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How To Decorate A Booth For A Trade Show

Add Your Contact And Website Information

DIY Trade Show Booth Design

Your customers will need to know where they can find more information about your company, services, and products. When creating custom graphics or trade show literature, make sure you include details for customers to get into contact with you. Have your businesss phone number, website address, email, and other important details in a place where customers can easily find them. This will make it easier to connect with customers after the event for follow-ups.

Trade Show Booth Ideas & Designs: The Ultimate List

Trade shows are a great way to spread brand awareness and gain new customers, but at every trade show a business must compete with a sea of other companies, all trying to achieve the same outcome.

How do you make sure your booth stands out among others?

How can you grab the attention of people nearby while still promoting your brand?

There are many ways you can get customers attention and make your presence memorable without having to overdo it.

Here are tips for making sure your trade show booth is seen and visited by customers.

Weve broken them down into 13 informative categories to help you at your next event.

Take Advantage Of Tabletop And Shelf Space

If you have plenty of tabletop and shelf top space, dont neglect it. Use this space to include more advertising products and decorations. Look for miniature flags, banners, cutouts, adornments, and any other small promotional products. You can also find tabletop sized pop up booths, backdrop banners, and display boards, which are designed just like the larger versions you see in other trade show booths, but in compact, more manageable sizes. These small-sized displays are also great for travel and storage.

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Create The Ultimate Interactive Experience With Virtual Reality

While this example is not a VR experience from a trade show, it shows how you can immerse your guests in a live experience unlike any other.

The Sky Circus experience is a trapeze-like attraction that lets you glide over VR Ikebukuro, one of Tokyos multiple city centers.

Why it works: people are eager to try new technologies and most have heard of VR but have not had the chance to try it. Its very likely that offering such an experience will draw quite a crowd to your booth.

Bonus tip: VR headsets are now easily available you only have to find the content that will fit with your branding. Design VR experiences that let people use your product. If your product isnt conducive to an exciting VR experience, use it to reinforce your brand. Have you done any interesting CSR activations lately? Check out what Toms Shoes did.

Exhibiting At A Trade Show Or A Business Event Soon Follow These Tips To Succeed At Your Next Event Make Sure To Get The Perfect Booth In Time And On Budget

Best Nashville Trade Show Displays

Preparing for a trade show can be a long and complex project. According to your business goals, your planning and your budget, you will have plethora of options, whether you go for a full custom booth exhibit, a rental booth or a modular trade stand.

With the event industry back on its feet after a year of uncertainty, trade shows are finally going ahead again. All the lights are on green as Ingrid Burton, CMO atQuantcast, says in an article recently published in Forbes:

Covid-19 Couldnt Kill Trade Shows And Events

Professionals from all industries are more than ever ready to go back to trade shows to meet business partners, network and do business.

That’s where you need to be. And you need to be there with the best trade show graphics and stand design.

What makes a good display booth? How do you run a successful trade show booth? How do you get your booth to stand out at a trade show? How do I find the right booth builder partner? How do you manage your budget? How do you make sure everything will be ready and delivered on time?

Here is our 2022 Step-By-Step Trade Show Booth Design Guidelines to make your dream booth building project come true!

  • Your booth objectives and strategy
  • Your trade show design budget
  • Find the right partner
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    Sell Products In Your Booth

    Instead of getting people to purchase your products online, sell some of your products in your trade show booth. If you sell smaller items that are easier to travel with, such as clothes, books, or food, let people have a chance to buy some of your products right at the trade show. This will help increase your ROI and get people excited about a new collection. Create a separate section in your booth of products that are for sale so that you still have some for display.

    Increase Sales Through Demonstration

    Simplifying your focus at an exhibition is a good idea and this booth concept made reality helps to highlight the security products that are on display by the vendor.

    Why it works: this simple but effective demonstration shows that the powerful security camera can capture details at speed as well as having great zooming capabilities.

    Bonus tip: the design of the booth itself encourages attendees to learn more and the green strip lights draw your eye to where you should be focusing your attention.

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    Getting Started With Trade Show Booth Design

    Every perfect trade show booth design starts with identifying your audience, marketing goals, and trade show budget. Exhibit designers use this information as the first step, then theyll ask additional questions to fine-tune the booth to your specific requirements. For example theyll identify whether you need storage, meeting areas, overhead signage, and accessories like monitors, literature trays, charging stands, etc. Theyll even determine if youll need rental furniture like office chairs, sofas, and end tables and suggest styles to match your graphic design.

    The 15 trade show booth design examples below show recent design trends in custom, modular, and portable displays, along with sustainable exhibits and rentals. Dont be afraid to drill down on what works for your booth design vision. Then share them with the exhibit designer.

    Display Portable Booth Visuals

    Custom Trade Show Booth Process: From Concept to Creation

    Many portable booths come in large, 12ft sizes, but you can also find a wide range of smaller, more compact sizes designed for tabletops. Pop up booths are easy to setup and lightweight enough for tabletop display. They come with an expandable frame that custom prints attach to. These booths are a go-to for trade show circuits because its easy to replace old graphics with new prints and the smaller versions are more economical, but just as eye-catching. Get one that covers the entire tabletop or just a section.

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    Use Displays With Interchangeable Prints

    If you go to a lot of trade shows in your business and constantly must customize new prints, save money by finding displays where you can change out the prints without having to replace the stand. Find banner stands where the prints and hardware are separate, that way when you are finished using one banner, all you need to do is remove the old print and replace it with a new one. Keep this in mind when you are buying retractable banners because some versions are not interchangeable.

    Dont Go Overboard When Decorating

    It might seem like you need a lot of displays and décor in your booth, but its important when designing your space not to go overboard. Dont make your booth too busy with all kinds of banner stands and decorations. It can come across as too messy and your message and products might get lost in the process. Instead, make sure there is still space for your employees and customers to stand and look around. You want to stand out, but not for the wrong reasons.

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    Send Out A Thank You Email After The Show

    After the exhibition is over, you should always create and send out an email to your clients thanking them for attending the show and addressing any points that you covered. Let them know how much you appreciated their time and effort to visit you and remind them about your new products and any other talking points you discussed. You can send out an email blast to all who attended or make it more personal and type up individual emails.

    Sing Along With Karaoke Machines

    10 Stunning Trade Show Booth Design Ideas 2020

    Turn your booth into a concert by having visitors sing their favorite songs on karaoke. Setup karaoke machines in your booth and get customers to perform rather than hiring a band or playing music on speakers. While it might not always sound as pleasing as a professional band, its more fun and requires more participation. If you work in an industry that deals with music or party supplies, using karaoke machines is a great idea to get customer involvement while being true to your brand.

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    Make Your Display Attractive

    Plan your trade show display so that it brings in visitors and convinces them to learn more about your company. You need to have space for them to engage with the team working your booth.

    Use what you know about your target customer and your brands message to come up with ideas on how to design your booth.

    Take The Green Challenge With A Sustainable Booth

    Green efforts have become a trend over the past few years and for good reason. Exhibit booths are some of the most wasteful installations. Some companies use them once and out they go. Thus the idea behind rentals. Other businesses are doing what SCIB is doing by using fully sustainable and reusable stand materials.

    Why it works: its visually appealing and reusable.

    Bonus tip: shipping adds considerable expense to installations so what many businesses are turning to is lightweight, portable materials like cardboard and recycled materials. Good for the planet and less expensive.

    Fully sustainable exhibition stand at #IMEX18. #DidYouKnow that we use 100% reusable stand material? After the show all the material will be packed and sent back to #Switzerland to use it again for other fairs worldwide. Have a look at our stand E140. #Sustainability

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    Why Trade Show Booth Design Matters

    To generate leads and sales at trade shows and conventions, you first have to get the attention of attendees. Thats where booth design makes the difference, especially in large shows with hundreds of exhibitors. ExpoMarketing has a huge selection of trade show booth ideas that help you stand out from the crowd all of which are customizable to align with your brand and marketing messages. Our dynamic designs help you capture the attention and the business of your prospects and customers by making your brand experience unforgettable.

    Booth Design Ideas that Tell Your Story

    The best trade show booth designs communicate your brand story both visually and graphically. At ExpoMarketing, we take the time to understand your business and your trade show marketing goals. Then our expert designers recommend trade show booth ideas, materials and graphical messaging that tell your brand story with passion and purpose. From concept and layout to flooring, lighting, furniture and eye-catching graphics, our design team has the experience, expertise and creativity to translate your brand into an attention-grabbing display that show attendees cant resist.

    Increase Social Conversion With A Social Media Display Wall

    How to Design a Custom Trade Show Booth: Learn the Process from Concept to Creation

    This idea neednt be your whole booth but it is a nice addition that adds interest and an element of gamification.

    Why it works: people love to see their name on a wall of fame, public recognition of others drives competitive personalities to work to get their name on the list too, and it serves as word of mouth marketing for you. Win, win, win.

    Bonus tip: User-generated content should never go unacknowledged. Listen for it and comment to those who thought enough of you to mention you. Also, reuse their content in your own streams.

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    Become Familiar With The Event As A Whole To Help Attendees Navigate The Clutter

    If you want to leave a memorable experience, sometimes it helps to be a little unselfish. One way to offer value outside of pitching your business is to become familiar with the trade show beforehand so that you can help attendees navigate through the crowded field. Whether its to the nearest bathroom or food area, or another product category section, being able to point attendees in the right direction is a great way to show that you truly care about them. Heck, you should even be able to tell them where some of your competitors are. After all, if youre truly one of the top players in your product or service category, you should have nothing to worry about.

    Finding The Right Exhibit Partner

    Selecting the right exhibit partner is crucial to designing a successful trade show exhibit. Below we outline the keys to selecting an exhibit partner that can meet your companys exhibiting needs.

    Research Exhibit Partners Early

    The process of finding the right exhibit partner can take time, and it can take months design and build on an exhibit. Begin your exhibit partner search early so as to find the right fit while leaving enough time to design and build your trade show exhibit.

    Know Your Needs

    When speaking with a potential exhibit partner, be upfront with your needs, budget and deadline. Research each potential partners capabilities to ensure that the companies you are considering can meet your desired budget, timeframe and trade show booth design requirements.

    Look for Experience

    Experience is everything when it comes to selecting the right exhibit partner. Exhibit partners with a long and successful history have experienced teams of exhibit designers and builders who work as a cohesive unit, minimizing miscommunication and leading to an overall easier design and building process.

    Check References

    Ask for and follow up with references from each potential exhibit partner. Contacting references allows you to learn more about the experiences others have had with the services you require, how closely an exhibit partner can follow budget, direction, how they resolve issues and the level of customer service they provide.

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    How Do You Make A Trade Show Booth Stand Out

    One way to help your booth stand out is with a high quality trade show background. Backgrounds draw the eye and create atmosphere. Trade show booth design doesnt have to be complicated. A stunning image or catchy line will leave people wanting more and will draw them over to your booth. Whichever trade show booth ideas you come up with, 40 VISUALS will help you bring that dream into reality.

    Interactive Board Games For Individuals And Teams

    10 Stunning Trade Show Booth Design Ideas 2020

    If your industry isnt very compatible with electronic games, another type of game you can use thats more versatile is the classic board game. Rather than using something like Monopoly or Battleship, create your own board game to take based on your business or industry. Have customers play the game by themselves or make a tournament of it and get people to play against each other in teams. Check out this guide for how to craft your own board game.

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    Provide An Exciting Introduction To Your Brand

    Mazda is known for cars that are fun to drive. They used that reputation in their driving simulator as well.

    Why it works: the virtual driving experience drove a remarkable increase in leads.

    Bonus tip: you might not have the production capabilities to create a driving experience but you can still drive leads with an exhibit demo that is fun to do/unlock with a badge scan.

    Attend To Your Customers Food/beverage Needs

    If your customers feet are tired, chances are they are also hungry and thirsty after walking around all day. When people come to your booth for a meeting, ask them if they want anything to eat or drink. Their minds shouldnt be on their stomach, it should be on what you are selling them, so keep them as comfortable as possible by addressing their food and drink needs. Set up a table nearby the meeting rooms for customers to take whatever they want, and make sure you utilize signage to direct them to the waste receptacles afterward!

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    Land More Sales By Painting An Ideal

    Sales are emotional. Creating a space that helps people envision the kind of life theyd like to lead can be a big winner. Check out this fun camping idea.

    Why it works: Kurgo sells harnesses for dogs and while many of its owners will never do much more than walk Fido around the park, this Airstream trailer paints a picture of life on the open road with mans/womans best friend, a very beguiling daydream.

    Bonus tip: think about your demographic. What do they want? What type of lifestyle do they fantasize about? Create an image of that and place your product or service at the center.

    Incorporate What Is Currently Trending

    Best Trade Show Booth Design for your Brand

    Is there a current trend in your industry that you can utilize for your trade show displays? Is there something viral that you can incorporate into your booth design or games? Do you have a celebrity endorsement that you can advertise to people who visit? If so, include these trends into your booth to get more attention from customers. Craft your booth activities around it, such as coming up with games based on viral challenges, to get maximum customer attention and engagement.

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