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How To Decorate A Bathroom With No Windows

Why Should You Vent A Bathroom

Small bathroom design no window

There are several reasons why it is crucial to ventilate bathroom solutions:

  • Comfort: High humidity tends to make your bathroom feel very hot on summer days and chilly during winter if it does not have proper vent moisture. This will prevent you from being able to use your bathroom comfortably. Improving bathroom ventilation will help better control its humidity levels, allowing you to shower casually regardless of the season.
  • Odor Control: Another main reason ventilation for bathrooms is essential is that it helps eliminate musty smells. These odors are often caused by the presence of molds and mildew, which grows when the humidity level is above 55%.
  • Mitigate Bacteria Growth: Bacteria such as streptococcus and staphylococcus can grow in a small bathroom with high moisture levels in the air. Exposure to these bacteria can cause serious life-threatening conditions, so its crucial to prevent their growth no matter what.
  • Prevent House Damages: Grout, walls, and plaster can be significantly damaged by excess moisture. Not only is it annoying, but also costly.

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Ways To Brighten Up A Small Windowless Bathroom

When buying a new home, there are certain drawbacks that should be weighed and considered before purchasing. Of course you have to ask yourself: are these flaws detrimental? Or are they something that can be remedied? If it is something that you can live with and if the house has a check mark on most of your list of conditions that you want in a house, then by all means, take it and turn it into your dream home!

Now for those drawbacks. They could be in the form of an outdated kitchen, tacky wall colors, or maybe, having a gloomy bathroom. Let’s take a closer look at what we can do about the latter. It may seem insurmountable, but we do have some practical solutions for homes with windowless bathrooms which can help brighten up the space. More than the aesthetics, it is important to have ample lighting to be able to groom yourself properly also for safety reasonswe wouldn’t want you slipping over soapy wet tiles.

Let Homify help you out. Scroll down and we’ll show you how you’ll be able to get light into that bathroom without windows!

How Do You Vent A Bathroom With No Outside Access

Installing a ceiling vent is probably the most efficient way to ventilate a bathroom with no outside access. A ceiling vent is a unique machine that allows air to escape from the bathroom. In other words, it’s a machine that, like an open window, allows moisture to escape from your bathroom. www.smartremodelingllc.com.

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Introduce Green Elements Into Your Windowless Bathroom

While they wont thrive long-term, a pothos or snake plant on a shelf can survive for a few months before taking a break in a sunnier spot. We also love adding a monstera or begonia leaf cutting to a bud vase on the vanity to freshen up the space. Lastly, dried flower arrangements or eucalyptus sprigs in the shower can evoke a connection to the outdoors. Howlett & Co

How Do You Brighten Up A Bathroom With No Windows

decorating a bathroom with no windows

5 Ways to Brighten Up a Bathroom With Zero Windows 1 Lean Into the Dark Side. It might feel counterintuitive to make a dark space feel even dimmer, but dark does not necessarily equal gloomy. 2 Wow With White. … 3 Focus on Your Lighting Fixtures. … 4 Double Down on Wall Decor. … 5 Change Your Shower. …

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Keep The Bathroom Clean And Clutter Free

The next most important thing to do is to clean your bathroom regularly. You cant rely solely on an extractor fan when your bathroom doesnt have a window . Cleaning will remove unwanted bacteria and dirt that has built up from things like showering and washing your hands.

To follow on from the previous point, a clutter-free bathroom makes the room feel bigger. With there not being any natural light to brighten up the bathroom, the darkness can make the room feel too full if there are too many things out on show. Bathroom furniture can play a big part here as their storage abilities mean you can tidy away a lot of products that dont need to be out. For example, a mirror cabinet and a vanity unit should be more than enough space for your cleaning and personal products to be hidden away, making your bathroom look more presentable.

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Make Your Tiles Big And Bold

Feel free to create a bold statement with your tilework. Using large size tiles can make a small bathroom appear much wider. Typically, these tiles are at least 12×12 or larger.

Large format tiles make small bathrooms appear more open because they have fewer grout lines. They also provide the impression of a larger area because your eye can go along the walls uninterrupted.

For more added drama, you can use a dark grout with light-colored tiles or vice versa. It will create a bold contrast that will make your bathroom pop.

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Can You Paint A Small Bathroom A Dark Color

While it might seem counterintuitive, dark colors have a big impact on a small bathroom or powder room, and can even help to create depth. When done correctly, a dark color could even make a smaller space look larger.

Black and dark paint colors can actually make the walls appear to recede, creating the illusion of more space.

Of course, while you CAN paint a bathroom a dark color, youll want to consider whether its the right move for your space and whether it will help you achieve the look youre going for.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

Think there’s no natural light solution for a windowless bathroom? Think Skylights.

Try to use more mirrors in the bathroom with no windows to make the room appear less cluttered. Mirrors help to expand the space and give the feel of stretched space.

The placing of the mirror is the key to using a mirror for our benefit. Placing the mirror near the ground specially make the space appear larger and vast. Huge mirrors on the vanity create an image of double space and are often used to brighten the bathroom with no windows.

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Go Large With The Tile

What size tile looks best in a small bathroom?

Most people would recommend a large rectangular tile instead of a square tile. But I don’t want you to cross out square tiles from your list just yet.

Square tiles work fine as long as you choose a large format size and a light color palette.

Our compact bathroom at home uses large square tiles. To make it feel less walled-in, we chose glossy, beige tiles and a grout color that is a few shades lighter.

What Im trying to say is, dont limit yourself with the shape of the tile. But choose a large format if possible.

If you have rectangular tiles, consider how you plan to layout a pattern.

With a horizontal layout, you visually expand your bathroom. While tiles in a vertical layout draw your eyes upward and put your focus on the height of the room.

A few, narrow grout lines with the same color as the tile, can almost render the grout invisible. If you do this, you give your tile surfaces a clean and simple aesthetic.

If you want to add a sense of space, use glossy tiles on the wall and a light, monochromatic color scheme all throughout the bathroom walls. Just make sure to pick a water-resistant flooring material to avoid moisture problems.

Taupe Warm Paint Color


If you are asking yourself what color you should paint a small bathroom, keep in mind that the neutral tones are offering endless possibilities.

Look to warming and comfy taupe wall paint to combine with soft greens, pinks, and blues elements such as shower drapes, artworks etc. They are making even the smallest space looks placid and stylish. These are perfect paint colors for small bathrooms with no natural light.

Similar Benjamin Moore colors: River Reflections | Cotswold | Wet Clay

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Bathroom Curtain Ideas Around The Tub

These basic beige curtains, when closed, block the window but add a touch of grace and softness in a room dominated by hard surfaces. When open, the curtains provide access to breathtaking views. If seclusion is not a concern, bathroom window treatments can be as simple or as sheer as you like. For complete coverage, consider installing blackout blinds or curtains. Keep in mind, however, that when closed, no natural light will filter in through these curtains.

Choose A Color You Love:

The Best Ways to Lighten Up a Windowless Bathroom  Adorable Home

ou dont want to feel sad or appalled each time you walk into your bathroom. As such, its best to choose a paint color you love. Theres nothing as exhilarating as having a bathroom that reflects your real personality. Using your favorite color will give you a burst of delight each time you walk into your bathroom.

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Bathroom Window Shutter Ideas

To give a basic bathroom window a more exciting look, cover part of it with custom-ordered shutters that fold open and can be mounted over the window opening. The shutters add architectural interest and a hint of privacy. Here, white Shaker-style shutters add a subtle statement above an old-fashioned freestanding bathtub.

How To Decorate Bathroom With No Windows

How To Decorate Bathroom With No Windows. Another idea is to add a faux window to a windowless bathroom. Choose a printed fabric to give the roman blinds a fun flourish.

Given that the bathroom is where we apply skincare and makeup products, read in the bath and generally pamper ourselves, we really need to be able to see what were doing. We believe you should spend less time trying to fake the natural light in your windowless bathroom and more time trying to create a contemporary and mysterious space that will create that wow factor at the flick of a. However, you can also create a window if your studs are wooden on the existing wall in some cases.


However, with the right decor and design, you can successfully create a relaxing and peaceful haven. Want to test out more colors?


Want to test out more colors? While natural light is the best source to make a bathroom brighter and airier, sometimes it is impossible to add a window to a bathroom.

Source: moderndesignforhouse.blogspot.com

However, you can also create a window if your studs are wooden on the existing wall in some cases. On narrow bathroom windows, the shades drape in a single swag, whereas wider windows typically have two or more swags.


It might be a basement guest room, a corridor, a powder room, or an internal bathroom. Choose a printed fabric to give the roman blinds a fun flourish.

Source: Source: www.houzz.comSource: www.easyhometips.orgSource: www.diyhous.comSource: Source:

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For An Airy Feel Install Proper Ventilation

The last and most important tip to make your small windowless bathroom feel airier is to install an extractor fan. Ventilation is a huge problem in windowless bathrooms as there is no fresh air to dry out the wet shower or bath area. Over time, the excessive buildup of damp can lead to unsightly mold. To prevent condensation, you should consider installing an efficient ventilation system to extract out the steam and dry out the bathroom.

One of the latest paint colors for bathrooms, is the navy blue. Blue: a classic tone, reminiscent of the sky and seawater. It is considered as one of the most relaxing colors ever.

If your bathroom is really small, consider adding big mirrors to make it feel more spacious and substantial.

Similar Benjamin Moore colors: Black Pepper | Comet | Coastline

Bathroom Windows With Fabric Shades

How To Decorate A Small Bathroom

Relaxed Roman shades pull up in soft folds to admit light and views. On narrow bathroom windows, the shades drape in a single swag, whereas wider windows typically have two or more swags. Choose a printed fabric to give the Roman blinds a fun flourish. A lining protects the fabric from the deteriorating effects of the sun, but doesn’t block light entirely, so the shades filter light gently.

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Keep The Decor Simple But Add Elegant Fixtures

Jonathan Gooch

In lieu of being able to enlarge room dimensions, the clever use of surface finishes can maximize the feeling of space. In a small dark space, you could keep the space light and bright with minimal pattern or color.

Use reflective finishes on joinery and recessed handles, says Nick Stuttard, co-founder of London Projects. They reflect light back into the room and streamline surfaces, minimizing any awkwardness in moving around a narrow space.

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Bathroom Window Treatment Ideas To Suit Every Style And Space

Jessica Bennett is the digital assistant home editor at Better Homes & Gardens. With a knack for writing and editing, she covers decorating, home improvement, cleaning, organizing, and more for BHG.com. With nearly five years of combined experience in digital and magazine journalism, she has contributed over 800 articles for BHG.com to date, and her writing on interior design and decorating has been featured in 16 national print magazines, including Do It Yourself, Country Home, Beautiful Kitchens & Baths, Secrets of Getting Organized, and more. Jessica received a Bachelor of Science degree in journalism and mass communication from Iowa State University. She also completed a secondary major in French language studies. Prior to graduation, she was inducted into the Kappa Tau Alpha honor society, which recognizes academic excellence in the field of journalism. She is currently pursuing an interior design certificate from the New York Institute of Art + Design.

Bathroom window treatments offer more than just privacy. They can also add an element of softness or a pop of pattern. These ideas for shades, roller blinds, bathroom curtains, shutters, and more will help you find the best bathroom window treatments for your space.

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How Can I Lighten A Dark Bathroom Without A Window

Some common ways to lighten a dark bathroom are:

  • Add small house plants at the corner of the bathroom.
  • Have plenty of candles, lamps and other light fixtures.
  • Incorporate unusual or unexpected furniture and fixtures dominating the use of metallic items.
  • Paint and design all of the bathroom walls and fixtures in one light colour.
  • Add extra mirrors and reflective surfaces wherever possible.
  • What To Avoid: Dark Colors

    Best Color To Paint A Bathroom With No Windows

    First and foremost, lets take a look at what you should avoid in paint colors. In particular, darker shades of paint are going to make your bathroom look smaller. This is especially true in rooms where there is no way to let in natural light. When picking out paint swatches, its generally a good idea to steer toward lighter tones. Black, navy blues, and deep reds are the types of colors youll want to avoid.

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    How To Decorate A Small Bathroom With No Natural Light

    It took some trial and error, but thanks to some inspiration from the Clark+Kensington 2020 Color Trends palette, I think Ive finally got it! If you find yourself facing a similar problem , consider these as tips on both solving the no-natural-light problem as well as shortcuts for getting a clean, professional paint finish. The post with more detail is below, but you can also see the transformation in the video:

    How Do You Vent A Bathroom Fan Without Access

    Use of a ceiling vent Installing a ceiling vent is probably the most efficient way to ventilate a bathroom with no outside access. A ceiling vent is a unique machine that allows air to escape from the bathroom. In other words, it’s a machine that, like an open window, allows moisture to escape from your bathroom. www.smartremodelingllc.com.

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    Choose A Light Colour

    Opting for a pale and neutral colour will work wonders in your windowless bathroom. The paler the colour, the lighter your room appears. For example, painting the walls white is a successful way of reflecting light throughout your bathroom. But if you want to avoid the clinical feel which can sometimes come across with white, a pale duck egg blue is a good substitute.

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    Bathroom Window Curtain Zones

    How to Decorate Apartment Bathrooms : Bathroom Decor

    Heavy bathroom window curtains in pale pink separate this feminine space into distinct zones. Attached with rings, one curtain creates a vanity niche. Another curtain partitions dry spaces from the tub and shower areas. The oversize curtain panels add privacy to the massive primary and create a luxurious, spa-like experience.

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    Is It Ok To Have A Bathroom Without A Window

    Windowless bathrooms have the potential to be very dark and dreary places. Without natural light pouring in, they can turn into caves you don’t want to spend a lot of time in. But they don’t have to be unpleasant. There are some things you can do design-wise to make your bathroom lovely despite the lack of a view.

    Be Strategic With Bathroom Lighting

    Without the natural light seeping through the windows, the only light source in your bathroom is vertical light coming from the ceiling. So to create the illusion of sunlight, try using lights at different levels, for example having light fixtures either side of your mirror near eye level will echo natural light.

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