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How To Decorate A Brick Wall

Consider A Brick Hanger


There are a few different methods to hanging décor on this wall type, including a brick hanger, brick clip, or wall anchor. “Brick hangers are fairly simple to get in place,” Tiffanni Reidy, the owner of Reidy Creative, explains. “If you have a deep enough mortar line, you can use the kind that stretches within the mortar spacing, like the Hillman Brick Block Hanger .” Reidy notes that you should measure your mortar spacing before purchasing this tool, since it comes in different sizes. “To use them, your brick needs to stick out from the mortar creating a ledge if the ledge isn’t deep enough, they won’t work well,” she adds.

A Room Thats All Brick Wall

While brick walls are often used as accent walls, you can even have an entire room made of bare brick walls. Since the brick wall wont be the only accent wall, you can accessorize these walls to make them look even more attractive.

Keep in mind that since these are not plain walls, placing too many art pieces will be an overkill. Here, theres a painting on the wall and a houseplant beneath it. And thats enough décor for the room because the brick walls can be too overwhelming so you need to minimize other décor elements.

Italian Brick Wall Garden Design

Image Source

Paint half of your garden brick wall in brick red color and leave the other half as it is. Let the painting be crude to give out authentic Italian look. Add in some flowering climbers and a few shrubs to complete the look. If there is a window in the wall, paint it with a bright color and add in a flower box to the outer side of the window sill.

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Throw In A Curve Ball

Living rooms with brick walls can also go beyond the ordinary, and there are plenty of ways to get this done without going overboard financially. A simple option is to try out a bit of graffiti that adds color and pattern to the exposed brick wall and really gives it that edgy, street vibe. If you happen to be lucky enough to have a curved brick wall or any other unusual feature in the living room, then highlight it skillfully and let it become the star of the show.

Dark brick walls in black will always attract attention, while there are occasions when it is the décor around them that will make all the difference. Play with contrasting textures or shades to bring alive the inimitable living room that you always dreamed about!

How Do You Decorate A Brick Wall

Exposed Brick Wall Decorating Ideas

5 Easy Ways to Accent Your Exposed Brick Wall Use open-backed shelving in front of it. Just because the wall is gorgeous by itself doesnt mean you cant take advantage of its available square footage. Lean large accents against it. Add pops of color to it. Add wood accents and greenery around it. Paint it.

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Create An Outdoor Living Area

You can visit various luxurious hotels and resorts, but you would never find something like this to chill with your family. Building an outdoor living area needs some initial investment, but we are sure that you will never regret your decision. If you love to spend some quality time with your dear ones, then an outdoor living room is something which you will always appreciate.

A Two Shaded Brick Wall

Just like chocolate goes with vanilla and Oreo cookies go with the cream within, dark colors go well with light ones. The same concept is continued on this double shaded brick wall that looks mesmerizing as it creates a magical effect and you wont know which color to look at. Theyre both equally beautiful.

Just like Yin and Yang, make sure all accessories on the white wall are dark in color and those on the black wall are light shaded. Of course, having all four walls of this same combination will be overwhelming so this wall can be an accent wall.

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Exposed Brick Wall In The Bathroom

Your bathroom is the one place that all your guests will visit. Dont make it a dud. An exposed brick wall behind the sink will look amazing and give it a uniquely stylish approach. The mirror frame, faucet, hanging light, towel holder, and everything else is black, creating a uniform theme.

When it comes to bathrooms, you can use bricks of just about any color. In fact, there are bricks of different colors in this wall and theyre blending well with each other. When its a natural brick wall, its okay to have different shades on the same wall.

Adding A Splash Of Color

New brick wall texture design in simply|DIY best home decorating ideas

Continuing on the idea of contrast, you should consider adding a splash of color to create a more dramatic look for your exposed brick wall. This can be achieved through some colorful accents. It could be a small detail like a bold artwork or you might place a vibrant furniture piece that contrasts well with the aged look of your brick wall. This is easy to do as you dont really need to get lots of pieces to make a statement. A single imposing piece should be able to create a stunning impact by adding a pop of color to the exposed brick wall.

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Brick Wall Garden Design

Image Source

Think of the cool winter mornings and evenings when you crave to be outdoors, and this fireplace brick wall garden design can be a boon. An open marble fireplace built into the brick wall will help you stay warm during winters. Give the fireplace a brick background and paint up the rest of the wall. Two large earthen urns placed on either side of the fireplace will give the whole setting a rustic appeal.

Finding The Best Wall To Expose

Well go over some important tips to ensure that youre creating an exposed brick wall correctly. Its not always such a straightforward process and, as well soon discover, there are some potential drawbacks to the process. The first step involves selecting the best wall to expose. This should be easy for most people, but you need to be sure of your choice as this wall will become an important part of the room.

Remember that exposed brick walls are supposed to be able to create a more dramatic statement. There are other considerations to take into account as well. For example, its essential to go for a wall where there are no windows or doors. It can take extra time to deal with edges and youll most likely have to deal with some finishing repairs after the jobs over. Another tip is to check the number of radiators and sockets. If theres a radiator there you should consider adding a metal cover that can match the industrial look of the exposed brick wall. Power cables as well should be neatly tucked in somewhere out of sight.

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Use A Brick Design In Kids Room For Playful Interiors

These brick walls can be later plastered too!

If there is a room that allows you to indulge in some delightful experiments, it has to be the room meant for the kids! A kids room with brick wall interior means you can have fun with what you decide to do in the space. It is especially suites growing kids as the wall design can change for another design easily.

A White Brick Wall With Accent Furniture Pieces

30+ Brick Walls Designs, Wall Decor Ideas

White brick walls look amazing. But they can also turn boring pretty quickly, especially if the entire room is white. White is a great color it makes everything look bigger and brighter. And yet, too much of it can make a room look boring, and a bit gloomy.

The solution? Add accent pieces. Bright red or blue colored chairs. Or why not teal? Bright teal colored chairs with a bare white brick wall. In fact, a small dining area. Add the right lighting and a bottle of wine and its the perfect romantic place.

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What About Taking Help From Mother Nature

According to expert designers, one of the best options you can select while decorating your exterior walls is using natural and lush green plants. Green plants can also boost eco-friendly exterior brick wall decoration ideas.

Vertical green plants are also a perfect option for exterior brick walls as nothing can match the beautiful combination. If you love to go green and clean, then taking help from mother nature is one of the best ideas you should prefer. You also have to ensure that you select drought-resistant plants as you dont want to pile up the stress of watering the plants daily.

Brick Wall Living Rooms That Inspire Your Design Creativity

by Sherry Nothingam

We know that photos can be an amazing source of design inspiration, so this article may contain affiliate links that will direct you to a particular decor item. Clicking on a link may result in a portion of proceeds being paid to

Brick walls and modern interiors one would imagine that they would be at odds with one another. But the last few years have seen architects and homeowners gravitate towards the beautiful brick wall whenever they need a touch of texture, unique character and a dab of timeless charm sprinkled in the living room. For some, the exposed brick wall in the living room is an expression of the rich, historic past of the building and a blend of the past and the present. For others, it is a way to add elegance and personality to an otherwise boring interior dominated by glass and stone. No matter what your reason is, there is no doubting the fact that brick walls are here to stay.

Of course, you might live somewhere that doesnt have a natural brick wall. Dont worry! There are tons of faux-brick options that allow you to perfectly personalize your space. This faux-brick wallpaper has a 3D effect that makes sure it doesnt look campy or overly fake. For a modern look you can get this faux-brick wallpaper.

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Use The Power Of Visual Impacts

Do not waste the function of the wall, use it as displays. It will be eye catching to put empty frames on it. Hang some ancient wall plates is the best ideas if you like the vintage things.

The metal wall art makes the wall has dramatic impacts as a display. The other option is by doing the string art spell the massage to your family in the art. Every time the people see it, they you will impress by the ideas.

Cage Your Brick Fireplace In A Decorative Way

How to Make a DIY Faux Brick Wall

Nothing makes it more unique that having a on your fireplace. Let the element flow by having your chandelier, wall sconces and accessories in the same material too. There is a contrast of material between the brick fireplace and wooden ceiling but at the same time they are being united by using the same shade of white. This idea conceives a very laid-back classic ambiance.

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Stunning Exposed Brick Wall Ideas And Tricks

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This is a 2 part article. The first 7 points are the tips for preparing the exposed brick walls and the other 8 points are some stunning ideas for the actual decor and design of the brick walls. If you want to jump straight to the ideas .

If the industrial interior design style has an interesting appeal to you, perhaps youve considered the idea to have an exposed brick wall. There are many creative ideas that can rely on this type of wall to create a featured area in your home. Not everyone is lucky enough to strip away some drywall and immediately come across a stylish brick wall that you can incorporate into your industrial or rustic aesthetic. If youre willing to go through the process of exposing the brick wall there are many aspects that you have to consider.

Pick A Wall To Expose

An exposed brick expanse is a dramatic statement, as whichever wall you choose will become the focus of the room. The easiest wall to strip will be one with no doors or windows, as working around edges will slow you down, plus will need filling and careful repair when youre finished. Look at how many radiators and sockets are on the wall, too.

Stove, Warmer Brothers Anglesey. Armchair, Ikea. Mirror, Bramley & White. Rug, La Redoute

If a whole wall is a bit too much of a commitment for you, how about exposing a fireplace instead? We love this cosy little nook from homeowner Jade, who’s matched raw brick with dark grey in her living space. Balance out with modern additions like a sleek mirror to stop it looking too traditional, but embrace the hygge with plenty of throws and cushions too.

Bed, Heal’s. Cushions in Palmeral linen fabric, House of Hackney

Bare brick works better with a raw contemporary look, so we would advise changing the style of any face plates and radiators to metal if they are not already. An exposed brick wall marries itself to an industrial-style interior, so if you go for this look, consider running power cables into some galvanised trunking.

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Achieve A Textured Look For Your Fireplace

Have your walls and ceiling in white and make your brick wall fireplace the focal point. A monochromatic look is never a boring idea with the right play of textures. Intensify it by creating a pattern with the use of varying shades of bricks. Keep the interest throughout the room by having a zebra printed rug across the floor.

Investing In Customized Sign

19 Stunning Interior Brick Wall Ideas

Suppose you feel conventional outdoor wooden-wall art and graffiti as an old-boring idea and want something that defines the way you live. In that case, you must be looking for custom-sign boards as they will make things creative and will seem attractive options for all the visitors while exploring your home. After all, it is your home, and you are the one who decides rules and names, so give the ones you feel appropriate because creativity is infinity.

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Outdoor Brick Wall Decor Ideas

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How To Decorate A Brick Wall Outside: Necessary Tools

For decorating a brick wall outside you will need some tools. Here are the tools recommended below

A ladder or scaffolding

  • SUPERIOR SAFETY: This 8-foot step ladder is made of superior quality, non-conductive fiberglass
  • PATENTED PRO-TOP SYSTEM: V-shape Pro Top allows the ladder to lean against walls, buildings and poles and has plenty of features to improve performance when working electrical, construction, and residential jobs. It includes a hardware tray, drill and tool slots, and pipe or 2×4 holder
  • WORK BECOMES EASIER: Molded Top With Handyman’s Tool Slots
  • Smart Features: The Govee Wireless Thermometer Hygrometer supports all basic functions as well as smart functions such as remote monitoring and temp humidity graphs. Our humidity meters are reliable and easy to use for homes, greenhouses and more.
  • High Accuracy and Fast Refresh Time: With the Swiss-made smart hygrometer sensor, the temperature is accurate up to ±0.54°F while the humidity is ±3%RH, a 40% increase. Up to 2S refresh speed always gives you the lastest changes of temp and humidity.
  • Upgraded Display: This room humidity gauge is easy to read due with a 3-inch bright LCD screen with large numbers. The max/min temp humidity records and the comfort indicators will keep you aware of the indoor humidity at any time.
  • Old clothes

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