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How To Become A Cookie Decorator

Know These Cookie Decorating Terms

Tips to Help You Become a Better Cookie Decorator
  • Piping: drawing lines or shapes in icing, often for outlines or details
  • Flooding: covering and filling large surfaces with looser icing
  • Piping-Consistency Icing: Slightly thicker, glossy icing that pulls back in soft peaks from the mixer attachment used for piping outlines or details
  • Flooding-Consistency Icing: More liquid icing that is looser than soft peaks, but still able to hold its shape used for filling larger surfaces or sections

Tis The Season For Christmas Cookie Decorating

In this class, mayra garcia from celebrateme!, will teach you how to make your own royal icing to fill and . I was surprised at selling out . In 2017, i began teaching decorated cookie classes. If youve ever been approached to teach a cookie class, but you dont even know where to start then this video is for you! Roll, cut and bake the cookies. Make sugar cookie dough from scratch Basic cookie decorating techniques including flooding, dimension and piping will be taught as well . Cookie classes are usually based on decorating vanilla sugar cookies with royal icing. Then, students will try it while i help where . On the left side of the photo . Due to the time constraints of a single class i generally teach a . Online cookie decorating classes hi, im tyler and i teach fun cookie decorating classes in my home studio in irvine, ca and i just released my online. How to decorate rolled out sugar cookies using royal icing.

Royal icing cookie decorating class. If youre overwhelmed, you dont know where to start, or you fear royal icing, this cookie decorating for beginners course is for you. On the left side of the photo . If youve ever been approached to teach a cookie class, but you dont even know where to start then this video is for you! Tis the season for christmas cookie decorating!

How To Decorate Using Glace Icing

Whisk up some powdered sugar, milk, corn syrup, and extract of your choice and youll have a nice glaze-y consistency. Youre going to use the same recipe for both glazing and piping. The way it is right now is the consistency you want for glazing. Its smooth and thin and it easily runs off the whisk in a pretty thin drizzle.

Now, you have some options of where to go from here. You can simply spoon this icing onto your cookies and gently spread out with a spoon and be done! In fact, one of the easiest ways is to just quickly spread and let it go completely off the edges like this:

While the icing is wet, you can mix colors and create all kinds of fun things. Try glazing in one color and then adding other colors from a piping bag with a very small, plain opening, and drag the designs with a toothpick to create gorgeous works of art.

You honestly cant make an ugly cookie here.

Another method is to pipe an edge around your cookie, and then wait for a few minutes for it to firm up. When youre piping, youll want to add a bit more powdered sugar to thicken up the icing just a bit.

Once hardened a a little, go back in with your glaze and fill in the space. That outline will work as a dam and give you nice clean lines.

Wet-on-wet icing will marble and swirl together. I actually did this whole batch this way because I didnt have time to let mine dry very much.

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Success Tips For Cookie Decorating Day

  • Embrace the mess. Have napkins/wipes ready to clean off sticky fingers.
  • Have guests wear aprons or clothes that they can get messy. Sometimes colored icing can stain.
  • If its a long afternoon/evening, have snacks or other food ready. Order a pizza to make it easy and salty snacks are definitely appreciated bowls of pretzels, Chex Mix, popcorn etc. For drinks, I love serving hot chocolate to enjoy with the decorated cookies.
  • Flooding Royal Icing Consistency

    How to Become an Expert Emoji Cookie Decorator

    Flood is the thinnest consistency you will use to fill in the base layer of your cookies. It spreads easily to give your cookie a nice flat canvas to work off of. I use the counting method to know when I have the correct flood consistency. For the counting method, if you spoon out some icing and let it drip back into the bowl, it will disappear in a certain amount of seconds. This can vary anywhere from around 5 seconds up to 15 seconds for flood icing. I prefer my icing on the thinner side, anywhere from around 8-10 seconds.

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    You Dont Need A Custom Cookie Cutter To Make A Custom Shape

    Its natural when you come up with a cookie you want to make to immediately go in search of a corresponding cutter. However, you can make a lot of different designs simply by turning your cutters in different directions or by combining cutters you already have.

    For an awesome example, check out this Christmas elf out of a snowman cutter by Make Me Cake Me or these grim reaper cookies by Semi Sweet Design. If youre not sure where to start with your cookie cutter collection, Sugarbelle has a great post on the 20 cutters every cookie decorator should have.

    If thats just not doing it for you, you can also make your own cookie stencils or tinfoil cookie cutters. Check out this tutorial for more information on those techniques.

    Photo courtesy of Michelle from Make Me Cake Me

    How To Start Decorating Cookies

    Beginner Cookie Decorating Guide

    First of all, it takes a lot of practice to get your cookies looking pro, but dont worry! Im here to give you the resources I wish I had available to me when I first started out. I want to help set you up for success.

    It took me a LOT of time, money, and even some frustration to get good at it. It was well worth the effort, but I feel like I had to figure most of it out on my own.

    Whether you want to take up a new hobby, start your own cookie business, or just want to impress your friends and family by making amazing cookies for celebrations, the learning process is pretty much the same.

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    Christmas Cookie Royal Icing Decorating

    The pink & green cookies that youre going to see here in this post, are actually my second attempt in decorating cookies. The first time I gave it a go, was on the Christmas cookies below and all that did was begin my cookie decorating obsession.

    Although they are SO far from perfect, they were so fun to make, addicting, and super therapeutic!

    You can see in the above photo, that my little snowman is cracking, and my royal icing on the stocking isnt a smooth flat surface like Id like. This will iron out in the future cookie decorating attempts, I hope!

    What Types Of Cookies Can Be Decorated

    Become a Cookie Decorating Pro Using … Old Condiment Bottles?!

    There are many types of cookies that can be decorated, from simple sugar cookies to more complex cut-out cookies.

    Here are a few of the most popular types of cookies to decorate:

    1. Sugar Cookies: Sugar cookies are the classic decorated cookie. They can be made in any shape or size, and decorated with any type of icing, sprinkles, or other decorations.

    2. Cut-Out Cookies: Cut-out cookies are cookies that are cut into shapes using a cookie cutter. They can be decorated with icing, sprinkles, or other decorations.

    3. Gingerbread Cookies: Gingerbread cookies are a holiday favorite. They can be made from brown sugar, flour, baking soda, cinnamon, ginger, cloves, salt, butter, milk, and molasses.

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    Edible Silver And Gold

    The silver and gold covered Dragées and other silver and gold cake and cookie decorations sometimes used have not been FDA approved in the United States. Some of these have been approved for human consumption in other countries, such as Easy Leaf’s edible gold and silver in Italy.

    Edible gold and silver have been used for centuries to garnish foods and drinks. The precious metals come in sprinkles, small flakes and leaves and are available at specialty stores and online.

    However this usage is controversial. According to The Washington Post, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration staff expert said that edible gold and silver had not gone through pre-market safety evaluations at the FDA “because no one has sought pre-market approval.”

    The Washington Post article also reported the expert as saying he had not taken a position on edible metals, that they pass right through the body, and are “an expensive way to throw away gold.”Tobias Freccia, founder of an edible gold retail website, was also quoted in the article saying a “book of 500 gold leaves may cost $495, but a 100 mg shaker of the precious metals sells for $19.95.”

    Best Virtual Events: Edible Impressions

    Edible Impressions

    Why We Chose It: Edible Impressions hosts virtual events designed for all skill sets, from family fun to corporate teambuilding exercises.

    ProsAccessible for all skill setsEvents come with kitsNo baking or icing making, strictly decoratingConsEvents require cookie kit purchase

    Edible Impressions’ virtual events require you to purchase a cookie decorating kit that is completely customizable. You can pick from ready-made theme sets like Happy Hour or Coffee Break or make your own custom kit.

    Kits include four cookie shapes and three frosting colors. All kits come with blank pre-baked cookies and frostings so you are ready to decorate right out of the box. During the virtual event, instructor Annette Conrad will teach you a variety of decorating techniques, a tabletop view demonstration, and a live question-and-answer session. Because theres no baking or icing making, you can concentrate strictly on decorating, making this an accessible course or event for everyoneregardless of their cookie decorating skills.

    Events vary on how many participants and kits are purchased, with a starting price of $320 per hour if you buy zero to four kits. Discounts are available if you buy five to 19 kits and 20 or more kits. Kits start at $45 each.

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    Cookie Designs To Start With

    It may be tempting to try out one of the elaborate cookie designs you see on social media, but its a good idea to start with a simple design so that you dont get overwhelmed and frustrated. Here are 5 cookie designs that are perfect for beginners!

    Then, once you get comfortable with icing consistency and holding a piping bag, you can move on to more advanced designs, like these garden cookies.

    Tips On Planning And Organizing Cookie Decorating Classes

    How to Become an Expert Emoji Cookie Decorator

    For the past 3 summers, Ive been teaching kids cookie decorating at kids camp through the church I attend. Preparing for teaching the classes takes some organization and planning and Ive learned a few tips over the years which have helped things run smoothly, so Ive put together a post on the things Ive determined help most. If you have any ideas or tips, Id love to hear them in the comment section below!

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    The Ultimate Guide To Royal Icing Cookie Decorating

    Published: Nov 19, 2022 by Courtney Karl · This post may contain affiliate links ·

    If you are new to royal icing cookie decorating, this guide will give you everything you need to know to get started. It includes everything from royal icing consistencies to cookie supplies and more!

    The Art Of Listening For Winning Class Ideas

    The funny thing about coming up with a winning class idea is that you actually dont need to come up with something unique or even on your own. Instead of brain-storming class topics, you should stop, listen, and think of ways to solve other peoples current problems with your class.

    : Private groups in Facebook are an excellent resource for listening to other bakers challenges. Michelle recommends joining a few groups to understand the common problems that your audience has. Big problems like making cloud-like buttercream frosting could be a major struggle to this market.

    Listen to People You Know: If youve got friends or family members trying to accomplish the same objective as a class you want to teach, listen to their struggles. The struggle is where you can uncover a winning class idea.

    Research on Amazon: A simple way to confirm theres people that want to learn what youre teaching is to see if theres books on the same subject being sold on Amazon. If there isnt a book already covering the topic you want to create a course around its a sign theres no market for the topic.

    Once you find a book topic thats covered on Amazon then look to the negative reviews for that piece. See what people are saying is the gap in the book or what could be improved. You can take this feedback and use it to make your home-based class even better. Michelle credits the author Ramit Sethi with this approach.

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    What Is Royal Icing

    Royal icing is made from confectioners sugar, water, egg white, and flavorings. This is the only icing that I use to decorate my cookies. The egg white is what allows it to dry hard, which is what makes royal icing so versatile.

    I make my royal icing with meringue powder, which consists of dry powdered egg white and stabilizers .

    I use 1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons of meringue powder per 2 pounds of confectioners sugar .

    How To Decorate Cookies

    Become a Professional Cake Decorator | Cake Decorations

    Vanessa Greaves is a Senior Editor at Allrecipes with nearly two decades of experience helping home cooks gain confidence in the kitchen. A self-taught cook who grew up reading cookbooks for fun, Vanessa lives and breathes the challenges faced by busy everyday cooks to get dinner on the table.

    You can dress up plain cookies to suit any occasion with decorations that can run from super-simple to as fancy as you want to be. To get you started, we’ll share simple techniques for decorating cookies, including tips on making and working with frosting and icing. Once you get a feel for the basics, you can keep practicing to take your skills to any level you wish.

    More:Get recipes for cut-out cookies to decorate and use these easy tips to bake cut-out cookies.

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    Meringue Powder Dried Egg Whites Or Fresh Egg Whites

    The form of egg white you use to make your royal icing is really a matter of personal preference. These days I prefer to use meringue powder, but during culinary school when I first learned about royal icing, we only used fresh egg whites.

    From a food safety standpoint, I feel more comfortable using meringue powder. If you cant find meringue powder where you live, you can replace it with dried powdered egg white in the same amount. However, in my experience, royal icing made with meringue powder is more stable and has a better consistency for decorating cookies than when its made with fresh egg white or dried powdered egg white.

    Why do you use so much meringue powder the royal icing recipe?

    Like I mentioned in the beginning of this post, I use 1/2 cup plus 2 tablespoons of meringue powder per 2 pounds of confectioners sugar in my royal icing.

    This is about double what a lot of recipes call for, but I prefer it this way because it helps with the consistency and also gives a few more minutes to work with the icing before it starts to crust over. Im able to spend 10 minutes on a wet-on wet design using my royal icing recipe!

    Always Make More Royal Icing Of Each Color And Consistency Than You Think Youll Need

    I made the mistake once, and ONLY once of not coloring enough royal icing for my cookies. If youre working with uncolored royal icing, its not big deal because you wont notice slight differences in consistency once the icing has dried.

    BUT, if youre working with colored icing, its very hard to get the color just right. And in case you didnt know, icing darkens as it dries.

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    How Long Does It Take For The Icing To Dry

    It takes at least 6 hours for flood consistency royal icing to dry completely, but I always allow the base layer of icing to dry overnight to be on the safe side. The cookies need to be left out in the open to dry properly, so make sure to let them breathe dont cover them up! In order to get a smooth, shiny finish on your cookies, make sure to dry them in front of a fan for at least the first hour. The faster the icing dries, the smoother the surface will be.

    Medium or stiff consistency icing is usually used for small details, which only take an hour or so to dry. If youre using medium consistency icing to make royal icing transfers, youll still want to let those dry overnight with the fan for the first hour in order to reduce the risk of breakage.

    Dehydrators can help speed up the drying process. If youre in a big hurry, you can certainly use one. However, I dont recommend using a dehydrator unless its absolutely necessary because the heat can cause the butter in the cookie to melt, which will stain the icing. This is known as butter bleed .

    Join This Online Class From Anywhere

    How to Become an Expert Emoji Cookie Decorator

    My Cookies as Business online classes continue next week!

    Each class comes with a coordinating Ebook that you will have later to refer back to! If you cant make the class, the ebook is available for purchase alone.

    This class actually comes with TWO ebooks one on parties and one on classes.

    During the class, Ill briefly go through the highlights of the ebooks, take questions and give a quick tour of the bakery that I use for my business.

    If youre teaching classes but charging party prices, this class is for you!

    In this 1 hour class and with the ebooks, youll learn how to HOST your own cookie decorating parties and TEACH private classes. These can easily become a lucrative supplement to taking cookie orders.

    I host monthly parties with a max of 17 people at $43 each. That comes to $731 for one party! I charge $225 for one person for a three -hour class. Let me show you how I do it.

    Ill talk to you about

    * the difference between a party and a class. Its huge! The number of people, what you teach them and how much you get paid it all depends on whether youre hosting a party or a class.

    * how I organize parties and classes,

    * the supplies I use.

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