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How To Decorate A Bathroom Vanity Top

Awesome Ways To Decorate A Bathroom Countertop

How to Install a Vanity Top – Menards

Have you been staring at your bathroom countertop wondering how to decorate it? With nothing on it, it sure looks plain, doesnt it? A bathroom is a place of relaxation and retreat. Its also a place where you may spend quite a bit of time. With that in mind, you want to make it a place that you can enjoy!

The bathroom countertop is a great place to start. Its a functional space and one that you visit multiple times each day. Make it an inviting space since youll be there every day. The decorating style can be as elaborate or as simple as youd like. Let your design aesthetic shine through your decor pieces.

Heres what to consider including when you decorate a bathroom countertop:

  • Candles
  • Ceramics or other glassware
  • Strategically place these items in groups while highlighting other items. Find the right combination of items that works for you and your aesthetic. You wont regret it! Continue reading to find incredible inspiration and products for bathroom countertop decor.

    Small Bathroom Vanity With Storage

    You will find that many vanities are constructed with two cabinet doors that enclose a spacious area. Nonetheless, there is another space-saving option you can explore.

    These vanities have wider, deeper drawers that you can use to store most of your bathroom items neatly.

    The good news is, these supplies will be hidden from the human eyes when the drawers are shut. It also means you can dedicate each drawer to specific items so youd know where each item is as you need them.

    Dry towels can be separated from cosmetics, and so on.

    Glam Up A Farmhouse Bathroom With Stylish Selections

    For a luxe farmhouse bath, pair dark woods and shiplap with refined white quartz countertops and contemporary round mirrors. The spacious custom double vanity from Cypress Homes features marble-like Torquay countertops and a center seating area to add ease to morning routines.

    Elegant farmhouse bathroom featuring dark wood and vanity countertops.

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    What Should I Display On My Bathroom Vanity

    This is so personal, but I would say perhaps items that are functional yet pretty, too, says Amy Leferink, owner and principal designer of Interior Impressions.

    Some great apothecary jars filled with cotton swabs and Q-tips, a tray for housing some of your prettier perfumes and lotions, and even a small plant are all great options for bringing some color into your bathroom without it feeling too decorative in nature.

    Cover Any Gaps Between The Wall And Vanity

    Top 10 Double Bathroom Vanity Design Ideas in 2019 ...

    Typically, most walls have some sort of texture on drywall. This texture makes the wall uneven with high and low spots throughout the wall. Since the countertop is installed against the wall, youll see small gaps between the wall and the countertop. If these gaps are not filled, the epoxy will run down through those gaps behind the sink. To fix this problem, use silicone sealant to cover these gaps.

    Some vanities are installed with much larger gaps and most likely could not be filled with a sealant. You might need to use bondo for those larger gaps.

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    Love The Monochromatic Look Choose A Crisp White Vanity

    Theres nothing more classic than a black and white bathroom scheme and it enables you to have a bit of fun with how you use each shade and in what proportions.

    This bold bathroom features a white vanity with a black countertop, you could easily reverse this if your bathroom gets less natural light. Here, the balance comes from the grey marbled floor, upper tiled walls and white walls.

    Try A Customized Shower Bench

    Regardless of whether the shower space in your bathroom is limited, you can still make the most of it by customizing a shower bench.

    It doesnt have to be a spacious bench it just has to look luxurious.

    The shower bench can be laced with tiles and matte black/glass enclosures, of which there are many styles of these to choose from.

    This bench doesnt just make your bathroom look more formal it also has a functional value attached to it.

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    Contrast Shapes And Textures From Vanity And Backsplash To Mirror And Lighting

    Playing with contrasting shapes and textures is a great way to liven up a neutral palette. This bathroom by AFT Construction and E. Interiors pairs gray-toned woods with marble-like Swanbridge for a versatile and inviting color palette. The angular lines of the bathroom vanity contrast the rounded backsplash tile, while the square floor tile embraces abstract lines and a subtle color pop. A hexagon mirror is a fresh alternative to square or round vanity mirrors, softened by rounded wicker pendants. For another vanity featuring Swanbridge from the same designer and builder, see our post on luxe marble-alternative spaces.

    countertops, gray-toned woods, a hexagon mirror, and rounded wicker pendants combine for chic bathroom style. Photo: .

    Pair White Countertops With Matte Black And Brass For Contemporary Cool

    DIY Bathroom Vanity and Countertop Makeover

    Add a contemporary spin to alight and airy bathroom with matte black and brass. In this West Coastcool spaceby Jenny Komenda, dual matte black faucets andmirrors contrast with Brittanicca Matte countertops. Brushed brass hardware andaccent lighting adds a glam touch, while a vintage kilim rug and cactus-printartwork personalizes the space. Getideas for how to make a statement with matte black in any space.

    countertops pair with matte black and brass in this stylish bathroom remodel.

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    Remove Bobbles With A Torch

    When spreading epoxy over the vanity top, youll have bubbles that form during this process. To eliminate these bubbles you need to take a propane torch and quickly run through the top keeping the flame about 8 from vanity. The fire heats up the epoxy and the bobbles pop. If you still see some bobbles go through it again. Do not overdo with the torch this can give a yellowish tint to it.

    Scrape Off Dripping Epoxy At The Edge

    The final step is to scrape off any dripping epoxy at the edge of the vanity. During the curing time, youll need to repeat this process every half an hour on vanity and backsplash until it does not drip anymore. But if you forgot to scrape off dripping epoxy, you could always remove the droplets with random orbital sander the following day once it cured. Let the epoxy cure for 72 hours before installing any faucets or attaching the backsplash.

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    Can I Have A White Sink If My Toilet & Tub Are Almond

    If you have an almond tub, surround and/or toilet you can have a white sink.

    BUT, your countertop has to have a blend of white/cream/beige/almond . The goal is to have your countertop act as a go-between between your white sink and almond fixtures.

    The above countertop is a manufactured marble that has a blend of cream, beige and off-white in it making it a great go-between for the almond toilet and tub and the white sink.

    A real or fake travertine countertop is a GREAT contender for an almond bathroom! I love the wood and countertop combination on this vanity here as well as this one.

    How To Decorate A Bathroom Without Clutter

    Best Of Bathroom Vanity Tray Decor https://homecreativa ...

    I think we can all agree that the bathroom can pose significant decorating challenges to the layperson. Would you agree? Its typically such a small space designed largely for utilitarian purposes. While many large and spacious sitting-room-esque bathrooms exist , they arent the norm. In general, bathrooms must squeeze a lot of function into a rather small footprint.

    View in gallery

    View in gallery

    It is this challenge that makes bathroom decorating so important. Its a space that many people use, so it should be pleasant and well styled. But decorate can feel like a loaded word sometimes. In its utilitarian role, a bathroom calls for non-traditional forms of decorating. In fact, Ive discovered that, often, successful bathrooms are less decorated and more designed. In this article, well look at several ways of how to decorate a bathroom without clutter.

    View in gallery

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    Powder Room Sink Ideas

    There are some really cool sink ideas you could use in your powder room. Check them out below.

    Double-sink Vanities Whats better than one sink? Two! Especially when it doesnt consume as much space as you would have expected.

    The double sink vanity idea is no-brainer for those that share their bathroom with another person . It means you can both brush your teeth or wash your hands simultaneously without waiting for turns.

    You shouldnt worry about the size. Double sink vanities are usually 60 inches in length, so you can still save enough space.

    Remember that some single sink vanities measure the same length, but this may not be ideal if you live with your partner.

    Then again, why expend the same amount of space on just one sink when all youve got is a small bathroom?

    Accentuate A Bold Countertop Pattern With Matte Black Cabinets

    Bathroom countertops with bold veining or dense movement, such as one of Cambrias granite alternatives, offer a captivating look. If the design features dark undertones or black accents, opt for matte black cabinets to complement the beautiful details of the design. Complete the look with matte black hardware, fixtures, or other details. This bathroom by Jaclyn Peters Design pairs Summerhill countertops and backsplash with matte black cabinets, faucet, mirror, towel rack, light fittings, and vanity decor. If youre choosing a design with deep brown or blue undertones, you can achieve a similar effect with dark wood or navy cabinetry to complement the countertops.

    Matte black complements the bold pattern and darker details of the countertops and backsplash.

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    Sand The Vanity With 320 Grid Sandpaper

    After all of the grease and oils are removed use a random orbital sander with a 320 grid sand disk to sand the vanity top. Make sure to sand the surface after TSP cleaner, otherwise, youll just spread the grease around the surface with sandpaper. The sandpaper makes the countertop surface slightly rougher which makes the epoxy bond better. The goal is to have epoxy stay on the countertop for a long time.

    Use Baskets To Store Towels Or Toilet Paper In The Corner Of The Bathroom

    Updating Our Bathroom Vanity Tops

    Extra towels and toilet paper can take up a lot of room in closets and cabinets. Plus, if your small bathroom doesnt even have a cabinet, finding a place for these extra items can be a challenge.

    Place towels and/or toilet paper rolls in a dainty basket and position it in the corner on your bathroom floor. This doubles as both a storage piece and a decorative item. You can also use baskets for other bath and spa items such as lotions, soaps, and shaving supplies.

    Whether its a white wicker basket, a wooden box, or a galvanized metal bucket, choose something that will blend in well with your bathroom theme.


    • Roll your towels up before placing them in the basket for a more organized and sleek appearance.
    • You can also place baskets on top of shelves instead of putting them on the floor.
    • If you have a counter space in your shower, you can place a matching basket there to hold all of your shower products.

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    Luxspire Hair Tool Organizer

    This caddy mixes classic rustic style with modern colors, giving your bathroom a peaceful feeling. It has storage for hairdryers, brushes and combs, curlers, as well as all your hair products.

    Why Youll Like It

    Despite its holding capacity, the Luxspire hair tool organizer is compact. Its perfect for a small condo or apartment bathroom.

    Floor And Decor Bathroom Vanity Tops

    From baby refreshes to big renovations, Lowes has aggregate for your ablution improvements. We backpack one of the better and best admirable selections of ablution products, with a advanced ambit of brands like and , models, colours and finishes to accept from.

    Aurora 10 in | Floor And Decor Bathroom Vanity Tops

    Shop aggregate you charge for ablution renovations with Lowes online store we action one of the better alternative of ablution items in Canada. Transform your ensuite ablution by installing a bathtub or shower. Freshen up your crumb allowance with a new faucet, ablution vanity or sink. Or attempt into added capital upgrades such as toilets, bidets, lighting, accouterments and assurance accessories. From baby fixes to ample upgrades, well advice accompany your ablution account to activity at any calibration with anew advised on-trend products.

    Bathroom Vanities Floor & Decor Floor And Decor Bathroom Vanity Tops | Floor And Decor Bathroom Vanity Tops

    Bring your amplitude aback to activity with a new ablution vanity. Shop admirable ablution vanities by top brands such as allen roth, Cutler, Scott Home Living, Foremost and Style Selections. With beauteous vanities in a advanced ambit of sizes, you can accept to amend an ancient ablution or actualize a cast new bathroom. You can alike adapt your ablution vanity with your own claimed best of vanity acme and bases to clothing every style!

    Nina 10 in | Floor And Decor Bathroom Vanity Tops

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    Diy Bathroom Countertop Ideas

    So, if you want to replace your old bathroom countertop with a new one or want to add some variety to your bathrooms overall look, this fabulous series of DIY Bathroom Countertop Ideas will surely amaze you. Youll find a bunch of unique, sophisticated, cheap, and admirable DIY Bathroom Countertop Ideas in this post which will surely blow your mind and motivate your DIY skills to produce efficient and impressive results in your home decor. Without wasting any time, fix your budget select the best possible idea from the given list of DIY Bathroom Countertop Ideas, and start making your bathroom look stylish and unique by utilizing your mastery of DIY skills.

    Fill An Awkward Corner With A Curved Vanity

    Decorating: Bath Vanities

    Make the most of every inch by utilizing those tricky areas that would otherwise be a dead space. This bathroom vanity idea shows how to make it work by linking what could have been two units together using the countertop and adding two drawers where the gap would have been. This can be achieved by having bespoke vanities crafted.

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    Which Bathroom Countertop Decoration Inspired You


    Now that you have some fresh ideas for your bathroom, its time to think about which one was your favorite. Did any of these inspire you? Remember to have fun when decorating your bathroom countertops.

    After all, its one of the most important rooms in your home. Whats your favorite bathroom style? Let us know in the comments.

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    How Do I Update My 1980s Bathroom

    Laminate veneer vanities with Formica counters and an unframed mirror topped with a brass light bar often are in 80s bathrooms. Pull these items out. Replace the vanity with a pedestal sink or a console vanity in smaller bathrooms use a solid-wood vanity with a stone or quartz top for larger bathrooms.

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    Bathroom Counter Decor Ideas

    As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    When my husband and I decided it was time to decorate our home, we wanted to incorporate a cool Teal into one of the rooms, but it was hard to decide because bathroom counter decor can go so many different ways. Our guest bathroom is the one we decided to start with, and I LOVE how it came together.

    All the items are budget finds from Home Goods stores! I literally had about 20 minutes at a Home Goods store near my house to throw this look together right before the holidays. The floor mats are so amazing and SOFT!! Ill show the entire reveal once its complete! Follow us on or for daily inspirations & to see when the updates are posted!

    EVERYTHING totaled about $30

    * The Candle A gift from my awesome cousin from Better Homes and Garden. The only item I didnt get from Home Goods

    Tiny Bathroom Squeeze In A Slimline Unit

    DIY Bathroom Vanity Inspired By Popular Designer

    A bathroom vanity is essential whatever sized space you have, the trick is to choose a narrow, shorter design with a small white mounted basin.

    Pale wood with a marble top will brighten up a bathroom thats lacking in natural light, the last thing you want is a heavy looking dark design, so lift it with the materials and colors you chose.

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    If You Are Looking For A Cheap Way To Update Your Bathroom Vanity These Diy Vanity Tops Are A Great Option

    Bathroom remodels can be so expensive!

    But what if you could update the look and feel of your bathroom on a budget? You can with these cheap DIY vanity top ideas. Stop living with a bathroom you hate and DIY a bathroom you love.

    These amazing ideas will have you planning your next budget bathroom remodel in no time!

    This post may contain affiliate links. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

    How To Use A Stencil In A Bathroom

    I used four shades of paint two in the more brown/neutral category and two more that are definitely more blue/grey/green. I had four stencilling brushes on hand which worked out perfectly. Its actually quite important to use the right kind of brush or roller for this type of thing to make sure your paint doesnt bleed under the stencil and you get a nice crisp line.

    I slowly worked my way around the mirror wall in the bathroom. There really isnt that much wall space in here, so the job went really quickly, even though I was using a few different colours.

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