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How To Become A Decorator

Can I Become A Painter And Decorator With No Experience

How To Become A (Self-Taught) Interior Designer / Decorator / Creative Professional

Anyone can try their hand at painting and decorating, even by doing some DIY at home, but becoming a skilled and qualified painter and decorator requires high levels of skill and hard work.

Getting a painter decorator job with no experience proves difficult, as people look for experienced tradespeople and craftsmen to conduct work inside their homes and businesses.

However, you dont specifically need to be qualified to enter the role. As long as you have a familiarity with the required materials and processes, good communication skills, a creative outlook, time management skills and the physical strength and balance, it is possible to become a painter and decorator in the UK with no level 2-4 qualifications. Instead, youll need to have learned these skills through some form of experience, and know how to proficiently decorate a business or domestic premises.

Its therefore a great advantage to have completed a painting and decorator course prior to trying to obtain your first paid job!

Interior Design And Interior Decorating Courses

Technical training will include classes on form, space planning and ergonomics, using sophisticated computer-aided drafting tools such as AutoCAD. These will teach you the fundamentals of preparing drawings, layouts and presentations that you can take to your clients.

On the creative end, classes like global influence, environmental awareness and the relationship between people and their spaces can help you recognize or create interior design trends. Theyll help you explore your own unique creativity as well as identify historical design patterns that can be applied to modern or contemporary interior design. These classes will vary from college to college.

Education Requirements To Become An Interior Decorator

In order to become an Interior Decorator, students should expect to strengthen their natural talents by attending an interior decorating program.

A minimum of an Associates or a Bachelors degree is required for all entry-level positions.

In addition, certain states offer licensure for this career.

According to the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, there are approximately 315 accredited interior decorating programs in the nation.

In order to become an Interior Decorator a student will need to attend and complete one of these: For more information, visit

Depending on the Interior Decorating program, a candidate may have to submit samples of their work when applying.

A typical Bachelors degree will take approximately four years to complete while an Associates program can take 2 to 3 years to complete.

Candidates with a Bachelors degree will have more opportunities in the field.

Students completing a 2 or 3-year program will receive either a certificate or Associates degree and will qualify for positions as Interior Design Assistant.

Candidates with a Bachelors degree will qualify for entry-level positions and many recognized apprenticeship programs.

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Duties & Tasks Of An Interior Decorator

Interior decorators:

  • Advise clients on the selection of colour schemes, layout, lighting, furniture, floor coverings, curtains, paint, wallpaper and hardware products
  • Visit clients’ premises to look at existing conditions and make measurements
  • Provide sketch designs, specifications and cost estimates to the client for approval
  • Supervise and coordinate the installation and arrangement of furniture and furnishings
  • Undertake direct selling if working in a retail shop.

To Get Started Consider Sales

How To Become A SuccessFul Fashion Designer! 11 Tips ...

Decorators often work in the interior sales industry, touting wares to local home stores for a commission. More experienced salespeople often garner a salary also. If you would rather work from home and set your own hours, consider starting a home-based home decor business. This can also be a great way to network!

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Education & Training For An Interior Decorator

You can work as an interior decorator without formal qualifications, but employers usually require Year 10. You will probably get some informal training on the job.Entry to this occupation may be improved if you have qualifications. You may like to consider a VET qualification. Applicants may be required to attend an interview and/or submit a folio of work. As subjects and prerequisites can vary between institutions, you should contact your chosen institution for further information.

How To Be An Interior Designer Tip : Getting The Contract

To get several contracts, you will have to create a very impressive portfolio on interior decorations. As a starter with no portfolio you should start with your own home, and that of your friends. You can also work under experts in the field to get more experience and pictures for your portfolio.

Make an outstanding resume and cover letter which you will have to submit to retailers of home accessories, home builders and contractors, interior design firms and a host of other potential clients.

Do not let anything stop you, except you are not totally sure on why you want to become an interior decorator. The possibilities are endless, follow your dreams.

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A Portfolio Is A Must

A business card is great a website is a huge bonus. But one thing you absolutely need is a portfolio. Your website can be your portfolioand if you have a website, it probably should bebut people want to see your work, even if it is limited. If you havent had much hands-on experience, start with your own home or family members. Most people will be happy to chip in some money for supplies if you are willing to redo a room for free.

Pathways To This Career

  • Complete a recognised certification, an undergraduate course in interior design or an interior decoration short course. Industry-based courses may give you an employment edge.
  • Advance your skills as an interior decorator through postgraduate qualifications in interior design or architecture.
  • Seek out assistant roles or internships to gain hands-on experience. You’ll be able to grow your expertise under the guidance of well-established, professional interior decorators.
  • Build a striking portfolio of your best work, your passion projects and small jobs. Appeal to design agencies or private clients by creating a professional website to showcase your work.
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    How To Become A Pastry Decorator

    If you’re interested in becoming a Pastry Decorator, one of the first things to consider is how much education you need. We’ve determined that 35.0% of Pastry Decorators have a bachelor’s degree. In terms of higher education levels, we found that 2.5% of Pastry Decorators have master’s degrees. Even though some Pastry Decorators have a college degree, it’s possible to become one with only a high school degree or GED.

    Choosing the right major is always an important step when researching how to become a Pastry Decorator. When we researched the most common majors for a Pastry Decorator, we found that they most commonly earn Bachelor’s Degree degrees or High School Diploma degrees. Other degrees that we often see on Pastry Decorator resumes include Associate Degree degrees or Master’s Degree degrees.

    You may find that experience in other jobs will help you become a Pastry Decorator. In fact, many Pastry Decorator jobs require experience in a role such as Sales Associate. Meanwhile, many Pastry Decorators also have previous career experience in roles such as Internship or Cashier.

    How To Become A Set Decorator

    Career Description

    Gigi Barbes, Set Decorator on Sorry For Your Loss, FXs Better Things and NBCs A.P. Bio explains her typical workflow on a network television show: What Im given as a Set Decorator are sets put together by the Production Designer in concert with the Creator, Showrunner and Producers.

    Theyll have agreed on a look, whether it be on location or a set built on a stage. They might have already chosen wallpaper or other smaller touches but Im given walls and windows to put everything in, as if you moved into a house with nothing. I put in everything from light switches to light fixtures to rugs on the prepped floors. I choose drapery and furniture and dust bunnies in the corners of the room.

    Its everything you might be decorating for a new house look, or something super sterile, or it might be a laboratory, or you might be going as far as creating a space for a hoarder. The range is as endless as story.

    Story is key to a Set Decorator and Barbes values it as the very core of her craft: Im an integral part of the storytelling experience. For example, lets say something dramatic, traumatic even, happened to a character and they decided to stop living their life in 1962.

    Perhaps they stopped redecorating entirely and left their house essentially untouched since then, like the apartment in A.P. Bio. These are the kinds of storylines you need to reflect in your work as a Set Decorator.


    Career Outlook

    Career Path

    Experience & Skills


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    How To Be A Good Decorator

    A good decorator has a passion for decorating and interior design. You should be comfortable using industry computer programs, such as CAD software, to aid the design process. Many decorators specialize in a specific type of interior design, such as residential or commercial. However, to be a good decorator, you should understand the principles behind both fields. A good decorator has a thorough understanding of the architectural elements of a room as well as the decorating elements. You should also be familiar with sustainable decorating and environmental design, as these are becoming increasingly popular.

    Think Before You Do: Whether Is It Worth To Be An Interior Decorator

    How to become an Interior Designer?

    Becoming an interior decorator is a smart career choice for creative types with a clever color sense, smart space planning skills and an appreciation for chic design styles. Here are the perks of being an interior decorator.

    Besides, one of the most dominant discrepancies between interior decorators and interior designers are the latter need to deal with interiors during the construction or remodeling process and must battle to keep builders on schedule. But interior decorators are mainly hired to decorate existing spaces without hassling with construction crews.

    Conversely, interior decorators are restricted to just decorating and they can’t make any architectural changes.

    When choosing a career, you must consider pros and cons. If you think pros outweigh cons, it is sensible to take it.

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    How Do I Become An Interior Decorator

    The most important things to takeaway from this article are:

  • You dont need a qualification to become an Interior Decorator, but a Certificate IV or higher will help you land a job.
  • You need to build a strong portfolio of work to showcase your skills to prospective clients or employers.
  • A passion for design and an eye for detail are both important qualities to have.
  • You need to also be a good communicator, and it helps to be open-minded when dealing with clients.
  • Are you ready to turn your natural talent and love of design into a career? Take a look at our Certificate IV in Interior Decorating or download a free course guide today. Or, if youd prefer to speak to a professional enrolment consultant about your next move, you can call us on 1300 930 822.

    How To Become An Interior Decorator With No Prior Experience

    Want to know how to become an interior decorator if you dont have any prior experience? In the beginning, you might be overwhelmed on where to start. You know you have an eye for design, and you cant wait to put your creativity to the test. But you dont have any professional experience yet. So, how do you turn your passion into paid work?

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    What Is A Decorator

    A decorator works as an interior designer to create visually appealing interior spaces. As a decorator, your job duties involve creating a design plan for a home or commercial facility that utilizes lighting, wall colors, floor types, and other factors. You also select the art, décor, and furniture for a project and organize it in a way that enhances the space. Its important to consider the purpose of a room to ensure that the design is not only beautiful but functional as well.

    Types Of Jobs For Interior Decorators


    Its common for an interior decorator to work for themselves. However, you can also work for an employer and take on many different types of decorator positions.

    Some work for the residential sector, while others will work for the commercial sector. You might become an interior decorator and work in the hotel or restaurant industry. Its also possible to work in a furniture store, home store, or another home supply type of store as a decorator.

    Its also common for interior decorators to become writers or interior design journalists. This is a bit of a crossover career, but it has become more and more common.

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    Get A Bachelors Degree

    You dont need a degree to work as an interior decorator. However, it can be helpful to give you the skills you need, along with the credentials.

    There are many things you can learn by getting a degree before working at an interior decorator. Some of the types of courses you can take include:

    • Graphic communication You can learn the way visual materials work together through photographs, drawings, sketches, and more.
    • Space planning With this type of course, you will learn how to organize space and work within the space given to you.
    • Computer-aided drafting A great choice for interior decorators, computer-aided drafting can help you learn the right computer software for this job. You will be able to analyze, modify, create, and optimize designs within the program.
    • Color theory Learning about primary, secondary, and tertiary colors can help you with the creative side of interior decorating.
    • Ethics Learn all about the moral principles of business and how to make sure your clients welfare comes first.

    You will also study things like interior construction, the history of interior design, and more. Getting a bachelors degree in interior design should be certified by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. It can also be certified by the Council for Interior Design Accreditation.

    Why Do Some Companies Prefer To Use Freelancers

    Many companies opt to hire full-time employees because they want a dedicated resource, whether on-site or remote. Because the interior design industry is largely project-based, it can be difficult for employers to estimate exactly how much work they will have in a given year.

    This uncertainty makes freelancers an excellent choice for interior design companies, and the relationship is mutually beneficial for freelancers. There are several very good reasons that a company might choose to use a freelance interior designer.

    • They are looking for a very specific skillset and high-quality work.
    • They cant afford a full-time employee.
    • They only need part-time support for a one-time project.
    • They need support while continuing to grow, and may plan to hire a freelancer full-time once cash flow becomes more predictable.
    • They want to avoid paying significant taxes associated with employment or offering pricey benefits like PTO, health insurance, etc.

    Sometimes companies will also initially work with someone as a freelancer, then decide that they want them as a full-time employee. During the time that theyve been working together, the freelancer and company have had time and exposure that will help them determine if its a good fit for each party.

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    Develop Relationships In And Outside Of The Industry

    Interior decorating is a competitive career. The best thing you can do is continue fostering relationships with everyone you come into contact with. Carry around business cards and market yourself as an interior decorator every chance you have to help cement yourself in the industry.

    Another great tool is to introduce yourself to local businesses you may be working with in the future. Establishing these relationships early on may score you a client referral, or at the very least, keep a solid personal network active. For example, reach out to local tile, fabric, and lumber distributors. Also, reach out to galleries, contractors, and furniture stores.

    Do I Need A College Degree To Become An Interior Decorator

    Should You Become a Fashion Designer

    No. You do not need a degree to enter this career. However, a degree can help you win over new clients and help you land a better job. Not all employers will require a degree, but some will.

    You can also get a certification, which can help back up your decorating skills. Building a good portfolio of samples is the best way to ensure you can gain a good position in this career.

    What Does An Interior Decorator Do

    Interior decorators oversee efforts to make interior spaces functional, aesthetic and cohesive. They choose and arrange decor and may make decisions concerning interior lighting and furniture. Interior decorators understand clients’ needs and work to execute their vision for a space, whether it’s a personal room or a company space.

    The list below covers the important duties of an interior decorator:

    • Meeting with clients to understand their needs and goals

    • Estimating costs of materials and labor

    • Creating project budgets

    • Supervising installation of furniture and other design elements

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    How Do I Become An Interior Designer With No Experience

  • Please send a cover letter if you are writing a resume
  • Im at the INTERVIEW
  • Is there something I can say?
  • What is the best way to teach your students how to kill themselves?
  • Please make a point of mentioning these
  • The FIRM should be researched
  • Two: Take Courses On How To Become An Interior Decorator

    Now its time to get properly trained, educated, and certified as an interior decorator. Start by deciding whether youd prefer to pursue your schooling online or in-person. Once youve determined that, you can then conduct the necessary research to figure out the different options that are at your disposal.

    Regardless of whether a program is online or in-person, itll need to meet the same criteria. In order to ensure that you get your moneys worth and the highest-quality education we strongly urge you to only consider interior decorating courses that:

    • Are offered by legitimate, reputable design schools a.k.a. schools with proper accreditation.
    • Come from an institution that has a comprehensive website, a strong social media presence, and an active Student Support Team.
    • Offer a full course curriculum breakdown on their business website.
    • Are tutored by a real industry expert with in-field experience.
    • Offer thorough, hands-on experience.
    • Come with high-quality, extensive course materials as part of the courses tuition.
    • Provide an internationally-recognized certification upon completion.

    Psst! Did we mention that QC Design School fits ALL of the above criteria? Join our free today, and see what current and past students have to say about their experience with QC!

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