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How To Decorate A Bed

Layer Decorative Shams & Pillows In Front

How to Decorate your Bedroom for Less

This is where you can add a lot of personality to your space layer decorative shams and/or pillows in front of your sleeping pillows. Choosing a variety of neutral shades and textures creates a restful, luxurious feel while more colorful patterned pillows are a great way to make your space more vibrant. For a queen bed, you can do anything from a simple arrangement of two 24 decorative pillows with a 20 decorative pillow centered between them:

to a pair of Euro shams, followed by a pair of 24 decorative pillows, followed by a single centered lumbar pillow:

If you want more pillow arrangement ideas, check out with different pillow arrangement ideas for a queen bed.

Double Your Headboard As Storage

Image credit: Joanna Henderson

If space is in short supply, ditch the usual style of headboard for one like this with a gap for storage and a surface area, where you can place things. This means you can do away with bulky bedside tables, as youll have a convenient spot to stash your bedtime reading. Go one better and install wall lamps too.

Use Printed Wallpaper To Inject Pattern And Color

If you’re lucky enough to have a recess or arch above your bed, fill the space with an on-trend bedroom wallpaper idea. If you don’t, you can always create a panelled wall and fill a square with a beautiful pattern.

Tropical, exotic birds, bold florals, and country botanicals are all in fashion, as are curvaceous graphics.

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Bed Against The Window

Image credit: Anna Spaller

Let the sun welcome you each day with this inspirational layout. Find the window in your room that lets in the largest amount of morning sunlight. Place the centre of your bed’s headboard in the centre of the window and enjoy refreshing sunlight. As with the first layout, a night stand can go on either side if you wish and the surrounding furniture strategically placed in the space.

Above Bed Decor Ideas


Bedroom wall decor ideas are often centered around a feature wall, such as one with a chimney breast on it. However, using the wall over the bed to create a display can be hugely effective, especially in a space that has little architectural interest or, indeed, space.

‘Above the bed decor ideas are traditional ways to bring a focal point to the bedroom, whether it be a statement wall color or wallpaper pattern, or a piece of art,’ says Connor Prestwood, interior designer at home decor brand Dowsing & Reynolds .

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Wardrobes And Dressing Tables

Think about creating balance when arranging your room. This doesnât mean that everything has to run off a central axis with your bed in the middle but positioning all your substantially sized furniture along one wall will really make things feel out of whack. Your dressing table can sit adjacent to or under a window to ensure you have all the natural light you need for getting ready. So then think about offsetting this by putting your wardrobe on the opposite wall.

When it comes to wardrobes, built-in storage is often seen as the most practical choice as it makes the most use of available space and the interiors can be customised to suit your style and shoe requirements!

Pick A Theme For Your Small Space

Image credit: Future PLC

Make a small bedroom appear larger by choosing a predominantly white look and peppering it with a specific decorative motif such as flowers and leaves.

Combine neutral flooring with crisp white walls, delicate florals and minimal accessories for a chic, life-enhancing bedroom. This scheme is a masterclass in using complementary colours to make a space sing.

Keep furniture pale and lightweight rather than dark and solid, going for a metal bedstead and cafe-style bedside table.

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Yellow And White Color Scheme

Buttery yellow is a classic farmhouse hue. Cheery as sunshine, warm and welcoming as a country hug at the end of the day, versatile enough to work with just about any other color, yellow walls set off the overall soft color scheme so prevalent in this casual decorating style. Yellows and white together create the clean, bright look essential to farmhouse style.

  • 09 of 49 Photo: Farmhouse5540

    Two pieces of furniture youll often find in the farmhouse bedroom are a four-poster bed and a traditional wooden rocking chair. Put together, as in this authentic farmhouse bedroom from blog Farmhouse 5540, and you have a room that feels as warm and easy as a visit to Grandmas back when you were a kid.

    Continue to 10 of 49 below.

  • Adding Pillows Linens Curtains And Rugs

    How to Decorate a Guest Bedroom
  • 1Add some extra pillows to your bed. To get that luxurious, hotel-like feel, plan on having two to six pillows on your bed. Place the larger pillows towards the back, and the smaller pillows towards the front. Don’t be afraid to mix and match different colors and patterns.XResearch source Here are some more ideas to get you started:XResearch source
  • Mix large, bold prints with smaller, more intricate ones.
  • Combine organic prints with geometric prints.
  • Use contrasting colors. For example, you could get a pillow with a bright green pattern and a plain white pillow.
  • For accent pillows, consider using something with a textured fabric or an irregular shape. For example, you could get a velvet round pillow or a brocade tube pillow.
  • 2Get luxurious covers. Top your bed with covers made for snuggling like a down comforter.
  • For an added touch of luxury, consider getting a comforter with a duvet cover instead of a plain old bed sheet.
  • 3Give your windows and walls some color with curtains. Try to match the curtains to some aspect of your room, such as the rug, pillows, or bed linens. You don’t have to go out and buy curtains saris and shawls can make beautiful, graceful curtains.
  • If you live in a rental unit, you might already have blinds. See if you can place a curtain rod on top of the blinds.
  • Consider tying back the curtains with a stylish rope.
  • If you have a twin, double, or full sized bed, get a 5 by 8 foot or a 8 by 10 foot rug.
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    Easy Diy Peony Flower Bed

    Peonies are so showy that they dont need company. The flowers come in white as well as the pink and red seen here, and their foliage is also attractive. This foundation planting is so full of these sensational flowers that the visitor wont even notice the A/C unit or the electrical meter around them.

    Pretty Repurposed Tree Stump Flower Bed

    Old tree stumps are hard to dig out, so why not use them for a flower bed? One idea is to add pelargonium in the center surrounded by orange and gold nasturtium with variegated leaves nasturtiums, by the way, are edible and deep purple bellflowers. Plant some pelargonium, bellflowers and ornamental grass around the roots for a perfect balance.

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    Make A Statement With A Mural

    Wall mural ideas are an easy way to add drama to a space with little effort and decorating with murals is a trend that’s on the rise.

    ‘A marvellous mural has always been popular, but something extra striking and eye-catching is most definitely what were seeing more of in bedrooms,’ says Lucy St George, of Rockett St George . ‘Perfect for making a statement on the wall of your bed, bold metallics, florals or a marble effect will always add character to your sleeping space.’

    Keep The Bedroom Simple

    30 Ways to Make Your Bedroom Feel 10 Times Its Size

    A bedroom should look cozy and simple, sophisticated, and elegant, regardless of what style of decorating you choose. For ease of movement, leave a minimum of three feet between the bed and side walls or large pieces of furniture and at least two feet between the bed and low furniture, like tables and dressers. If you have to walk around the bed to get from the closet to the bathroom, think of how you can move the bed.

    Furnish your bedroom with only what you need. A bed, a bedside table or two, a dresser, and chair are necessities. Anything else is clutter. If you have room, place a chest of drawers in the closet.

    Accessories should be kept to a minimum. Choose a beautiful piece of artwork, arrange some family photos, add flowers and candles, and leave it alone

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    Make Your Bed Skirt The Perfect Length

    If you have a bed with a bed skirt, start by making your bed skirt the perfect length it should just barely graze the floor. The key is to use upholstery twist pins like that secure your bed skirt to the box-spring at the exact length needed. The best part is that they hold your bed skirt in place through sheet changes too so dont have to keep readjusting it:

    Which Colour Is Best For A Small Bedroom

    Generally speaking white and neutral are thought best for decorating small spaces, especially small bedrooms because the colours are calming and tranquil. Having said that there are ways in which you can incorporate colour into a small bedroom space without overwhelming the space.

    Clever paint techniques mean you can introduce colour in a way that opens up the space, to great a sense of generosity within the space and for this any colour goes. The key is to be mindful of the layout, for instance does the bedroom. have plenty of natural light? Read here for more bedroom colour scheme ideas.

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    Splashes Of Bright Color

    Sometimes, you just want to add a splash of lively color to your bedroom, even though it’s decorated in a style that generally leans towards softer hues. If so, feel free to indulge yourself: After all, the only real law in interior decorating is that you should love your space. Here, a farmhouse-style bedroom lights up with the addition of a colorful quilt and shams. The rest of the room, however, is subdued, in keeping with the classic farmhouse style.

    Create A Feature Wall

    Decorating Tips- How to Decorate your bedroom on a budget

    Image credit: Future PLC/ Malcolm Menzies

    Be bold with a striking wallpaper and eye-catching artwork and turn a single wall into the main focus of a small bedroom. Opt for a restricted colour palette with crisp white bed linen and furniture made from reclaimed wood.

    Stick to mostly white bed linen so the look isnt overly busy and introduce a splash of colour to liven up the scheme a notch.

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    How To Make A Bed Canopy

  • First, get one or two large embroidery hoops.
  • Then, tie enough coordinating ribbon to the hoop to hang it from the ceiling.
  • Choose the fabric or material you want to use.
  • And then, hang the fabric over the embroidery hoops.
  • Finally, secure the ceiling screws and hang your hoop with the ribbon.
  • There you have the process for how to build a canopy over your bed. And at a fraction of the price.

    Decorating Ideas For Farmhouse

    The Spruce / Christopher Lee Foto

    You dont have to live on a farm to decorate in farmhouse style you dont even have to live in a rural area. You just need to embrace the casual feel and nod to the tradition and underlying heart-of-the-country vibe that typifies this welcoming, warm, and easy decorating style. This bedroom demonstrates the emphasis on light and spaciousness that typifies traditional farmhouse style.

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    How To Style The Perfect Bed

    You know you should make your bed, especially when youre home every day. Heres the right way to do it.

    Theres something so satisfying about climbing into an immaculately made bed after a long day. When the pillows are already fluffed and the sheets are perfectly tucked, the simple act of going to sleep feels luxurious. And yet, Ill be the first to admit that this two-minute task hasnt always made the cut in my rushed morning routine. At least, that was before the COVID-19 pandemic forced me and my colleagues into working from home every day.

    Now that Im stuck in my Manhattan apartment for the foreseeable future, making the bed has risen to the top of my daily to-do list. Luckily I also have a longtime obsession with all things bedding, and Serena & Lily has always been my favorite. So to feed my current compulsion, I chatted with Kirsty Williams, the companys chief design officer, who shared all her best styling secrets. Then I put them to the test at homeread on to see the results.

    ELLE Decor: How often do you switch up the bedding on your bed?

    Kirsty Williams: I prefer to do it seasonally. In addition to crisp percale sheets in the summer and cozy flannels for when the temperature drops, I love linen sheeting for spring and fall. Its ability to keep you both cool when its hot and warm when its chilly is perfect for those in-between months.

    ED: Whats your best advice on how to mix more than one pattern on a bed?

    ED: How many pillows is too many?

    Create A Natural Flow In The Room

    45 Beautiful Master Bedroom Bedding Ideas 2019 60

    Image Credit: Instrument furniture

    The ability to easily navigate the space and open drawers and doors is crucial to the functionality of your bedroom. You should leave enough room between pieces of furniture and walls to walk around comfortably. The common rule of thumb is to leave about 72 centimetres of space to ensure adequate space for drawers, doors, and foot traffic.

    Plan out the pieces of furniture you plan to incorporate in the bedroom. Apart from the bed, the second most important piece of furniture is the wardrobe. This is where you will store apparel, shoes, accessories, and more. Pick a right wardrobe size and style based on the dedicated space available. Bedside tables are also popular pieces of bedroom furniture because they serve as extra storage and a place to keep your phone, jewellery, and reading materials at night.

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    Bounce Light Around The Room With Multiple Mirrors

    Why stick to one mirror when you can make the wall above the bed look arty and bright with multiple mirrors? This bedroom accent wall idea is a great idea for small or dark spaces.

    Wayfair’s Resident Style Advisor, Nadia McCowan Hill, says: ‘A popular option is to place an eclectic mix of mirrors above the bed, creating an eye-catching display that bounces light around your room.

    ‘Opt for designs with metallic edges to add a little extra shimmer and place them at different heights along the wall to create a truly stunning visual piece.’

    Decorating The Walls And Windows

  • 1Give your walls a fresh coat of paint or apply some wallpaper. Painting the walls a new color or putting up some wallpaper can give the room a completely new look. If you don’t want to do all paint or all wallpaper, add an accent wall to with one or the other to make the room more interesting.
  • If you can’t paint the walls or change the wallpaper, tack some fabric to the wall instead. Try to get it as smooth as possible.
  • If you have a small room, consider painting your walls one color, and leaving the ceiling white. This will make your room look bigger.
  • 2Consider having an accent wall. Instead of painting your entire room one color, paint three walls a neutral color, and the fourth wall a darker, contrasting color. Place all of your statement furniture against this wall.
  • 3Add some designs with wall stencils. Choose a base color for the background, and a contrasting color for the designs. Paint the background color first, let it dry, then apply the designs with more paint and stencils.
  • If you live in a rental unit, use wall decals instead. They are giant, vinyl stickers that peel off easily when it is time to move out.
  • 4Hang up some posters, photos, or artwork. This is great for those who are on a budget or are unable to repaint their rooms. If you are living in a rental unit, use double-sided mounting tape, stick-on mounting hooks, or poster putty/tack instead.
  • Don’t put anything heavy on shelves above your bed in case something happens and one of them falls.
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    Buy Lamps For Extra Light

    Cost: £2.75 £10

    A lamp is a great essential to show off your taste. From experience, we’d say it’s best to stick to one to start with, but some rooms may have space for two .

    Lamps are great for giving off a softer, more relaxing glow than ceiling lights, which can sometimes emit a harsh white light. Perfect for your relaxing haven.

    We bought ours from Dunelm, but we also love this Argos selection!

    Cheap Ways To Decorate A Bedroom

    How to Decorate and Make Beds

    Want a haven to come back to without it costing the world? There are loads of ways to decorate your uni room cheaply. Read on for some top tips to improve your room’s decor on a budget…

    Credit: Yuliya Yesina, Monkey Business Images, Olinda Shutterstock

    Now that you’ve chosen where to live at university, it’s time to think about room decoration. Whether you’re moving into university as a fresher, or a new house as a returning student, decorating your own space and making it feel like home is so important.

    While this might sound expensive, we’ve found the best ways to decorate on a budget. Yes, you can have a pretty room and money in the bank!

    From bedding to lamps and decorations, we’ve put together a guide so you can get the most out of your university-living experience.

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