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How To Charge For Decorating Services

Interior Designer Vs Decorator

INTERIOR DESIGN FEES: How to charge when you’re just starting out?

You may hear the terms interior designer and decorator used interchangeably. These are two different professions, despite some degree of crossover.

An interior designer has experience in the construction industry. They understand space planning and layout and often work with architects and builders when designing spaces. They can also furnish and decorate a space when it is complete.

On the other hand, Interior decorators only furnish and decorate spaces. They do not offer drawings, space planning, or project management services. They only begin work once the home is built.

Interior decorators usually charge by the hour, although some charge by the room. Most people pay between $3,500 and $5,000 on average for projects involving a decorator. The decorators hourly rate is between $50 and $200 for most decorators and up to $500 an hour for some luxury decorators. These rates are usually inclusive. Like designers, some decorators offer a consultation at the start of their services. This is in addition to their hourly rate and usually runs between $150 and $250.


Calculate Your Labor Costs

Once you know how much time the job will take, calculate your hourly labor cost . When you price your labor cost using an hourly strategy, youll incentivize your team to work quickly in order to complete more jobs in a day.

Estimating labor costs is more straightforward if youre a solo entrepreneur. For example, if you set your hourly rate at $30 an hour and the job will take a full 8-hour day, you should estimate $240 in direct labor costs.

Interior Designer Hourly Rate

Interior designers hourly rates are typically $100 to $200, but can range from a minimum of $50 per hour for a junior designer, up to $450 an hour or more for an experienced designer or principal of the firm.

The more experience interior designers have, the more they will charge per hour. In addition to consultation and design work, there are additional service charges for travel, deposits, communication minutes, and purchase fees. This method is typically used for smaller projects. Ask about line item charges before you sign any contracts.

Interior Design Cost Per Hour

Charge Type
$17,520 $49,760

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Interior Design Fees By Square Footage

Charging a client per square footage is more common for commercial projects than for residential projects, but it is certainly not unheard of. Its a simple method that works well for spaces such as large kitchens, living areas or master bedrooms.

If you use the interior design fees by square footage method, you might want to use it strictly for design services and add a certain percentage for furnishings, management of contractors, etc. The general rate per square footage can be anywhere from $10-$17/sq. ft. Therefore, if your clients kitchen measures 250 square feet, your fee would average out to $3,375.

Interior Design Consultation Fee

How to Charge for Your Design Services

Most interior designers charge an initial consultation fee of $50 to $250, which is usually an hour of the designers time. This hour includes asking you questions about your tastes, likes and dislikes, and budget. The consultation is followed by the designer putting together design ideas for each room.

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How Do Interior Designers Price Their Services How Should You Price Your Services

Unlike architects or realtors, there is no regulating body for interior designers. Therefore, there are about as many different pricing structures as there are interior designers. There is not a one size fits all for designers or clients, the bottom line is do you feel comfortable and confident in your pricing model?

Despite which one you use, the following pricing models are how designers make money. This is how we stay in business and provide our services to clients. We all deserve to get paid for the work that we do. Fees are based on experience, expertise, talent, demand, geography, education, and other factors. Remember that these fees aren’t just to cover your time. When you run your own business you are not an hourly employee, those fees that you charge clients need to cover your overhead, things like: insurance, internet, phone, salaries, office supplies, gas, licenses, continuing education, business development, website, computer, and a million other things.

The Hourly Rate For Sewing

To get an idea of how much tailors and seamstresses charge on average, we turned to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. According to the data from May 2017, the mean hourly wage for these occupations was $15.46.

Meanwhile, according to PayScale, a seamstress usually charges about $12.57, while the average hourly wage for a sewing machine operator is about $11.67.

Of course, thats all in theory. Every seamstress out there has the right to create her own price list and stick to it. Moreover, she has the right to give out discounts for simple projects if she so pleases.

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What Does An Interior Designer Do

In order to better understand the cost of hiring a designer, its important to understand the service youll be paying for. The role of an interior designer is to consult with you to create a space that suits both your lifestyle and your taste. They will create furniture layouts to maximize flow and lighting while also keeping in mind your taste, budget and overall trends. This can look like drafted drawings, presentations, 3D renderings and mood boards.

In most cases, they will suggest furniture, lighting and decor based on your budget and will help you prioritize your needs for the space. They can purchase furniture items on your behalf, organize orders, deliveries and installation and, in the case of larger renovation projects, coordinate with contractors and fabricators.

Interior designers often wear many hats within a project and every individual designer and design firm is different. Understanding the services they do, and do not, offer is paramount to anticipate costs.

Different Types Of Fee Calculating Methods For Interior Design Pros

How to charge for an Interior Design Project! $$$

One thing you need to understand is that when it comes to interior designers, theres no regulating body. Therefore, there are various types of pricing models and every interior designer chooses the one they can easily work with.

Of course, the fee in each structure varies, which is why customers might find one model acceptable and the other: not so much.

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A Little Professional Input Can Go A Long Way

Some interior designers charge by an hourly rate but, more commonly, they are offering packages to suit different budgets and needs of homeowners. Even a few hours from an interior designer can make a huge difference they can help drive you in the right direction, finding affordable yet super stylish solutions to suit your budget and taste.

Interior designers are often able to to access trade discounts. Alternatively, if you are planning on undertaking some of the work yourselves Building Supplies Online is a really good website offering trade prices to consumers. Definitely worth checking out for things like tiling, floor finishes, bathroom and kitchen fittings.

Theres A Better Way To Invest In Our Homes

Let me get on my soapbox for a moment here

Most of us spend several hundreds of thousands of dollars to purchase our homes. We determine which homes are in our price range but never factor in the INSIDE of the home what the home will need to function well for our family and reflect our personal style.

More often, people sink most of their money into the structure of their homes. The dont adequately account for furniture, and then inch along for 15+ years making little purchases on their own and aiming to finish it.

While this is certainly an option, I think a better way to actually ENJOY your home while youre living in it is to factor in the cost of the interior furnishings at the time you buy the home.

Of course, few people can move into a home and not bring a single item from their old one but wouldnt it be nice to know which pieces work, can be reused, and which will make your heart sink every time you look at them in your new home?

With so many options to sell furniture, like Craigslist, Chairish, etc., I always recommend that our clients sell furniture that just doesnt work, and then take that money to invest in pieces that will.

Okay, off the soapbox but I got you thinking, didnt I?

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Full Interior Design Service

If you want full interior design service, expect to pay $2,000 to $30,000 for this professional support. The final price varies based on the project size, requirements, and the designers experience. For example, full interior design services for one or two bedrooms may cost $2,000 to $10,000, while the same service for the entire home would be around $20,000 to $30,000. Many homeowners find full service to be well worth it for interior design because they have complete support and a professional designer to consult with trades and manage the project. With this type of service, the designer consults with you to develop the overall vision before sourcing materials, ordering furniture, inspecting orders, and managing the installation of fixtures and finishes. The designer is also available to consult with trades and ensure all building codes are met as required.

Interior Design Pricing Strategies: Learn How To Value Your Time

7 Ways Interior Designers Charge for Services

Looking for a pricing strategy for your designs or need advice on how much to charge your interior design clients? This article is going to help you with just that.

Time is money, especially when you own your own interior design business, so its important to learn how to sell your services and how not to undersell them as an interior designer. I briefly touched upon how to set your pricing as an interior designer in the article How to Start an Interior Design Business, but now Im going to dig a little deeper and talk strategy.

With plenty of pricing strategies to choose from, you will learn how to find the best fit for your business and for the type of projects you will be working on.

Read on and youll soon be on your way to earning money as an interior designer.

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Whats The Size Of Your Space

Taking into account the square footage of the space needing interior design help will definitely affect the interior design price. Designers will spend more time creating options of layouts and sourcing pieces for a large homes living room rather than that of an apartment.

Transitional living room results from a budget friendly interior decorator cost by designer, Meric S.

Palm Springs chic bedroom designed by designer, Michelle B.

Tips For Finding The Right Interior Designer For You

The most important thing to do before you hire an interior designer is to understand your scope and budget. Make a list of everything you want for your space and take time to prioritize your list of needs and wants. Try to narrow down your taste as well. Many styles can look good in a space, but they often dont look good together.

In general, the more time you spend narrowing things down beforehand, the less time a designer has to spend narrowing it down for you. Narrowing down your taste can also help you find designers that suit your style as well as your budget. Although most designers are capable of working within a variety of styles, youll find that everyone has their niche.

The most important part of hiring a designer is finding someone who matches your personality and communication style. You will likely spend a lot of time with this person. Make sure you feel comfortable around them and can communicate your desires and needs clearly.

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Different Ways Interior Designers Can Charge For Their Services

Working as a professional interior designer for many decades, I’ve been involved in design-and-build residential building projects.

Learn how interior designers get paid for their work.

There are different billing methods employed by a certified interior designer to charge clients for services rendered.

During the initial interview, an interior designer must explain any options available to the prospective client. This will help a client decide on which mode of payments will be preferable to them.

Both parties will come to an agreement as to the best billing option and whichever agreement is reached, it must be acceptable to both parties involved.

Company Vs Freelance Interior Design Rates

How To Charge For DesignValue Based Pricing

Interior design rates fall within the same average range of $50 to $450 per hour, regardless of if its a design company or a freelance designer. When deciding who to go with, its important to keep in mind the rates may vary more depending on the actual designer you choose and their experience, rather than if they are a freelancer or with a company. There are some potential differences in charging methods. Some smaller design firms and freelancers offer one-off design services for a day, which costs less than a full-scale design plan and implementation. Sometimes larger design companies will only offer full design services and not give you the choice of something smaller, but it completely depends on the company itself.

Another consideration is that freelance designers may have tighter payment deadlines as they work for themselves and must cover their costs. Although you may have less time to pay your bill, freelance professionals often have more flexible appointment schedules and will work with you to fit design services in around your work and family requirements. While both interior design companies and freelancers have the skills to take on projects of all sizes, it depends on the individual. You should always ask to see what a company or freelancer offers and how it fits your interior design goals.

Type of Professional
$50 – $450

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How Much Does Interior Decorating Cost In Toronto

How Much Does it cost to hire a Toronto Interior Decorator?Many home owners looking to get a little help revamping the inside of their homes might consider a popular question, How much does interior decorating cost? While the answer to this question is an important one, its also important to consider the scope of the job of an interior decorator.

The Initial ConsultationAn initial consultation will be required to help the interior decorator determine your needs, expectations and budget. It is during this initial consultation where the the decorator will be able to gauge an appropriate price for the job, as well as set forth any stipulation of the contract. An estimated timeframe will also be established. The initial consultation can take anywhere from 3 to 4 hours. Why? There are seemingly endless pieces of information to be collected from owners about capturing their true vision and fitting their specific lifestyle. In addition, tons of information and tips are given to clients to help them understand the process, as well as what they can expect in a finished product.

Interior decorators who charge by the hour typically charge between $100 to $200 per hour, depending on the size of the space being worked on and the amount of work thats required to get the job done.

Hope Designs Experts in Interior Decorating

How Much Do Painters Usually Charge

On average, interior painting contractors charge between $1.50 and $3.50 per square foot. Prices average around $1.50 to $3.50 for walls only and $3 to $4 if you include trims and ceilings. The U.S. national average cost to paint a home interior is between $951 and $2,906.

Exterior painting services can cost $2to $4.50 per square foot, and an average of $1,700 and $3,700 per house.

Your painting estimate will depend on typical painting contractor pricing in your region, as well as job-related factors like:

  • Square footage of the house
  • Number of stories in the house
  • Location of the house
  • Conditions of the walls, windows, and other surfaces
  • Paint and material prices
  • Amount of coats you need to paint
  • Amount of prep work required

If any of these job conditions demand more labor than expected, write them on your final invoice where you outline the work youve done. When its time to charge your client, use a painting invoice generator to easily add your services as line items on your invoice.

Pro Tip: Check what other painting contractors in your region are charging to make sure your pricing is competitive. If their websites dont have pricing information, try calling for a quote.

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How Much Does A Dressmaker Charge For Sewing A Dress

The price of sewing a dress will depend on a variety of factors, such as the type of dress, the complexity of the design, the fact that it has sleeves, multiple zippers, etc. So if we want to charge someone for making them a dress, heres a quick cheat sheet of average prices most seamstresses would use:

How & Why Luxury Interior Designers Charge For Their Services

How To Charge Clients For Design Work

In the beginning stages of any Hollywood blockbuster, youll find a hearty crew of people contributing ideas, sharing inspiration, and finding the common thread that will turn into what they hope is the next high-grossing box office hit. As passionate cinephiles, all we see and hear and experience is the final productbut we know there is so much more that goes into the production process than what we witness on the big screen.

Interior design is no different.

Sure, as the client, you might simply make the hire and then sit back and enjoy your luxury interior designers turnkey process and white glove service, only truly seeing the brilliant results at the time of the final reveal. But a designers job is so much bigger than fluffing pillows, shopping for pretty decor, and bringing a smile to your face.

In your designer, youll find

And that is just the beginning there is oh-so-much more!

Together, lets take an in-depth look at what a luxury interior designer does and how we charge for these specialized services. In the next several sections, youll discover:

  • What really happens behind the scenes of a design project
  • The ins and outs of product markups
  • The pros and cons of various interior design fee structures
  • R/terior Studios fee structure

Lets go!

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