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How Much Does A Home Decorator Cost

Interior Design Fees: How To Price Your Services

How Much is a Painter and Decorator

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Setting your interior design fees can be challenging.

Its important to be fair to your clients, but you also have to make a decent amount of money if you want to work as an interior designer full time. You need to find the right balance between what is a fair fee to charge and how you can have a profitable business that brings you joy.

In this post, we will cover the different ways you can price your interior design fees. You can use just one of these recommended pricing models or you can use a combination whichever works best for your business needs.

How Are Fees Broken Down

Designers usually charge in one of two ways: By the hour or a lump sum.

i.e., $100/hr or $2500 total fee for a predetermined number of hours.

Many clients go with an hourly rate as it seems like a smaller amount and a little more controllable. That said, an experienced designer knows that a kitchen will take her approximately 15 hours so she can charge a flat fee to the client for more transparency.

A good designer will know what questions to ask the client. The answers will head off as many changes as possible and can keep parameters in place. Otherwise, the client can go down a rabbit hole of possibilities, and it can be never-ending. Last-minute changes can also interfere with the plans and can cause a ripple effect.

For example, by adding an extra piece of furniture, the movement in the space becomes limited and disrupts the flow of the overall plan. Clients are not always aware of all the available options. This is where a professional can help them.

Here, Dea has identified three principal interior designer price brackets.

Diy Vs Hiring A Professional Interior Decorator Or Designer

For most projects, youll want to hire an interior decorator or designer. A professional can:

  • Use their expertise to create a design that works for you
  • Simplify the project to a set of definable steps
  • Save you time by relying on their insider knowledge
  • Take advantage of tools, like software

When youre ready to interview interior designers near you, plan to get three quotes and ask how they usually set rates.

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When And How Do I Pay My Interior Designer

Most designers will require a deposit at the beginning of a project, typically 10% although with smaller projects it is sometimes higher. After that, you will pay the remainder in installments which are outlined in the contract and are usually based on project milestones. Keep in mind that designers will sometimes request a 50% payment upfront on all furniture purchases as well.

Do Interior Designers Ever Charge Per Square Foot

How Much Does It Cost To Decorate A Room?

Yes, but typically that is reserved for larger commercial or hospitality projects. When billing per square foot, designers do not break out costs of services or furniture, instead bundling them together. This method is only really profitable for large projects that dont require a lot of customization.

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Is Hiring An Interior Designer Worth The Cost

Having a knowledgeable professional to help you navigate the design process can make things less stressful and will often save you time and money. If you find that you are particularly indecisive, dont have much time on your hands or are looking to undertake a large project, an interior designer can be well worth the added cost.

Tips When Hiring An Interior Designer

Before hiring someone as your interior designer, it is important to let them know your budget and how much square footage you want to redesign. You should also discuss the project scope, such as if the expected design will change many elements in the room or if it’s more superficial. To help you get the most out of these initial discussions and find the right interior designer, make sure to bring a list of questions to your first meeting, as well as a budget estimate and an inspiration board. By providing color swatches, artwork, and furniture you like already, the designer can give you a better idea of how much it will cost and how long it will take.

Also, when hiring an interior design professional, think about your current furniture and design elements and what you want to keep or swap. This is a good opportunity to consider sustainability and safety with organic and family-friendly elements, such as items that are safe for children, pets, and people with disabilities. You should also try to clear as much clutter as possible so you have a clean, tidy space to work with and make sure the professional agrees to finalize plans before any work begins. Dont forget to discuss their approach to changes, as well as any portfolio or license questions. Read reviews from other homeowners, but keep in mind they are subjective. You should feel comfortable and confident in the designers abilities and professionalism.

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Painter And Decorator Costs

Cost to paint a double room

Depending on the preparation required, and if you need to paint the ceiling and wood, the cost of painting a double room based on an average daily rate of £170 per day should be between £300 and £400. This also depends on the price of the paint you choose and if there is access to all the walls. If you are choosing Farrow and Ball for example you will need to pay extra. Alternatively, you can get your Farrow and Ball paint mixed at Johnstones or Dulux decorating centres to save money.

Cost of painting a 3 bedroom house

Despite the initial bigger outlay of cash it will work out cheaper overall to have the painter and decorator do multiple rooms in one project rather than numerous small projects of single rooms at a time. To paint a 3 bedroom house for example it will cost approximately £1100 based on a daily rate of £170 per day. This is because paint takes time to dry and the decorator can be busy prepping and painting other rooms while he is waiting up to 4 hours for a wall surface to dry.

Benefits Of Hiring An Interior Designer Or Decorator

Interior Design Tips: How Much Does Hiring an Interior Decorator or Designer Cost?

Interior decorators can help make your home more aesthetically pleasing. Interior designers have expertise in a variety of trades, including architecture, decorative arts, textiles and lighting. They understand structural requirements, construction and building codes. They can provide you with not only a good-looking space, but also a fully functioning, comfortable home.

Theyre also experienced in managing and coordinating a job site with carpenters, engineers and craftsmen. Ultimately, they can take the stress off your shoulders and help you achieve your vision.

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Painter And Decorator Cost Per Day

The average day rate for a painter and decorator in the UK is £170 per day. Rates can vary depending on where you live and we have painters and decorators in all areas of the UK that charge from £120 to £400 per day. London and the South East tend to charge more and sole traders who are not VAT registered charge less .If you have a large painting or decorating project like painting a house or wallpapering a room in your home then you should get an agreed quote based on day rates. Dont forget that you will have to pay for the paint etc. but they will be able to purchase it for you on a trade account.

Compare trade rates and get quotes from painters and decorators in your area by posting a job

Tips For Hiring An Interior Designer

Finding an interior designer for your project can be difficult. Use these tips to locate a designer for your next project:

  • Figure out if you need to hire an interior designer, decorator, contractor or architect for your project. If you just need someone to help with your home’s decor or furniture, you can hire either a design service or a decorator. If you need assistance with designing your actual space, hire a designer.

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Getting Inspiration For Your Home Decorating Project

In the digital era you are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to getting inspiration for any interior decor job.

A decade ago you may have been stuck looking at interior magazines – which are still out there obviously, but there is You can start by looking at apps like and and following interior designers, stylists and decorators you admire. Paint pros Dulux also have an app that lets you match paint colours on the fly. Or how about IKEAs 3D Living Room app that allows you to virtually furnish any room with products from their catalogue.

Interior Painting Cost Estimator

House Design  How much does it cost to design a house in 2020

When estimating interior painting costs, the first step is measuring the entire painting surface of your home or room. The example below is for a 10 x 12 room with an 8 ceiling, one door, and one window.

  • Measure the perimeter of the room For a 10 x 12 room, add the four wall lengths.10 + 12 + 10 + 12 = 44
  • Calculate the wall area Multiply the perimeter with the ceiling height.44 × 8 = 352 SF
  • Subtract for windows and doors to get the coverage area Subtract 21 SF per door and 16 SF per window.352 – 21 – 16 = 315 SF
  • Calculate the cost to hire a painter Painters charge $1 to $3 SF of coverage area.315 × $1 = $315
  • $1 $3 /SF

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    Types Of Paint Finishes

    Although in theory, you can use just about any type of paint in your home. Practically, you are limited by the specifications and price of the paint.

    Waterbased emulsion

    Emulsions are the cheapest type of paint, although some good quality emulsions can be quite expensive. Generally, waterbased paints such as emulsion will be used on plaster, masonry and cementbased surfaces after using a primer. These paints have a water solvent that easily soaks into and bonds with the surface.

    Generally, most emulsion paints fall into the categories of vinyl matte or vinyl silk.

    • The added vinyl component gives the emulsion waterproofing qualities so the surface can be easily wiped down during normal house cleaning activities.
    • A matte finish means that the surface isnt glossy.
    • Whereas, a silk finish provides a smooth, semi-gloss finish.

    Comparing Quotes Could Save Up To 33%:

    Oilbased paint

    Matte finishes

    Matte paints, sometimes known as flat finishes, are not reflective, so do not distract the eye. They have from 0% to 10% glossy finish. So, they arent very good to use if you have children or pets as they are difficult to wipe clean.


    This type of paint is great if you have moisture in the air such as inkitchens and bathrooms. They also resist grease and other deposits that might discolour the surfaces. It lasts well and can easily be scrubbed clean due to its high sheen.


    Eggshell & Satin

    Comparing Quotes Could Save Up To 33%:

    Paint costs

    Interior Designer Vs Decorator

    You may hear the terms interior designer and decorator used interchangeably. These are two different professions, despite some degree of crossover.

    An interior designer has experience in the construction industry. They understand space planning and layout and often work with architects and builders when designing spaces. They can also furnish and decorate a space when it is complete.

    On the other hand, Interior decorators only furnish and decorate spaces. They do not offer drawings, space planning, or project management services. They only begin work once the home is built.

    Interior decorators usually charge by the hour, although some charge by the room. Most people pay between $3,500 and $5,000 on average for projects involving a decorator. The decorators hourly rate is between $50 and $200 for most decorators and up to $500 an hour for some luxury decorators. These rates are usually inclusive. Like designers, some decorators offer a consultation at the start of their services. This is in addition to their hourly rate and usually runs between $150 and $250.


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    Whats The Size Of Your Space

    Taking into account the square footage of the space needing interior design help will definitely affect the interior design price. Designers will spend more time creating options of layouts and sourcing pieces for a large homes living room rather than that of an apartment.

    Library design by designer, Peti L.

    Palm Springs chic bedroom designed by designer, Michelle B.

    What Is The Difference Between A Decorator And An Interior Designer

    How Much Does It Cost To Hire An Interior Designer?

    Interior design is the art and science of understanding peoples behavior to create functional spaces within a building, while interior decorating is the furnishing or adorning of a space with decorative elements to achieve a certain aesthetic. In short, interior designers may decorate, but decorators do not design.

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    Interior Decorator Stylist Or Interior Designer

    Before we delve into what an interior decorator does, it is worth highlighting the difference between them stylists and interior designers.

    Stylists primarily work for magazines, brands and with photographers, but some will be quite happy to consult for you in your home. Like interior decorators their speciality is to carefully select decorative finishes, furniture and accessories for each room in your home. Both will also pay close attention to colour and fabrics, and how a space is planned. Interior designers are more involved from the beginning of a project, such as when youre renovating or building a new home. They will also liaise with your architect and tradies to ensure each room is fitted out according to the design plans.

    Whoever you end up working with, they should listen your brief and understand what you really want, but also brings fresh ideas and options to the table.

    New Construction Vs Home Remodel Interior Designer Cost

    The main benefit of hiring an interior designer for new construction is having a blank canvas to work with, so you can ensure your dream home is finished to perfection. Interior designers are also extremely valuable for home remodels because they help you decide what to keep and what to switch up to achieve your desired look within your budget. A new construction home designers cost is similar to the home interior designers cost for a remodel, falling between $2,000 and $12,000. These prices vary greatly depending on the square footage, design preferences, and level of involvement. For example, a home remodel where you just want one room refreshed while keeping most materials the same will be less expensive than interior design services covering the whole house for new construction. There are fewer removal costs when starting fresh with a new construction, but there is also less to work with, so more materials may be needed.

    Type of Project
    $2,000 – $12,000

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    What Will A Decorator Do

    Following the completion of the interior design, a decorator performs style services, which include the ornamentation of interior products and artifacts. Under the supervision and specifications of the designer, a decorator dresses andstyles the installation accomplished by fit-out professionals.

    Why Are Painters So Expensive

    How Much Does An Interior Decorator Cost

    The reason that paintings are so expensive is that each art piece is wholly original and unique. There can be no other exact copy. Even the painter would be unable to make it again. The paint may not mix exactly, the sunlight might affect the paint in some way, even the drying process can change how the paint looks.

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    Interior Designer Price By Billing Method

    Interior designers charge for their services in various ways. Most new designers begin with an hourly rate, while more seasoned designers charge by the square foot or have a flat fee. Some designers set a minimum fee for design services or use flat fees for each service. Designing a room costs $500 to $10,000, depending on the room. There is a push for more designers to be transparent in their pricing. If your designer has a flat-fee schedule, this will likely detail which services they provide for the fee. For big projects, such as the interior design of an entire house under construction, expect to pay a percentage based on the total project costs.

    Interior Designer Price List
    10% – 30%

    Find Out Exactly How Much An Interior Designer Could Cost You

    You’re redecorating and you want everything to be just right, but you need help. You don’t have time to select fabrics, need colour consultation, or could really use some help with your lighting. You know an interior decorator could help you with all of these things, but will the cost of the decorator break your budget? How much does an interior decorator cost, anyway?

    Interior decorators are specialists in all aspects of room decoration. Some gain a reputation as “stylists to the stars” and command very high fees. Their public exposure has created the myth that all interior decorators are prohibitively expensive. Lets see what the reality is, and learn:

    • The difference between an Interior decorator, stylist and interior designer
    • What interior decorators do
    • What to ask your interior decorator
    • Where to get inspiration for your project
    • Getting quotes from interior decorators

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