutral is easy to do. You can bring interest to your room by bringing in accent chairs that are still neutral but darker than the color of your couch.

After, add in some greenery and soft throw pillows for the perfect cozy, neutral room.

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How Many Throw Pillows On A Chair

What if you have a small piece of furniture? It turns out that the rule for decorating your favorite chair with throw pillows couldnt get any simpler: one is enough.

Even two throw pillows can crowd a chair, making them harder and less comfortable to sit in. For this reason, its best to go with a standard throw pillow that doesnt take up too much space but is still noticeable as a decorative item.

Add The Right Amount Of Throw Pillows

For smaller to mid-size sofas, you will often see designers using the odd rule of having groups of two or three on either side of the sofa. This look will give it that interesting feel without looking like the sofa and its pillows just came straight out of a catalog as a set.If you have a larger sofa, then having even numbers can also work out great as this way the long sofa will be balanced out by even number pillows. If you instead have a sectional sofa, then you can simply go for the odd number but at the same time add more pillows throughout the groupings.

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Shop The All These Great Options For The Blank Wall Behind Your Sofa Here:

A few more things

In this group members share photos with their design questions and dilemmas from their own homes.

We all give opinions in with our best advice!

Its a nice group of fellow design enthusiasts.

We also spill our best sources and tips so its such a great place for sourcing hard to find items and pieces.

Lastly, to help you even further with your home projects, download my FREE DESIGN CHEAT SHEET!

Its loaded with all sorts of quick tips and handy measurements.

Make A Statement With A Brown Sofa

Decorating Around Dark Leather Sofas

A brown leather couch can be a dramatic statement piece, especially when it’s a tufted Chesterfield style. Funky retro furniture, including checkered slipper chairs and a midcentury-modern console table, adds interest to the room’s white paneled walls. Buffalo-check plaid fabric complements the brown sofa’s traditional style for a cohesive look.

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Use An Ottoman To Accent The Beige Couch

If you prefer the minimalist aesthetic and would rather not add a ton of pillowy fluff to layer on the couch, then you may want to think about how an ottoman could be just the design element you need to accentuate your decor. The option of displaying an ottoman in lieu of a coffee table is a structural change that still boasts a ton of functionality while still adding a touch of softness. It’s often an underappreciated living room decor piece, according to Architectural Digest. You could consider swapping out the coffee table for a plush or tufted ottoman in a pale blue color or rich brown windowpane pattern.

You could also look for ottomans crafted from soft materials such as velvet and suede, as they invoke a luxurious coziness and bring texture into the living space, which might be just what your room needs if your couch has few to no pillows. Considering this design element offers a way to introduce contrasting yet complementary furniture pieces into the room. Ottomans are available in various styles and shapes, perfect for any shade of beige couch from light to dark.

Don’t Start In The Furniture Store

Many have heard the advice to avoid grocery shopping when youre hungry, because it leads to poor choices. The same holds true for furniture stores dont go shopping in a panic, just because you have an empty home. Yes, you need a sofa. But if you pick the pink-striped sectional just because you like it in the store, without taking measurements or thinking about the rest of the room, youre stuck with it. The rest of the room will have to be built around that sofa, and if its too large for the space it will look forever awkward.

Start in the room youre looking to furnish, armed with a measuring tape and a notepad.

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Consider The Sofa’s Arms

How to Decorate a Brown Sofa With Pillows : Easy Designing & Decorating Tips

As well as the overall form, or shape, of the sofa, focus on its arms. We consider the height of the arms and the reach to the side for side tables, says interior designer Amanda Meade . Bulky arms can often obscure the flow in a room.

Pay particular attention to how the sofas arms will affect sight lines through the space. They shouldnt block the view of a window nor another of the rooms features.

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